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GK Questions

General Knowledge
1. Aryabhatta was a/an
a) Doctor
b) Teacher
c) Astronomer d) Poet
2. Era of Hijri began in the year
a) 922 b) 822 c) 722 d) 622

3. Jesus Christ was born in the year

a) 8 B.C.
b) 6 B.C.
c) 4 B.C.
d) 2 B.C.
4. Crucifixion of Christ was held in the
year a) 59 b) 49 c) 39 d) 29

5. Great Plague broken out in Europe

in the year
a) 124 b) 144 c) 164 d) 184
6. Very small solid particles
suspended in air is
a) Acid b) Aerosol c) Alloy


7. A base which is soluble in water is

a) Alcohol b) Anodize
c) Ammonia d) Alkali
8. Sulphur dioxide is a colourless gas
which can make peopl
a) Deaf b) Cough c) Dumb d)

9. To coat a metal with a protective

exide film is
a) Asphalt b) Asbestos
c) Anodize d) Astatine

10. The Union Council of Ministers

shall be collectively responsible to the
House of the People. In which Auricle
has this been mentioned?
a) 72 b) 73 c) 74 d) 75

11. Substances used to reduce the pH

of stomach juices and, therefore,
relieve indigestion are
a) Arsenic
b) Antacids
c) Antiseptic d) Antibiotic

12. The States have been requested to

take the following measures to empower
Gram Sabha
a) To ensure that Gram Sabha Should
meet at least once in each quarter
b) Vest powers in Gram Sabha giving
them powers of ownership management
and control over natural resources

c) Gram Sabha Should have full

powers for determining the priorities
for various programmers
d) Panchayats should be made
accountable to Gram Sabha in
unequivocal terms
e) None of the above

13. The withdrawal of currency of a

certain denomination by the
government is
a) Deflation
b) Debentures
c) Debasement
d) Demonetisation

14. The Contraction in the supply of

currency is
a) Deflation b) Inflation
c) Stagflation d) Conflation

15. When the cargo is not taken

delivery of by the consignee at the
place or port of arrival, the transport
authority Railways or the Shipping
Company or the Airways, imposes a
certain levy per day. It is known as
a) Rent
b) Penalty
c) Demurrage d) None of the above

16. The head of the Union Government

in India is
a) The President
b) The Vice-President
c) The Prime Minister
d) The Home Minister

1. (c) 2. (d) 3. (c) 4. (d)
5. (c) 6. (b) 7. (d) 8. (b)
9. (c) 10. (d)

11. (b) 12. (d) 13. (d)

14. (a) 15. (c) 16. (c)

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