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Ross Jeffries

NAIL YOUR INNER GAME :It will teach - learning how to learn.
Women fractionate themselves vertically and horizontally back and forth between
different state of mind and back and forth between various different emotional s
tate. Many of you were close to lot of women who were actually ready to fuck you
but because their behaviour suddenly got confusing and contradictory, you inter
preted as you were failing. But in fact she was just FRACTIONATING her self eith
er horizontally or vertically or both. And because you were not able at that tim
e to properly interpret what was going, you saw through your filter of 'i cant d
o this, i always fail, whats wrong with me' and therefore you missed out really
getting well laid.
For women, getting along with a man have states that are separated out - just be
cause she is attracted does not mean she has desire, just because she has desire
doesn't mean she has arousal, just because she has arousal doesn't mean it's re
ady set go time. Keep in mind - women can between any of these and can move back
and forth between them.
Women and all humans are 'entangled' with other emotions, they don't have pure e
xperience of desire or love. Keep in mind tha at any given moment if a women is
entangled, any one of those entangling element can take control of the system an
d can dictate her behaviour.
It's the flows of feeling that really move their behaviour. Women have ALREADY h
ave inside of them their own processes for generating desire, for generating aro
usal, for generating go for right now, for generating attraction, fascination. W
omen project their emotions as like a big filter through which they view everyth
ing that you are doing.
Primarily almost totally it's your energy, your intent, your awareness, what you
know to look for, when you know to be aware of, your beliefs, your vibe and the
language through which you communicate all that across determines how attractiv
e you are going to be.
Your look, social status and money are pretty secondary.
If you know how to teach your self, learn and disipline your mind then you know
that you can continue to take those understandings and other tools and make them
much more available.

Rather than wait for a crisis to start looking through your resources it really
make sense to me to proactively build your resources and revisit them everyday.
You can look through all your struggle and confusions and try to find your resou
rces or you can create your resources, have them right in front of you and it be
part of who you are. Reinforce and revisit and build them everyday. And then lo
ok through your resources and your challenges and struggles. Practice is really

Mediation -The intention is to find a way to calm your mind.

- Find a place and relatively comfortable posture. Be fairly up right - inhale a
nd exhale. At the end of each, pause for a while. Basic idea is at the end of th
e inhale there is a moment of 'quite' and at the end of the exhale there is anot
her moment of 'quite'. At each pause find quite in your mind. Keep getting your
attention back to the inhale and exhale and silence between them. When you inhal
e you can imagine inhaling through the place right between your eyebrows. Notice
a kind of blank there. Gradually you will be able to increase the amount of tim
e of that 'pause'. If your mind chatters, be totally relaxed around it, keep get
ting your attention back to the inhale, exhale and the silences between them. De
ep quite.
Do it everyday.
Dont create heavy expectations.
Power of breathing is remarkable.
What is the purpose of this meditation exercise? - it is designed to begin to bu
ild for you an unconditional, free place upon which to stand. A place which is n
ot conditioned by your old ways of thinking, the old patterns of responding, the
misinterpretation, the emotional reactions. It gives you an opportunity to begi
n to build a space that you can stand in that is free and clear. And when you ar
e in that place then you start to add things that assists you even better.
TRANSMUTATION (idea from Archimedes - of transmuting Lead into Gold) (of emotion
s) - there is tremendous amount of raw emotional energy swirling around your cir
cuits in your musculature, in your brain core which is entangled with a lot of s
tuffs. Years of sexual frustruation, years of confusion in your mind has a lot t
o do with your neuro circuitry and your energetical and vibrational pathways.
- Transmuting, recycling, refining, purifying, reclaiming.
All that emotional energy sitting there can actually be increadible source of po
wer if you know how to refine, transmute and comprehend it.
All the circuitry that you need to have all the most wild outrageous success, fu
lfilment and enjoy with women you can ever imaging is already sitting there in y
our brain, the task to do is to take all the noise thats keeping you from gettin
g to it, take all the energy in that noise, clean it up and then put that(energ
y) back to circuitry in a way that opens up those circuits. Because you have cle
aned it up and now its just the pure energy available to awaken all that circuit
- Take any flow of emotion that is less than useful whether it is frustration, a
nxiety or grief or whatever and i will show you the way to transform it into pur
e energy for your peace of mind, for your clarity, your learning, your grounding
, your informed enthusiasm, your ability to see what is working, your vision..
Steps DETANGLE - when you think how you have done with women or some approaches, that
there is emotion in there that is not very useful, (you do a lot of thinking abo
ut your past with women that you run over and over in your head, each time you r
un over, you get to taste some of the poison, defeat and the frustration, confus
ion and you get inadvertently the program that behave right back to your head be
cause what you review was strong emotions and strong believes outside of your co
nscious choice of awareness, becomes rehearse. So every time you try to change,
thats right there that keeping you from changing. You are binding your own chang
e right back on your self through this process. And the reason you been doing th
is is because you are trying to learn from your mistakes. So the first piece to
stop that, is to pull emotions out of it and making something useful. First step
of doing it is Detangle. Prescribe the problem with some interesting changes.)
It is process of separating out imagery and the dialogue from the raw feeling. W
e are going to do is to Detangle - is to take the visualising that we are doing

and the self talk and put it aside and

y. Set aside the dialog, set aside the
keep returning back to the feeling of
or as far as possible much of a visual

just tune into the raw feeling in the bod

visualising. If it comes back just gently
the physical sensations in your body. Ign
element, some of it will there.

Tune into that raw of feeling, sensation in the body and where is the first plac
e you feel it?
Sometimes feelings grip, sometimes it flow, sometimes it expands.
You also may pay attention to the quality, flavours of the feelings. There could
be some disappointment, anger, grief, pain, confusion, hurt etc.
Does it keep same or changing?
Take all your awareness into the raw feeling, ignoring the dialogue(auditory ele
ment), ignoring all the imagery (visual element) about what happened.
Where physically do you feel it? I want you to pour all your attention into it w
ithout any need or desire to change it with total acceptance. Relax around it. R
eally really become aware of it. Concept hear is to get really good conscious aw
areness of actual feeling flow.
Label every five second if either it 'changing' or 'same'.
You probably would experience one stuck big blubish thing. When it is stuck and
sticky you can't utilise it. But when it gets able to changing, thats what you w
ill be able to use. Now you have experience of energy.
Sometimes emotion is SO overwhelming (that its hard to transmute so) that you ha
ve to detangle the emotion itself.
If you find that it such a big clump of overwhelming something that its too diff
icult to focus on, then what you need to do is to pull it apart. And when you wi
ll pull it apart, you will find that there is more than one element there. (eg.that there is not just frustration, there is confusion, disappointment etc. Som
etimes there will be strong physical component where your body actually be hurti
ng. If you get rejected often enough, you body will get hurt, your body will lon
g for touch. Entaglement could also be a legitimate, honourable desire to be tou
ched and to connect with women.)
Sometimes its simple, sometimes its overwhelming. When it gets overwhelming then
you need to do is to break it down and seperate it out more. When you find it o
verwhelming then you need to be even more clear, calm down even more and begin t
o do scan through your body to feel where there might be other emotional, energe
tic things taking place. Scan your whole body.
This is what you are doing all the time uncounsciously - running constant homo p
ain of reminder of failure. That is the problem right there - first of all you a
re constantly reinforcing your mistake. What you gonna do when you go out in wor
ld? The mistake. Because you are rehearsing very vividly. Second thing is - it k
eeps your mind noisy so you cant see what you are doing right (a kind of RAS act
ivation). It blinds you and directs you back to bad behaviour, it is exhausting
and it gives off a vibe that is unattractive.
Remember - If our vibe is the result of how our habitual patterns of thinking st
rikes our enrgetic field, then it also giving off a bad vibe before you even ope
n your mind. So that a woman utterly cool rejects you and you draw the woman who
is as fucked up as you are. Which will reinforce what is possible in your reali
ty. Is that what you want to keep doing? NO.
We human still has not evolved yet into the really kind of learners we could be.
We are conditioned to learn through pain and punishment unfortunately. Self pun

ishment is a manipulation (first of all you are trying to learn, but you think i
f you just punish yourself strong enough then univese will have mercy on you and
will give you a break. Hahaha. It doesn't work that way).
After you have experience of (painful)enrgy (as stated above), now imagine it fl
owing out of your body. Turn it into a color. Put it through your symbol of tran
smuting. Imaging it flowing through that symbol for transmutation. As it flows t
hrough that symbol for transmutation, it begins to become purified, filtered and
cleaned. And say something like - 'I now offer this energy to get transmutated,
transformed, purified, refined...'
Imagine that energy is now getting cleaned and cleaned and purified and purified
. Imagine sending it to your higher self of consciousness.
Imagine now it's returning completele clean, returning to you as pure energy for
your peace of mind, your learning, your belief and your self,your ability, your
groundedness, your persistence,your patience, your informed enthusiasm.
Now imagine that clean energy, energy of peace of mind is surrounding you like a
bubble. If you want you can imagine your symbol for transmuting is included in
that bubble. Even if you have a rough idea of it happening, its good.
From this place of being filled with new energy and surrounded by a bubble of it
and symbol for transmutation, now I want you to look at that experience that wa
s upsetting you but look at through this - first and foremost I want you to imag
ine anything that you did right, anything that worked at all even the smallest o
r largest piece gets extracted out like a piece of toast pops out of the toaster
, so that the piece that actually did worked 1 or 2 things that you did correctl
y seperates itself out and comes right in front of your awareness so that you ca
n actually see even the smallest thing you did right. Anything. The smallest rig
ht response, the smallest right attitude, the smallest right move, the smallest
thing. First and foremost see that.
This is the EXTRACTOR. With extractor you can actually see what you did correctl
y. You can find some more things. You can also ask where are other time and wher
e else and when I did this right. You may become that there are other times when
you actually did it right, this is not the first time. Some of it may be turn o
ut to be better than you would remember.
Now as you are looking in the situation ask your self this question - what could
I have added in that would have helped that worked even better. Remember - you
can add things on a lot of levels. You can add in different energy, different un
derstanding, different behaviours, different responses,different moves, you can
add in selecting better and different subjects. There is all sort of levels that
you can add things in. You can add things in a smaller level (eg - your tonalit
y) or you can add things in larger levels (eg - your overall vibe). I want you t
o allow your unconsciousness to run through it and begin to notice what could el
se you have added in. One thing to look towards is models. (Models examples - wh
at if I just change my vibe, what if I added in different energy, what if I add
a different step, what is the next step I could add in or would add in next time
- persistance, playfullness..).
Then ask what something that you could have substracted out, what could you have
left out (eg - expectations, attechment..).
What could you have been diminished. In another words - its ok that it is there
but may be you have done less of it. Less intent or less frequently.
What could you have increased. Things you could have done more of it or with mor
e intensity. (eg - openess, fun, playfulness)
Now imagine you going to your future carrying all these things with you. (Before

you go to future I want you to go back to the situation and imagine adding in w
hat you would have added, substracting what you could have substractced, diminis
hing what you would have diminished, increasing what you would have increased) a
nd see how it would have turned out differently. You dont have see it consciousl
y, you can have unconscious awareness of whats taking place. And as that happens
your sense of time can shift and change, you can go in future and can carry thi
s lessons with you so in future you can feel enthusiastic about adding things yo
u have added, diminishing things that you have diminished, repeating what needs
to be repeated, substracting what needs to be substracted. Imagine future gettin
g continously better and better as you are doing this.
Now open you eyes. Observe what happenswhen you think about things you dwell on?
You will think about future!

Do you see the usefulness of it? This is not gonna stop your ruminating right aw
ay,after couple of weeks, months of practicing you will no longer need to rumina
te. Rumination will drop away because the purpose, the intent of the rumination
is now being taken over by something thats much more useful. Everything will beg
in to exponentially get easier because the rumination practice will no longer be
there. So who no longer be reinforcing the old self image that will no longer b
e in his way. That will drop. That means your learning increases, your self imag
e gets better, the positive programming becomes much more easier, your vibe chan
ges (because you will no longer running that old shit putting bad vibe) so women
will be more attracted to you before you open your mouth.
You will go up the learning curve exponentially faster and get the real world sk
ills as well. So success builds on success and its energetically far more effici
ent. That if fuck amzing. This is the missing piece in seduction community no on
e even knows about.

BASIC STEPS 1. Meditation practice (because without quite, calm mind it becomes more difficu
lt to (detangle) do it)
2. Consciously pick up a place at where you will ruminate (ruminate = constantly
running bad incidents of your past in your head over and over). (You will only
gonna do it 20 minutes in a day at this place.) This is the process to go into t
he (bad) experience.
3. Pick one of the thing that you ruminate on. Detangle it. (Detangle = separate
out auditory and visual elements and ignore them, just push them aside and just
tune into the raw feeling in your body.). When you have calmer mind its easier
to detangle.
4. Tune in. - when you tune in, you gonna actually pour all your awareness into
the actual raw, energetic, emotional, physical sensation that you experience in
your body without any desire to change it. You gonna relax everything around it.
Pour all your attention into it.
5. Notice and lable. Every 5 second say it out loud whether it's - 'changing' or
'same'. It's purpose is to give you the experience of what's going on so it's n
o longer outside of your conscious awareness. When it is entangled, unconscious
(outside of your conscious awareness) and tightening around, it becomes sufferin
g which blocks you and reinforces your limits and barriers. But that which is de
tangled, relaxed around and consciously experienced becomes raw energy that can
be cleaned up, transmuted and redirected into the very processes that will serve
you on so many different levels. It's like irrigation. You gonna take muddy, fi
lthy, dirty sewage water, you gonna channel it, put it through the sewage treatm
ent and then put it back to pure water to drink, and bay and then irrigate the f
ields or whatever.
6. Transmute -

A. Turn the feeling into a color. That gives you a little bit more conscious con
trol over it.
B. Imaging it leaving body. And run it through your symbol for transmuting. That
'symbol' may be an image or running gears or a factory or combination whatever.
As you run it through your symbol, you actually will see it begin to change (it
may change color or might get colorless or golden). Add it happens say - 'I now
offer this energy up, - to be purified, refined, Transmuted, transformed into p
ure energy for my peace of mind, my clarity, my persistence, my grounding, my en
thusiasm, my happiness independent of conditions, my ability to learn anything,
my wisdom.' And visualize it going up there to your higher consciousness and ret
urning back pure, colorless into your body for your peace of mind, your learning
, your informed enthusiasm, your persistance, all the qualities that you want to
build it for your learning.
7. Extractor.
Purpose of the extractor is that now that you have got all this energy available
for leaning, lets do the learning. It is a learning model.
To enable the extractor, transmutor needs to be there.
Once you are in that place of pure learning and you got that energy refined you
wanna be able to know what different levels to make the distinctions. You can lo
ok at what needs to be added, what could have been be subtracted, what could hav
e been increased, what could have been decreased or diminished and there is diff
erent levels at which it can take place.
When you dwell on mistakes, strong (bad) emotions you inadverntly rehearsing the
m to do it again. Executor is taking up process that was continously recreating
the prison and stopping it. Then all you will do is huge improvement. Then its t
aking all the energy that was there in that process, hijacking it putting it tow
ards your leaning and growing. Now that you no longer striking your body with al
l those negative thoughts and ruminations, that 'ugly' vibe is no longer going o
ut. And it also means because that noise is not there when communicating other p
eople, you are substracting noise intro-personally (noise going on inverdly) and
also substracting inter-personal noise so that your communication isn't having
to push through pain, fear, regret. It is going through clean channel. And equal
ly all the non verbal stuffs, vibrational stuffs that she is sending out doesn't
have to push through anything going to you. Your stuff is clean so that you can
pick up lot more information.
Elements of time when you are looking to improve your self/ your skill :If you get to good at anything it is what you should do at each step/phase as pr
escribe below.
TIME FRAMES :BEFORE It is what you you do before the activity. The preparation phase. You can look t
o see what you could have done differently (addeing, substracting, diminishing,
decreasing) in this phase.
ALL THE TIME This is second most important phase. It is a thing that you could be doing all t
he time throughout the procedure. These are certain things you ought to be doing
all the time when you are sarging. (Eg - calibrating, observing, KEEPING CONTRO
L OF YOUR STATE, maintaing rapport, staying aware, staying focused externally so
you can see whats going on).
SEQUENTIALLY You only do once at a certain point. You don't repeat them you just do that in a
certain sequence. Some of your challenges, stuck points could be your attitude,
your energy, it could be a specific piece of behaviour which happens sequencial

This is the most improtant phase which everybody misses it. Periodically ~ recur
sively (recursion means you cycle through it and keep going back to it again). M
ean you don't just do it once but you don't do it all the time either. You perio
dically return to it at the different phases of your sarge. (Eg - gratification
- are you enjoying this or say do you want more, fractionating, you would be usi
ng her anchors, her transwords.) Periodically you will be feeding back to her. G
oing back to her transwords, her anchors. Fractionating is what you will need to
do periodically. For example lets say you are talking to a girl and you ask her
a seduction question and she gives you the answer. Guy with very low level of s
kills will use her answer once and then throw it away. He view it as something t
hat should be done sequentially. Smart guy says - wait a minute, that something
to you is sequential but here is what I can use periodically. Knowing what you c
aould use once and what you could keep returning to - is the difference between
a good guy and fucking fantastic guy. Use het transwords, anchors periodically.
That 'fantastic guys' are naturally good at this thing.
You should develope a good strategy of reviewing of what you did when you are al
l done with it, extracting what worked and looking what could have done better w
ithout any ego attached to it. By developing this you will move learning curve m
ore fast than someone equally bright would stay stuck.
As an NLP my job is to look at it and say that's not a 'mystery', there is a str
ucture to it. And what's the structure to it.
A lot of guys wee fucking up was 'before' stuff. What you were doing before? - Y
ou were rehearsing your limitations, reinforcing your bad emotional states by al
l that noise that you were running in your head. Why was the noise running on yo
ur head? - Because you were attempting to serve to use your purpose which is to
learn from your mistake.
When you go through these elements of time it will show you that you wanna sort
through these various catagories (that okay there something before, something al
l the time, sequencially, periodically, at the end and after) and to know where
the most leverage is. You can always improve at all of these but for the every d
ifferent person, there is a combination of some of these things that's the key t
hat will open up everything.
END AFTER Here are other (higher level) sort catagories acording to the levels that it wor
ks. It could be that there is a room for improvement in your vibe, belief, energ
y, awareness, cognition, intent. These are larger levels of improvement.
It is important what you train yourself to pay attention to and what you train y
our self to selectively ignor. Because there are different points in the sarge t
hat you have to ignor. If you are in front of a shit hot babe you have to ignor
her look, you have to turn down/ignor your natural man response, turn your atten
tion outward and notice other things as you say and the actual moves you make. W
hat you pay attention to and what you want to ignor, what you consider to be imp
ortant and unimportant, your beliefs about how things work - they dictate and sh
ape the lower levels - the behaviors and actual responses and actions and words.
Or you say you have got all (higher level sort things - vibe, belief...) down bu
t for whatever reason you need to improve some of the behaviours and responses.
Eg- she say 'I have a boy friend' and you stuck even though you have got your be
liefs down you just dont get some responses rehearsed. So you do dumb guy thing
- you either argue or you give up. Bad. If you argue then you are pushing her se
lf deeper into her decision and if you give up then you have surrendered to her
auto pilot response. You have let her auto pilot lead the interaction that's pro

bably not good for you neither her.

Without those cognitions, without those believes to direct your awareness and yo
ur state you are flapping around. You just imitating the behavious without the f
oundation of behaviour. For whatever reason the actual behavior and responses ne
eds to be change or twicked.
The behaviour needs to be change on a large chunk level or small chunk level. It
needs to be changed either analogically or digitally. Analog is anything that v
aries on a range (you can turn volume up or down) and digital is just on or off.
Digital are the words, either you say the words or you don't. Analog would be t
he speed at which you speak, your volume, your tempo. Analog could also be body
language, your movement. You are not fully sloped or tight, it varies. It could
be - you just need to shift a word or you need to shift the entire sentense.
It could just a selection of the subject. Who you teaching to aim this towards,
who is the subject, the qualities, the pattern, the energy that you want to inte
ract with. If you picked someone who has fantastic, near the very top responsive
ness, playfulness and openness to life is very good to be with, but if you have
picked up someone close minded who doesn't wanna learn, she wants to stay where
she is at and if you got her up may be by some hypnotic suggestability, they bot
h would have been equal but her attitude and her approach to her life is what ma
ke the really fun person to play with. So it could be just a selection of the su
bject. It's huge.
There are things that can be adde, substracted, diminished, decreased, increased
. There are subcatagories for diminish and decrese. You can diminish the intensi
ty. So may what you are doing is really good, you got the energy, you got the be
haviour but you are so intense you are frying people's circuits. You can decreas
e the intensity, frequency. May be you are over touching, which may need to decr
ease to less frequent. Identify the things you are doing either too much or too
little. May be you need to increase your volume. You need to increase the amount
of 'sarging - approaches' to everyday go out and do. You may need to decrease a
nd diminish the amount of internal thinking about your approaches and increase t
he amount of focus/commitment.
Learning is not just about memorizing, its about the ability to open your mind c
You are taking all the noise out of the circuit, you are cleaning the noise up a
nd putting back in its pure energy to activate the circuit that you need to do y
our learning.
SOME BELIEVES ABOUT 'LEARNING' THAT ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL Believes do the following thingsBelieves can open or close levels of awareness. Bacause you belief that the vibe
is real it gives you the ability to open your awareness and feel it, see it, pe

rcieve it taking place. Believes opens or closes access of awareness.

Believes can open or close access the level of skills. If you belief you are stu
pid and can't do anything, you gonna shutdown all the circuitry that would enabl
e you to do it.
Believes can open or close flows of energy. Your belief can open or close what f
low of energy and what vibe you can send out.
Believes can be self-conforming, self-reinforcing. If you belief in a certain wa
y, you will 'filter out' anything that doesn't match those believes so that your
experience will match your belief.
Keep that sentence in your brain stonewritten because I guarantee you, when you
will start moving off your ass out into the trail, all sort of stuffs gonna come
up, all your buttons are gonna start getting pushed, all your triggers will get
tripped and you better to be handle it. And this is the way to handle it. HAVE
The idea behind transmutation is that you take the energy out of the process tha
t has been completely screwing you up and you detangle it from everything attach
ed to it, you experience it fully consciously without trying to change it then y
ou have 'transmuted' that energy for your peace of mind, your persistance, your
grounding, determination and informed enthusiasm, vision of you already everyday
are becoming. What this is doing? - It is taking out all the energy of the nois
e in the system, taking out, cleaning it up and using the energy to awakin the c
ircuitry (all the circuitry that you need for all the success with women is alre
ady there in your mind, just waiting for the software to go in).
Next step is to doing - EXTRACTOR
This will show you how to look at the situation and how to learn from them.
Build a filter through which you can look at the experiences (Filters are very u
seful because - 1. It's filled with that transmuted energy. and 2. It includes t
hose believes about learning that would really empower you). So you are looking
through the experience with maximized, useful, empowering frame. You are looking
at through a set believes, energy and emotions that totally serve you.
The first component is that belief I gave you about learning. Always remember th
STEPS FOR EXTRACTOR 1. After transmuting, imagine that cleaned up energy is surrounding you like a b
ubble (Turn purified, transmuted energy into a bubble surrounding you). (This is
optional - take your symbol for transmutation and stick it around this bubble i
nside and outside. It's not necessary. Some people find it useful.).
2. Install / use believes for learning. Twice a week I spend 20-30 minutes in a
meditative state reinforcing all my beliefs about learning and all my beliefs ab

out women. (The other thing I also do is I imagine all the times when I touched
women and draw her crazy. All the time they pleaded oh my god. I imagine women l
ooking at me through their eyes and going oh my god. I imagine my energy reachin
g out and anyone who wanna get it, they will instantly get it as soon as I walk
in the room whether they are constantly aware of it or not). How would we instal
l? - Now that you are sitting inside the bubble, what I do is I imagine reaching
out for each belief as they are written out in letters, I reach out and say - '
Anything seemingly or even actually painful that comes up, is only coming up to
be handled, healed, learned from, refined, transmuted as my peace of mind....'.
I will take that letters and I image that I am pulling it all inside, throughout
the bubble with me. Imagine making viral copies (but a virus that serves you!).
It can blend into bubble perfectly so you don't have to see it once you put it
in there.
When you want someone to change 'usually' it is not enough to give people cognit
ive left brain understanding, usually it's even not enough to give a metaphore a
nd trans to get people to 'really' shift. If they have a lot of resources that w
ill be enough, so is a person has a lot of resources - telling them a metaphore
or a story or giving them a cognitive understanding will be enough to kick those
(belief) in from one contaxt to another. But if they just don't have a lot of r
esources it's not going to work. So what you have to do to get a belief and make
it real, is you happen to have to do some physical action. The physical action
for some reason convinces the unconscious mind. You have to symbolize it, you ha
ve to take cognitive words and turn it into some kind of symbolic representation
so it gets into the right brain. And put it into that energetic informational f
ield which is what you are doing in that altered state and putting inside all th
e energy. The shift pattern will directalise your brain. It's true - good transw
ork will move and shift the unconscious mind but that may not be sufficient if t
here is deeply blocked energetically. So good body work will release a lot of st
uck energy.
Positive programming is necessary but it's not sufficient by it self to bring yo
u where you wanna go, you have to get out your own way. All of these basic step'
s elements work togather. Without detangling you couldn't do transmuting, withou
t meditating you couldn't do detangling and without transmuting you couldn't do
extractor. And without the cognitive understandings about what level of change t
o look at, you wouldn't probably know what to change when you do the extractor.
3. Ruminate So now you are sitting there is this bubble, surrounded by the purified energy a
nd the beliefs for learning, then what you gonna do is - you pick some of those
habitual thoughts and you gonna ruminate on them. You gonna pick one of those th
ings that you are used to chewing on. (Eg - why she dumped me or why i am not go
od with girls..). It could be constant limiting belief you tell yourself, it cou
ld be an actual event or series of events. (-25min)
4. Look for what worked, what ELSE could have been worked. What time frame you c
ould have done it (before, after,...)?
Go through your rumination surrounded by a bubble, then ask - 'What thing I did
correctly?' - sort for what worked(even the smallest thing), what succeeded, wha
t did you do correctly, what was good? Command/train your mind to extract this o
ut like a toast pops up out of toaster. I don't care of the million things you d
id wrong, I care is for the one thing that you did right. This is the first thin
g you gonna focusing on. This is really impoertant specially in that middle stag
e that you no longer completely stuck but you haven't reached mastery yet. The c
loser you get to the level of skill thats gonna take you to you always wanted to
be, the more frustrated you might get is you don't know how to do this thing be
cause at last the reward is finally so close (pussy is so close that you can sme

ll it! It is on your toung, you can feel the heat on your dick and IF you lose i
t thats a lot more frustrating) unless you know how to do this, you can process
the frustruation in the matter of three minutes (with the pieces you need added
in to make it really work) and get right back out and use every bit of what you
did right instead of being in a situation where you beat your self and chew on y
our frustration and feed on it for weeks and months.
This is the EMOTIONAL MASTERY. Because if you can handle and master frustration
effectively, you are walking through the world with more power than 99% of the p
eople. It breaks your cycle - a cycle that so many smart guys get into is 'I am
not gonna take a step untill I have perfection'. But of course you can't have pe
rfection unless you take a lot of step. So they wind up never taking a step and
never getting the perfection.
This is so powerful when you apply this, your raw confidence, you will no longer
be afraid because you know anything that happens no matter how seemingly frustr
ated, you will be able to convert it to the gold of learning so quickly. This wi
ll make you the guy with no limits. You will be so 'fearless'.
Then extract what else you did that really worked on any level (before, all the
time, periodically...).
Here are the question to ask when you are doin this What could I have added in, substracted out, diminished, increased (When increas
e / diminished - it means you could have increase your volume, you could have in
creased your number of approaches, number of repetitions) at my beliefs, my ener
gy, my awareness, my attitude or at you behaviours or you actions. Then you can
see it either analogically or digitally. What else you could have done more? Is
it a big level thing or just change in a couple of words.
You run through these things and you allow your mind to find them in a very rel
axed way.
You are getting into the level of precision. I am not just showing you how to ch
ange it, I am giving you all sort of sorting categories to look for.
This step, after a while will built up like a momentum. You don't to shake whole
mountain to move the mountain, you just need to know where to get the evalange
started. At the same way you built up negative momentum, now you will built up p
ositive momentum. Everything that happens will serve as a learning or will serve
as an energy to motivate you in an informed intelligent way, not a stupid way.
So we are no longer ignoring what was inaffective but we are not buying into it
either. If you can siese buying into the drama that did't worked in an area of l
ife that has been so challenging, that alchemy will begin to seep down to every
level of your personality and you will walk through the world transformed in the
most important way.
Are you getting the implication of this? When you can an area of your life that
used to be frustruating, you not stop telling the stories you extract every bit
of negative energy turn it into a positive energy and turn every experience that
you have ever had and will have into a powerful learning, do you think if you w
alk through life like this plus the knowledge of how women works with fractionat
ion plus the knowledge how to capture and lead her imagination on the curve of p
rocesses, get her visualising you through a filter of good emotions, get her fee
l the flow of energy that let her know 'it's on' right now and she better grab i
t, do you think you been able to do all these with all the noise gone so you per
cieve what you need to percieve and not pushing through anything - do you really
think you got to be good looking to get this done? No.

Positive thinking ignors what's inaffective so you don't learn.

5. Then think what you could have done differently in all these various differen
t levels and all these various different ways. Then last step is to imagine it h
appening that way, seeing the different/new result. Here - we are doing positive
programming. Now you are doing a rehearsal confidence. Get up and rehearse it V
IVIDLY. Positive programming is very operful thing but first of all you got to h
ave good learning strategy so you are not getting in your own way.
This is it. You are done. Close it up. Say - 'Hey this work is now complete, I r
elease any and all expectation of result'. That's the extractor.
In order to do the extractor you have to be able to know at what levels to look
at for change, you have to the beliefs for learning, in order to do that affecti
vely you need to be able to know how use transmutor, in order to do transmutor y
ou need to be able to know how to detangle because things that are clumped up an
d tangled you can't transmute them, in order to do detangle you need to be able
to calm you mind and meditate. Once you know how to use extractor you need to be
able to do positive programming. That's how various different pieces/elements f
its togather.
When you put this togather seamlessly, their power multiplies.
Essentially what we are doing is we are taking everything you used to do to fuck
yourself up, hijecking every step and turning around in something that works fo
r you so you no longer have any excuses.
You can fuck it up by adding in expectations I never said, you can fuck it up by
leaving pieces out/ sdding pieces in that don't need to be there, you can fuck
it up by simply not doing enough of it - get rid of it.
You still need to get your ass out in the field and practicing it with women bec
ause without real world practice there is no information, there is no answers, t
here is only interesting ideas. As soon as you did your sarging(field hunting!)
after you go home, lay down, create this and run it through your head what you d
id and what happened.