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Volume 8 Number 23
May 29, 2015 12 Pages

SHS Grand March Offers a Moment to Shine

Salem Community Patriot

Tatiana Foye and Matt Loredo arrive in style
with the top down.

Students march past family and friends.

This young man looks sharp in his uniform.

by Jon Tripp
Before heading out to their senior prom,
Salem High couples lined up for a Grand March
for family and friends on Saturday, May 16
Couples as well as groups of friends showed of
their outfits on the red carpet as they marched
past flashing cameras and phones. At the end of
the march, they climbed into their cars, busses,
and limos to head off to prom.
Staff photos by Jon Tripp

Navy and pink provides a classic look.

This couple had a secret to reveal.

Tyler Foye and Sarah Taschereau line up with their fellow students in the gym.

Couples wave to friends as they walk the red carpet.

Salem P.D. Honors their own with Memorial

Staff photos by Jay Hobson

of selectmen which read in part, Whereas the

men and women of the law enforcement agency of
Salem, New Hampshire, unceasingly provide a vital
service, now therefore the board of Selectmen call
upon all citizens ... to observe the week of May 10
to May 16, 2015, as Police Week.
2015 Roll of Honor as read:
Joseph H. Grant, Robert Stickney, John Hyatt,
Basil S. Munson, Gerald Cooper, Andrew Murray,
Roger Thompson, James W. Taylor, Nelson Murray,
Paul Ring, William Breen, James Keith, John Carrol,
Wayne Gartside, Edgar Valley, Bernard Spinney,
Theodore Anagnos, Syren Chuck Hovanian, Ned
Lagana Charles W. Keen, Dominic S. Jacobellis,
Joseph W. Millington, Raymond M. Taylor, Edward
Ed Costello, Harvey Durgin, Gordon Barton, Paul
J. Cody, Leon A. Dobson, Wilfred Colle, Donald
Boland, Daniel L. Bodwell, Jim Mahoney, Sr.,
Edward Seubert, Wilfred Taylor, Oscar Barton, Mark
Sambataro, Frederick L. Chrysler, Jerry Davies,
Michael Morse, Leo Tatoyian, George L. Dickey
,John Canty, William Barron ,Joseph P. Oakes,
Philip D. Hajjar, Everett Dowe, Richard McDonald,
Donald LeBlanc, John P. Ganley, William F.
Campbell, John Frank Callahan, Albin A. Dietrich,
Robert Eyssi, Edward Dube, Ernest J. Paul, Lee
Richardson, James J. Fox III, George A. Gartside,
John Packard, Alfred K. Sullivan, William J. Sullivan,
Evelyn Ebert, James Ross, Kenneth Conlon, Joseph
The Salem Police Department Honor Guard enters Pine Grove Cemetery to honor those
L. Dunlap, Craig Waldron, Edwin A. Foss, John P.
men and women of the Salem Police Department who have died.
Dutch Holland, Thomas Sharpe III, Shirley Begg,
by Jay Hobson
Ebert, Normand E. Beland, Forrest C. Stickney,
On a clear Thursday morning, May 16, the Salem Police
Michael W. Downing, Sr., Richard Southwick,
Department held its annual memorial to officers who have left the
Melvin Marsh, Warren George, and William Cornwell.
bonds of this life. The ceremony was held at the Police Memorial at
It is sad that with the passage of time more of the names are
Pine Grove Cemetery and was a way to remember those who gave
Salem service and protection with dedication, pride and courage.
It should well be remembered that the men and women of the
Deputy Chief Shawn Patten noted the recent passing of Sheriff
Police, though not military, fight a war. Every day, that war is
Mike Downing and, with heads bowed in a moment of silence,
with the recent slayings of police in the line of duty around
birds chirped in the quiet of the cemetery; those who served Salem
the nation.
behind the small shield and who wore the blue of Salems finest were
Daily, officers get a call on a radio and rush to the scene, whether
remembered with the reading of their names.
c accident, domestic disturbance or a crime in progress, and
Chief Paul Donovan spoke of how in the past, police were referred
often dont know what awaits them when they arrive.
to as pigs, but, for the most part, officers were respected as being
But they go. They respond with no questions asked and rely on
there to help.
their training to protect and to serve the citizens who depend on
Its a tough time now where police are judged guilty by people
them to do just that: protect and serve.
who havent seen all the evidence, Chief Donovan said.
Thank you, officers, for your service.
Town Manager Keith Hickey read a proclamation from the board

Winner Best of NH 1993-2014!

From Napoli, Italy to Salem, NH
Piano Bar Tues. & Weds. Evenings

How Italian Food Should Be!!

Gift Certificates Available

Breckenridge Plaza 264 NO. Broadway, Salem, NH 603-898-1190

This young man drops rose petals for his date.

Town Talks Tech

with E-Bill Pay
by S. Aaron Shamshoyan
A new online service offered by town hall could alleviate lines
and save residents time when paying bills.
The new service, hosted by Invoice Cloud, will allow residents
to pay property taxes, along with town-provided utility bills online,
and offer the payment option of credit card.
Tax collector Cheryl-Ann Bolouk explained the new offering to
selectmen on May 18, adding the options could reduce lines at
town hall and eliminate them for patrons choosing to pay online.
The customer is going to be able to view and or print their
actual bill and have the option to pay online, she said.
The program allows for full and partial payments, scheduling
of future payments, and the ability to go paperless and have bills
Bolouk said there will not be a convenience fee associated with
ACH and electronic transfers; however, customers wishing to pay
with credit or debit cards will see an additional charge.
When paying property tax bills, customers will be charged
2.95-percent of the total bill. Utility bill payments will carry a
$4.95 fee for every increment of $250 paid.
They are determined y the online bill collector, which is Invoice
Cloud, for processing the payments, Bolouk said. The fee is not
controlled by the Town of Salem nor paid by the Town of Salem.
And already customers are using the service. Bolouk said after
only an hour online, two customers registered and paid bills.
Finance Director Jane Savastano demonstrated the service by
logging into Selectman Patrick Hargreaves and Selectman Everett
McBrides accounts and paying their utility bills during the meeting.
Bolouk said the service cost $2,500 to buy and requires a $100
monthly maintenance fee paid by the town.
There are currently about 12,000 tax bills and 8,000 utility bills
processed through the town hall. Bolouk said she hoped the online
service would reduce lines at town hall as there is currently a
staffing shortage due to illness.
Town Manager Keith Hickey said the service has been added
to other online offerings already in place including dog licenses,
motor vehicle renewals, and recreation department program
Were trying to expand the online services to the best of our
ability, he said.
Hargreaves was excited about the online offerings. Welcome to
the 21st century, he said.
Selectman Everett McBride asked if credit and debit cards would
be used as payment within town hall.
Bolouk said challenges from credit card companies, specifically
VISA, created a challenge to offer the service both online and in
Its a whole other issue, another step to purchase the software,
she said. I wont ever be taking credit card over the counter.
Bolouk said different fee charges from card companies mean
increased processing time, and create delays. She said some other
communities that take credit cards at the town hall have taken that
option off the website. Bolouk added two computers and an ATM
were available in town hall for residents to use for bill pay.
McBride questioned whether building permits could be requested
online, and Hickey said additional online services were being
Its a work in progress, and, as with any new product, there will
be bumps along the way, Bolouk said.
The new offerings are available on the towns website under the
online services tab.

2 - May 29, 2015 | Salem Community Patriot

Salem Democratic Town Committee Awards Scholarship

Kuster Delivers Keynote, Creation of Murray Award is Announced
Salem High senior
Matthew Descoteaux,
who was selected as the
2015 Salem Democratic
Town Committee Fran
Brennan Scholarship
winner, reads his essay
to event attendees.


Salem Democratic Town

Committee ocer Dee
Lewis, left, and event
committee member
Carla Billingham check
in attendees at the recent
spring event held at
Jocelyns Restaurant.
Courtesy photos

submitted by Salem Democratic Town Committee

The Salem Democratic Town Committee presented its annual
Fran Brennan Memorial Scholarship to a local high school
senior at its recent spring event, which featured a keynote by
Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster.
Committee Chair Laurel Redden introduced Matthew Descoteaux
of Salem High School, the 2015 scholarship winner. He was cited
for outstanding achievements in academics, community service and
extracurricular activities. Descoteaux shared the essay he wrote in
applying for the scholarship on the role of government in banking
regulations with those attending.
Event emcee Beth Roth also announced a new Murray Award
to the 50 committee members attending the event. The Murray
Award is dedicated to lifelong Democrat Michael G. Murray, Sr.
who passed away earlier this year. Michaels wife, Sheila Murray,
spoke about her familys involvement in developing the criteria for
this new award, which will recognize those demonstrating strong
commitment to social justice and democratic principles. The
committee will issue a call for nominations for the first-ever Murray
Award, which will be presented at the committees fall gala later
this year.
The Salem Democratic Town Committee next meets Wednesday,
June 3, at 7 p.m. at Jocelyns Restaurant. The next meeting
will feature Mark Connelly, former NH director of Securities
Regulation, who will discuss lessons learned from holding big

NH Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster, center, pictured here with Salems

Beth Roth, right, and Alexis Kearley, delivers a keynote at the recent Salem
Democratic Town Committee spring event.
companies accountable to the people of New Hampshire. For
more information about the committee and its events, see www.

Exchange Club Recognizes JROTC Cadets

submitted by Stephanie Daniels
During the Air Force JROTCs
Awards Night, many cadets
were presents with certificates
from the Salem Exchange Club
for helping with the clubs
annual Christmas tree sales.
This is one of the clubs biggest
fundraisers and could not be
done without the help of these
great young men and ladies.
The Salem Exchange Club
is a vibrant group of local
business and professional men
and women who focus on
child abuse prevention, youth
programs, service to seniors
and Americanism. They meet
weekly on Thursdays at 12
p.m. at the Black Water Grill
in Salem. Anyone who would
like to learn more, feel free to
stop by.

Courtesy photo

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has announced that Brenna Blakslee

is one of the Charles O. Thompson Scholars for the 2014-15 academic
year. Blakslee is a first-year student majoring in chemical engineering.
Nichols College, celebrating its Bicentennial, graduated almost 500
students on May 9. Those receiving degrees included Joseph Gallant,
a major in Management, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration summa cum laude.
Courtney DelGreco has been named to Colby-Sawyer College spring
Deans List.
Lyndon State College held its 103rd Commencement ceremony on
May 17. Local residents include Kelly OBrien, who earned a Bachelor
of Science in Electronic Journalism Arts; Geena Contrada, who earned
a Bachelor of Science in Music Business & Industry and Michael Mahn,
who earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Business & Industry.
Bryant University held its 152nd Commencement on May 16.
Among the graduate was Stephen Randazzo, who was awarded a
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting, cum
The following residents graduated from the University of New
Hampshire during the Commencement Ceremony held May 16:
Adrianna Leone, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Applications;
Alexander Stewart, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business
Administration: Management, magna cum laude; Amy Desrosiers,
earning a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, summa cum laude; Brian
Gioia, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:
Management; Brittany Haidaichuk, earning a Master of Education
in Elementary Education; Carlos Perez-Ruiz, earning a Bachelor of
Science in Computer Science; Conor Woelfel, earning a Bachelor of
Science in Business Administration: Marketing; Douglas Hopkins,
earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing;
Elizabeth Shambarger, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Womens
Studies, cum laude; Elizabeth Collins, earning a Bachelor of Science
in Business Administration: Finance, cum laude; Ellen Haynes,
earning a Bachelor of Arts in The Arts: Studio Art, summa cum laude;
Erika Moretti, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology, summa cum
laude; Jacob Cuomo, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business
Administration: Finance, summa cum laude; Jacqueline Mundry,
earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication; Jacquelyn Mayo, earning
a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, cum laude; James Kersey, earning a
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing; John Lyons,
earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Accounting,
cum laude; Johnathan Martin, earning a Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration: Marketing; Jonathan Gallant, earning a
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, summa cum laude;
Joseph Mosher, earning a Master of Science in Accounting; Keanen
Fosman, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration;
Kelly Nolan, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, cum laude;
Krystal Survilas, earning a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies, cum
laude; Lena Khawatmi, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science,
cum laude; Lisa Santilli, earning a Master of Public Administration in
Public Administration; Matthew Landry, earning a Bachelor of Science
in Mechanical Engineering; Matthew Gioia, earning a Bachelor of
Science in Business Administration; Meredith Hopkins, earning a
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, cum laude; Michael Vinci,
earning a Bachelor of Arts in English; Michaela Tremblay, earning a
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, summa cum laude; Nicole
Camuso, earning a Master of Education in Elementary Education;
Nicolette Schwab, earning a Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude;
Patrick McDonough, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology;
Peter Bacho, earning a Bachelor of Arts in History; Samantha Ring,
earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Accounting,
summa cum laude; Shayla DeRosa, earning a Bachelor of Arts in
Communication; Taylor Hughes, earning a Bachelor of Science in
Nursing, summa cum laude; Tony Abou Jaoude, earning a Bachelor
of Arts in Business Applications, magna cum laude; Trevor Sidney,
earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Finance,
summa cum laude; Vamsi Prasad, earning a Bachelor of Science in
Neuroscience; Zachary Munroe, earning a Bachelor of Science, magna
cum laude; and Zachary Meisner, earning a Bachelor of Science.
Send your Accolades to with a photo

Cristen Eustice hands out the certificates

First Time
Home Buyer

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The PM enrichment class from the

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem
traveled to the islands of Hawaii.
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Courtesy photo

Welcome to
our neighborhood.
Used Railroad Ties Yours
for the Taking
submitted by the Ofce of the Town Manager
The Town of Salem will be giving away used
railroad ties to anyone interested in taking as few
or as many as they would like. The railroad ties
were removed from the old railroad bed along
Route 28.
If you are interested, you may pick up the ties
on Saturday, June 6, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the
former wastewater treatment facility located off of

South Broadway (SARL Drive) across from Barons

Appliances at 340 South Broadway. A town
employee will be at the property to oversee the
loading of the ties, but anyone interested in taking
ties must load the ties themselves.
Thank you very much for your interest.
Questions should be directed to the Public Works
Department at 890-2150.

Salem Community Patriot | May 29, 2015 - 3

Salem Memorial Day

Remembering those who fought to preserve our liberties

Staff photos by S. Aaron Shamshoyan

Pictured, at far left, top, The Salem

Police Department Color Guard
participate in the Memorial Day
celebration at Veterans Common.

At top right, Salem Scouts take part

in the Memorial Day ceremony.

Are You Sick

of Your Job?

Members of the Salem High School Air Force JROTC

post the nations colors at Veterans Common on Memorial Day.

The Blue Devils Marching Band plays the armed forces medley.

Our Sales Staff is Always

on the Move.
Join our Team.

Sell Advertising space in this

and our two other newspapers
Be Active on the phone
and on the road
Experience great commission rates
Enjoy a fun environment
& entertaining co-workers
Benet from semi-flexible hours
The Salem High School Chorus sings the national anthem.

by S. Aaron Shamshoyan
These men and women support our ability to live freely, said
Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem), guest speaker at Salems
Memorial Day ceremony in Veterans Common.
The memorial held Monday morning remembered the towns
fallen heroes, with Morse speaking about the meaning of the day
and the public servants who risk their lives daily.
Many seek to work in the community they call home, he said
noting police and firefighters. They seek the responsibility of
caring for our communities.
said many
of these
from war
seeking to
fight to
preserve the
liberties that
we enjoy
every day,
he said.
We are
that the
New Hampshire Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem)
of New
speaks about Memorial Day.
has been
home to many.
Morse spoke about High Sheriff Michael Downing who passed
away in April after a long fight with cancer.
Mike fought for countless causes over the years but began his
career in the U.S. Army, Morse said. Mike dedicated his life to
public service.
Morse said after the Army, Downing served as a state trooper,
Salem police officer, state representative, New Hampshire senator,
and ran for sheriff of Rockingham County and was elected to two
He said it was important to give back in any way, Morse said
about Downing. On this day we continue to send our prayers to
Mike and his family for the struggles they have endured.
Morse said Memorial Day was a time to remember all veterans
and those currently serving.
Today it is important we remember the true meaning of
Memorial Day, he said.

Area News
Pulling together
We bring hometown
news to you

The Salem Veterans Association Honor Guard stands at the ready

before performing the firing squad salute.


Job. Gym.
Job. Gym. Grocery Store.
Infusion Therapy.
Infusion Therapy.
. Dinner
Game. Errands
. Dinner
Our infusion therapy services
Our infusion
busy life.
work around your busy life.

to to
to deliver
the the
to deliver
in in
warm and welcoming environment.

Parkland Medical Center Infusion Therapy Services

31 Stiles Road, Salem, New Hampshire

4 - May 29, 2015 | Salem Community Patriot

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor

Mass Murder Against

Innocent People
We now have convicted Tamerlain Tsarnaev to
death for his part in the Boston bombing. This was
a deliberate act of terrorism committed against our
American society. Mass murder against innocent
people. This was a planned deliberate goal and act
against peace loving Christians. As directed by radical
Muslims. Just like ISIS is doing in lraq. Killing all who
do not bow to radical Islamist \views. America, needs
to help even more to defeat these monsters of death and
destruction and send them to the hell they wish for.
Iraq should be free to be a peaceful nation respecting all
faiths on God.
Those in power in Washington advising the President
need to make the case to destroy ISIS as quickly as
possible. This piece meal slow progress is causing
Christians to be killed, raped, and devastated by the
hundreds of thousands in Iraq. This continues to be a
threat to our homeland as ISIS gains more power home
and abroad. We need to remind those intellectuals
of (secular thought) in Washington that just like the
Communist in the 1920s when they gained power.
They were the first to die and this is the same course
and goal as ISIS.
Pray that peace loving Muslims and Christians will
be rescued and returned to their homes in lraq. That
America will find a way to counter this world threat.
Ed Brooks, Salem

Are now receiving a VA disability?

Are you going to school as a result of the GI Bill?
Have you completed your education using the GI
Do you need another veteran to talk to who
understands your problems?
Do you need assistance in filing a VA claim?
Do you want to help maintain and increase veterans
Do you want to be involved in your community?
Do you want to help the homeless veterans of New
If you answered yes to any of these questions and
you served in a combat theater of operations and have
the campaign ribbons to prove it you belong in the
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). The VFW is the
primary veterans organization that fights every day to
maintain and improve veteran benefits in Congress.
In order to continue to provide this needed service we
need to increase our numbers to maintain our influence
in Congress. Our Service Officers can help you with
your claims, both with follow-up and filing new claims
or requesting increases in the percentage of disability
you have been awarded. All you have to do it to go
to your local VFW Post and join or you can go to
the Department website at and click
the link, Join the VFW Form to become a member.
You can also call the Department at 603-715-5579.
Remember the motto of the VFW,
No One Does More For Veterans.
Lewis Chipola, LTC USA (RET), Department of New
Hampshire Senior Vice Commander, Nashua

Attention Veterans!
Do you have a VA claim and have not heard from the
Do you have a disability from your military service
and have not filed a VA claim?

Offering Dollar-for-Dollar Match

on Greenhouse Donations
The Windham Endowment for Community

Advancement is excited to announce that fundraising

for the greenhouse at Windham High School has
reached the halfway mark and, through an extremely
generous donation, may now offer a Dollar-for Dollar
match on all donations received up to a total of
With your help, the greenhouse, which was originally
envisioned during the Capital Campaign for WHS, can
become a reality. Our hope is to begin construction
this summer and open the greenhouse for the 2015-16
school year. Achieving this goal, of course, depends on
support from the community, and we hope that you
will consider a generous donation at this time to take
advantage of this wonderful matching offer.
The Windham Endowment has worked for several
years with the Windham School District to plan for the
installation of a greenhouse for use by all grades. We
have coordinated our efforts with the administration,
various school boards, faculty, students, the UNH
Cooperative Extension, and our own Team Greenhouse
Committee to develop a site plan, a staffing plan, and a
curriculum integration plan that aligns with the mission
and vision of the School District. We have also raised
funds and can now proudly state that the Greenhouse
Fund currently holds $50,000 of the required
construction project total of $100,000.
The greenhouse will give students from all grades
a real-world-learning experience, providing both
traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities
for every student. The greenhouse will be a crosscurricular classroom, designed to meet the needs of
students in multiple disciplines.
With the availability of this generous matching
offer, the greenhouse is within reach. Please join us
in this effort by making a generous donation to the
Greenhouse Fund. Your gift in any amount will be
greatly appreciated. To make a donation, you can
either mail a check to the Windham Endowment at PO

Box 4315, Windham NH 03087 or you can donate

via credit card by visiting the donation page at www. Additional information
about the Greenhouse project can also be found on the
website. Thank you for your help!
Ruth Coole, Windham Endowment, Windham

NHARNG Retiree
Luncheon Date Set
The New Hampshire Army National Guard
(NHARNG) 7th Annual Retiree Luncheon date has
been set for Wednesday, September 18, by the luncheon
planning committee. The committee is made up of
current and retired Army National Guard members.
Our immediate goal is to notify all retired NHARNG
members about this upcoming event. Retirees who
have not attended prior luncheons or have relocated
are urged to contact Command Sergeant Major (Ret)
David Follansbee via e-mail: dave_follansbee@comcast.
net or (603) 623-7757.
This years luncheon will feature a briefing on the
current status of the NHARNG as well as exhibits and
displays of interest to retirees. A group photo is also
planned. Feedback from previous retiree luncheons
tells us the most significant attraction for attendees is
renewal of old acquaintances, retelling stories (often
embellished beyond recognition) and exchanging
military memories.
The planning committee asks if you know of
someone who has retired from NHARNG to pass this
information along.
At ease; dismissed!
CSM (Ret) David Follansbee, Manchester

Courtesy photo

Enterprise Bank Promotes Peter Rayno to EVP/Lending Director

submitted by Enterprise Bank
Enterprise Bank has promoted Peter Rayno to executive vice president/New
Hampshire Banking and lending director.
Rayno, a member of the Enterprise team since 2004, is responsible for
leading business development and lending activities for Enterprise Bank
throughout New Hampshire, as well as the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts.
He is also responsible for direct management of a team of commercial lending
professionals who assist businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities
throughout the region.
During his tenure with Enterprise, Rayno has been dedicated to giving
back to the community, serving in leadership roles with numerous non-profits
groups, including the Rockingham Economic Development Corporation,
the Boys & Girls Club of Salem, NH, the Greater Salem Rotary Club and the
Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as a member of the

Board of Directors at Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Mass.

Peter works tirelessly to build positive and long-term relationships with local
businesses, helping them to achieve their goals, and he strongly represents
our mission as a community bank to make a positive difference in the lives of
the customers and the communities we serve, said Enterprise Bank CEO Jack
Peter, a graduate of Assumption College, holds an MBA with a finance
concentration from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and is a graduate
of the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking. He also earned a Wharton
Leadership Certificate from the Wharton School at the University of
Pennsylvania. Peter and his wife, Wendy, reside in Hampton, N.H., and are
the proud parents of Mary and William, both undergraduate students at the
University of New Hampshire.

Peter Rayno

Make Sure to be Heard by Elected Ofcials

by Paula Faist MS, LSW,
Silverthorne Adult Day Center
Do you have any suggestions on how we old
folks can get more money and services? Phil,
Yikes, Phil this is a loaded question! There are
so many folks, young and old, that are in need
of services and help. Yet there is only so much
money to go around. I believe seniors are often

forgotten. Seniors tend to have a soft and not

always heard voice. Many seniors were brought
up to value self-reliance and not expect external
support systems. The Depression Era and years
thereafter, taught seniors this. However, now
that many seniors have needs, they may ignore
them. They may see the problems their children
and grandchildren have in this economy and may
spend time and money on their families concerns,

instead of thinking
about their own.
The individuals
we have elected
need to hear the
soft spoken voices
of seniors. You, as
well as your adult
children, need
to increase your
political activism.
This can be done in so many ways. Continue
reading the Salem Community Patriot to
become aware of when your local or federal
representatives will be in the area. Go to these
gatherings to make your point known. A twominute comment can say a lot to those we have
If you or your children cannot get to meetings,

then a phone call or

an email in which you
voice your concerns is
another way to be heard.
AARP and the Council
on Aging may be groups
you will also want to
contact. It is difficult
sharing the limited
monies the state of NH
receives through taxes,
but seniors need to strongly vocalize their feelings,
concerns, and suggestions to all elected officials.


School News


Paula Faist, MS, LSW, is president of the NH

Adult Day Services Association and program
director of Silverthorne Adult Day Center.
Please continue sending questions to paula@

School News

School News Caught Being Good

at North Salem School

Fore Paws Golf Classic


Enter the 11th Annual Fore Paws Golf Tournament to help the four
paws at the Salem Animal Rescue League!

Registration fee includes: Pre-golf hot dog lunch, post-golf dinner &
auction, greens fees & cart rental, door prize raffle ticket, entry into
Closest to the Pin" contest, and golf shirt.

Windham Country Club
1 Country Club Lane
Windham, NH

Saturday, May 30
12:30pm registration
01:30pm shotgun start



$130 per golfer

$030 dinner & auction only

Sponsorships available; prize donations

needed. Please contact D.J. Bettencourt or 603-893-3210

submitted by North Salem School

As the 2014-2015 school year
winds down we are very, very
busy at North Salem School! For
your convenience we have listed
upcoming dates for the remainder of
this school year.
June 16 Last day of school
for all kindergarten students
June 17 Last day of school
for grades 1-5. Students
will be dismissed at 12 p.m.
As part of our Character Counts Program
classroom teachers chose exemplar students
in their room who display the trait of
Responsibility on a daily basis. Those students
are Aaliyah Hajjar, Jillian Tarara, Joe Lebbos, Liam
DeFrancisco, Madison Michaud, Drew Sharpe,
Jadyn Vincent, Emily Barnes, Aidan Gill, Olivia
Schoenrock, Heather Lee ORourke, Maeve
Shpak, Gavin Doughty, Kylee Geary, Leah Moore,
Mason Emerson, Logan Smith, Laila Galvez, Wyatt
Rice, Kennedi Bernard, Camryn Mustapha, Aidan
Daigle, Emersen Poulin, Jack Schoenrock, Lillian
Anderson, Charlotte Kriete, Alex Karibian, Keagan
Ryan, Emily Hibbard, Alex Hanna, Kayla Bernard,
Luke Bottomley, Ava Donahue, Jackson Doughty,
Samira Rochdi, Luc Goodnow, Mary Parkhurst,
Ryan Moeckel, Mikey Prince, Kelly Nolan, and
Taylor Hagopian.
Students caught by staff members showing the
trait of Responsibility include: Madi Hannon,
Jacob Slade, Mrs. Arnolds Room, Maeve Shpak,
Heather Lee ORourke, Olivia DeFrancesco,


Donald Chidester, Jenny Olson, Emersen Poulin,

Julia Petersen, Laila Galvez, Logan Smith,
Owen Harris, Ty Tormey, Ryan Bohondoney,
Rudy Atkins, Gavin Simone, Ella Hannon, Izzy
Collins, Dylan Shine, Casey Stiner, Keagan Ryan,
Mac McCarthy, Shay Parikh, Bella Evangelidis,
Jackson Case, Liam Hevehan, Gwen Vincent,
Calvin Maynard, Brooke Carter, Olivia Kisiel, Josh
Emerick, Michael Hood-Dowd, Madison McGinn,
Brody McDonald, Gabriella Martiniello, Jaden
Regan, Jack Kaplan, Jamison Allen, Kylie Molino,
Madison Michaud, Cassidy Couillard, Cody Stys,
Adriene Newton, Roma Mistry, Mitchell Raskow,
Alexia Vondrak, Ava Balukonis, Mikayla Smith,
Tyler Gagne, Ava Doiron-Frankland, Lily Foti, Lili
Colecchia, Anthony Maravelis, Ryan Mahoney,
Anna Lemieux, Danica Romano, Raianna Foley,
Savanah McDonald, Makiah Svenson, Rosella
Foti, Alli Daigle, Brady York, Zach Burke, Emma
Powers, Jack Maietta, Jocelyn Ortiz, Mitchell
Raskow, Roma Mistry, Jefferson Burke, Gabe
Messina, Jack Redman, Hunter Rau, Tedy Hannon,
Tyler DeVito, Ari-Annah Martelle, Savannah
Eaton, and Mateus Pinto.

Salem Community Patriot | May 29, 2015 - 5

Good for the Community

Your Hometown Community Calendar

Friday, May 29
Come join us for the Sixth Annual
Pasta Night Fundraiser in memory of
SSG Edmond Lo, who passed away while
serving in Iraq, supporting Operation Iraqi
Freedom. Proceeds from the fundraiser benefit
JROTC students of Salem High School. As in the
past years, we will have many raffle prizes. Pass
this information along to anyone and all who
would be interested in attending. Tickets are $12,
children under 10 are free. This includes pasta,
beverage, and dessert. Enjoy all this and support
a worthy cause! Salem High, 44 Geremonty Dr,
Salem, from 5 to 8 p.m. (dinner served from 5:307 p.m.).

walker can donate on the day of the event and

receive a Walk for Hunger shirt and join us with
us in the Walk for Hunger and receive a serving of
pasta in the Tuscan Kitchen tent upon completion
of the walk. Walkers make their donation and
sign up at the Lions Club tent in the Tuscan
Kitchen parking lot. The walk will begin and end
at the Tuscan Kitchen front parking lot.



Saturday, May 31
American Red Cross Blood Drive,
10 a.m. to 3 p.m., First Congregational
Church, Salem.

Wednesday, June 3
Kelley Librarys Salem NH Science
Fiction and Fantasy Book Group, from
7 to 8:30 p.m. This months title for the
Salem Science Fiction and Fantasy Book
Group is Childhoods End by Arthur C. Clarke.
Copies of the book are available through the
library. New and drop in members are always


Saturday, May 30
Salem Garden Club Plant Sale will
be held on from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at
Greystone Farm Assisted Living on Main
Street in Salem. All plants come from
members own gardens and are very reasonably
priced. The proceeds from the plant sale support
our club activities, speakers, town beautification
projects and scholarships. New members are
always welcome and the yearly dues are only $


Saturday, June 6
Church Yard Sale! North Salem United
Methodist Church, 389 North Main St.,
Salem, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bake Sale and
Plant Sale also offered. For more info, visit:

Salem Animal Rescue League will hold its 11th

Annual Fore Paws Golf Classic and Auction to
help our four paws at the shelter! The event will
take place at the Windham Country Club, One
Country Club Lane, Windham. 12:30 p.m. registration, 1:30 p.m. - shotgun start. Registration
fee includes: pre-golf hot dog lunch, post-golf
dinner and auction, greens fees and cart rental,
door prize raffle ticket, entry into Closest to
the Pin context, and golf shirt. Sponsorships
are available and prize donations are needed.
Contact D. J. Bettencourt at djbettencourt@sarlnh.
The Salem Lions Club sponsors the third annual
1K Walk For Hunger, 12 to 3 p.m. All profits will
be donated to our Salem NH Food Pantries. Each

The Conservation Commission is looking for

volunteers to help clean up the Salem Town Forest
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tasks include train clean
up, brush/tree trimming, trash pickup and mulch
spreading. Bring gloves, loppers, bow saws, and
Spring Psychic Fair hosted by the American
Legion Auxiliary to support NH Veterans Projects,
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the American Legion Post
63, 38 Millville St., Salem. Visit a variety of
merchants, choose from a variety of Psychic
Readers, join us for lunch.

Tuesday, June 9
The Salem Historical Society
will host Beekeeper David Ross
who will answer the question of
Whats happening to our bees?
Bee populations in the wild have been
declining as well as the ones in our hives.
David Ross will address the question and
how it affects our gardens and lives. The
meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Old Town Hall
Museum, 310 Main St., Salem, and is open
to all free of charge. Light refreshments will
be available after the meeting. For details call
893-8882 or 898-0842.




201 5



s Day


ial Day


Wednesday, June 10
Salem Relay For Life Fundraising
Event: The Windham Pink Lions
Bowling Party, 6 p.m., Park Place
Lanes, Salem. or 893-7069, ext.


Non-fiction Book Club at the Kelley Library

from 7 to 8:30 p.m. This months title is
Moonwalking with Einstein: the Art and Science
of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer.
Copies of the book are available at the library.
New participants welcome! Contact Paul Giblin
at 898-7064 or

Saturday, June 13
Mens Breakfast at First Congregational
Church of Salem, 15 Lawrence Road,
Salem, coffee at 7:15 a.m. and breakfast
at 7:30 discussion 8 to 8:30. All are
welcome! Suggested donation: $7. The breakfasts
wont be held in July and August but will start up
again in September.


Wednesday, June 10 thru Thursday, June 11

SHS Senior Safe Night is an all-night party
sponsored by the Salem Youth Committee, a nonprofit organization and will be held from 6 p.m.
Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday. This 22nd annual
event allows over 300 senior to celebrate together,
without interference of alcohol, drugs, and
other forms of destructive behavior. Throughout
the night, several events will take place, which
include a hypnotist, magician, DJ, games, food,
raffles, and gifts at no cost to seniors. Senior
parents cannot chaperone, but have traditionally
donated raffle prizes, food, and water. Contact
Info: Raffles: Kerri Boucher at kerri.boucher@ or 893-7069, ext. 5333; snacks: Kathy
Loffredo at 401-8183; Volunteers: Patricia Skourtis

Starting July 1
The weekly worship service at First
Congregational Church, 15 Lawrence
Rd. in Salem will be held on Wednesday
evenings at 7 p.m. Before the worship
service, a light supper will be served at 6 p.m.
Dress is casual (shorts, flip-flops) and everyone is


Recognizing FBLA State Conference Honorees

Courtesy photos

2015 March of Dimes Presentation

submitted by Salem High School
Congratulations to all of the FBLA members who participated in
the State Leadership Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, March
31 and April 1. Salems FBLA placed second in the state for the Most
Outstanding Chapter, competing against 25 other New Hampshire

Placing in their individual competitions were the following:

Accounting I Dante Cartolano first place
American Enterprise Project Allie Adaschik and Christina
Elkhoury first place
Business Communication Rebecca Varga second place
Community Service Project Amanada DArezzo second
Future Business Leader Amanda DArezzo third place

My Name is Regal,
but Im a Real Character
submitted by Salem
Animal Rescue League
My name is Zeus, and my
friends at the Salem Animal
Rescue League say that I
am quite a character. I love
attention and going for walks.
I could use some training and
may be better off in a home
without young kids. I have
interacted well with other
dogs. If you need an energetic
running buddy, then visit me
and throw me a ball!
Come meet Zeus and all
of the cats waiting to find a
home at the Salem Animal
Rescue League during our open
hours: Wednesday, 3 to 7 p.m.;
Thursday, 2 to 7 p.m.; and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 12 to 4 p.m. SARL is always looking
for dedicated volunteers to assist in caring for our animals, if interested contact D.J.
Bettencourt at



eo ?
Talk T

All Services and Pregnancy Tests

Free and Condential Since 1968

24 Hr. Hotline

37 Crystal Ave., Unit 10, Derry, NH

(603) 434-3000

Health Care Administration Allie Adaschik third place

Job Interview Tamara Naser second place
Marketing Jason Frias and Matt Lofreddo first place
Partnership with Business Project Justus Sullivan and Sara
Devaney second place
The Salem Chapter of FBLA received the following chapter
Gold Seal Award for Most Outstanding Chapter second
Local Chapter Annual Business Report first place
FBLA Week Promotion Competition second place
Local Chapter Scrapbook first place Kyle Poucher
Local Chapter Exhibit second place Justus Sullivan
Honor Chapter Award
March of Dimes Recognition for donating $1,000
Breast Cancer Project first place
Diabetes Awareness Project second place
Multiple Sclerosis Project second place
Helping Heroes Project third place
State Chairpersons Award for participating in all state
officer projects
Justus Sullivan received the Whos Who in FBLA award.
A huge congratulations goes out to Justus Sullivan and Fil Luna for
running successful campaigns and being elected as state officers for
the 2015-2016 State Leadership Team.
Great job Salem FBLA!

SHS Student Council Makes Donations

During68 Hours of Hunger, from
left, Dr. Jennie Marshall and Deborah
Payne receive a donation from Student
Council members Logan Shore and Matt
Descoteaux. This program provides food
for local students families for that time
between lunch on Friday and breakfast on
Monday morning (68 hours).

Presenting a Safe Night donation to

Guidance Director Heidi Greenlaw
is Student Council member Matthew
Descoteaux . The Salem Youth
Committee sponsors Senior Safe Night,
which will be Wednesday, June 10 and
11 from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Courtesy photos

We are all ears! We

are all ears!
Send us your
comments and let
us know how we
are doing!


Send us your
comments and let
us know how we
214 Main Street, Salem, NH
are doing!

& Cremation Services


Write or Email us at:

Write or Email us

17 Executive Drive, Suite 1 | Hudson, NH 03051 | 603.880.1516

17 Executive Drive, Suite 1 | Hudson, NH 03051 | 603.880.1516

Susan Douglas Hopkins

J.Tyler Douglas

Robert S. Carrier
James L. Johnson(1959 - 2008)

6 - May 29, 2015 | Salem Community Patriot

Performing a Musical Farewell at Seifert Auditorium

by Bob Gibbs
On Wednesday, May 13, the Salem High
School Music Department held their final
spring concert at the Siefert auditorium.
Soon the old auditorium will be torn
down to make room for the new building.
Superintendent Michael Delahanty announced
the new building will be called the Seifert
Performing Arts Center. Superintendent
Delahanty and Music Director Marty Claussen
both spoke of their feelings and fond memories
of the old building, but both will be happy to
see it go and a new center built in its place.
Delahanty, asked the parents and
grandparents in the audience to encourage their
students to get involved in the arts. He stated,
Next year we will have a venue that is worthy
of our incredibly talented students.
The nights show included performances by
the SHS Jazz Band, the Afterschool Chorus,

SHS Concert Band

SHS Jazz Band pianist Alexis Warnick

Salem High School Concert Chorus

the Devilettes, the Concert Chorus, and the
Concert Band. The music performed varied as
the jazz band played Chuck Mangiones Land
of Make Believe; the Devilettes performed O
Freedom, a traditional South African song; and
the Concert Chorus gave their version of Bridge
Over Troubled Water. Numbers performed by the
Concert Band included Canon in D, and Our
Presenting awards were Director Marty

Claussen and Conductor Lauren Peithman.

Awards For 2015
John Philip Sousa Award - Alexis Warnick
Directors Award- Band - Elena Fischer and
Billie Junget
U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award Ferguson Drozenski and Alyssa Munroe
Katelynn Giuffre Memorial Percussion Award
- Jacques Boudreau
Brittany Vogler Memorial Color Guard Award
- Emilyann Nault

Staff photos
by Bob Gibbs

SHS Jazz Band

National School Choral Award Cassandra
Directors Award- Chorus Paige Hileman
Frederic Chopin Award - Alexis Warnick
Music Theory Award- Alexis Warnick
Parents Music Club Scholarships -Alexis Warnick, Jacob Maynard, Alyssa Munroe,

Madelaine Hill, Gregg Casazza, Cameron Sousa

As a final remembrance, Claussen had all
members of all the groups come up on the
stage to take one last selfie. Every person on
the stage with a cell phone turned their backs
to the audience in order to get the hall and the
audience, as well as their bandmates in this last
photo of the Seifert auditorium.

by Jay Hobson
Heather Demers, president of the
Woodbury School PTSA, and several
Woodbury PTSA (Parent Teacher
Student Association) board members,
along with the staff of Tuscan Kitchen,
entertained about 80 people with
dinner, dessert and Italian music at
Woodbury School on Wednesday, May
20. Several raffles, including a 50/50,
gift cards to local restaurants, Canobie
Lake Park, and other local businesses
were offered.
This PTSA annual event started
several years ago through the generosity
of Tuscan Kitchen owner Joe Faro, who


10 West

Enterprises Inc.

wanted to give back to the community.

Each year we work closely with the
members of Tuscan Kitchen who donate
their time along with a meal of their
homemade pasta, insalata salad, and
fresh baked bread, Demers said.
According to Demers, money raised
from such events helps the PTSA
provide support for such things as
the Veterans Day Celebration, school
field trips, a new sound system for the
gym, an ice machine for the cafeteria,
furniture for the staff room, Teacher
Appreciation Week, Eighth Grade
Celebration, and countless more.
Although the final tally hasnt been
yet, several
Road, Hudson, NH
dollars was




Staff photos by Jay Hobson

Annual Woodbury PTSA Tuscan Kitchen Night a Delicious Success

Eighth grade National Junior Honor Society members from left: Nick Kloza, 14, Julia
St. Hilaire, 13, Lily Iascone, 13, and Zach Gibbons, 13, sell baked goods for the PTSA.

Were in Everybodys




Advertise in the
Area News Group Papers!

Suzanne Denu, left, and her children Lucy Denu, 7,

and Leo Denu, 5, get ready to enjoy treats purchased at
the Woodbury PTSA Tuscan Kitchen Night.

JROTC Exceeds Standards

Reach every mailbox in Hudson, Litchfield

Pelham, Windham and Salem.



Thats 36,300 mailboxes!

Skydive Pepperell
165 Nashua Road
Pepperell, Mass

Courtesy photo

END Healthcare
submitted by Jeff Dennis,
Salem High School
The Air Force Junior ROTC instructors
and cadets of Salem High School
recently earned an overall unit
assessment score of Exceeds Standards,
the highest rating attainable, during
their rated unit evaluation. Thomas J.
Puzzo, CMSgt, USAF (ret.) and James

Blazak Major (ret.) created a dynamic

and supportive learning environment
coupled with an excellent community
outreach. The instructors were providing
outstanding leadership in administering
the cadet centered citizenship program.
The cadets performed exceptionally
well and took great pride in leading
and accomplishing their unit goals.
The Salem
High School
Air Force
Junior ROTC
is making
a positive
Insurance Solutions Provided
on the
Karen A. Archer
603-553-9040 cadets, the
Independent Licensed Agent
877-728-9593 school and
Londonderry, NH community.

Do You Have the Right Plan?

I said NO and they

thought I said GO!

June 5th, 2015 @ 8AM

Skydive Pepperell will donate

Join Fairview Healthcare in Sky Diving to End Alzheimers.

*$75 per jump to the

Walk to End Alzheimers

6th, 2015
Friday, June 5th,
8:00 a.m. Jump or 9:00 a.m. Jump



Life / Health / Dental / Long Term Care / Medicare / Disability

Skydive Pepperell will donate $75/jump to "The Walk to End Alzheimer's"

-For information and to reserve your jump visit: and
click on book tandem, join group and input group #12915 for 8:00am
or group #12917 for 9:00am.
*Donation not applicable to Groupon discount. Participants are encouraged to
get sponsors or to make a personal donation in the amount of your choice.

For more information or to register,


51 Lake St, Nashua

203 Lowell Road Hudson NH 03051




Stop wishing
you had Air Conditioning

Salem Community Patriot | May 29, 2015 - 7

Leading the Way as Woodbury National Junior Honor Society Members

by Jon Tripp
The Woodbury Middle School held their
National Junior Honor Society induction
ceremony on Tuesday, May 19. Existing
members lit candles to highlight the core
values of the NJHS: knowledge, character,
scholarship, leadership, and service. NJHS
members must demonstrate both academic
excellence and strength in all core values.
Once the new seventh grade members recited
the NJHS pledge, the outgoing eighth grade
officers handed over responsibilities to their
replacements. The eighth grade members were
also presented with golden NJHS cords to wear
during their eighth grade graduation ceremony.

The seventh grade NJHS members (in alphabetical order)are as follows: Chelsea Barrett, Massinissa Bosli, Kristen Carney, Faith Carroll, Alexander Daigle, Trevor DeMinico, Brian English,
Madeline Freitas, Mary Galo, Michael Glynn, Kylie Greeley, Emma Kirkpatrick, Anthony Kitowicz, Morgan Lambert, Krista Lebbos, Vincent Leone, Grace Lumley, Emily Mahoney, Haley
Merrill, Jennifer Nobrega, Grace Owaida, Juliana Porto, Alexandra Ratay, Carly Saif, Cailey Sapienza, Sydney Scanlan, Chloe Sicard, Connor Silloway, George Smith, Brianna Tarness,
Olivia Thomas-Roy, Kate Vachon, and Julia Whitley.

Staff photo by Jon Tripp

Introducing New NJHS ocers: Vice-President Cailey

Sapienza, Secretary Emma Kirkpatrick, President Michael
Glynn, Project Service Coordinator Grace Lumley, and
Treasurer Morgan Lambert.

Tyler Glynn hands presidential duties over

to his brother, Michael.

Faith Occhipinti speaks

about leadership.

Victoria Kish lights a candle symbolizing


Outgoing President Tyler Glynn leads the inductees in the NJHS pledge.

Kiwanis Club Awards Scholarships to Worthy Students

by Jon Tripp
The Kiwanis Club of Salem held their
annual scholarship awards ceremony at the
Harris Pelham Inn on Tuesday, May 26. At
the dinner, the club awarded 10 scholarships
to Salem students and one scholarship to a
Sanborn Regional High School student. The
Kiwanis Club sponsors Key Clubs at both

high schools with the help of advisers Rachel

Petillo at Salem and Michelle Wheeler at
Sanborn. Applicants are evaluated based on
a combination of academic performance,
community service, extra-curricular activities,
and financial need. Recipients must maintain
good grades in their first college semester in
order to receive the scholarship money.

Scholarship recipients appear with Kiwanis President Tony Fabrizio: Amanda Moulaison of Sanborn,
Maleeha Mohammed, Jared Contrada, Dani ODonnell, Brenna Burke, Mary Rayno, Patrick Frydryck,
Mikayla Ramsdell, Olivia Mosto, Hannah Clark, and Kaleigh Samowski.
Staff photo by Jon Tripp

Enterprise Bank takes an active interest in our business. I see them as

a valuable business partner, not a bank.
- Joe Barbone | Owner, Methuen Construction

With their continuing efforts to expand their construction territory and

enhance operational capabilities, Methuen Construction and its affiliate
company, Summit Metal Fabricators, needed a bank they could rely on
not only for exceptional products, but also a close, trusted relationship.
Owner Joe Barbone says that partnering with Enterprise Bank is one
of the best business decisions he has made. As the company prepares
to move to a new location and undergo a major building renovation, the
Commercial Lending Team at Enterprise has been by their side, enabling
the company to quickly procure the property and begin renovations.
Read this, and other Customer Profiles at

How can we help you

40 Lowell Road
Salem, NH

Be Enterprising?

8 - May 29, 2015 | Salem Community Patriot

Rock the House

Staff photos by Bob Gibbs

Student Musicians Take the Stage

Mary Nelson on bass, Kurt Allard on guitar, and Brendan Lussier on drums

John Kenher

by Bob Gibbs
The students of The Music Workshop of Salem took to the
stage for a spring show at Granite United Church. The Rock
the House event is a spotlight for the student musicians of The
Music Workshop.
Students range in age from nine to adults. All of the
performers take instruction at The Music Workshop, located
at 379 South Broadway. Sheila Byrne, owner of The Music
Workshop, believes the show is a way of supporting live music.
This springs recital was once again held at the Granite
United Church, One Sand Hill Road in Salem. The church is
equipped with a stage, great lighting and sound equipment,
and a control booth. The musicians get a true professional
experience of performing to a live audience, and parents get to
see that the lessons and practice time has truly paid off.
The students that performed were trained by their individual
instructors at the studio. Musicians are then grouped with
other student musicians to rehearse the numbers that they will
perform. Many of the students perform in multiple groups and
play a variety of types of music and instruments. Along with
the other students, the instructors often play along with their

50th Anniversary of the Older Americans Act

Celebrated at Ingram Center
by Len Lathrop
Governor Maggie Hassan and
other state and federal officials
were on hand to highlight how
the state and federal government
are celebrating the many
ways New Hampshires older
Americans Get into the Act.
The highlights were detailed as to
how state and federal programs
keep New Hampshires senior
citizens healthy, safe and active
throughout their golden years.
Patti Drelick, director, Salem
Senior Services, Ingram Senior
Center, and president, New
Pati Drelick, Russ Ingram, and Gov. Maggie Hassan
Hampshire Association of
Senior Centers, greeted those
four residents are over one
in attendance while mentioning that in addition to this being the
50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act, this summer is the
New Hampshire
80th anniversary of Social Security, with Medicare and Medicaid
Department of Health and
programs also celebrating milestones.
Human Services
Drelick introduced Russ Ingram, who, along with late-wife
Roberta, were the cornerstones in the building of the Senior Center
Nicholas Toumpas
and the buildings namesakes. Russ just joined the nonagenarians
was next to speak.
as he recently turned 90 years old. Next introduced was Bertha
The commissioner
Clarke who is one of the four decagenarians (100 year olds) of
mentioned that he
the center who waved, but kept on playing cards with her friends.
had been in office
Drelick explained the demographics of the center population. In
since 2007, where he
her 14 years at the center the population has changed, driving a new
understands the goal
set of programming. During 2014, the numbers registered at the
is to provide New
Ingram Center increased by 313, which was a 20 percent delta. Of
Hampshire seniors
the 2,700 members, 25 percent are in their 60s, 43 percent are in
with health and
their 70s, 24 percent are in their 80s, 8 percent are 90 or older, and
independence through
quality services. New
Hampshire is the fourth
oldest state in the
nation with Granite
Staters median age

David Bloom DMD

Master Restorative Dentist and TMJ/Headache

Specialist -Top Dentist NH -5 years (2010-2014)

Spring is coming and were celebrating

with a Fabulous Whitening Special -$299

Patti Drelick greets everyone.

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

See the dentist

who sees
Michael Bubl
when he's
in NH.

Jane Lang of the Area News Group and Gov. Hassan

Total Deck Care

Power Washing
Deck Restoration
Free Estimates

Call Ed Wetmore



(from $500). Good through June 15.

Medicare Administrator Ray Hurd speaks with Paula Faist of Silverthorne Center.

Chat with Kristen today for details


and say hello to spring with a dazzling smile.

David Bloom, DMD

New England Dental Arts

One Manor Parkway

5 x 4.5 columns
Salem NH, 03079

being 41 years. The commissioner spoke of the programs that

are available and how they interact through Health and Human
Toumpas introduced the Hon. Gov. Maggie Hassan, who began
her remarks talking about the state budget and funding and thanked
Senate lawmakers for reestablishing the Medicaid Expansion
Program that had been cut by House lawmakers. Hassan stated that
40,000 New Hampshire residents had been helped by this program
in the past year. The governor recognized funding for ServiceLink as
an important way to keep New Hampshires elders
and caregivers in touch with the services that they
need and promised to continue to fight for services
for older New Hampshire residents.
Representatives from Senators Ayotte and
Shaheens offices read letters and expressed the
politicians regrets for not being there. Raymond
Hurd, the regional administrator for the center of
Medicare and Medicaid, spoke about the programs
they try to provide for healthy aging socialization
as well as services such as flu shots and other
wellness benefits. Regional Commissioner Linda
Dorn from the Social Security Administration
mentioned the 80th anniversary of Social Security
and how this program provides a future of
healthcare socialization and well-being for the
aging population. Drelick closed the conversation
by thanking everybody for attending.

203 Lowell Road, Hudson NH 03051

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,
Speech Therapy up to 6 days a week.


Conveniently located,
just off Route 3 in Hudson NH.
We are within easy reach of shopping and banking.
Family and friends are all close by.

COPD Treatment Program

Wound Program
Restorative Program
Therapeutic Excercise Program
Heart Health Program
Joint Replacement Program
Stroke Recovery Program
IV Administration
On-Site Rehab Medical Director
24 Nursing Care, Meals, Laundry
and Beauty Shop Services
40" flat screen TV in every room
Central AC and WiFi

Contact Brunny for a tour of our new

Rehabilitation Gym and suites!

Talk to

photos to

Salem Community Patriot | May 29, 2015 - 9

Thumbs Up?

Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Salem Community Patriot or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Salem Community Patriot editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

Thumbs down to Salem Town officials. You

must not know what is going on with all the
commercial truck traffic using Bluff St all day long
it worst then living at an airport. These trucks
are hauling in what and they are dumping at that
sketchy looking sandpit on Shannon Rd is this
stuff they are hauling in tested for chemicals?
These trucks are going through a residential
neighborhood all day. Also these trucks are
pounding a red listed bridge on Town Farm Road.
Take off your blinders do something about it
before the bridge gives out.

trailer parks everywhere which lower property

values and make Salem look trashy. Plus the
residents of these trailer parks pay little in property
taxes meaning people with homes without wheels
have to pay more. Dont blame James Keller; he
has vision and a good brain.
Thumbs down. Its time for Rockingham Parks
head of security to go. He shouldnt be working;
hes aggravating the patrons and gamblers and
causing a lot of trouble at Rockingham Park. I
dont like to go there any more because of him. I
think its time to get rid of him
and time to get new help up


June 6th, 9am to 2pm
Food available from
Salem Boys and Girls Club
Hula Hoop Demo by Hoop Love
Face Painting for the kids
by Chamillion Colors

255 Hampstead St., Methuen, MA

(on the MA/NH line)

Thumbs up to voting down the multi-million

dollar military complex. But here comes the rest
of the story. A whole new police fleet. Staffing
increases. And cost increases. Gee, who would
have guessed that? These Selectmen cant spend
our money fast enough.

Thumbs up/Thumbs down.

Why does the gentleman who
lives next door to the school
throw his multiple bags of trash
away in the schools dumpsters?
Hes been doing this for years
and no one stops him. He
should be paying for his own
trash removal.


Thumbs down. A big thumbs

down to the NH DOT for not
constructing a sound barrier wall on 93 north
from the Massachusetts border to the rest area.
Since the widening of 93 the traffic noise has been
horrendous due to the removal of so many trees.
I live three streets over and can see the highway
and cars from my kitchen window. We cannot
have our bedroom windows open at night due to
the noise. I see these barriers up and down the
highway and dont understand what the problem
is in putting one at this location. Thumbs down to
whoever is in charge to making this decision.

Thumbs down. As an elderly person I was

shocked to watch and listen to the Michael Lyons
anti-elderly dissertation during the planning
board. At the May 12 meeting at the 1:06:21
mark of the Salem TV video he
states the following regarding
Senior Housing; Time to claim
victory on Senior Housing, We
Tune-up your furnace or boiler NOW
have gone far enough with this
stuff, and Weve got enough.
My rebuttal to you Lyons is that
we elderly have had enough of
you with these kinds of rants.
You along with your spendaholic
teammate Keller are wasting
27+ years of experience - Fully Insured
and squandering the tax dollars
we already send to the Town of
High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters All
Salem. I expect, no I demand, a
603-635-2012 Senior Discounts 603-204-8581
public apology from you and in
the future button your lip about
Thumbs up/Thumbs down. The United States
the elderly. Thumbs down until you do.
Supreme Court has heard the arguments for and
against the redefinition of marriage. They will give
Thumbs down to the person that is running a
an opinion in June, 2015. Marriage between one
business out of his home. I thought it was illegal
man and one woman is natural and the bedrock
to do this in a residential neighborhood. Do you
of a stable society. Please pray for the justices of
even have a license? The property looks like a
the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts, Justices
junk yard with all the storing of supplies. It brings
Kennedy, Brayer, Sotomayer, Kagan, Ginsberg,
down the property value in the neighborhood.
Alito, Scalia and Thomas that they will find
Please get rid of it.
traditional marriage to be for the good of children
Thumbs up to Selectman Keller. Many in
and society.
Salem are simply jealous of his intelligence. At
Thumbs down. After watching the marathon
least he isnt a high school dropout like one of our
board of selectmens meeting under new
selectmen. His vision for Salem will bring more
Chairman Keller, a meeting that lasted 4 1/2
industry and a better tax base. Now we have

Save $20 on Oil Burner Tune-Ups

Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services

hours, I recommend that a name change is in

order. Call them the pandemonium committee as
nothing of import was accomplished. Lots of bluff
and bluster though, not particularly impressive.
Thumbs down to the Salem Board of
Selectmen. In Derry they are
actually cutting town costs (how
novel is that) while our elected
come up with multimillion
dollar safety complexes and
Innovation Districts. Oh thats
right; they do not have a Jimmy
Keller. The visionary that makes
a difference to our tax bills.


Thumbs up. Many thanks to

the gentleman who shut off the
escalator at Rockingham Mall
when my wife fell and then he
helped her to stand up.

40 Lowell Rd
Unit 7
Salem, NH

Thomas Buja

Thumbs up/Thumbs down.

The United States Supreme
Court Justices prepare to
render a decision on same sex
marriages. Marriage has always
been between one man and one
woman as instituted in Genesis.


Family Owned
Financing Available

24 Hour Emergency Service

7 Days a Week



Thumbs down to the

uneducated person who in the
May 15 edition of the Patriot blamed the problems
that exist in this country on the Republicans who
have disregarded Gods teachings. Several years
ago, a very smart man indicated that senators
and representatives needed to have term limits.
Boy was he ever right. Please be advised: five
of the largest cities in this country have the
worst education standings, economic standings,
average incomes, crime rate, welfare status,
unemployment figures. One of these cities has
filed for bankruptcy and another is on the brink.
No one is answering to where the money) has

Thank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs

up or down, are anonymous and not written by the
Salem Community Patriot sta. Thumbs comments
can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Thumbs
comment, please specify that you would like it printed
in the Salem Community Patriot. During the election
campaign, no comments will be allowed that are direct
endorsements or censure of candidates on the thumbs page.
No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to
the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.


with Annibale

Fire Chief Kevin Breen is

flanked by Captain Stephane
Cattin, left, and Deputy Chief Paul
Leischner, all retiring this year,
during their retirement party last
Friday. Lieutenant John Hall also
retired this year.

Insalata Dell Nonna

Grandmother Salad

Summer is beautiful and this salad is magnificent with all the

flavors of the garden. It can be modified to your taste by adding
feta cheese, gorgonzola, fresh mozzarella or different herbs. Chop every vegetable into
small pieces; add salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and mix it. If it tastes okay, add the rest
of the spice.
Enjoy it and have a beautiful and safe summer. Ciao!


Baby gold potatoes, boiled


Extra virgin olive oil

Vinegar (to taste)
Salt, pepper, basil, parsley & oregano


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w as
As lo onth

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Pick up or Delivery

rvi tors
We ener arly
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Staff photo by S. Aaron Shamshoyan


Voted #8 in WMUR-TV
viewer choice for
Best Country Store
in New Hampshire!

Thumbs down. Just imagine

Sun 10-4
the City of Nashua is cutting
Mon - Fri
one regular priced item.
their operating costs. This along
11 - 5
Some restrictions apply. Coupon must be
with Derry doing the same is
presented at purchase, one coupon per
mighty embarrassing for our
person, vaild until 6/30/2015
Town Manager Mr. Hickey.
Like us on
Do you think Mr. Keller the
Chairperson of the Selectmen
For A Chance To Win
will jump on board this idea?
I really doubt that the $23
A Gift Certificate!
million visionary of the safety
Cobbetts Pond Plaza, 4 Cobbetts Pond Rd, Windham, NH
complex man could actually
take the property tax payers
into consideration. Visionaries like Keller need
Thumbs up/Thumbs down. What is happening
millions of dollars to complete their agenda. So
with the railroad ties? Do you know they have
thumbs down!
been proven to be bad for the environment
(cancer causing problem)? Yes, it was on TV on
Thumbs down to the Salem PD for doing
an Environmental program along with laminated
nothing about fireworks in this town. Im usually
flooring, etc. This was proven by the E-Protections
a supporter of the department, but after coming
programs. So there they lay all over Rockingham
home from a nice quiet evening in a neighboring
Park where maybe a restaurant may possibly be
town to the barrage of fireworks at 9:30 at night
built? Are you kidding? You have that money and
Im disappointed. My kids have come in my room
a lot of help getting rid of them and you know it.
three times already. Do something; it cant be that
Its disgraceful! Do it now! Already the ground in
hard to find out where they are coming from.
and around them has been contaminated!

Fire Chief and Others

Celebrate Retirement

Great Yards Start Here.

gone to. By the way, all had Democratic mayors

for the past 45-plus years. Instead of writing
letters, perhaps you should do some research.
FDR must be twirling in his grave. Welfare was
supposed to help, not go on for generation after



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Salem Community Patriot | May 29, 2015 - 10

Scoops got your


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Pelham~Windham News,

Its the School

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Hudson~Litchfield News,
Pelham~Windham News,
Salem Community Patriot

Preschool at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem is

wrapping up one of its last swimming lessons of the year
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Salemhavens Raymond
Milliard Gets ACHCA Facility
Leadership Award
submitted by American College of Health Care Administrators
The American College of Health Care Administrators recently honored Raymond
Milliard, administrator of Salemhaven in Salem as a 2015 recipient of the ACHCA Eli Pick
Facility Leadership Award. The award, named in memory of visionary ACHCA member Eli
Pick, recognizes administrators whose teams have achieved dimensions of organizational
quality that few others have been able to reach. Two hundred and fifty seven administrators
were awarded leadership awards nationally.
Milliard was one of 227 awardees who received the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award
with virtual recognition. This award recognizes the administrator of record who provided
leadership throughout the award year. Eligibility for this award is based on three years of
skilled nursing facility survey data, including the health, fire (life safety), and complaint
surveys, as well as top-quartile performance on designated quality measures. The criteria
also included an 80 percent or greater facility occupancy and a three-year avoidance of a
Special Focus Facility status.
Advancing leadership excellence is at the core of our mission, commented Marianna
Grachek, president and CEO of ACHCA. There is a close relationship between facility
leadership and quality outcomes-and, ultimately, between quality care and operational
The ACHCA firmly believes that long-term care facility excellence is a reflection of
leadership excellence. The prestigious Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award is made possible
with the support of eHealth Data Solutions.
Founded in 1962, the American College of Health Care Administrators is the only
professional association devoted solely to meeting the professional needs of todays
post-acute and aging services leaders. Focused on advancing leadership excellence,
ACHCA provides professional education and certification to administrators from across
the spectrum of long term care. For more information about ACHCA, contact the national
office at (202) 536-5120 or visit

Salem Community Patriot | May 29, 2015 - 11

Salem PatriotSports

Historical Society VP Takes Everyone out to the Ball Game and its Roots
by Jay Hobson
Who knew that Americas national pastime of baseball
was once called rounders and had its earliest start in
America being played at Plymouth Plantation? Anne
Barrett, thats who.
Barrett is the vice president of the Historical Society
in Topsfield, Mass., and came to the Salem Historical
Society Museum to share her knowledge, borne out of
love of the game, with historical society members and
guests on Tuesday, May 12.
For over 100 years, baseball has been an integral part
of our nations identity, Barrett said.
As a matter of fact, according to Barrett, in the 1620s,
stool ball, an early form of baseball as we call it, was
played at Plymouth Plantation, and promptly banned by
Governor Bradford as being a form of revelry.
It was probably pretty different from our form of
baseball, but it did have similarities such as fielding and
throwing like any number of similar games throughout
history such as bat ball, cat and bat ball, and most
cultures have some sort of stick and ball game, Barrett
Barrett went through the history of the game, from
luminaries such as Babe Ruth and touching on the Curse
of the Bambino and interestingly enough, the song
Tessie, which was sung by a group of male fans called
the Rooters.

It was from the 1902 musical Silverslipper and was

considered the lucky charm of the team. For 16 years
the Rooters showed up in rowdy form and sang the
song. After the 1918 World Series Championship (which
the Red Sox won) the Rooters stopped singing the song
because of lack of interest or, whatever the case, and the
Red Sox championships dried up. In 2004, the Dropkick
Murphys made a remake of the song and wouldnt you
know it that was the year the Red Sox won the World
Series. The first time since the song had been sung and
they had won the series in 1918, Barrett said.
Barretts presentation was filled with old-time photos,
and she even had the audience singing Take Me Out To
the Ball Game.
She touched on the history of the leagues and the
scandals, most notably the Chicago Black Sox where
several members of the team conspired to throw the
World Series.
After her PowerPoint presentation, refreshments were
served which also had a baseball theme, hot dogs,
Cracker Jacks (a box of which was given to all who
attended) and of course, peanuts.

Topsfield, Mass. Historical Society VP Anne Barrett gave a rousing

presentation on the history of baseball at the Salem Historical
Society, compete with hot dogs and Cracker Jacks.

by Jacob Gagnon
The Salem High School boys Basketball team will be holding
their 17th Annual Blue Devil Basketball Camps this summer.
The camp is designed for boys and girls, ages seven to 16, and
will be held at Salem High School. The first camp runs from June
22 through June 26, from nine in the morning until two in the
afternoon. The next camp runs from July 6 through July 10 at the
same times. Finally, Elite Week runs from July 20 through July
23. Directing the camps is NHBCO Division I Coach of the Year,
Rob McLaughlin.
Interested athletes can register online at www.
BlueDevilBasketballCamp.Net or contact McLaughlin, via email,
at with any questions
or concerns. McLaughlin urges those interested in participating
to sign up fast, as rosters fill up quickly.

Baseball Team Falls to Alvirne

by Jacob Gagnon
The Salem High School Baseball team has all but clinched a
postseason berth despite an up and down season. The Blue Devils,
who have hit both hot and cold streaks throughout the season, stretches
in which they either struggle or strive, dropped to 9-9 on the season
after falling to Alvirne High School on Friday, May 22, 6-1.
Against Alvirne, Salem stayed competitive throughout the contest,
both on the mound and at the plate. The Blue Devils beat themselves,
scoring only one run on seven hits while also committing four errors in
the field that tarnished the solid outing from the pitchers.
Dom Palermo tossed four innings, allowing six hits, no walks, and
three runs (one earned run). Zach Martineau, in relief, hurled an
inning. Martineau surrendered two runs on two hits, although only one
earned run. Kristian Harris recorded a single out in relief, walking two
batters and giving up one hit and a single earned run. Matt Vartanian
finished off the game on the mound for the Blue Devils, allowing no
Palermo also had a strong game at the plate, going three-for-four
on the day. Nick Shumski, the shortstop, recorded the only RBI of the
game in his two-for-four performance. Shumski plated Kyle Nagri,
who reached twice in the ballgame on walks. Catcher Jake Dufton and
center fielder Christian Golden each contributed with a hit in the game.

Staff photo by Zack Miller

Boys Basketball
Program Readies
for Annual
Summer Camp

Staff photo by Jay Hobson

Salem PatriotSports

Salems Dom Palmero hurls a pitch during Fridays loss to Alvirne.

Kn w Y ur Car


Whats the Real Cost of that Auto Repair?

How to Know if Youre Paying the Best Price
(BPT) - Do you take your cars health for
granted? Only when the check engine light comes
on do you realize how important a fully functional
vehicle is to your daily life. Feelings of fear, regret
and anxiety often rush in: Will my car break
down? Should I have gotten my oil changed
sooner? Can I trust that Im receiving a fair price
for repairs?
These are all reasonable concerns, according to
Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor.
According to Mintel, on average, drivers spend
nearly $1,000 per year maintaining their cars,
and that number will likely only increase as the
average age of vehicles continues to get older,
says Wiesenfelder. Even more important, a recent
survey by and Toluna found that one in
three drivers dont trust that the prices mechanics
quote to them are fair. Expensive and stressful
are the top words that come to mind for many
consumers when theyre thinking about car maintenance and repairs.
Knowledge is power, but for many consumers,
car maintenance can be shrouded in mystery.
Many dont know which mechanic to go to, how
much to pay or if the price theyre being quoted
is accurate. Thankfully, tools and resources are
available to help drivers confidently navigate the
automotive service and repair process. Here are
a few expert tips, resources and busted myths to
arm you with the information you need to make
informed, confident decisions about car service:
1. You probably dont need to change your oil
every 3,000 miles. Due to technology advancements, many auto manufacturers recommend
changing oil at intervals of 7,500 miles or more
for new cars.
2. Does a dirty air filter really hurt performance? A clogged air filter wont significantly affect fuel economy, but it can reduce acceleration
from 6 to 11 percent, according to a U.S. Department of Energy Study. For that reason, its a good
idea to periodically visually check the engine air
3. has launched a new Service &
Repair feature that provides a fair price estimate
for different types of service, helping ensure drivers never overpay. The online tool also helps drivers find local service providers and offers reviews

Kn w Y ur Car

from actual customers to help them find a quality

4. Drivers expect the tires that come with
their new vehicle to last a long time, but tire life
depends on many factors, including: the quality
of the tire, its treadwear rating, whether it is an
all-season, summer performance or winter tire, the
type of vehicle and where and how it is driven.
5. Service engine? If the check engine light
comes on and has a steady illumination, that
indicates a possibly serious issue, and it should
be dealt with quickly by a mechanic. If the check
engine light is flashing, find a place to park the vehicle and turn
the engine off
as quickly as
you safely can.
Ignoring your
check engine
light increases
the likelihood
of additional
For more
tips and to
Murrays Auto
learn more
about Cars.
coms Service 55HallRd.Londonderry,NH
& Repair tool,
We Sell Parts
visit www.


Todays Vehicles are Computers on Wheels

Those lights
are telling you something

Panel Cluster

Connector Link
Air Suspension

Climate Control




Junk Car




Body Control

Adaptive Front




Electric Power Steering

Tire Pressure
Monitor System

Traction Control

As the complexity of vehicles has increased over the years, it is important

that your repair shop has the technicians and equipment to fix your car efficiently.

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Salem PatriotSports

12 - May 29, 2015

Green Wave Crashes over Boys Lax

Staff photos by Jacob Gagnon

half. With both teams making

adjustments at the half, it was
the Green Wave that took
control. Dover extended their
lead with four unanswered
With four minutes remaining
in the third quarter, Salems slide
was snapped when defender
Sam MacDonald scored on a
breakaway. Moments later, Tim
Craig scored for Salem off of a
rebound from a shot by Ryan
Following an impressive save
Salems Matt Ayotte fires a shot toward the Dover
from Sebastian Farah, Salems
Mark Foglia runs with the ball during Salems loss to Dover.
net during Thursdays game.
Ben Genest collected a goal
with an assist from Drew Hailey,
by Jacob Gagnon
postseason tournament, the Blue Devils hosted
to 8-5. Farah made another
Following a struggling start to the season, the
Dover High School on Thursday, May 21.
strong block in the closing moments of the third
Salem High School boys Lacrosse team has
Salem stayed competitive throughout the
quarter. It seemed that the tide of the game had
shown vast improvements over the last few games.
contest. The Blue Devils trailed 4-2 after the first
turned when time ran out of the quarter.
After scoring key wins that may get them into the

The pause in action demolished Salems

momentum. Dover notched three more
unanswered goals to make it 12-5 with four
minutes remaining in the game. Salem regained
some semblance of the previous quarters fire
when Craig scored again, this time with an assist
from Andrew Phillips. ONeill, with two minutes
left, scored on a Hailey assist, but it was too late
to do much good. Dover held on in the final
moments to secure the 13-7 victory over the Blue
Despite the loss, Salem has managed to collect
a 6-9 record with only one game remaining.
The Blue Devils will be on the bubble for the
postseason. In a single-elimination tournament,
any team can have an incredible impact. The
team with the greatest momentum is often the
biggest threat in the playoffs. If the Blue Devils
can harness their hot streaks, they could be
dangerous in the coming weeks.

Salem PatriotSports



Spots available, but are filling up fast.

June 22 - - June 26 9:00 am -2:00 pm
July 6 -- July 10 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Elite Week July 20 - 23,

3pm 5:30 pm (grades 6-8) 6pm 8:30 pm (grades 9-12)

*see website for details

The camp is designed for boys and girls ages 7-16 and will take place at
Salem High School, Salem, NH. It is directed by Salem High School Boys
Varsity Coach Rob McLaughlin, the NHBCO Division 1 Coach of the Year

register online at

Questions? contact Rob McLaughlin at 603-898-3431 or

Seniors Lead the Way as

Girls Lax Hammers Concord, 21-9
sizzled, so too did
by Jacob Gagnon
the defense heat up.
On a night that celebrated Salems seniors, the Blue Devils
Salems D was able to
veterans showcased just how crucial they have been to the
hold the Crimson Tide
program over the last four years. The Salem High girls Lacrosse
to just three goals in
team, led by its seniors, dominated Concord High School, 21-9, on
the entire second half.
Thursday evening, May 21, in Salem.
The Blue Devils
I think, that coming off of the Bedford game, we found our
put up 11 more goals
tempo, we found our game, said Coach Christina Miano. We
in the second half to
had lost that for a little while.
give their seniors a
After falling behind early on in the game, 6-3, Miano
fitting final regular
called a time out. We talked about what we needed
season game on their
to work on: smarter passes, moving in the offense, not
home field. Twomey
forcing, using the clock. Once we called the time out
led the way with
and calmed them down, they were on and they never
an incredible ninelooked back, said Miano. Following the timeout, the
goal performance,
Blue Devils erupted with seven unanswered goals to
while also notching
take a lead that would only grow wider as the game
an assist. Keenan
had five goals with
Lissa Perry pushes past a Concord defender
Starting that offensive onslaught was a connection
an assist. Perry,
in the second half of the game.
between two seniors that have powered the squad
all season long. Kiley
Keenan scored with an
assist from Lizzy Twomey.
All of my seniors stepped
up huge on their big day.
The connection between
Lizzy Twomey and
Kiley (Keenan) was just
undeniable. It was a force
on the field, said Miano.
They (the seniors) just
set the tempo for this
team. They are going to
leave an imprint on this
Junior Lissa Perry
notched a goal to get
Salem within one goal of
Concord. Twomey tied
it up, at six goals apiece,
before junior Ashley
Salem senior Kiley Keenan drives to the net during the Blue Devils senior day victory.
Matthews scored to push
Salem ahead.
The scoring continued in the first half, with freshman
Matthews, and Langmaid scored two goals apiece in the contest.
Catherine Langmaid scoring in the final minute and
Redmond collected a goal to round out Salems big day on offense.
a half. Fifteen seconds later, Kennan assisted on a
Junior Cayla Fernandes made six saves for the Blue Devils in goal.
goal from classmate Shea Redmond. Shea Redmond
While the win provided a fitting farewell for the senior class, it
worked her butt off on all those
also provided an encouraging view of the future. With the win,
ground balls and just working
Salem is 6-6 on the season, with their final two games of the year
hard on everything, said Miano.
on the road. Their record should be good enough to land them in
One minute after Redmonds goal,
the postseason tournament. Once there, anything could happen.
Twomey scored, giving the Blue
For Miano and her squad, the only thing they can do is get better.
Devils a 10-6 lead at the half.
Right now, our focus is just cleaning up the little things, cleaning
Salem resumed their
up our game, and just tightening everything up, said Miano.
bombardment in the second half.
Whether they have an extended stay in the playoffs or not, one
Just as the Blue Devils offense
thing is for sure: Salems seniors will lead the way.
Staff photos by Jacob Gagnon


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