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Traffic problems of Bangladesh

The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary describes the meaning of traffic as: "the
amount of vehicles moving along roads, or the amount of aircraft, trains or ships moving along a
route." When too much traffic causes difficulty and crisis, it is called a traffic problem.
Traffic problems in Bangladesh mainly arises in the highways. Traffic jam is a type of
traffic problem of Bangladesh which is mainly seen in the cities, especially in the capital city,
Dhaka. It is a daily problem. There are many causes of traffic problems. Some of them are:
1. Breaking of traffic rules and regulations
2. Irregular traffic management
3. Broken roads
4. Shops / garbage / construction materials beside the highways
5. Use of more private transport, such as motorcycles and cars
6. Lesser use and service of public transport, like buses, compared to the private transport
7. Movement of trucks in the daytime
8. No parking place
9. Regular intervals of buses in any place
10. Unused traffic signals
11. Not expert driving
12. Road accidents, etc.
Also, problems in bridges and ferry ghats cause traffic problems. As the population is
increasing, traffic problems are increasing uncontrollably. There are less roads and
communication facilities.
There are many effects of traffic problems. Some of them are:
1. Late arrivals in destinations
2. Fire brigades and ambulances trapped in the traffic jams cause a result of late arrival of
fire brigades where fire has broken out and patients may die in the ambulances
3. Waste of many valuable and precious time while trapped in traffic jams
4. The exhaust from vehicles causes air pollution, lung cancer, etc.
The total picture of traffic problems in comparison to our rapid growth of population is
not in a better position. It has not fairly developed because of economic and geographical
condition of the country. We can overcome traffic problems. Some of the things we can do to
overcome traffic problems are:

To put strong laws in driving and traffic problems
Both lanes can be opened in special times in special, busy roads
Buses should stop only at bus stops, not in other places
Shops / garbage / construction materials should be taken away from the sides of roads
Roads should be improvised and enlarged, and there should be no broken roads

There should be more parking places and parking policemen 11. Our country cannot develop without the development of communication system. Consciousness of people 12. . four-way roads and subways in special cities can be opened 8. etc. or hence may cause problems in the economic development in Bangladesh in the future. The government should pay special attention for the improvement of communication system and traffic problems in Bangladesh. There should be more flyovers 7.6. Underground roads. Use and more service of public transport 9. Use of articulated and double-decker buses. Car pooling can be practised 10. Traffic problems should be stopped and overcome now.