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Middle Static Pressure Duct Type

Thank you very much for purchasing our air conditioner,
Before using your air conditioner , please read this manual carefully and keep it for future reference.



Install according to this installation instructions strictly.
electrical shock and fire.

INSTALLATION INFORMATION............................................................... 2
ATTACHED FITTINGS.............................................................................3
INSPECTING AND HANDLING THE UNIT.................................................4
INDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION.................................................................4
OUTDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION............................................................10
INSTALL THE CONNECTING PIPE..........................................................11
REFRIGERANT PIPE CONNECTION .......................................................12

When installing the unit in a small room, take measures
against to keep refrigerant concentration from exceeding
allowable safety limits in the event of refrigerant leakage.
Excessive refrigerant in a closed ambient can lead to oxygen
Use the attached accessories parts and specified parts
for installation.
electrical shock and fire.

CONNECTIVE DIAGRAM...................................................................13
CONNECT THE DRAIN PIPE...................................................................14
NEW AIR DUCT UNIT’S INSTALLATION.................................................15
MOTOR AND DRAIN PUMP MAINTENANCE...........................................16
TEST OPERATION................................................................................17

Install at a strong and firm location which is able to
withstand the set' s weight.
If the strength is not enough or installation is not properly
done, the set will drop to cause injury.
The appliance must be installed 2.3m above floor.
The appliance shall not be installed in the laundry.
Before obtaining access to terminals, all supply circuits
must be disconnected.
The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is



The enclosure of the appliance shall be marked by word,
or by symbols, with the direction of the fluid flow.

Be sure to be in conformity with the local, national and
international laws and regulations.

standard, regulation and this installation instructions. An
independent circuit and single outlet must be used.

Read "PRECAUTIONS" carefully before installation.

electrical work, it will cause electrical shock or fire.

The following precautions include important safty items.
Observe them and never forget.

Use the specified cable and connect tightly and clamp
the cable so that no external force will be acted on the
If connection or fixing is not perfect, it will cause heat-up or
fire at the connection.

Keep this manual with the owner's manual in a handy place
for future reference.

The safty precautions listed here are divided into two categories.


Wiring routing must be properly arranged so that control
board cover is fixed properly.
If control board cover is not fixed perfectly, it will cause

Failure to observe a warning may result in death.


If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacture or its service agent or a similarly qualified
person in order to avoid a hazard.

damage to the equipment.
After completing the installation, make sure that the unit operates
properly during the start-up operation. Please instruct the customer
on how to operate the unit and keep it maintained.Also, inform
customers that they should store this installation manual along with
the owner's manual for future reference.

connected in fixed wiring.
When carrying out piping connection, take care not to let
air substances go into refrigeration cycle.
pressure in the refrigeration cycle, explosion and injury.

Be sure only trained and qualified service personnel to
install, repair or service the equipment.
Improper installation, repair, and maintenance may result in
electric shocks, short-circuit, leaks, fire or other damage to
the equipment.

Do not modify the length of the power supply cord or use
of extension cord, and do not share the single outlet with
other electrical appliances.
Otherwise, it will cause fire or electrical shock.
Carry out the specified installation work after taking into
account strong winds, typhoons or earthquakes.
Improper installation work may result in the equipment falling
and causing accidents.

installation manual


Connect the drain pipe. The air conditioner must be installed by qualified persons. Be sure to install an earth leakage breaker. You are not allow to connect the air conditioner with the power source until wiring and piping the air conditioner is done. Failure to install an earth leakage breaker may result in electric shocks. When all the installation work is finished. In kitchen where it is full of oil gas. There are inflammable materials or gas. please turn on the power only after a thorough check. install drain piping in order to ensure proper drainage and insulate piping in order to prevent condensation. The temperature of refrigerant circuit will be high. When installing the indoor unit or its tubing. Other special conditions. If the air conditioner is installed on a metal part of the building. In buses or cabinets. Depending on the radio waves. There is acid or alkaline liquid evaporating. Don't install the air conditioner in the following locations: There is petrolatum existing.If the refrigerant leaks during installation. Install the indoor and outdoor units. then connect the indoor unit wires. . The Volt vibrates violently (in the factories). ventilate the area immediately. for example) existing in the air (near a hot spring). Regret for no further announcement if there is any change of this manual caused by product improvement. CAUTION Ground the air conditioner. grounding may result in electric shocks. Install the connecting pipe . There is caustic gas (the sulfide. such as a fan heater. please follow this manual as strictly as possible. installation manual 2 INSTALLATION ORDER Select the location. Install the outdoor unit. Toxic gas may be produced if the refrigerant comes into the place contacting with fire. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. it must be electrically insulated according to the relevant standards to electrical appliances. please keep the interconnection cable away from the copper tube. While following the instructions in this installation manual. please read this "installation manual" at first. stove or cooker. power supply wiring and connecting wires at least 1 meter away from televisions or radios in order to prevent image interference or noise. check that the refrigerant does not leak. Install the indoor unit. Connect the outdoor unit wires . After completing the installation work. INSTALLATION INFORMATION To install properly. a distance of 1 meter may not be sufficient enough to eliminate the noise. Wiring. Toxic gas may be produced if the refrigerant leaks into the room and comes into contact with a source of fire. There is salty air surrounding (near the coast). property damage. There is strong electromagnetic wave existing. 2. Test operation.

If there are some spare fittings .3. please restore them carefully. Table 3-1 installation manual 3 . ATTACHED FITTINGS Please check whether the following fittings are of full scope.

5. There is no direct radiation from heaters. Please install with Ø10 hanging screw bolts. The air flow can reach throughout the room. Keep the unit upright in order to avoid compressor damage. Keep indoor unit. (Refer to Fig. power supply wiring and transmission wiring at least 1 meter away from televisions and radios. There is enough room for installation and maintenance. drain pipes.5-2) Fig. handle the unit with care. drain pipes. This is to prevent image interference and When handling the unit. position the refrigerant pipes. and its structure can endure the weight of the indoor unit. INDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION Carry out the pipe and line operation in the ceiling after finishing the installation of the mai body. 5.1 Installation place The indoor unit should be installed in a location that meets the following requirements: The installation of hanging screw bolts. outdoor unit.indoor & outdoor wires to the connection places before hanging up the machine.Do keep the ceiling flat. always use protectors to prevent belt damage and pay attention to the position of the unit’s centre of gravity. determine the direction of the pipes to be drawn out.4. The installation of hanging screw bolts. Cut off the roof beam. then install the hanging screw bolts.) Fragile. influence of external air is the least.5-2 installation manual 4 .5-1 Fig. NOTE Maintenance roomage Confirm the minimum drain tilt is 1/100 or more 5. While choosing where to start the operation. (4 bolts) Please refer to the following figures for the distance measurement between the screw bolts. 4 When lifting the unit . consult the construction personnels for the specific procedures.2 Put the square timber traversely over the roof beam.2 Install the main body 1 Installing Ø10 hanging screw bolts.indoor & outdoor lines to the connection places before hanging up the machine. The connecting pipe and drainpipe could be extracted out easily. even if 1 meter is kept. position the refrigerant pipes. Especially in case there is a ceiling. take into account the following: 1 generated depending on the conditions under which the electric wave is generated. 5. 3 Move this unit as originally package as possible. The ceiling is horizontal. The handling to the ceiling varies from the constructions. INSPECTING AND HANDLING THE UNIT CAUTION At delivery. After the selection of installation location. 2 Choose on before hand the path along which the unit is to be brought in. Consolidate the roof beam for possible vibration. Strengthen the place that has been cut off. and consolidatethe roof beam. The size of the ceiling to be handled-----. the package should be checked and any damage should be reported immediately to the service agent.







and the number of the bends meet the following requirements: 1 Measure the necessary length of the connecting pipe.NOTE All the pictures in this manual are for explanation purpose only. and do not let moisture in during installation.(refer to Fig.7-1 Daub the surfaces of the flare pipe and the joint nuts with frozen oil.The actual shape shall prevail. so please be careful when lifting it with a sling. the length of refrigerant pipe.6-6 Do not let air.2 Moving and installation D(mm) Ø6. and make it by the following way. Less than 5m (One-way) Never hold the inlet of the outdoor unit to prevent it from deforming. dust. or other impurities fall in the pipe system during the time of installation. They may be slightly different from the air conditioner you purchased(depend on model).and wrench it for 3~4 rounds with hands before fasten the flare nuts. The additional refrigerant to be cahrged can be calculated from the following formule: Table 7-2 R(g) 6. and do not let moisture in during installation.(Refer to chart 16) Use frozen oil Fig. The connecting pipe should not be installed until the indoor and outdoor units have been fixed already.6-6) Fasten the feet of this unit with bolts firmly to prevent it from collapsing in case of earthquake or strong wind.6-6) The Procedure of Connecting Pipes CAUTION Fix with bolt relevant local and national codes. Execute heat insulation work completely on both sides of the gas piping and the liquid piping. and do not lay it sidelong. Do not harm to them. or other impurities fall in the pipe system during the time of installation. Do not let air. Keep the connecting pipe dry. Make concrete foundation accoding to the sepecif-ications of the outdoor units. Table 7-1 Connect the indoor unit at first. then the outdoor unit.(refer to Fig. Bend the pipe with thumb min-radius 100mm Fig. They may be slightly different from the air conditioner you purchased(depend on model). INSTALL THE CONNECTING PIPE Check whether the height drop between the indoor unit and outdoor unit. dust.7-2 installation manual 11 . systems require additional charging of regrigerant depending on pipe lengths.4 Ø Ø L(m) Since the gravity center of the unit is not at its physical center. Do not lean it more than 45. Added Refrigerant When Over 5m(One-way) Do not touch the fan with hands or other objects. NOTE The connecting pipe should not be installed until the indoor and outdoor units have been fixed already. this can sometimes result in water leakage. Bend the tubing in proper way. Keep the connecting pipe dry. Fig. Please record the quantity added and store it carefully for future maintenance. 7.The actual shape shall prevail. All the pictures in this manual are for explanation purpose only. Otherwise.

So please expel the air out of the pipe with refrigerant before connection. loosen the maintenance terminator nut of stop valve B a little to check whether the air comes in (the sound of the pump changes.3 N. Check all the joints with the leak detector or soap water. installation manual 12 Connect the joint of the charge hose with the vacuum pump.8-3) 3 Connect the pipes.2 118.8 Bind the connecting pipe and the cables together tightly with binding tapes.8 75.5 32. (More than 9mm thick) Table 8-1 Pipe gauge Tightening 2.6 19. (Refer to Fig.Be sure to use two wrenches simultaneously when you connect or disconnect the pipes. The larger the bending radius the better it is.1 Expel The Air Make the ends straight 1 Flaring Fig.9 23.1 97.8-2) Bend the connecting pipe of small wall thickness.9 61. and the indicator of compound meter turns below zero). Ø15.4 N.7-3 Cut a pipe with a pipe Drill a hole in the wall (suitable just for the size of the wall conduit). Turn on the vacuum pump. Be sure to use the same insulating materials when you buy the brass pipe.m (990 1210 kgf.Every time you connect 12. At the beginning of pumping.2 17. If the nuts have been loosened for a long time.7 49.2 N. Open the Lo-lever of the manifold valve completely. (Be sure that stop valves A and B are both closed) 5 open the stop values of the outdoor unit to make the refrigerant pipe connecting the indoor unit with the outdoor unit in fluent flow. (Please refer to its manual for the way of using manifold valve) 4 Expel the air with a vacuum pump. Fig.m (630 770 kgf. and connect the charge hose of the manifold valve with the maintenance terminator of stop valve A. and bind it well with the tapes to prevent leakage.8-1) The stop valve of the outdoor unit should be closed absolutely (as original state). (Refer to Fig. torque Flare dimensin A min max Locate The Pipe Ø6.m (504 616 kgf. Then fasten the nut.0 Ø12.8-2 NOTE CAUTION The bending angle should not exceed 90 .m (333 407 kgf. 22. Expel the air(refer to the “Expel The Air”)after connecting the refrigerant pipe with the indoor unit and the outdoor 15.first loosen the nuts Lean 90 crude burr immediately (in 5 minutes).4 15. 6 Check the leakage. . Loosen and remove the maintenance nuts of stop valves A and B.m (144 176 kgf.8-1 Insert a flare nut into a pipe and flare the pipe. please bend the pipe at its biggest radius.3 3 8. Please determine the torque according to Table 8-1. Ø 18. 7 soundproof / insulating sheath (fittings). Then fasten the nuts at the repair-points. Do not bend the pipe more than three times. Be careful of the pipe allocation to do on damage to the tubing.5 60. Ø9. dusts and other impurities may enter the pipe system and may cause malfunction later.0 Pass the bound connecting pipe through the wall conduct from outside. 8. Cut out a desired concave at the bending part of the insulating pipe. 2 Fasten the nut Put the connecting tubing at the proper position.9 N. Refer to "How to expel the air with a vacuum pump" for details.4 14. Bending position is preferably in the middle of the bendable pipe. then set on the fittings such as the wall conduit and its cover. Use bender to get a small radius pipes. Too large torque will harm the bellmouthing and too small will cause leakage.4 Flare shape 90 °± 4 A R0.7 39.8 Expel the air with a vacuum pump(Refer to Fig.7 12. REFRIGERANT PIPE CONNECTION 8. Refer to "How to Connect the pipes" for details.4~0.3 8. wrench the nuts with hands then fasten it with a wrench. To prevent collapsing of deforming. Then expose the pipe(cover it with tapes after bending).6 N.

(Refer Fig..Joints of the connecting pipe to the indoor unit.Lo-stop valve B. D C Fig.(Refer to Fig. 1. When you have pumped for over 15 minutes. close the Lo-lever of the manifold valve completely and turn off the vacuum pump. Disassemble the charge hose from the repair-mouth of stop valve A.When the pumping has finished...0X10-5Pa (-76cmHg) 9. Refer the diagram when installing. Please mount the Orifice as horizontally as possible. and fasten the nut.8-4 8..8-3 Lo-lever For ensuring throttled efficiency . Each air conditioner has two stop valves of CAUTION operate as Lo-stop value..Hi-stop valve C.8-5 as a reference illustration) in the chart A. CONNECTIVE DIAGRAM Loosen and remove the quadrangle cover of stop valves A and B to open stop valve A andB completely.D. then fasten them. respectively. Please purchase the fittings according to the requirements in the manual strictly. Cooling&heating Fig. and anti-shock rubber should be wrapped at external of the Orifice for denoise..2 Check the Leakage heck all the joints with the leak detector or soap water.... 9-2 B A Fig.. Manifold valve Multi-meter Pressure meter Orifice -76 cmHg Hi-lever Lo-lever Charge hose Charge hose Vacuum pump NOTE Fig. please confirm that the indicator of multimeter is on -1.8-4) Mark the data plate with the Orifice installed. CAUTION operation.8-5 8. Incomplete insulation may cause water condensation. installation manual 13 . Ensure that there is no gap between them..3 Insulation Be sure to with insulating materials cover all the exposed parts of the flare pipe joints and refrigerant pipe on the liquid-side and the gas-side.

) The end of the drainpipe should be over 50mm higher than the ground or the bottom of the drainage chute. Or you can tie the drainpipe with the connecting pipe to fix it. CONNECT THE DRAIN PIPE Install the drainpipe of the indoor unit (out-dia. 2 New built house should have this test done before paving the ceiling. please lean the drainpipe down toward outdoor (outlet-side) at a degree of over 1/ 50.5m Fig. otherwise the available for the unit with pump. and reset the test cover to its original position. And the lift distance must be less than 200mm. you had better tighten its indoor part with a protection tube to prevent it from loosing. and stow water of about 2000ml to the water receiver through the stow tube. .29-31mm. 1-1. and check whether water leaks from the joints. and do not immerse it in water. drainpipe from yielding. be sure to make a U-form aquaseal by bending the pipe up to prevent the smelly gas entering the house through the drain pipe. The unit with pump. and operate the air conditioner under the 3 Stop the air conditioner. If the outlet of the drainpipe is higher than the body's pump joint.25mm).10-4 Drainage test Check whether the drainpipe is unhindered. Fig. If you discharge the water directly into sewage. The drain pipe installation for the unit with pump. 1 Remove the test cover(Rotate the test cover to opening up). It could be bought at local market or from your dealer. conditioner while the air conditioner stops.10-3 1-1.10-2 Fig. Check whether the water is discharger well (a lag of 1min is allowed before discharging.5m Fig. in-dia. In the case of prolonged drainpipe. And please avoid any bulge or water deposit. turn off the power. according to the length of the drain pipe). the pipe should be arranged as vertically as possible. installation manual 14 Turn on the power.10.10-1 The drain pipe installation for the unit without pump.

which dimension as following: Fig. Connect the drain joint with an extension drain hose (Locally purchased). rotate 90° to securely assemble them. 11. in case of the condensate draining off the outdoor unit during the heating mode. NOTE purpose only. NEW AIR DUCT UNIT’S INSTALLATION This kind of air duct reserves a duct joint for fresh air duct. Fit the seal into the drain joint.10-5 Remove the test cover.The unit without pump. then insert the drain joint into the base pan hole of outdoor. then insert the drain joint into the base pan hole of outdoor. Install the drain joint of the outdoor unit Fit the seal into the drain joint. They may be slightly different from the air actual shape shall prevail. and stow water of about 2000ml to the drainpipe is unhindered. rotate 90° to securely assemble them. installation manual 15 .

NOTE Pump maintain: 1. Be sure to locate the power wiring and the signal wring well to avoid cross-disturbance. if restrictions do apply for products like washing machines. Screw off four screws from drain pump. The external power supply to the air conditioner should have ground wiring. Take off pump. Take off the motor. carefully after wiring. 3 For detailed installation acceptance please refer to your power supplier. Remove off a half of motor housing. Remove off the ventilated panel. An all-pole disconnection device which has at least 3mm sepaaration distance in all pole and a residual current device (RCD) with the rating of above 10mA shall be incorporated in the fixed wiring according to the national rule. The distribution has impedance reaches at a 32 A fusing point. The power cord type designation is H07RN-F. Plug off pump power supply and water level switch cable. 4 For power details of the air conditioner refer to the rating plate of the product. The wiring work should be done by qualified persons according to circuit drawing. installation manual 16 2 No other equipment has to be connected with this power line. 5 For any question contact your local dealer. which is linked to the ground wiring of the indoor and outdoor unit. 2. 3.13. 1 The power connection for the air conditioner has to be done at the main power distribution. air conditioners or electrical ovens. Remark per EMC Directive 2004/108/EC For to prevent flicker impressions during the start of the conditions do apply. The air conditioner should use separate power supply with rated voltage. 2. . 3. national wiring regulations. WIRING (Take rear ventilated as example) Motor maintain: 1.

13-1 NOTE 3 reach the indoor unit smoothly 4 Test operation Set the air conditioner under the mode of "COOLING" with the remote controller. Whether the air flow louver moves normally. Whether the indicator lights normally. Whether there is vibration or abnormal noise during operation. please resolve it according to the chapter "Troubleshooting" in the "Owner's Manual". and pull it in the direction of the arrow to remove the protection board. disassemble the bolts from the maintenance board. 13. Whether the buttons on the remote controller works well. If there is any malfunction. Whether the air conditioner heats well in the case of the HEATING/COOLING type. Fig. CAUTION A protection feature prevents the air conditioner from being activated for approximately 3 minutes when it is restarted immediately after shut off. The length of the tubing and the added stow capacity of the refrigerant have been recorded. Whether any of the refrigerant is leaked. The ground wiring is connected correctly. Whether there is vibration or abnormal noise during operation. c. Whether the drainage is normal. They may be slightly different from the air actual shape shall prevail. c. and check the following points. The heating insulation works well.13-20) The air conditioner is pre-heated by turning on the power. The refrigerant pipe system is leakage-checked. or condensed of by the air conditioner have influenced your neighborhood. TEST OPERATION 13. Whether the room temperature is adjusted well.(If there isn't a cover on the outdoor unit. 2 Please confirm the following points before the test operation: Connect the connective cables to the terminals as identified with their respective mached numbers on the terminal block of indoor and outdoor units. Whether the temporary buttons works well. d. g. I.1 Connect the cable Dissemble the bolts from the cover.2 The Specification of Power (Refer to Table13-1 Table13-4) conditioner. h.14.13-2 The gas-side and liquid-side stop valves are both opened. The drainage is unimpeded. 2) The outdoor unit a. b. 13. There is no obstacle at the outlet and inlet of the outdoor and indoor units. e. Tubing and wiring are correctly completed. Cover Protection board Fig. The indoor unit and outdoor unit are installed properly. b. 1) The indoor unit a.) (Refer to Fig. Re-install the cover or the protection board. Whether the switch on the remote controller works well. purpose only.3 Wiring figure (Refer to Fig. Whether the generated wind.13-1) 1 installation has been completed. installation manual 17 . noise. f.

5 1×1.75 Table 13-3 MODEL(for R22.0 5x4.5 3x2.0 1×1. 50Hz 220-240V~.0 5x4.5 4.5 3×1.0 2.60Hz) (Cooling only) ~ 1-PHASE PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE POWER FREQUENCY AND VOLT CIRCUIT BREAKER/FUSE (A) INDOOR UNIT POWER WIRING(mm ) 2 GROUND WIRING 2 STRONG ELECTRIC SIGNAL WEAK ELECTRIC SIGNAL installation manual 18 208-230V~. 60Hz 208-230V~.5 3x4. 50Hz 20/16 30/25 35/30 40/30 3x2.0 3×1.5 3x2.Table 13-1 MODEL(for R22.0 2×1.5 3x4 5x4.0 3×2.5 3x2.5 STRONG ELECTRIC SIGNAL 5×2.5 1×1. 60Hz 20/16 20/16 30/25 35/30 50/45 3x2.5 2.5 3x2.0 3×2.5 WEAK ELECTRIC SIGNAL 2×0.5 2.5 4 4. 50Hz 220-240V~.5 2×1. 50Hz 220-240V~.50Hz) (Cooling & Heating) ~ PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 3-PHASE POWER FREQUENCY AND VOLT CIRCUIT BREAKER/FUSE (A) 2 INDOOR UNIT POWER WIRING(mm ) GROUND WIRING 2 220-240V~.50Hz) (Cooling only) ~ PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 3-PHASE POWER FREQUENCY AND VOLT CIRCUIT BREAKER/FUSE (A) 2 INDOOR UNIT POWER WIRING(mm ) GROUND WIRING 2 STRONG ELECTRIC SIGNAL 220-240V~.5 3x4.5 2.5 WEAK ELECTRIC SIGNAL Table 13-2 MODEL(for R22/R410A.5 2×1. 60Hz 208-230V ~.5 2.5 3x2.0 3×2.5 4.0 8. 50Hz 20/16 30/25 35/30 40/30 3x2.5 3x4.5 3×2.0 3x8.0 4. 60Hz 208-230V~.5 2.5 3×1.5 2×1. 50Hz 220-240V~.5 3x2.75 2×0.5 3x4 5x4. 60Hz 208-230V~.0 2.5 3×2. 50Hz 380-415V 3N~.75 2×0.5 3X2. 50Hz 380-415V 3N~.5 .

5 3x2. The power cord type designation is H07RN-F. installation manual 19 . 60Hz 208-230V~.5 3x2. 60Hz 20/16 30/25 35/30 50/45 3x2. 60Hz 208-230V ~.60Hz) (Cooling & Heating) ~ PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE 1-PHASE POWER FREQUENCY AND VOLT CIRCUIT BREAKER/FUSE (A) 2 INDOOR UNIT POWER WIRING(mm ) GROUND WIRING 2 208-230V~.5 3x4.5 4×1.0 4×1.0 8.Table 13-4 MODEL(for R22.5 STRONG ELECTRIC SIGNAL WEAK ELECTRIC SIGNAL CAUTION A disconnection device having an air gap contact separation in all active conductors should be incorporated in the fixed wiring according to the National Wiring Regulation.5 4×1.0 3x8.5 3×2.5 4×1.5 4.5 2.5 3x2.5 2. 60Hz 208-230V~.0 3×2.

installation manual 20 COMPUTER COMPUTER .13-2 Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit CENTRAL CONTROL MONITOR(CCM) Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit CENTRAL CONTROL MONITOR(CCM) CAUTION corresponding figure.Fig.or it may cause damage.

75 2.13-4 0. 5 installation manual 21 .13-5 0. 5 2. 5 2.Fig. 5 Fig. 5 1. 75 2.

5 4.13-7 1.Fig. 0 1. 75 4. 5 Fig. 0 4.13-6 0. 0 installation manual 22 . 0 4.

5 4. 75 2. 5 4. 0 4. 5 installation manual 23 .Fig.13-9 0. 0 2. 5 4. 0 (For 24K) (For 36K) (For 24K) (For 36K) 1.13-8 1. 0 Fig.

Fig.13-10 2. 5 2. 5 installation manual 24 . 5 2. 5 Fig.13-11 2.

5 Fig. 5 2.13-12 2. 75 4. 0 4. 5 installation manual 25 . 0 1.13-13 0.Fig. 5 1.

5 4. 0 Fig. 0 . 5 4.13-15 1.13-14 1. 0 installation manual 26 4. 0 4.Fig.

5 Fig.13-17 Air Conditioner Link-circuit (For R22.13-16 F1 2. 5 2.Fig. 5 installation manual 27 .Cooling) 2. 5 1.

0 Fig. 5 4. 5 Air Conditioner Link-circuit (For R22.13-19 F1 2. 5 4.13-18 1. 0 8. 0 8. 0 installation manual 28 .Cooling) 2. 5 1. 5 2.Fig.

13-20 F1 2.Fig. 5 1. 5 installation manual 29 . 5 2.