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Kuwait Oil Company

Development Drilling Group
Training Task Force

ny Man

July 22


This report is a full guideline for new “Assistant Company
Man” which has been hired as “Rig Operational Engineer”.
This report shall illustrate definition, duties, tasks
explanation & training follow up. The target of this training
program is to reach a competency up to level – 4 as per
KOC competency ranking system.

Rig Operational Engineers – Assistance Company Man Duties
Part of Fast Track Training Program – July, 2012


CSG. calculations. To be more specific of the duties which shall be performed by assistant company man. He shall be directly assessed by official company man on his training progress as well as his normal duties as an assistant company man. Rig Operational Engineers – Assistance Company Man Duties Part of Fast Track Training Program – July. Duties: In general. etc. who helps the official company man in rig management. quality assurance. Definition: Assistant company man is an engineer working on a rig site (drilling or workover rigs) as per official KOC rig shift schedule.24 months Award grade: Grade (13) Award tittle: Company man (under supervision) Target competency: Level – 4 (working independently) as per KOC competency ranking system. Creation of daily drilling report. HSE auditing. checklists. and shall adhere to his instruction toward rig operations. drilling fluids usage. Creation of cementing report. communication. Creation of coring report. Attaching files to DDRs. Creation of tally report. Creation of logging report. BHA.Kuwait Oil Company Development Drilling Group Training Task Force Task tittle: Assistant company man. the below table illustrate clear duties which should be followed under the supervision of official rig company man. 2012 . OpenWells torque & drag analysis for all BHA’s. coordination. rig office management and rig operations supervision. supervision. expenditure and services cost. plan execution. etc. Duration: 18 . Sending report to KOC server. Creation of casing report. the assistant company man shall perform two types of duties in the rig site. Retrieving files from server. Next award: Official company man after completing 4 years from engagement date (Grade 14). CATERGORY Rig office management TASK OpenWells EXPLANATION - Creation of well planning report. paper work. OpenWells cementing calculation including casing stand-off calculation. Assistant company man shall be reported directly to the official company man in all aspects. To fill DDR with all needed information such as operations distribution. Creation of incident report. contract compliances. He’s an engineer.

To supervise drill-off test to increase bit performance. CSG & TBG) as well as to random check selected pipe to confirm measurements. RPM & WOB. To supervise mud test with mud engineer. bit performance. YP. To calculate bit hydraulics and check bit nozzles. pumping rates & pressure. To check daily Geolograph and mud tanks graphs. To calculate required DC’s to ensure proper WOB and to confirm safe jar placement. To ensure mud system is mixed as per program and volume as required. To check rig Emails and to take immediate action with proper communication. To follow-up closure of HSE open actions. testing lines. To attend safety meeting for rig acceptance. PV. To supervise R/U for casing & testing casing shoe. mixing operation. To check JSA’s. avoid problem. To check availability of tools. To supervise and hard reaming and/or hole complexity. To ensure all items in spud check list is in order. To supervise cementing operation by double checking volumes. To check daily IADC report. To supervise FIT. To supervise diverter and diverting valve function test. Gels & mud weight. planning and forecasting. Rig Operational Engineers – Assistance Company Man Duties Part of Fast Track Training Program – July. To supervise the first 150 ft drilling operation to avoid cellar washout. To check pipe tally (DP. To check regular rig components inspection. To confirm CSG tally in order to identify cut-off position. To analyze mud tanks charts to identify any increase or decrease in mud volume as well as mud movement between the mud system tanks. To ensure all rig components is functioning OK and rig crew is ready. casing slips installation. F/L. To supervise rig acceptance test. V. GPM. To ensure diverting pipe to flare pit. welding. ROP with respect to formations. To regularly check drilling parameters. To supervise open hole and cased hole logging and to confirm depth correction and correlation. To check rig mail and to take immediate action with proper communication. To ensure rig alignment with conductor pipe. RIH & POOH speed. To receive loading notes form DWS and to supervise unloading operation.Kuwait Oil Company Development Drilling Group Training Task Force - Rig office management Paper work - Rig office management Performance & optimization - Operation supervision Rig acceptance - Operation supervision Drilling parameters - To fill loading notes and to supervise loading operation. To supervise making-up BHA. dropping plugs. To receive diesel load and to supervise unloading operation. To attend the meeting with rig toolpusher along with official company man to discuss well program. To evaluate daily Geolograph in order to analyze connection time. 2012 . To check offset wells reports in order to optimize operation. To ensure water support. To check work permits. viscosity. To supervise drilling shoe tracks. solids%. pumping operation. To confirm SLM. To supervise cutting casing. wellhead installation. To calculate losses and to design required LCM pills. DC.

To coordinate with HSE E&PD auditing team. cementing. To ensure 160 reporting. To supervise testing TBG HGR. To supervise setting & testing PKRs. To coordinate with drilling engineer (base) on drilling progress. Training follow-up:  Official company man shall send to office (Head of Unit) training progress report. bits ordering. To supervise testing wellheads. To supervise X-mass tree testing. To check all tools inspection records. To attend all safety meetings. To perform twice a day HSE tour around the rig rite.Kuwait Oil Company Development Drilling Group Training Task Force - Operations supervision Tests - Operation supervision Coordination - Operation supervision HSE - To supervise testing BOP & choke manifold and associated lines. To supervise installing & retrieving BPV.  Group training unit shall coordinate with operational team for any training concern. To coordinate with asset geologist for casing setting depth and formation tops. To supervise any pressure test. 2012 . To supervise FIT.  Head of unit shall send monthly report to group training unit for each rig operational engineer. To check all JSA’s. Rig Operational Engineers – Assistance Company Man Duties Part of Fast Track Training Program – July. To check all work permits.  Group training unit shall analyze report and identify any hidden training gaps. slick-line. To ensure validity of crew health checkup. To supervise casing test prior and after drilling casing shoe. To ensure validity of well control certificates of all senior rig crew. To ensure HSE training is conducted to all rig crew and as per the training matrix. To ensure best housekeeping at rig site as well as main camp. To attend HSE E&PD auditing in both rig site & main camp. To coordinate with service companies to perform jobs such as logging. To attend all toolbox talks. To perform twice a week SOC & NCAE SVV. To perform hygiene audit in rig main camp. Also to ensure fast closure of all open action and new findings. To attend & supervise all drills. To coordinate wellhead orientation. To supervise bumping cementing plugs. mud additives loads. To supervise LOT if requested.  Group training unit shall send quarterly training progress report to group manager. To coordinate with respective GC. he also has to instruct official company man to fill any identified gaps.  Head of unit to evaluate the report and to identify training gap if any. To coordinate with KOC DWS for tubular loads such as casing & tubing. To attend and participate in any assigned emergency drills.