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Systems of the centralized observation and transmission



NX Connect BL


NX Connect BL module, allowing to use your phone as a remote control keypad for security
systems series N (N4/6/8/8E/10) via Bluetooth.
For the application to work properly, you must have a phone running the Android OS version 2.3 or
higher, supports Bluetooth 2.0 and above. Also, you must install application NX Connect
Bluetooth from the Google Play Store.
The module can be connected up to 8 phones. On all connected phones will display the current
panel condition information.


Using your phone as a keypad assigned to a particular partition.

Using your phone as a keypad in master-mode.
Indication of up to 48 zones.
Panel status indication.
Indication of the status of each partition (in master mode).
Removing or setting the assigned area under protection.
Removing or setting selected areas under protection (master mode).
Active alarms reset.

During the arrangement of module comply the following requirements:

Install the unit in a place where ensures a good connection with phones via Bluetooth.
Avoid areas where the module can affect the moisture.
Avoid installation in places with a large quantity of shielding metal surfaces and wiring.

Attention! Before working with the module should be clear himself of static electricity charge. To do
this, touch a grounded metal surface.
The module can be supplied in a plastic case or without it. If the module is in the chassis, remove
the top cover.
Connect the module is performed by means of the terminal block, pins description of which is
presented below.

Connect to pin POS NX.
Connect to pin COM NX.
Connect to pin DATA NX.
Output switch module 1 normally open
Input switch module 1.
Output switch module 1 normally closed
Output switch module 2 normally open
Input switch module 2.
Output switch module 2 normally closed

Using Application NX Connect Bluetooth.

Application is available in Google Play Store. You may find it by searching
nx connect bluetooth or using this QR-Code.

When you first start, the program will inform about the absence of the registered modules and offer
to scan for available modules via Bluetooth. For the module can be visible for scanning, you must
switch it to the registration mode. This can be done in two ways:
1. Push and hold tamper button within 5 seconds.
Attention! This way is possible only if allowed to enter the registration mode by pressing the
tamper button within 5 seconds (cell 0, segment 1.).
2. While system is disarmed enter programming mode ([*] - [8] - Code-enter the programming
mode (factory setting [9]-[7]-[1]-[3])), select the module (default 40#), enter the cell # 9,
enter number of adding keypad 1-8 (must be not busy).
After this, module led begin to blink with the 2-second interval. This means that the module switched
to registration.
Push the button Scan.

After few seconds, the module will appear in the list. Select
module in the list and enter the PIN-code for Bluetooth connection
(default 1234).
After successfully registration module switch off registration mode.
Otherwise, registration mode switched of after 2 minutes.
Bluetooth Pin-code changing is available while module programming (cell 19).
Depending on the settings main window can be displayed in two modes
Partition mode (left) and master mode (right).

Main window contains the following elements:

Zone status displays the status of zones. If the indicator is white, then the corresponding zone is
ok. Red blinking led indicates an active state sensors this zone or on the triggering of the contact
tamper sensor (casing opened). Solid red indicates bypassing that zone.
System and partition status displays the panel status.
In master mode additionally displays the status of each partition separately.
Arm/disarm button serves for arming/disarming partition. This need to enter corresponding code.
In master mode you need to select partition(s) for arming/disarming.
Relay control button serves to control the condition of the relay are located on the module board.

Module registration on NX bus.

Registration module, for its further control on the bus NX is made at the moment exit the
programming mode panel, when connected to the module.

Enter programming mode and selecting the module.

To enter programming mode, press [*]-[8]. Enter the "Code-enter the programming mode (factory
setting [9]-[7]-[1]-[3]). For programming of the module NX Connect BL, enter its address, default, he
is 40, then press [#].

Description of module memory cells functions.

Cell 0. Module options.
(2 segments, mnemonic data)
Segment 1.
Led zone 1. Allow registration mode for Bluetooth keypad by pressing the tamper within 5
Segment 2.
Zone 1 led. Bluetooth keypad #1 connected.
Zone 2 led. Bluetooth keypad #2 connected.
Zone 3 led. Bluetooth keypad #3 connected.
Zone 4 led. Bluetooth keypad #4 connected.
Zone 5 led. Bluetooth keypad #5 connected.
Zone 6 led. Bluetooth keypad #6 connected.
Zone 7 led. Bluetooth keypad #7 connected.
Zone 8 led. Bluetooth keypad #8 connected.
Cell 1-8. State of registered Bluetooth keypads. Cell 1 corresponds to the 1st keypad, cell 2
corresponds to the 2nd keypad, cell 8 corresponds to the 8th keyboard.
(2 segments, mnemonic data)
Segment 1.
Zone 1 led. Bluetooth keypad connected.
Zone 2 led. Module connected.
Zone 3 led. Reserved.
Zone 4 led. Reserved.
Zone 5 led. Very low signal level.
Zone 6 led. Low signal level.
Zone 7 led. Good signal level.
Zone 8 led. Perfect signal level.
Segment 2.
Zone 1 led. Master mode allowed.

Segment 3. Reserved.
Cell 9. Enter Bluetooth keypad registration mode
(1 segment, numeric data)
Segment 1.
Enter Bluetooth keypad registration number (1-8). Entering number switch module to registration
mode. Added keypad corresponds to entered number.
Cell 10. Remove Bluetooth keypad registration.
(1 segment, numeric data)
Segment 1.
Enter removing Bluetooth keypad number (1-8). Keypad corresponds to entered number will
Cell 11-18. Assigning partition and Bluetooth keypad. Cell 11 corresponds to 1st keypad, cell 12
corresponds to 2nd keypad, cell 18 corresponds to 8 th keypad.
(2 segments, numeric data)
Segment 1.
Keypad number (1-8). Default 2nd.
Segment 2.
Partition number (1-8) to which the keypad is assigned. Default 1st.
Cell 19. Pin-code for registering keypad via Bluetooth.
(4 segments, numeric data)
Segments of this sell contains pin code using for registering Bluetooth keypads.
Cell 20. Module number on the NX bus.
(1 segment, numeric data)
Module address is 40 plus cell data. Module address can grow up to 56.
Cell 910. Restore factory settings.
If this sell is selected, after 10 seconds factory settings will be loaded and module will restart.