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Quantitative Social Science


Is one logical view point as valid as another? Discuss with example?

Modernization of Indian Tradition.
Discuss the Linkages between economic growth and displacement in

Case A: To study this viewpoint we have to first take the case or example of Napoleon
Bonaparte who was not only an able administrator and diplomat but lived
from 1789 to the rest of his life. With majesty and valor. To understand the
above statement in the words of Napoleon. One should not rule a country like
Capuchin or captain but rule like an able administrator like Louis XVI,
Frederick the great

Bismarck of Germany . In the some way many

implements can be seen in modern Indian history such as if we look among

the four administrators among Lord Clive, Lord Wellesley Lord Cornwallis
and Lord William Bentinck, we have also to look the pros and can of the
British ruled Bengal . The pros side consists of the Indian society where one
finds that like Napoleon or Frederick and Bismarck one have to compare the
policies of Julies Caesar, Maharaja Rancid Singh, Megasthenes. These
policies of Lord William Bentinck and Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar. One
should not forget

the contributions of policies of William Bentinck and

Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar one should consider the contribution of

Firozsaha Mehta, Badaruddin Tayabi and Tezbahadur Sapru and also Allan
Octavian Hume. Again Gladiators ware of extreme qualified and belonged to
such a class which Maharaja Rancid followed against the British again Joshef

Stalin where such kinds of person was able to judge the society by
themselves. They used to derive ideas from enlightened despots like
Galileo Galilee Alexander Graham Bell Colonel Moron any way in
this case one conclusion can be drawn then Indian had from the
British regime, the nation produced Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sri Swami

Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna Paromhonso. Where as agree if Sub

has Chandra Bose had return from Germany & men like Abdul
Gaffer Khan was our prime minister and Maulana was our
Education Minister men like Frederick Engels and men like Karl
Marx was own country law minister and external affairs Secretary
then our country would have been United India.
Conclusion of Case A: strategy is always better than diplomacy.
Case B : On the Basis of set Theory

Suppose N is the market where various kinds of fruits are being

selled in everyday life exp. Apple, Guava, Grapes and Banana.
Prove that (i) N(A) (A/G) = NG or A/G
(ii) N(A) NG= A/G
In Fig.N is the def= Fruits



cardinal so of fruits. In the marks of fruits where four fruits are selled from
day to day life such as Apple, Guava, Grapes and Banana and we can see
that properties of A is replaced in G to than of Gr and to that of Ba. Again
the four sets are selling only fruits but not any other commodity, Such as
vegetables or sweets etc.

Now a property can be drawn among the four sets

N(A) N(G) N(Gr) N(Ba)
.. Arbitrary intersection of set theory
II. Where as A second relation can be drawn :Apple N(A) = N`A (Complement of sets complementary theory of sets)
Guava N(G) = N`G
Grapes N(Gr)= N`Gr
Banana N(Ba) = N`Ba
III. Deducting I from II we get :(i)
N(a) or N`A NG or AG=A/G

N(G) or N` G- NGGr or GGr=G/Gr

N(Gr) or N` G NGrBa or GrBa= Gr/Ba ----proved
From II and III we get
(i) N(a) or N` A A/G = NG or AG
(ii) N(G) or N`G- G/Gr= N GGr or GGr

(iii) N(Gr)or N`Gr- Gr/Ba= N Gr Ba or Gr Ba

Consider the value of M/N = M-N we get

(ii) log N`G G/Gr =log NGGr or G Gr
(iii) log N`Gr Gr/Ba= log NGr Ba
(i) log N`A A/G= log NG or A

Since therefore log m/n = log m-log N

(i) Log N` A / A/G = Log NG or A G
(ii) Log N`G / G /Gr= Log NGGr
(iii) Log N` Gr / Gr/Ba = Log NGrBa
Conclusions of Case B : set Theory is related Logarithms.
(C ) On the basis of Economic point of view:-

Case C :- In a Differentiated oligopoly market i.e considering case where

there are many buyers and few seller and the senses in any
foreign exchange trade fund where as the market is running
difference oligopoly in market.





In the differentiated supply of goods oligopoly market we can see that % of

demand increases supply of % of rice also increases. We know in demand = %
change in quantity of rice / % change in demand and supply of price.
The increasing amount had been shown in graph by Ay13, Ay2G, Ay3V, AY4X
As in demand = % change in quantity of rice / % changing in price demand=
Quantity of rice increased decreased quantity of rice/Org quantity * 100%
Increased Decreased price of rice /org Price*100%
Now after working for four years new there is a decline of % of demand of rice
in rs from N to X or N to G.
Now let the original increase in demand and supply of price be AN
Increased Quantity of Rice = AQ, AG, AV, AX, AN
Decreased Quantity of Rice = NX, NV, NG, NQ, NA
In AVY3 we get that AY3 = VY32 + AV2 i.e
Therefore Y4 = AX-NX
As per % change in demand
So the general law of demand and supply is universally applicable

Now in AVY3 we get that

AY32 = VY32 + AV2
i.e., H2 = p2 + b2
Therefore AV2 = AY32 -VY32
Therefore AY42 = XY42 + AX2 .
[Pythagoras : Theorem]
Now suppose in the AY4X < A is represented <x is 900 where AX is the
base AY4 is the hypotenuse and XY4 in the perpendicular in Trigonometry we
know that
Sin = 1 /cusec
Cos = 1/Sec
Tan =1/cot
( Practical relation )
Moreover : Sin2 + Cos2 = 1 (Square relation)
In the AY4X, Sin = XY4
Cos =AX
Tan = AY4
Now Tan = Sin /Cos
AY4 = XY4/AX
Squaring both side we get :Tan2 = Sin2 / Cos2 or tan =
Therefore Sin2 = Cos2 * Tan2

Sin /Cos

Therefore XY42 =
Now by reciprocal relation 1/ Cosce2 = 1/Sec2 * 1/Cot2
Therefore 1/Cosce2 = 1/ Sec2 * Cot2
Cross multiplying we get that cot2 * Sec2 = Cosec2 (proved)

Conclusion of case C:- the general law of demand and supply is universally
applicable and Economic has its relation with trigonometry.

Case D: From the viewpoint of managements:-

Considering the case of deriving the ideas of the book Gita the management
way Mind & your Management and problems of the third world Countries
we have to finish laying down stress on the word alienation on which the
successful organization of firm depends. As we know reasoning constructed
just as certain paintings or poetry . As in Albert Einstein formula E=mc 2
where E= Energy in a mass and for speed of light in a velocity 2 . Einstein
claimed than triple makes perfection, but perfection does not create any
triple and that is fourth world war will be fought by stick, and Stone clubs.
Along with many other Parts before going to a war, organization of military
tactics form a integral
construct on

part of warfare and also self growth art has a

which the development of imaginative faculties are a

prerequisites of good managerial ability. Again to discuss about leadership

ability we have to discuss about relative qualities. In the book Business
management the

Gita way which has been based upon Bhakti- Yukti and

mukti model. Bhakti means devotion to GOD, Yukti means logic and
Mukti means and to free himself the bondage of depression. Therefore to
lead a team to managerial skills we have to stress in Karma Theory of
Buddhizism, so far as it has been concern in the Neocolonialism its
methods and Man oeuvres written by Vasily Vakhrushev it has been written
that after Monroe doctrine (world war II) Argentina has learned a to produce
Ninety nine corers of cars per year and boomed its Industrialist Economy..
Conclusion case D: Organization is necessary absolutely field of
management. Therefore we can see that history social science is
related to Quantities statistics which it related managerial science or

management in the above four cases we see that how it subjects co

related with one another logically we see that how the strategy of
history would have work if there was no diplomatic person in the
world. How a

part of pragmatic set Theory can be related to

logarithms where is Econometry is the branch of science that shows

the relation of Economics with Trigonometry and Geometry, and it
is obviously essential where a good leader to organize, manager must
have their own managerial ability. So we can see in four implications
that how the logic of one is related to one another although the total
four subjects can be regarded as a part of science subjects so we can
say that one logical view point is as valid as one another.