EPC/GDV* Camera Compact

The EPC/GDV Camera Compact has been developed especially for mobile applications in the area of professional health care and therapy, for environmental testing and for limited material testing. Simplified functions and the ease of operation of the Camera Compact allow setting the equipment into operational mode quickly in various environments. The more compact and robust design of the Camera Compact enables reliable measurements even under field conditions.

Bio-Energy Field Analysis with the EPC/GDV Camera Compact
The design of the EPC/GDV Camera Compact is based upon the latest technology advances in digital image capturing and processing technology for scientific research of bio-energy field properties of living subjects and of different liquid and solid materials. The central part of the Camera Compact is the optical system, which is equipped with components from fibre optics and digital video technology. The patented method for capturing of bio-energy field images under day-light conditions guarantees a high reliability and reproducibility during the capturing process. Together with an independent power supply through an internal rechargeable battery (optional equipment) the area of application of the Camera Compact is extended to field environments. The ease of operation and the mobility of this high-quality measurement device have been proven during many expeditions in different parts of the world and under various climate conditions. The optimised functionality of the Camera Compact allows the professional user to quickly set all necessary parameters for image capturing, for control of automatic measurement series and for setting of the measurement periods. The measurement electrode of the Camera Compact operates with a fixed voltage level, which is best suited for measuring energy field properties of living objects. The Camera Compact is delivered together with a complete software package for measuring, analysing and visualizing energy field properties. The unique mobility features and the very high reliability of the Camera Compact facilitate professional applications in the areas of research and analysis of subtle energy fields in biophysics, in traditional medicine and in complementary approaches to health and wellness even under field conditions.

** EPC/GDV – Electro-Photonic Captor/Gas Discharge Visualization – these terms describe the physical principles of bio-energy field measurements using electrophotonics and plasma discharge visualisation techniques.

© Infinite Human Nature AB, Sweden, 2008

Technical Data
Dimensions: Weight: Power supply: Power consumption: 200x250x130mm less than 4.5kg 12V power supply adaptor for 220V / 50Hz or through internal battery less than 20W

Operating conditions Temperature: Humidity: Air pressure: Operating time: 30 mins PC-Minimum Requirements Processor/Speed: RAM size: HDD size: Screen resolution: Memory size of video unit: Amount of USB-connectors: Operating system: Required software:

Voltage levels: Level 1 for measurement of living systems Duration of impulses: 10 µs Repetition rate of impulses: 1 kHz Duration of capturing: 0.5s; 1s; 2s – 32s (software controlled) Connection to PC: USB in duplex mode (camera control and image transfer) 10 - 35ºC less than 75% 630 – 800Hgmm 8 hrs continuously with 10mins breaks every

Pentium III, 733 MHz 512 MB 20 GB 800x600 pixels, 16 bits colour depth 2GB 3 Windows 98/XP EPC/GDV Software Package 2007, basic package

Content of delivery
• • • • • • • • • • • EPC/GDV Camera Compact USB-Cable Power supply adaptor 220V / 50 Hz to 12V DC and power cord Test object for calibration and test object holder Reference electrode with grounding cable Shading cap and wipe for measurement electrode EPC/GDV Filters (package of 10 pcs) Software CD and USB software license key User Manual, Warranty, Technical data sheet Carrying bag 2 years warranty on the camera device and for the software package

Additional EPC/GDV Software
For professional work with the EPC/GDV Camera Compact we recommend the following optional software modules: • GDV Screening for analysis of organs and organ systems in medical/clinical application, • GDV Qualification for evaluation of personality and performance profiles of athletes and managers • GDV Tolerance for evaluation of psycho-emotional states and behaviour profiles of persons • GDV SciLab for statistical analysis of large measurement series from static and dynamic measurements Detailed information on additional EPC/GDV software modules for the Camera Compact you can find on the data sheets for the software as well as on our internet page www.bioelectrophotonics.eu.
Contact information: Institute for Bioelectrophotonics, IHN – Infinite Human Nature AB, Phone/fax: +46 (0) 8 51174872 Mobile: +46 (0) 70 3747543 Lutz Rabe, M.Sc.EE Tellusvaegen 43, S-18636 Vallentuna, Schweden E-mail: lutz.rabe@ihnab.se Internet: www.bioelectrophotonics.eu

© Infinite Human Nature AB, Sweden, 2008

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