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tmaved II Course

The tmaved II Course provides everything you need to initiate the life-transforming process that will ultimately
result in Brahman Consciousness for you.
The course includes the two books tmaved, Part I and tmaved, Part II
plus a complete set of s'akti activated Maha-Samjvini Yantras, Atmavedi
Crystals, drawings and prescribed darshan meditations and S'r Chakra
The titles of the 12 course topics are:
1. A Vision of the Goal - Brahman Consciousness
2. Life in Perspective - the structure of the subtle realms
3. The Process of Manifestation - the seven states of consciousness
4. S'r Chakra - the universal archetype
5. Karma
6. God
7. Establishing Communication with your tman
8. Activating your tmanarayana Kavach
9. Creating a Pure Living Environment
10. Creating the Perfected Prnamy Kosha
11. Activating the S'r Chakra - Phase I
12. Activating the S'r Chakra - Phase II
During this course you will establish direct conscious two-way communication with your
tman and begin to immediately receive life-changing guidance from this Superior
Intelligence who created your life's Divine Blueprint. The tman is unique for every jiva
because it is the memory of the jiva's accumulated karma. Hence we sometimes speak of
"my tman" or "your tman." The process of entering onto the path of Brahman
Consciousness begins with the tman, as does life itself and the gift of a human body in the
first place. The tman is the personal version of Lord Vishnu that is gifted to every evolving
being by Lord S'iva at the first instance of pragya-aparadh to serve as the guiding light
through the maze of mya to eventually bring the jva home to Unity or onto the path of
Brahman Consciousness. As our guiding light, the tman is loving, passive and cooperative,

never manipulative or dominating.

In your intimate work with your tman you will establish your birthright to Unity Consciousness, enlist the aid of
local devas to create a pure living environment, initiate the healing process to create perfect health in your
physical body through the use of s'akti activated Maha-Samjvini Yantras, and activate your S'r Chakra on the
level of Prnamy Kosha and Manomy Kosha.
If you practice Transcendental Meditation, you can enroll directly in the tmaved Course today!
If you no not practice Transcendental Meditation, then you need to first learn to meditate. Please enroll in the
tmaved Meditation Course. After you learn to meditate, then you will be eligible to enroll in the tmaved

Lord Naryana is the Supreme Diety of our universe, a manifestation of Siva/Krishna to support of the intention of
an exhaulted jiva, our Lord Brahma, to create our universe. There are as many Naryanas as there are universes,
which means there are literally infinite Naryanas....

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