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August 2014


Fleischmanns First
August Meeting Notes
The meeting was called to order by President Yvonne
 Financial report-Winfred Zubin reported
the need for all members to renew their
membership for 2014-15
 Community Garden-all plots planted and
 Welcome Wagon reached out to three additional new residents this month
 Stream Clean up on July 26th a success-see
inside story
 Cauliflower Festival-September 27th- FF
will have a booth with posters highlighting
a history of FF initiatives and accomplishments. Volunteers to work with Winifred
and Marilyn Rangel are needed.
 Halloween planning meeting at Yvonne
Reuter’s home, August 23 at 9:30am
 Village Report-Mayor Pascarella reported
that the new tennis courts are nearing completion. Village ready to accept bids for the
concession stand and the playground.
 FF has agreed to support a new youth baseball team for next season
Next meeting September 6 at La Cabana at 9:30, coffee
and refreshments available at 9:15am

Bear Sightings on Main Street
While walking down Main Street the other day I saw many
of our neighbors. The hot topic of conversation is bear sightings up and down Main Street, Upper Wagner Avenue and
Schneider Avenue. Everyone has their own theory about
what appears to be an increase in the prevalence of the bear
population in Fleischmanns. Trying to get a handle on why
there seem to be more bears
this year than in the past, I
called the Department of
Conservation and spoke
with Larry Bifaro, Wildlife
Biologist, the bear expert for
our region. Larry who was
very helpful and fields the
calls for the Town of Middletown says that there has
not been a significantly
higher rate of calls about
bears this season for our region. Eighty five percent of
incidents that are reported, he says are resolved with advice
although he or a conservation officer may visit a site. Larry
says bears tend to be more visible during June and July than
any other time of the year. In August they become less interested in food in garbage and more interested in natural
growth foods such berries and tend to revert back to wilderness areas to find them. So by the time you read this article,
there should be fewer bear sightings in the Village.
Here are the steps the DEC recommends to discourage bear
 Always keep garbage in metal topped containers…if ordering a dumpster; always ask for a bear proof model,
one with a metal top. Garbage storing containers should
be closed at all times.
 Household garbage should be stored in the house or in a
secure shed. However, keep in mind that bears have a
keen sense of smell and garbage during warm weather
should be hauled to the transfer station twice a week.
 Wash out garbage can with sudsy soap, either dishwashing or clothes detergent, frequently and use ammonia
soaked rags to mask garbage and food odors.
 Do not leave food for pets or strays outside. Although
commercially produced pet food may not be a bear’s favorite, it will attract them.
If bears are a nuisance or if you want advice with regard to
bears, call Larry Bifaro at 607 652-2426.

Page 2 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - August 2014

Fleischmanns Then and Now

Originally called Scott Cottages, with the main building still standing, and the cottages in back gone, this establishment has gone
through many different owners and for many years was the annex of the Meinstein Lodge. Today it is River Run Bed and Breakfast, owned by Ben Fenton.

Skene Memorial Library News

Summer Means Barbecue Time ~
Here’s a BBQ treat courtesy of The Tinderbox

Twelve children from the area participated in the first of the three wind focused
arts and crafts projects led by Amy Royal
on August 7th. Beautiful mobiles were
made by all participants who took their
finished projects home with them. The next two projects, windsocks and kites respectively, will take place
at Skene from 1-3pm on August 14th and 21st. Fleischmanns First is pleased to support this series.

Grilled Pineapple w/ Coconut Caramel
Yield: 4 Servings

Different Strokes
Zoom Gallery will open a new show to run from
August 9-September 9th. “Different Strokes” features the work of several upstate artists whose
works will be available at reasonable prices.

1 ripe pineapple
1 cup sugar

¾ cup coconut milk
¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut, toasted

Trim ends from pineapple, then cut off peel. Quarter and core the
pineapple. Reserve ½ the pineapple for another use. Cut the 2
remaining quarters into 4 slices (lengthwise); then cut each slice in
half to make 16 thin wedges. Skewer each wedge, lengthwise.
(NOTE: if using wooden skewers, soak in water 30 minutes first).
In a small saucepan, combine sugar with ½ cup water. Bring to a
boil, swirling to dissolve the sugar; boil, swirling (do not stir) occasionally until just golden and honey-like. Remove from heat
and slowly whisk in the coconut milk (mixture will bubble furiously).
Preheat gas, charcoal or pellet grill to 450º - 550º. Coat the skewered pineapple with caramel sauce (use a pastry brush). Grill just
until marks appear; turn over to mark other side (should be about 4
-5 minutes total).
Place skewers on platter and sprinkle with toasted coconut. Serve
with remaining caramel sauce.

August/September Calendar ~ Fleischmanns’ Events - Save the Date!
Aug. 21st

Thursday, Children’s Art project, Skene 1-3pm

Aug. 28th

Thursday, FAB: Fleischmanns Alliance for Business Meeting, Skene 5pm

Sept. 6th

Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting at 9:30 am, La Cabana
Come & meet your neighbors and support your village

Sept. 8th

Monday, Village Board Meeting at 6:00 pm at the Skene Memorial Library
The Village Planning Board Meeting, as needed, (1st Tuesday) @ 5:30 pm, Skene Library
Zoning Board Meeting, as needed, (3rd Thursday) @ 6:30 pm, Skene Library
Check with Village Clerk regarding meeting statuses & agendas.
For Village info, please contact the Village Clerk, Lorraine DeMarfio @ 845 254 5514
To have your activity posted here, please contact the Fleischmann's Flyer

Page 3 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - August 2014

Fleischmanns 2014 Flower Barrel Campaign
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… A big Thank You to all those involved in one way or another for the overwhelming support and funding ($) for this year’s 2014 Summer flower barrels! With all the good rain and cooler evening temps this summer, the
plantings are looking terrific. The Fleischmanns Revitalization Committee along with Fleischmanns First Membership wish to
acknowledge and thank the following individuals and businesses
for their generous donations and on-going support for this summer’s spectacular 2014 annual Summer Flower Barrels.
You really helped make the difference. Thank You.
Business & Organization sponsors:
Todd’s Green House
The Tinderbox Ltd.
Community Bank, N.A.
Qualteries Garden Ctr
Brian Walsh Plumbing & Heating Fleischmanns First
Hemlockridge Tree Service
Mark Project, Inc
Individual sponsors:
Pam & Carl Grocholl
Marilyn Ringel
Jacqualine Purdy
Rob Alverson
Keith Weller
Geraldine Horner
Allison Doyle & Richard & Hudson Mack
To all the following who came out to lend a helping hand with
the setup & plantings of the barrels, we thank you:
Pam Grocholl
Fred Woller
Victoria Quesada

Marilyn Ringel
Alma Hernandez
Phyllis Bailey

Geraldine Horner
Rob Alverson
Yvonne Reuter

Special Thanks to our Village crew, Mike Myers & Leland Johnson (Corky) “For all that you do”

A very special “Green Thumb Award” goes to Pam Grocholl and helpers who keep the barrels looking terrific all
season long…

Bushkill Runs Cleaner
On Saturday, July 26th volunteers from Fleischmanns First with assistance from the Ashokan-Pepacton Chapter of Trout Unlimited
conducted a stream cleanup project on the Bushkill from the Depot St. Bridge to the Mill Yard Bridge. The CWC provided bags,
gloves, and gave rain gauges as gifts. We filled a dumpster donated by Mountain Valley Landscaping using the Village truck to
haul bags of debris that had been deposited in the Bushkill by Hurricane Irene and thoughtless litterers. Following the cleanup all participants enjoyed free food, ice cream, and refreshment offered by
La Cabana Restaurant, the Fleischmanns-Pine Hill Rotary, and the Fleischmanns Supermarket.
The find of the day was a heavy metal antique sign advertising "H. W. Johns' Liquid Paint-Newark
New Jersey" found by Yvonne and George Reuter imbedded in the stream bank! We also extricated a coil of heavy steel cable, a section of chain link fence, and two heavy home radiators along
with a potpourri of other trash.
The project was a great success in terms of both returning the Bushkill to the jewel it is and in generating the community spirit that Fleischmanns First is all about. Thanks to all that lent a hand in
the clean and supported the effort.

Woody Biomass Informational Session
Over twenty people attended the August 9th debut of the informational CFA sponsored film on Biomass energy produced by Jessica
Veccione. The film gives an information packed presentation of the why’s and how’s of woody biomass heating and highlights the
existing plant at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut. Last fall, many residents of Fleischmanns went by bus to Connecticut to tour the biomass plant in order to get a better understanding of this novel and environmentally sound heating method. Based
on the premise that our forests are replete with weak trees that need to be thinned and suitable as an alternative heat source, woody
biomass heating is high on Governor Cuomo’s agenda for NY State as a way to reduce the carbon footprint. Fleischmanns is one of
the first municipalities to consider a Village wide plant.
Further assessment and study supported with planning grant money will need to be made before moving forward. The video is available for viewing at www. For further information and for copies of the first feasibility study contact Jim Walker at Catskill Forest Association.

Page 4 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - August 2014

Letter from Mayor Pascarella…..
Fleischmanns Flyer

Dear Fleischmanns Community,
It is nice to see the Village in full bloom and looking better and better all the time.
Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the stream cleanup project and to John
Hoeko for organizing. I would also like to thank everyone who came out to the screening of the recently completed documentary about the proposed Biomass Heating Project and for everyone who participated in the productive discussion afterwards. Let's
all continue working together on this and all of the other ongoing important projects
that are laying the groundwork for a bright future.

Rob Alverson
Linda Anderson
Paula DeSimone
John Duda
Joyce Greenberg
Jeanne Malaxos
Michelle Sidrane

Todd Pascarella, Mayor

If you have something you’d like to submit to be included in the
Fleischmanns Flyer please write to: or
PO Box 111, Fleischmanns, NY 12430

Printing and distribution of Fleischmanns Flyer are
made possible in part by grants from A. Lindsay and
Olive B. O'Connor Foundation and The Pasternak
Family Foundation.

MARK Project
PO Box 516
Arkville, NY 12406

Fleischmanns First


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