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AWARENESS TEST) : 26-05-2015
Q.1. Which film won the top most award the
Palme d’Or at 68th Cannes Film Festival?
Ans: 2) Dheepan

AWARENESS TEST) : 25-05-2015
Q.1. Recently who sworn in as Chief Minister of
Tamil Nadu?
Ans: (2) J. Jayalalithaa

Q.2. Who won the eighth edition of Indian
Premier League (IPL)?

Q.2. Recently who has become the first Indian
Sikh to hold the position of Wokingham
Borough Council's New Mayor for 2015-16?

Ans: (1) Mumbai Indians

Ans: (3) Parvinder Singh Batth

Q.3. Recently who has been accorded an
international outdoor umpire status by the
International Hockey Federation (FIH)?

Q.3. Recently government decided that
investments by NRIs, OCIs and PIOs will now
be treated as domestic investment. Expand

Ans: (4) Deepa Kumari
Q.4. According to a study conducted by EA
Water, a leading consulting firm in water
sector, by which year India is set to become
water scarce country?

Ans: (4) Person of Indian Origin
Q.4. India's __________ has been appointed
chairman of the Asian Hockey Federation's
Media & Communication Committee.

Ans: (3) 2025

Ans: (4) Srinivasan Kannan

Q.5. Which film won the Promising Future prize
in the Un Certain Regard section at the 68th
Cannes Film Festival?

Q.5. Recently NRI billionaire Lakshmi Mittal-led
ArcelorMittal partnered Steel Authority of India
to set up an automotive steel plant with an
estimated ___________investment.

Ans: (2) Masaan
Q.6. How many Indian peacekeepers have
been chosen posthumously for United Nation’s
Dag Hammarskjold Medal?
Ans: (2) Two
Q.7. How many gold medals were won by India
at the Doha International boxing tournament?
Ans: (4) Four
Q.8. How many total medals were won by India
at the AIBA Women's Junior World

Ans: (2) Rs. 5,000 crore
Q.6. Which state government tied up with
Chinese software firm ZTEsoft for smart city
projects in the state?
Ans: (4) Gujarat
Q.7. Recently British Sports business magazine
'SportsPro' has named Indian cricketer
__________ as the six most marketable athlete
of this year.
Ans: (2) Virat Kohli

Ans: (1) Five

Q.8. Kamalpreet Singh is associated with
which game?

Q.9. Recently who has been appointed as
India's Defence Secretary?

Ans: (3) Hammer throw

Ans: (2) G. Mohan Kumar
Q.10. Recently John Nash passed away. He was
awarded Nobel prize in __________.
Ans: (3) Economics

Q.9. Recently which of the following partnered
with to provide deals and offers to
its customers?
Ans: (2) IRCTC

ककन सक दस श उपभककतक कवशवकस ससचककबक मम शकरर पर हह ? Q.8.7.10. Which India-born writer was among a shortlist of 10 writers for Man International Booker prize? (1) अकमतकभ घकर / (1) Amitav Ghosh पपर. बकरबलयसएफ कवशव रब ककबग मम ककस बह रकमब टन कखलकडक नस पभ नन नब . Citigroup. Which country is at the top of the Global Confidence Index? (5) भकरत / (5) India पपर.3.Which country has topped the first Environmental Democracy Index? (3) कलथभ आकनयक / (3) Lithuania पपर.supported payment card network China UnionPay. लब दन मम सबसस जयकदक जमब कस अवसर पह दक करनस कस स रस नब बर पर रहक? मकमलस मम ककन दस Q. हकल हक मम _______ कक चकन सरककर-समकथरत भभ गतकन ककरर नस टवकर चकन यसकनयनपस कस सकथ गठबब धन करनस कस कलए आरबकआई कक सवककककत पपरकपत हक गयक हह । * Q.2.3.2. बककर लस ज और रमयल बब क ऑफ सकमटलब र.9.5 कबकलयन रमलर / (3) $2.5.4. (3) एनपकसकआई / (3) NPCI पपर.5.9. Barclays and The Royal Bank of Scotland for criminally manipulating the global currency markets in 2007? (3) 2. कमरकज 2000 लडककस कवमकन ककस दस श कक हह ? * Q.6. Recently _______.4. has received RBI's approval to tie up with the Chinese government. ककस रकजय सरककर कक कवशव बब क पपरकथकमक कवदकलय कक पपरभकवशकलतक मम सभ धकर करनस मम मदद करनस कस कलए एक ककयरकपरम कस कहससस कस रप मम 250 कमकलयन अमस करकक रमलर कस ऋण कक पस शकश करस गक? * पपर.7.5 billion पपर. चकर बडस बब कक. Which Indian shuttler regained the no.* Required Top of Form पपर. Who have become the second biggest job creators in London in 2015? (2) भकरतकय कबपकनयकब / (2) Indian companies Q. Which date has been notified by the government as the date from which the rate of service tax will be increased to 14% from 12%? (1) 1 जसन 2015 / (1) 1st June 2015 पपर.1 कक सथकन पपरकपत ककयक हह ? Q. सरककर दकरक ककस कतकथ कक सस वक कर कक दर कक 12% सस 14% तक बढकए जकनस कस कलए अकधससकचत ककयक गयक हह ? * Q. कसटकगपरप. ककन सक दस श पहलस पयकरवरणकय लककतब तरप ससचककबक मम शकरर पर हह ? * Q.1.1.6. जस पक ममगरन चस स. 1 position in the latest BWF world rankings? (2) सकयनक नस हवकल / (2) Saina Nehwal . Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft belongs to which country? (3) फप रकबस / (3) France पपर. पर 2007 मम वह कशवक मभ दपरक बकजकर मम आपरककधक तरककस सस गडबडक करनस कस मकमलस मम ककतनक जभ मकरनक लगकयक गयक हह ? * Q. मह न इब टनर शनल बभ कर पभ रसककर कस कलए 10 शमटरकलसट ककए गए लस खकक मम ककन सक एक भकरतकय मसल कक लस खक थक? * Q.10. To which state government World Bank will offer a credit of USD 250 million as part of a programme to help improve effectiveness of elementary school? (2) कबहकर / (2) Bihar पपर.8. How much fine has been imposed on four big banks JPMorgan Chase.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Power System Operation Corporation Ltd (POSOCO) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for optimum use of weather information and forecast in the ____________.9.6.5. Ans: (4) Hungarian Q. Name it.4.6% Q.1.1.4.Ans: (2) Joe Root Q. He is a _____________ writer. Recently R. He is the batsman of which country? Ans: (4) Australia Q. ____________. Recently who has been named as new chief national coach of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)? Ans: (4) Kuldeep Malik Q. Ahluwalia ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 20-05-2015 Q.2.3. Recently the last of four anti-submarine warfare (ASW) ships being made by the Indian Navy launched in Kolkata.10. Recently GMR Infrastructure has inked an agreement with Guizhou International Investment Corp to set up units at its special economic zones (SEZs) in Kakinada. Sankara Narayanan has been appointed as the executive director of which bank? Ans: (3) Bank of India Q. Recently Laszlo Krasznahorkai has won the Man Booker International Prize.8. In which of the following countries world's first underwater tennis court will be built? Ans: (2) Dubai .3.2.5. Ans: (1) Andhra Pradesh Q.1 million to the ____________. Ans: (1) 7. What is the credit limit of Federal Bank SBI Platinum Credit Card launched recently? Ans: (2) Rs. Recently India announced that it would contribute USD 2. Recently Brad Haddin has announced his retirement. Who has been appointed Chairman of Joint Committee of Parliament on controversial land acquisition bill? Ans: (3) S. Ans: (3) World Health Organisation (WHO) Q. Who has been elected England Cricketer of the Year for 2014-15? Q. According to the mid-year update of the UN World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) India's economy is projected to grow by ________ this year. With which country Pakistan signed an agreement aimed at curbing terrorism? Ans: (2) Afghanistan ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 21-05-2015 Q.6. 5 lakh Q. Recently which country offered to provide $10 billion to India? Ans: (4) South Korea Q. Ans: (2) INS Kavaratti Q. Ans: (1) Power sector Q.S.7. How many Indian-Americans were presented prestigious 2015 Ellis Island Medals of Honor in the US for their contributions to America? Ans: (3) 6 Q.A.

Ans: (2) Harkeert Singh Saini Q. Ans: (3) India Q.0% Q. She was a ___________. What is the rank of Tata Consultancy Services in leading brands of US? Ans: (1) 57th Q.1% Q. Recently who presided over the 68th Session of the World Health Assembly (WHA)? Ans: (3) Jagat Prakash Nadda Q. Recently _______ announced establishing its first overseas centre outside India in China.1. How many agreements were signed by India and Mongolia during the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Mongolia? Ans: (4) 14 Q. Recently who won Rome Masters Tennis title? Ans: (1) Novak Djokovic Q.2.000 crore ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 19-05-2015 Q. Ans: (2) 8.8. Recently which country has been honoured for its significant contribution to UN Peacekeeping over the last six decades? Ans: (1) India Q. Recently how many agreements were signed between India and China? Ans: (4) 24 Q. .3.Q.3.5.9. Who has become Guyana’s new president? Ans: (2) David Granger Q. Name the Indian-American policeman who has been awarded the prestigious "Top Civilian Supervisor of the Year" award. Ans: (3) $1 billion Q.1. Recently Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) Group entered into a ____________ MoU with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).9.6.4. According to United Nation's annual report titled. Recently government has allocated __________ for the growth of Department of AYUSH.8. Ajeetesh Sandhu is associated with which sport? Ans: (2) Golf Q.2. Recently Suchitra Bhattacharya passed away. Ans: (4) Novelist Q. Ans: (3) 4. Ans: (1) Karan Jerath Q. Recently fiscal deficit for 2014-15 is pegged at _______of the gross domestic product. Recently which private sector bank opened its first branch in China? Ans: (2) ICICI Bank Q. Recently __________announced a US $1 billion credit line to Mongolia for infrastructure development. Ans: (1) Infosys ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 16-05-2015 Q. Ans: (1) Rs. Which country's player won under-15 category of World School Chess Championships? Ans: (2) India Q. Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2015 (UNESCAP) Indian economy's growth rate in the year 2015 will be at ____________. Recently Spain-based Business Initiative Directions (BID) has selected _____ for international star award for leadership in quality (ISLQ) in gold category. 5. Name the Indian-American who won Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award in the US.7.7.

9. Ans: (3) Rs.Ans: (2) Odisha Pisciculture Development Corporation Ltd Q. Which has become the first state in India to issue Soil Health Cards (SHCs)? Ans: (3) Historian Ans: (1) Punjab Q.1. Ans: (2) Raghav Ganesh Ans: (3) 7.7. Recently who has been appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tata Communications? Q.6. Recently Moody's projected India's growth rate at_________ in 2015-16. Recently who has been awarded UK's Encore Award? Ans: (2) Neel Mukherjee Q. Q. He was a famous _______________. Who has been elected general secretary of Judo Union of Asia (JUA)? Ans: (2) Mukesh Kumar Q. Ans: (4) India Q. Recently who has been appointed Governor of Jharkhand? Ans: (1) Droupadi Murmu Ans: (3) Pratibha K. Which state government has launched Samajwadi water ATM scheme at bus stations? ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 14-05-2015 Ans: (4) Uttar Pradesh Q.9. Recently the US diplomatic mission in ______ has bagged People's Choice Greening Diplomacy Initiative award.5% ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 15-05-2015 Q. 20.8.8. Peter Gay passed away recently. Who has become the first Asian woman to be elected mayor of Ealing Council in London? Ans: (3) Harbhajan Kaur Dheer Q.3.10. Q. Q.5.000 crore Ans: (2) China Q.4. What is the rank of India on the global Human Capital Index? Ans: (3) 100th Q. Name the Indian-American student who has been named one of America’s top 10 youth volunteers of 2015 for designing and building a device to help visually impaired people.10.2. Recently the Union Cabinet gave its approval for signing an agreement between India and ________ on cooperation in the field of mining and mineral sector.1. Government's flagship programme “Namami Gange” has a budget outlay of _____________. Advani .

8. Recently who has been appointed as Japan’s multinational telecommunications and internet company SoftBank Corp. Sivanadane (Siva) Mandjiny has won the University of North Carolina (UNC) Board of Governors 2015 Award for Excellence in Teaching.4. William Zinsser passed away recently.'s President? Q. At which of the following places in India Google has announced to build its largest campus outside the US? Ans: (1) Hyderabad Q. Recently Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has been ranked as the ________ most powerful executive in medicine making by a UK-based magazine The Medicine Maker.7. Recently Prime Minister David Cameron promoted one of Britain's most prominent Indianorigin MPs _________ by making her the new Employment Minister. Recently RBI has advised all public sector banks and some private sector and foreign banks to appoint a/ an ____________ to resolve customer complaints. Ans: (2) Hockey Haryana Q. Ans: (2) Nikesh Arora Ans: (2) Kochi . He is _____ Professor. Q.3.5.2. Recently Dr. ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 13-05-2015 Q. Q. Ans: (1) internal ombudsman Ans: (2) Silver Q.9. Satish Reddy Q. Recently India's Jisna Mathew won a _________in girls' 400m race in the Asian Youth Athletics Championships. Who has been appointed as acting Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)? Ans: (3) Chemistry Ans: (4) Justice Cyriac Joseph Q.10. Recently _________based business incubator Startup Village was bestowed the national award for technology business incubator. Which of the following has won Best Film Award at the 15th edition of the New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF)? Ans: (3) Labour of Love Q.Q. He was a famous ___________. Who won the 5th Junior Women National Hockey Championship 2015? Q. Ans: (3) Writer Ans: (2) second Q. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Safety Council (NSC)? Ans: (4) Priti Patel Ans: (1) K.3.

the new naval base of the Indian Navy. Ans: (4) China Ans: (3) Shooter Q. Who has been appointed as new Chairperson of American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM India)? Q. Ans: (4) Rs.2. Jitu Rai was declared the Sportsperson of the Year at the Times of India Sports Awards (TOISA). Which country has become world's top importer of crude oil? Q. Which is the only Indian company among the world's 10 biggest consumer financial services firms in the list compiled by Forbes Magazine? Ans: (4) Vanitha Narayanan Ans: (1) HDFC Q. Kamath Q.7. Who has been appointed as acting Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)? Ans: (4) Justice Cyriac Joseph ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 12-05-2015 Q.5. INS Sardar Patel. He is a _____________. Who won a gold in boys' 800m race of the Asian Youth Athletics Championships? Q. Who has been appointed as head of New Development Bank? Ans: (1) K. He is a __________.Q.1. Recently _______ Chief Minister Anandiben Patel dedicated to the nation. Q. NMDC. .V. IRCON and SAIL for 140km rail line between Rowghat and Jagdalpur at an estimated project cost of __________ was signed. Recently Indian tech billionaire Arun Pudur has been ranked as Asia's wealthiest entrepreneur under the age of _______. Who won Madrid Open Tennis title (Women's Singles)? Ans: (2) 40 Ans: (2) Petra Kvitova Q. Q. Recently Vikas Gowda won gold in Jamaican International Invitation meet.4. Who won Madrid Open Tennis trophy (Men’s Doubles)? Ans: (2) Discus thrower Ans: (2) Rohan Bopanna and Florin Mergea Q. 2000 crore Q. MoU between Govt of Chhattisgarh. Who won Madrid Open Tennis Trophy (Men’s Singles)? Ans: (1) Beant Singh Ans: (4) Andy Murray Q.8.

Ans: (3) 11 Q.5. Ans: (3) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana Q.1. Recently Narsingh Pancham Yadav bagged a _________in Men's 74kg category in the Senior Asian Wrestling championship. thereby becoming __________first anti-drug celebrity. Ans: (1) Singapore Q. 25 lakh ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 09-05-2015 . Ans: (5) Rs. Srijesh Q. Expand PMSBY. Ans: (3) Bronze Q. Recently who has been chosen as Best Hockey Player of the Year in Mens’s category in the Times of India Sports Awards (TOISA) function? Ans: (4) P. According to a report of RBI the gross outstanding credit of scheduled commercial banks rose to ______ in FY 2013-14. Recently Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal received a cash award of _____ from the sports ministry for reaching the women's singles final of the All England Open Badminton Championships.9% Q. Recently India test-fired BrahMos Block-III version. Ans: (3) 13.Ans: (2) Gujarat Ans: (4) 290 km Q. Recently State-run SIDBI and Maharashtra government have set up a __________SIDBI Social Venture Fund.R.6.2. Ans: (5) Rs. What is its full range? Q. According to a study by Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University India is projected to achieve highest annual GDP growth rate of ________ percent over next 8 years. Ans: (3) 7. Recently internationally renowned star Jackie Chan has extended his support to anti-drug campaign.3. Ans: (2) 10 percent Q.10.4. Recently NPCI announced a __________ reduction in charges for transactions from other banks ATM.Recently Indian and Russian institutions of higher learning inked _______Memorandum of Intent (MoI).7% Q. Which bank has launched its mobile app ‘Ping Pay’? Ans: (2) Axis Bank Q.11. 200 crore ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 11-05-2015 Q.

4. . according to the Forbes. Ans: (3) Chhattisgarh Q.1. Ans: (1) Achal Kumar Jyoti Q. Ans: (2) Manish Sinha Q.Q. What is the rank of India on the Global Motherhood Index 2015? Q. Ans: (1) 4. What is the rank of India in the ‘World Economic Forum The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015’ ? Ans: (3) 52nd Q.3.6. Recently Nadia district in _________has won the 2015 United Nations Public Service Award in the category of improving delivery of public services for the initiative ‘Sabar Shouchagar’.9. Who has received a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) Officer award for her services to drama and literature? Ans: (2) Meera Syal Q. What is the growth rate of Pakistan for the year 2015 as projected by IMF? Q. has been appointed as the Election Commissioner.3.8. Recently with which of the following India inked an agreement for the development of Chabahar port? Ans: (4) Iran Q.7. Ans: (1) Bronze Q.5. The Chandrayaan-2. Recently __________. Recently Geeta Phogat bagged a ___________ medal in the Women's freestyle 58kg category in the Senior Asian Wrestling Championship. India's second mission to the Moon is planned to be launched in the ________ timeframe.10. Recently Credit information company Equifax has appointed ___________ as the new managing director and country head for India. This documentary has been made in ____________. A short documentary called '7 Years To Grace' has been selected for Cannes Film Festival. Ans: (1) 2017-2018 ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 08-05-2015 Ans: (4) West Bengal Q. filling one of the two vacancies in the three-member body. India is home to________of the world's 2000 largest and most powerful listed public companies.3% Ans: (2) 56 Q.2. How many Indian companies figure in Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's biggest companies? Ans: (2) 140th Ans: (2) 11 Q.1.2.

1. How much fund has been allocated to Credit Enhancement Guarantee Scheme for Scheduled Castes? Q. Ans: (4) Cuba Q.5.3. Q. between India and ________. Ans: (2) Gen. Recently government has given its approval for revising the Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC) which was signed in 1985.4.8.5. for the avoidance of double taxation and for the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income.6.6. Recently Jonathan Trott retired from international cricket. Recently who won 2015 Snooker World Championship? Ans: (3) Stuart Bingham Ans: (4) 200 crore rupees ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 07-05-2015 POSTED BY BANKERS GURU ON - Q. He was associated with which sports? Ans: (3) Boxer Q. With which country France signed an agreement to supply 24 Dassault Aviation-built Rafale fighter jets? Ans: (2) Qatar Q. Ans: (4) surface-to-air Ans: (3) Republic of Korea Q. Recently Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn has become an honorary ambassador for the ________PyeongChang Winter Games. Ans: (2) 2018 Q.7. Who received the Freedom of Expression Courage Award by the PEN American Center in New York? Ans: (3) Charlie Hebdo Magazine ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 07-05-2015 Q.2. Recently who has become the wealthiest man in Asia according to Forbes Magazine? Ans: (1) Wang Jianlin Q. Q. Joseph Dunford Jr. Which state government recently decided to bring down the crop loss percentage from 50% to 33%? Ans:(3) Maharashtra Q.9. It is a ____________ missile. Recently America's President Barack Obama nominated Marine Commandant ____________ as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He belongs to which country? Ans: (2) England . Recently the United States authorized commercial ferry services to ______ for the first time after decades.4. Recently Akash missile has been inducted into the Indian army.7.Q. Recently Andrew Lewis passed away.

Which of the following state governments has inked an agreement with National Health Mission. Recently Pakistan's first-ever solar energy project has been inaugurated by PM Nawaz Sharif.8. Ans: (4) Rajasthan Ans: (2) Indian National Congress party . Recently Deepamale Devi of Karnataka won gold in the women's _____ walk in the 19th Federation Cup National Senior Athletics championship. Recently who has been appointed as Tribal Affairs Secretary of India? Ans: (1) Arun Jha Q.8. Which country assisted Pakistan in this Project? Q.Q. Recently who won the Istanbul Open title? Ans: (4) Roger Federer Q. He was a famous ___________. Recently Who won Estoril Open Tennis Tournament’s Title? ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 06-05-2015 Ans: (2) Richard Gasquet Q. Which of the following documents have been made mandatory for private firms seeking central excise registration? Q.4. With which of the following Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd signed an agreement under Pradhan Mantra Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana for providing Life Insurance coverage to its savings bank account holders? Q. Former Union minister and veteran __________leader Baleshwar Ram passed away recently. Recently who won Rio de Janeiro state championship? Ans: (2) Permanent Account Number (PAN) Ans: (1) Vasco da Gama Q. Recently Michael Blake passed away.1.10.9. Who is on the first place in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) world singles men's rankings? Ans: (3) Germany Q.2. Recently which country hosted the International Shooting Competition? Ans: (3) LIC Q. Ans: (2) China Ans: (3) 20 km Q. UNICEF and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition to tackle the severe problem of malnourishment in the state? Q.3. Ans: (2) Novak Djokovic Ans: (2) Novelist Q.

1. Recently Ben E King passed away.7. Who has been appointed as the new Petroleum Secretary? .4.ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 05-05-2015 Q. With which state government NTPC has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for taking up Patratu Thermal Power Station (PTPS)? Q.2.R.2. Ans: (2) Rafael Nadal Ans: (3) journalist Q.N. Gold and Silver Star? Ans: (1) C. Rao Q. Which tennis player received the ‘Golden Medal for Merit in Work’. Ans: (3) Jharkhand Q. Recently who has been given additional charge as Chairman-cum-Managing Director of NALCO? Ans: (3) N.3. Who won the 5th Hockey India Senior Women National Championship 2015? Ans: (2) Railway Sports Promotion Board Q.4. Recently Amitabha Chowdhury passed away.R. Mohanty Ans: (1) Syrian Q.3. Who has been awarded with the Japan's highest civilian award the Order of the Rising Sun. He was a famous ____. He was a __________.9. Naval exercise VARUNA 2015 concluded between which two countries? Q. Which country assumed the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council for May? Ans: (2) Bangladesh Seeds Association Ans: (2) Lithuania Q. Ans: (3) Singer Ans: (2) India and France ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 04-05-2015 Q. Recently ______________ journalist and rights activist Mazen Darwish was honoured with UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize 2015. Q.6. Recently which airport has been adjudged the world's best airport for the year 2014? Ans: (4) Indira Gandhi International Airport Q. Who has been appointed as new chief of central paramilitary force Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)? Ans: (2) Surender Singh Q. one of the top civilian honours of Spain? Q. Recently _____________ and India have inked a pact to facilitate traders of both nations to increase business in high-yielding varieties of rice seeds.

4. Which Indian Football player has been named among the top 500 players in the world by a United Kingdom-based magazine 'World Soccer'? Q. Pramod Patil Q.2.3. Who has won the 2015 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Asia? Q. Q.9.6. What is the new form called through which entrepreneurs keen on setting up new enterprises will be able to incorporate their entities by filing just one form as against eight as was the practice till now? Ans: (2) INC-29 ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 02-05-2015 Q.000 crore Q.6.7. Recently Seychelles became the _____ member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Which country has overtaken America as Australia's largest source of foreign investment? Ans: (3) Jogindernagar Q.10. Ans: (2) Siddhartha Gigoo Ans: (5) 161st Q. Which of the following has become the first town in Himachal Pradesh to be provided free Wi-Fi facility along with installation of CCTV cameras at public places? Q.Ans: (3) China Ans: (3) Kapil Dev Tripathi Q. He belongs to which country? Ans: (4) Australia Ans: (1) Dr.1. 10. Which of the following has become the world's largest sports body in terms of membership? . Recently two Indians namely Dr. Ananda Kumar and ________ have been awarded with the prestigious Whitley Awards for their contribution to wildlife conservation. Recently who has been appointed as UNESCO's Goodwill Ambassador for Freedom of Expression and Journalist Safety? Ans: (3) Christiane Amanpour Q. The Reserve Bank has allocated ____________ to SIDBI for setting up a venture capital (VC) fund to attract private capital for start-ups. Who has recently been elected as vice-president of South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Region? Ans: (1) Praful Patel Ans: (3) Rs. CII signed an agreement with ___________based e-commerce company CloudBuy to help its MSME members find markets.5.8. Recently Russell Ford announced his retirement from international hockey.7. Ans: (3) England Ans: (1) Sunil Chhetri Q.8. Q.

What is the increase in revenue collected at toll plazas of National Highways in fiscal 2014-15? Q. Q.7.8. Which of the following gas has not been included in National Air Quality Index (AQI) launched recently to disseminate air quality information? Ans:(4) 24 percent . by Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). What is name of the e-governance solution project of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly. Marie-Jose Perec has been named the International Event Ambassador for the TCS World 10K run. How many satellites ISRO has planned to launch during 2015-16 from India? Q.000 largest fine on a which company for causing water pollution? Ans: (2) Beijing Simplot Food Processing Q.9.Ans: (4) International Table Tennis Federation Ans (1) Nitric Oxide Q. India has been ranked atAns. Ten Pakistani Taliban militants has been sentenced to 25 years in jail by an anti-terrorism court for their ---------------.10. According to the data published in 2014.(3) 13th position Q. Which district of West Bengal Chief has been declared as the first Open Defecation Free (ODF) district in the country by Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee? Ans: (2) Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Ans:(4) Nadia Q.1.5. How many terms are there in the action agenda for India-Japan investment and trade promotion and Asia-Pacific economic integration signed by the two countries? Q. As per the latest report by the US Census Bureau largest Asian community in the US are- Ans: (3) French Ans: (2) Chinese ANSWER KEY D-BAT (DAILY BANKING AWARENESS TEST) : 01-05-2015 Q.6.gun attack on Malala Yousafzai. She is a ________ sprinter. China has slapped a record USD 630.4.9. Ans:(3) 2012 Ans: (3) 6 Q.which has been awarded Civil Service Award 2015 by the Himachal Pradesh Government? Ans:(1) e-Vidhan Ans:(2) Five Q. Q. Recently Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim al Khalifa was re-elected unopposed as the president of the_____________.2.10.3.