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July 2014


Fleischmanns First
July Meeting Notes
Highlights of the July Fleischmanns First Monthly
Treasurers Report-2015 budget was presented and
unanimously adopted
Community Garden-Carol Birnbaum reported that
a request to install chicken wire on the inside of the
picket fence has been made to Mark Project The
water barrel will be mounted so that rain water is
Fleischmanns Pool- Following the Fleischmanns
First request at the June Village meeting, a committee was appointed to investigate replacing the pool.
John Granito reported that the estimate from
AquaJet (Kingston) for a 26 x 52 30 gauge vinyl
line pool would cost $50,000 including removal of
existing pool plus summer and winter covers
Welcome Wagon-Yvonne Reuter reported that she
and Anita Rubin visited 4 new homeowners so far.
Guerilla Gardening- Victoria Quesada reported the
need to weed the Village Gazebo garden and suggested planting ground cover. They are considering
planting trees at the front of the entrance to the Village. Thanks to Joan Merwin for weeding the Depot Street garden.
Stream Clean up scheduled for July 26th. See story
inside for details

Dear Friends,
Growing up in Fleischmanns was a wonderful time in my
life. I certainly enjoyed the good old days when Fleischmanns was Rockin & Rollin. Like many others, my family
left the area in the early 70s. From afar I watched as others
left; those remaining worked to make a life here. But something about Fleischmanns called me back.
Its a given that the Catskill Mountains are beautiful and
coming back to them has been fortunate for me. The Village
of Fleischmanns is a hidden jewel, no rush hour, clean air,
graceful Victorian homes for under $150,000, and neighbors
that say hello or wave even when they dont know you.
Lets make this jewel shine!
I plan to continue the successes of Fleischmanns First and its
1. Preservation & restoration of historical community assets
2. Economic redevelopment
3. Promotion of arts and cultural activities
4. Assist in comprehensive & community planning
5. Advocate for preservation & protection of the environment
6. Provide an effective means for people who want to volunteer their time to help the community prosper
7. Address current issues affecting the Fleischmanns area
In addition to preserving the old, we must work at a future
for our young. The future of our village lies in all our hands.
I feel strongly about community sharing and I welcome you
to come to a meeting. Join us for an hour at our monthly
meeting the first Saturday of the month or at an event and
help your town.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40am



A Letter from the Fleischmanns First President


Walk it or talk it - build it or gild it!

Yvonne Reuter
President Fleischmanns First

Save the Date

August 9th, 9:30 am

Biomass Project informational meeting, in follow up to the Fleischmanns

Forum, will be presented by the
Village. Location to be determined

Page 2 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - July 2014

Fleischmanns Then and Now

Known today as 'the black house' on Wagner Avenue, and owned by Boyd Walker, this stately Victorian was originally
known as Jenkins Cottage. See the circa 1910 post card. The building on the right, Terrace Hall, burnt down in the
1930's, all that remains are the stairs leading up to the site. The Black House was featured in the New York Times in
2002 just after it had been painted; its color was the subject of controversy which brought it and the Village national

Come Help Fleischmanns First

and Trout Unlimited
This is a joint effort between
Fleischmanns First and Trout Unlimited to clean up the streams
running through Fleischmanns.
Thank you to John Hoeko for organizing this event on July 26,
2014. Garbage bags, gloves and
food will be provided. Please come and help.
Please meet at the Gazebo at 10:00 am on July 26,
2014. You can contact John Hoeko for further details at 594-6004 or

July/August Calendar ~ Fleischmanns Events - Save the Date!

July 24th

Thursday, FAB meeting at 5:30pm at Skene Memorial Library

July 26th

Saturday, Stream Clean Up, meet at 10:00am at Gazebo

August 2nd

Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting at 9:30 am, LaCabana

Come & meet your neighbors and support your village

August 11th

Monday, Village Board Meeting at 6:00 pm at the Skene Memorial Library

The Village Planning Board Meeting, as needed, (1st Tuesday) @ 5:30 pm, Skene Library
Zoning Board Meeting, as needed, (3rd Thursday) @ 6:30 pm, Skene Library
Check with Village Clerk regarding meeting statuses & agendas.
For Village info, please contact the Village Clerk, Lorraine DeMarfio @ 845 254 5514
To have your activity posted here, please contact the Fleischmann's Flyer

Page 3 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - July 2014

Fleischmanns Theater Coming Back to Life!

Plans for The Maxbilt, also known as the Fleischmanns Theater have recently been submitted along with an
application for funding to Empire State Development Fund. New Halcott Center residents, Erik Johanson and
Fernando Delgato, a hotel development executive and litigation technology professional respectively, have a
vision for the Fleischmanns Theater that is inspiring.
They plan to repair, renovate and re open the Maxbilt, returning it to its original Art Deco luster. The tentative
plan is to open a dinner theater by removing a quarter of the seats and placing small tables, suitable for a meal,
between pairs of seats. They plan on showing independent art house films on weekends and second run screenings during the week as well as Spanish language films.
The retail space on the left will be a fulltime
kill and Hudson Valley farms products inetc. They hope to reopen the pizza parlor.
mary focus.

local grocery, focusing exclusively on Catscluding fresh produce, cheeses, sausages

Again farm fresh ingredients will be a pri-

Erik and Fernando are exploring the concept

suite rentals, possibly serving breakfast. Alartist in residence program.

of turning the upstairs space into boutique

so under consideration is housing for an

This past week representatives of ESD toured the site along with Deputy Mayor, Ben Fenton, and MArk Project Executive Director, Peg Ellsworth. Erik reports that the plans were received enthusiastically. He is forming a Planning Committee and welcomes input from the community. You can reach him through The Maxbilt
Facebook page or at
It is high time that the Fleischmanns Theater re-open and become a centerpiece of the commercial street of the
Village. Fleischmanns First and Fleischmanns Alliance for Business as well as individual Fleischmanns business owners have written letters of support for The Maxbilt. We wish Erik and Fernando well in their new endeavor!

Skene Memorial Library Events

With the support of Fleischmanns First, Skene Memorial Library will offer 3 arts & crafts programs
in August to be led by art teacher Amy Royal. This years New York State Summer Reading Program theme is science, Amy will present 3 consecutive weekly programs on the theme of
Wind. Participants will make windsocks at one session, create mobiles at another, and work on
kites at the third. These programs will take place on Thursdays, August 7, 14, & 21, from 1 PM - 3 PM. There is no
charge for these programs.
On Saturday, August 16 at 1 PM , Skene will present, funded by The New York State Summer Reading Program, Laurie
McIntosh (known to her legions of fans as Story Laurie) in a performance piece geared to youngsters. For more information, please call the Library Director at 254-4581.

Page 4 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - July 2014

Letter from Mayor Pascarella..

Fleischmanns Flyer

Dear Fleischmanns Community,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic and productive summer. I would like to take this opportunity to
thank the new Fleischmanns First president Yvonne Reuter for stepping up and assuming the important
role in this great organization that we are lucky to have here. I would also like to thank outgoing president Michelle Sidrane for her outstanding leadership of Fleischmanns First and for the many successes
during her term. Thank you both and thanks to everyone working with Fleischmanns First to better our
Village. I look forward to continuing our work together.

Rob Alverson
Linda Anderson
Paula DeSimone
John Duda
Joyce Greenberg
Jeanne Malaxos
Michelle Sidrane

Todd Pascarella, Mayor

If you have something youd like to submit to be included in the

Fleischmanns Flyer please write to: or
PO Box 111, Fleischmanns, NY 12430

Printing and distribution of Fleischmanns Flyer are

made possible in part by grants from A. Lindsay and
Olive B. O'Connor Foundation and The Pasternak
Family Foundation.

MARK Project
PO Box 516
Arkville, NY 12406

Fleischmanns First