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The key role of the technician is to provide maintenance and
repair services to our fleet of Mobile Cranes and Tower Cranes.
This role has an important influence on operational safety and
efficiency. The nature and sophistication of our equipment
requires a high level of competency and flexibility.


General Manager
Workshop Staf
Discuss with CM


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P Ensure all activities are conducted in a safe and efficient
manner complying with the company Health & Safety policy
P Undertake high quality work to minimise time fleet is of the
P Monitor daily inspection reports in conjunction with Plant
Manager and agree action to remedy identified defects
P Highlight areas of consumables and repair stock/equipment
running short for efficient operation
P Fabrication of items/modification of equipment
P Timely ordering and maintenance of all consumables:
ensure stores are kept up to date with relevant supplies,
maintain records of goods and ensure inventory of all
equipment is kept up to date
P All documentation is completed to company and
manufacturer standards
P Ensure the work environment is kept safe, tidy and
P Undertake additional projects / responsibilities as directed
by management
P Building Management: building maintenance, repair and
security; building permits and WOF
P Calibration and inspection of all equipment as per legal and
company requirements: identify equipment requiring
calibrations; maintain calibration register (Amtrac); manage
re-calibration and regular inspections
P Maintenance of certification records: arranging in-house
certification by external contractors
P Disposal of plant and equipment according to company
policy: identify status of equipment and notify General
Manager of any requiring disposal
P Lifting Equipment Inspection: ensure all lifting equipment is
in good order with regular visual inspections, tests and
tagging; tagged with appropriate SWL; independent testing
of equipment by third part certifier
P Regular harness inspections in accordance with company
P Inwards goods: receiving and accepting company assets as
part of the Inwards Goods process

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relevant records are kept P Parts Purchase: ordering and purchasing parts as required. minimising cost P Plant appearance: appropriate appearance. ensuring correct parts are ordered in a timely fashion and sourced from reputable suppliers. recorder and monitor via Amtrac P General tidiness and management of the yard ACHIEVEMENT MEASURES Discuss with CM MINIMUM STANDARD OF QUALIFICATIONS & ATTRIBUTES Discuss with CM IDEAL QUALIFICATIONS & ATTRIBUTES Discuss with CM 二十八/五/一五 一二:五〇 二十八五/P 五 This document uncontrolled if printed . serviced as per manufacturers recommendation. cleanliness and presentation of all plant and equipment P Upkeep of all company vehicle registrations P Company repair and maintenance programme: identify preventative maintenance and ensure all repairs are performed within manufacturer and company guidelines P Monitor and manage Road User Charges for all company vehicles P Regular servicing of all vehicles and equipment P Maintenance of WOF’s and COF’s for all gear and equipment as required by law. well-maintained.JOB DESCRIPTION: CRANE P Library: tidy management of manuals and hard copy information relating to audits and gear stored within the site library P On-site maintenance: ensure all equipment has current certificates.