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FOG HORN Gear Reviews February 2010

Energizer’s Hard Case 2AA output of 70 lumens and is fully adjustable in

three steps – maximum, medium and low.
Tactical Light
Looking at the head assembly straight on, we
By: Sal Palma can mentally superimpose a Cartesian
coordinate grid such that quadrant 1 is
Energizer is a company occupied by the red LED, quadrant 2 is occupied
that requires no by the IR LED1, quadrant 3 is occupied by the
introduction; we have green LED and quadrant 4 by the red LED. With
only to think about the the exception of the IR LED, all the secondary
Energizer Bunny to illumination LEDs are step adjustable for output
know that, so you can intensity. This is absolutely a great feature to
only imagine how have because it allows you to put just the right
surprised I was to amount of light on the desired object.
discover that the
company has been
producing military grade products for quite
some time. However, over the years,
technology moves forward; new competitors
emerge and new products are fielded.

This was the case with Energizer. The company

simply did not bubble to the surface when
tactical and military lighting was the subject of
discussion. That has changed with the, 2009,
introduction of the Hard Case Tactical Light, and
say that “The Bunny” did his homework is an
Energizer designed a lockout switch that sits on
The Hard Case Tactical Light offers the user a the light’s housing and directly beneath the
fully articulating head that provides 125: of head assembly. It was extremely well thought
swivel. There are no detents to deal with so out; readily accessible even with tactical gloves
adjusting the head is extremely flexible and or cold weather gear on – nice job! In the
precise. However, it does lock out at 90: and center position, all on/off switches are disabled
180:, which is released by depressing the so that accidental activations, which could
button on the axis point. compromise your position, are avoided. In the
IR position, it enables the IR illumination and
The head assembly, houses a total of five LEDs strobe using the white light switch at the base
used to provide white, red, green, blue and IR of the lamp housing. In the unlocked position,
illumination. Primary illumination is handled by all normal switch functions are enabled giving
the largest LED, which is located at the center of
the head assembly and acts as the source for 1
The IR LED operates in the 880 nanometer
white light. This LED provides a maximum wavelength.

Copyright, Sal Palma dba Twobirds-Flying Publication, 2010. All rights reserved.
FOG HORN Gear Reviews February 2010

the operator full control over white, red, blue illumination intensity is reduced.
and green light sources. You can also
instantaneously shutdown the light by sliding The Bunny also did a great job with the lamp
the lockout switch to the center position. housing. It is made of a high impact polymer
with a rubber coating in olive drab and desert
The Hard Case tactical light runs on 2AA tan, which works extremely well with the
batteries; however, Energizer’s designers took a current issue ACU pattern as well as the older
rather novel approach. Normal operation, that but venerable Woodland camouflage. The back
being with the use of 2AA batteries, requires of the housing features a hefty clip that can be
that you install the batteries such that the used to attach the light to your vest or belt
anodes face the head assembly. In this using any available MOLLE loops.
position, the operator has the maximum
illumination and maximum runtime. However, Conclusion
by simply changing the outboard battery so that
the anode is oriented in the opposite direction, As a team, we all loved this light. We feel that it
the light will run on one battery with the other represents a great value.
battery in reserve. In this position runtime and
The design was well thought out with
exceptional attention to detail. That was
evident throughout all aspects.

Ease of use and ergonomics are excellent. All

controls worked flawlessly and were easy to use
even when tactical gloves were worn. Full
immersion in water had no adverse impact on
its operation.

Functionality left nothing to be desired. White,

red, blue, green and IR illumination addresses
any field condition imaginable.

Finally, battery life, even in the blistering cold

that we’ve been having is outstanding.

However, we all felt that an “official” lanyard

attachment point would have put The Hard
Case over the top. No worries, we simply used
the heavy duty clip.

Hats off to Energizer for a job well done and an

outstanding tactical light.


Copyright, Sal Palma dba Twobirds-Flying Publication, 2010. All rights reserved.