June 2014


Fleischmanns First
June Meeting Notes
Meeting was called to order at 9:30am

Treasurers Report-current year on plan; budget for FY
2015 will be presented at July meeting. Priorities are
Creating Community: Fleischmanns Flyer, Monthly
meetings, collegial volunteer opportunities, welcome
initiative; Economic redevelopment: Bring positive
attention to Fleischmanns, Special events funding application for Fleischmanns community organizations, forums on community issues, support Fleischmanns Business Alliance.
Skene Memorial Library requested a grant to support its
summer children’s program at a cost of $200. Approved
by consensus.
Nomination Committee presented the following slate for
a vote:
 President, Yvonne Reuter; Vice President,
Winifred Zubin; , Leadership Committee: Rob
Alverson, Carol Birnbaum, Carol O’Beirne,
Todd Pascarella, Janet Steigleiner, Michelle
Sidrane, and officers
 Slate of officers and Leadership Committee
was elected by unanimous decision.
Memorial Day Street Fair was a success. Yvonne Reuter
reported that the expenses were down over budget and
the committee will evaluate the advertising plan further
with a goal to becoming more profitable. The winning
raffle ticket was drawn. Mike Finberg was the winner.

Dear Friends of Fleischmanns First,
Congratulations to our new slate of Officers for fiscal year 2015
who were voted in unanimously at our June Fleischmanns First
meeting! Led by Yvonne Reuter, as president, I know our organization will continue to build community and enhance the Village of
Fleischmanns. As President for the last two years and as a member
of the Leadership Committee (LC) for two years before, I will continue on the LC next year. Our organization, now in its sixth year,
is a driver in our community providing community connectedness
through the publication of the monthly Fleischmanns Flyer and the
planning and presentation of Fleischmanns Forums on topics of
importance and interest to the 12430 area. We produce community
events designed to bring people into the Village and to visit our
restaurants and retail venues. The annual Memorial Day Street Fair
was a great success this year, as was the Maple Festival and the
new Pumpkin Festival last fall. Monies raised from these events
support our other free activities such as the children’s Howl…ween
party, and is always a great time.
Fleischmanns First is not only an advocate for the Village but is
action minded. Members of Fleischmanns First get involved with
clean up and beautifications projects throughout the Village, such
as the facelift 17 of our members gave the town gazebo this past
fall. Just a few weeks ago, we joined in a cleanup and weeding of
the gazebo garden along with other volunteers from the Village.
We weeded and prepared the bed of the Fleischmanns First initiated Community Garden, now in its second year. Ten of the twelve
plots are already planted by Village and area residents. The Cub
Scout Troop 54 just participated in the weeding and planting of the
pumpkin seedlings in our Pumpkin Patch, which will be open for
‘pick your own’ in October.
Friends Letter continued on page 3

Pumpkin Patch Planted
What looked to be an overwhelming job on Monday morning, June
16th quickly became a well organized and orchestrated activity
when Cub Scout Pack 54 took the project on. Arriving Just after
school, with many of the kids coming by school bus, the Cub
Scouts and their siblings divided into groups; half were weeding
and half were planting. In one hour, five 60 foot rows were weeded , planted and watered. Fleischmanns First thanks Cub Scout
Troup 54, their parents and grandparent in attendance, for their
terrific work. We look forward to seeing them in the fall when they
will each receive a pumpkin for their efforts.
The cornerstone of the Pumpkin Festival which will take place
over Columbus Day weekend is the ‘pick you own pumpkin’ event.
We hope to see you then!

Page 2 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - June 2014

Fleischmanns Then and Now

FF Meeting Notes Continued….

Pumpkin Patch update was given by Michelle Sidrane. Madalyn Warren
of Roxbury Farms has, once again, donated the pumpkin seedlings which
is very generous. The patch is in need of weeding and we will be assisted
by the Cub Scout troop in weeding and planting the patch. See article.
Fleischmanns Alliance for Business update was presented by Jason
Fomme and John Hoeko. John has sent a letter to the DEC requesting that
they move forward on the Belleayre resort.
John Granito recommended a recognition Day take place to thank all the
benefactors of Fleischmanns. It was suggested that this be incorporated
into the next Memorial Day Event. The Committee will consider this.
The status of the Fleischmanns pool was discussed and it was decided that
Fleischmanns First make a recommendation to the Village Trustees that
there be a review of whether the monies currently in escrow for the Park
could be transferred to the expenses of replacing the pool. Michelle Sidrane agreed to bring the recommendation to the Village.
A request to apply pressure to speed up the LFA study was made.
John Hoeko reported on the stream clean up initiative under the auspices
of Trout Unlimited. Fleischmanns First wants to participate and is awaiting dates.

Meeting adjourned at 11:am, The next meeting of Fleischmanns First is Saturday, July 5th, 9:30 at La Cabana
Skene Library to Present 3 Kids’ Programs in August
As the community of Griffin's Corners grew,
houses of worship were built. In 1895, the Episcopal Community raised funds from their parishioners and built a modest church on Main
Street. Later it became a Catholic Church, and
many folks today still remember attending services there. It is now a private residence.
New to the Skene Memorial Library Collection

“The Target” by David Baldacci.

“Missing You” by Harlan Coben.
“By Its Cover” by Donna Leon.
“All Our Names” by Dinaw Mengestu.
“Long Man” by Amy Green.
“The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt.
“The Invention of Wings” Sue Monk
“Long Man” by Amy Green.
“The Accident” by Chris Pavone.
“ Love Nina: A Nanny Writes Home” by
Nina Stibbe.
All of the above are Fiction.
Summer Hours at Skene, from June 30-August 30
are 10am-3pm, Monday-Friday, 10am-1pm Saturday, Closed Sunday

Thanks to a generous grant from Fleischmanns First, voted on at the June 7
meeting, Skene Memorial Library will present 3 programs for children over
the summer. With the loss of Kids in the Kaatskills programs, Skene has attempted to fill the void with a variety of programs for kids, but as ever, budget
constraints are an issue. With the securing of these funds
from Fleischmanns First, Skene will be presenting 3 science-related arts and crafts programs.
Leading the programs will be Amy Royal, art teacher,
who has previously presented lively kids programs at
Skene. Each of the three sessions will focus on a crafts
project related to the theme of wind. One session will
focus on kites, another on windsocks. This summer, New York State's summer
reading program for children is science themed and the Skene program will
dovetail with that focus
Sessions will be held on 3 successive Thursday afternoons, August 7, 14, &
21 from 1 - 3 PM. There is no fee for participating. For more information,
please call the Library Director at 254-4581.
Trout Unlimited Sponsoring Fleischmanns Streams Cleanup
Join with volunteers from Trout Unlimited and Fleischmanns First on Saturday, July 27th to clean up our streams from one end of the Village to the other.
Meet at the Village Parking lot at 10am. Refreshments will be provided after
the clean up by La Cabana, Fleischmanns/Pine Hill Rotary and the Fleischmanns Supermarket. See you there and then!

June/July Calendar ~ Fleischmanns’ Events - Save the Date!
June 26th

Thursday, Fleischmanns Business Group Meeting, 5:30pm, Skene

July 5th

Saturday, Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting at 9:30 am, La Cabana
Come & meet your neighbors and support your village

July 14th

Village BoardTrustee Meeting, 6pm, Skene Memorial Library
The Village Planning Board Meeting, as needed, (1st Tuesday) @ 5:30 pm, Skene Library
Zoning Board Meeting, as needed, (3rd Thursday) @ 6:30 pm, Skene Library
Check with Village Clerk regarding meeting statuses & agendas.
For Village info, please contact the Village Clerk, Lorraine DeMarfio @ 845 254 5514
To have your activity posted here, please contact the Fleischmann's Flyer

Page 3 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - June 2014
Dear Friends Letter Continued….
This year Fleischmanns First announced its interest in supporting
programs and activities of other organizations in the community.
We just approved a grant to support children’s programs at the
Skene Memorial Library this summer. In the fall of 2012 Fleischmanns First hosted a business networking event at La Cabana; we
proposed the 12430 business owners form a business networking
group that could benefit each of them individually and collectively, as well as help the Village as a whole develop economically. A
few months later a small group developed and today the Fleischmanns Alliance for Business (FAB) is an active force in the Village. Fleischmanns First sponsored the first cooperative ad last
June and I am pleased that FAB continues to offer its members
opportunities for joint advertising and marketing. We look forward to receiving additional grant requests from other Village
groups in the near future.
Speaking on behalf of Fleischmanns First at the June Village
Trustees meeting, I recommended to the Village Trustees that
they acknowledge the Fleischmanns Pool as a Village asset and
asked that the Mayor appoint a committee to develop a plan for
funding and building a new pool to be operational by next summer. I am pleased to report that such a committee is now in place!
Thank you for your support of Fleischmanns First. Join us in our
vision for Fleischmanns and help transform the Village into the
thriving community we all know it can be! Our monthly meetings
take place the first Saturday of every month; we would love your
ideas and participation. It takes a Village…
Michelle Sidrane
President, Fleischmanns First
Fleischmanns First seeking 2 summer interns
for a part time job to water, weed and tend the
Pumpkin Patch. Job begins immediately and runs
through the summer. A stipend is available. Please
contact Winifred Zubin at 254-5312 or Michelle
Sidrane at 254-5615.

If it’s Memorial Day, there must be a
Fleischmanns Street Fair
Despite what was a somewhat dreary day, The Annual
Fleischmanns First Memorial Day Street Fair was a successful day. Vendors set up their stands along Main Street and
talked with and conducted commerce with the multitude of
people who were happy to visit Fleischmanns and check out
the activity. Live musical entertainment was performed all
day from the Gazebo. The food court new this year was doing a brisk business and by 2pm the Fleischmanns Fireman’s
Chicken Barbecue was sold out!
Fleischmanns First was actively selling raffles for a beautiful
mosaic topped café table and chairs. At the June meeting of
Fleischmanns First, the winning ticket belonging to Mike
Finberg was drawn at random. Congratulations Mike.
Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event such a success! And a special thanks to Yvonne Reuter who with Rob
Alverson made the event possible. See you next year at the

Fleischmanns Local Stream Study
Over 30 people attended the LFA meeting and presentation
by the Eastern Branch Flood Commission held at Skene Memorial Library on May 19th. The purpose of the meeting was
to present an outline of the project, gather
public input about flooding, and collect
ideas for flood hazard mitigation options.
Tropical storms Irene & Lee caused massive damage in 2011. The challenge is to
manage and reduce the risk of flooding and
erosion in Fleischmanns.
Discussion was held about mitigation strategies to reduce
potential exposure and losses, the mitigation planning approach, area mitigation goals and objectives.

Fleischmanns Community Garden Update
Ten of the twelve available plots at the Community garden are
planted; seeds have sprouted and the seedlings are growing as
seen in the attached photograph. Thank you to the group of volunteers from Fleischmanns First and the gardeners themselves
who weeded the area and readied the plots for planting. The garden now has a refurbished bench donated by Yvonne Reuter and
we expect the new gate and sign to be added shortly. If you are
interested in planting one of the two remaining plots, contact
Lynne Collins or Carol Birnbaum.

One approach discussed was the maintaining the ability of
streams to move water, sediment, and debris through populated areas while using the natural capacity of floodplains to
store water and reduce hazards in the stream system. There
may be potential to excavate certain areas of the floodplain
to increase high flows thereby reducing flooding in flood
prone areas of the village. Bridges that are acting as hydraulic constrictions and contributing to flooding will be identified.
A summary of the meeting and the slide presentation on the
project are viewable on the Fleischmannsny.com website.

Page 4 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - June 2014

Letter from Mayor Pascarella…..
Fleischmanns Flyer

Greetings Fleischmanns Community,
I am so thankful that summer is finally here! What a sweet reward for such a harsh winter it is to see so
much greenery and color all around.
I want to thank all of you who helped make the Memorial Day weekend street fair a great success this
year. Have a great summer season everyone and enjoy the warm weather!

Rob Alverson
Linda Anderson
Paula DeSimone
John Duda
Joyce Greenberg
Jeanne Malaxos
Michelle Sidrane

Todd Pascarella, Mayor

If you have something you’d like to submit to be included in the
Fleischmanns Flyer please write to:
Fleischmanns12430@hotmail.com or
PO Box 111, Fleischmanns, NY 12430

Printing and distribution of Fleischmanns Flyer are
made possible in part by grants from A. Lindsay and
Olive B. O'Connor Foundation and The Pasternak
Family Foundation.

MARK Project
PO Box 516
Arkville, NY 12406

Fleischmanns First