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rom the point of view of own planet, the Sun

and the Moon appear to be about the same

size. This is because the Sun is four hundred
times larger than the Moon, but also about
four hundred times the distance from Earth.
From earliest times this has exerted a strong
psychological relationship to the two
luminaries, encouraging the belief that they
are of equal but different importance. The
Sun may be the source of all energies, but it
is the Moon that determines the tides and has
the most immediate effect on our moods and
earthly activities. The Moon in astrological
practise is therefore of great significance. In
fact in most systems, she is given much more
importance than the current frenzy for Sun
sign astrology would imply! The Moons
Nodes are not planets. They are points in
space indicating the intersection of two orbits.
The elements to be considered are a) the
Ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun around
the Earth, which is actually the orbit of the
Earth around the Sun; and b) the orbit of the
Moon that which revolves around the Earth.
The planes of these two orbits intersect each
other at 5 degrees, 8 minutes and 40
seconds. The line of intersection is the axis
formed by the Moons Nodes. (See Rupert,
Cycles of Becoming: The Planetary Pattern of
Growth. 1978 p.54). The Nodes do not move
at an entirely predictable speed and
vary from day to day.

They are either calculated as True or

Mean. True is the exact position of the
Nodes at any given time, while Mean is the
presumed position based on the average
speed. With the assistance of computers,
most astrologers have opted to use the True
Node, but the matter of which is more
eloquent is still debated. The Mean Node is
always retrograde, whilst the True Node may
occasionally be direct, as if its wobbling.
Thats because the True Node takes the
gyroscopic relationship of the Sun/Moon into
account. It may be argued, then, that it now
makes little sense to use the Mean Node
when it is just as easy to calculate the True
Node. However, this is somewhat illusory:
Since in the strict sense of the word, even
the true nodes are true only twice a month,
viz. at the times when the moon crosses the
ecliptic. Positions given for the times in
between those two points are just a
hypothesis. They are founded on the idea
that celestial orbits can be approximated by
elliptical elements. This works well with the
planets, but not with the moon, because its
orbit is strongly perturbed by the sun.
Another procedure, which might be more
reasonable, would be to interpolate between
the true node passages. The monthly
oscillation of the node would be suppressed,
and the maximum deviation from the

conventional true node would be about 20

arc minutes See the Swiss Ephemeris for
further explanation. I would therefore
recommend experimenting with both
systems. An obvious advantage of using the
Mean Node is that it is what was
used traditionally, so most commentaries of
the meanings will have used this method. The
North and South Nodes of the Moon are also
known in Vedic astrology as Rahu and
Ketu respectively. The North Node is
considered as the head of the dragon, while
the south is considered to be the tail. In Vedic
astrology, the Nodes are considered malefic,
with Rahu being comparable to Saturn as
Ketu is to Mars. But this is true only as a
loose planetary analogy, as Ketu when
inauspiciously placed, can ruin significations
in an uncommonly awful and devious way.
Whereas Rahu disturbs by way of lethargy,
grossness and insensitivity: it does so in a
manner that is much less intense and
purposeful (Braha, James T. Ancient Hindu
Astrology 1986. p.34).
The fascinating myth of Rahu and Ketu is
told in the Mahabharata. The Hindu gods
wanted to generate soma, an elixir of
immortality. The idea was that the gods were
to drink the elixir and become immortal. This
was not an easy task, so the gods asked for
help from the demons to stir the oceans to
produce the elixir. Out of this churning ocean
the Sun, Moon, goddesses, and magical
things were produced together with the
soma. Vishnu took charge of distributing the
freshly made soma to the gods. However
while the soma was being passed out, the
demons began to battle with the gods for a
taste of the elixir. There was much confusion
and Rahu, one of the demons, disguised
himself as a god and drank some of the elixir.
The Sun and Moon recognized the imposter
and advised Vishnu. As Rahu was swallowing

the soma, Vishnu sliced off his head with a

sword. However, because the soma had
passed into the throat the head had already
become immortal. To avenge the Sun and
Moon, Rahu chased the Sun and Moon across
the sky and tried to eat them, occasionally
catching and swallows one of them. This
caused an eclipse, but when the victims fell
out of Rahus mouth, the eclipse ends.
Eclipse as seen from Hinode Satellite
We do know that the Nodes are an important
element in predicting eclipses of the Sun or
Moon. NASA confirms that eclipses only
occur if the satellite of a planet is
located within 0.5 degrees of the plane of the
Ecliptic, on a line which passes through the
centre of the Sun and the Earth. The Moon
travels along an orbit which is inclined by 5
degrees to the Ecliptic plane, so there are
only two opportunities each month when it
passes through the plane of the Ecliptic,
called the ascending and descending nodes.
These two points connected to the barycentre
of the Earth- Moon system ( roughly the
centre of the Earth ) define a line of nodes,
and eclipses of the Sun and Moon will occur if
this line of nodes coincides with the line
drawn between the centre of the Earth and
Sun. Again, the Moon also has to be within
0.5 degrees of one or the other of the nodes
so that the disk of the Sun is partially or
totally covered in a solar eclipse. A similar
argument explains why lunar eclipses do not
happen every full moon at the node opposite
the Sun from the Earth. See NASA for more
The image below shows the conditions
necessary for an eclipse. Note that the North

ode is pointing to the Sun. Modern Western

astrologers do not tend to see the Nodes in
the same light as either Vedic or Traditional
Western astrologers and have invented some
very exotic meanings without much coherent
rationale. Often they take the politically
correct route, suggesting nothing can
be wrathful or malefic in the New Age and
that the very idea of malefic belongs to a
less enlightened age. There are many who
consider the nodes as essentially karmic
signatures, but then become surprisingly
vague or aggressively retributional and
dogmatic. In the case of the latter, Im
thinking of the tone of much of Schulmans
work on the subject.
William Lilly writes that
The Head of the Dragon is Masculine, of the
nature of Jupiter and Venus, and of himself a
Fortune; yet the Ancients doe say, that being
in Conjunction with the good he is good, and
in conjunction with the evil Planets they
account him evil. The Tayle of the Dragon is
Feminine by Nature, and clean contrary to the
Head; for he is evil when

Al Biruni
joyned with good Planets, and good when in
conjunction with the malignant Planets. This
is the constant opinion of all the Ancients, but
upon what reason grounded I know not; I
ever found the North Node equivalent to
either of the Fortunes, and when joyned with
the evil Planets to lessen their malevolent
signification; when joyned with the good to
increase the good promised by them: For the
Tayle of the Dragon, I always in my practise
found when he was joyned with the evil
Planets; their malice or the evil intended
thereby was doubled and trebled, or
extreamly augmented, &c. and when he
chanced to be conjunction with any of the
Fortunes who were significators in the
question, though the matter by the principal
significator was fairely promised, and likely to
be perfected in a smal time; yet did there
ever fal out many rubs and disturbances,
much wrangling and great controversie, that
the businesse was many times given over for
desperate ere a perfect conclusion could be
had; and unlesse the principal
significators were Angular and wel fortified
with essential dignities, many times
unexpectedly the whole matter came to
nothing. (CA. I. 82)

Lunar Eclipse_Al-Biruni
I dont know why Lilly suggests that its the
constant opinion of the ancients because it
isnt. Nevertheless his own position is clear.
Consider this : the original meaning of the
Sanskrit word ketu is light, clarity
(synonymous with the etymologically related
adjective citra of the Pahl. gchihr), which is
in apparent contradistinction to the lightdevouring function of Ketu as eclipse
demon. ( Dragon in Medieval East Christian
and Islamic Art.(2011) Sara Kuehn p. 144.
Significance becomes highly complex :
The esoteric conceptualisation of the dragon
is illuminated in the allegory of a heros spiritual journey in A Tale of Occidental Exile
by the mystic Shihb alDn yay Suhravard :
If you desire to be delivered along with your
brother [i e , speculative reason, the guide
do not put off traveling Cling to your rope,
is the dragons tail (jawzahr) of the holy
that dominates the regions of the lunar
[the realms of the eclipse denoting the world
ascetic practice]

The hero passes beyond the material world

reaches a light, the active intellect, which is
governor of this world He places the light in
mouth of the dragon, the world of the
that dwelt in the tower of the water-wheel [i
the sky which turns like a wheel], beneath
was the Sea of Clysma [i e , the water below
sky] and above which are the stars the origin
whose rays was known only to the Creator
those who are well-grounded in knowledge

(Kuehn p. 142-3).
This is fascinating material; but for all
practical purposes, it restates the words of
the Buddha: astrology no longer applies to
those who are enlightened.
I have changed my view more than once over
the years. I have read everything I could get
my hands on regarding Traditional Astrology.
There is no consensus but Im giving the last
word to Al Biruni. He is discussing the relative
conditions of the luminaries:
When both the luminaries are in aspect to
each other, and to the benefics, and are in
their own sections of the signs of the
benefics, both of them are strong. But if they
are in situations unsuitable to them, and the
malefics, full of enmity are above them, and
the benefics below, or are eclipsed, or near
the dragons head or tail, especially the latter
by less than 12 degrees, both of them are
weak. (Instructions p. 110.)
Elswhere he writes: Some say the Head of
the Dragon is Male and Diurnal and the Tail
Female and Diurnal, but this quite
illogical. (Instructions p. 27- 28 ) He then
procedes to explain the many way any
element of the chart can be changed by its
relation to other elements.
Nether statements are dogmatic. In fact its
quite nuanced. But the nodes needing to be
less than 12 degree in either direction speaks
volumes. There are conditions that can
ameliorate the influence but that doesnt stop
the nodes from being the light eating
monster when unrestrained by a number of
balancing factors. Clearly he isnt making
much of distinction here between the head or
the tail.
I have found this approach to be most useful
and accurate. This work as well in the
Judgment of Nativites as they do for
Electional and Mundane. The nodes have a

special place in the astrology of vulcanology

as I hope to demonstrate in a future article.

he Eclipse of June 4th 2012

Here is the Vedic astrology chart for the
second eclipse of 2012, the Lunar Eclipse
of 4th June 2012, 11.11hrs. eclipse

at the Gemini New Moon, May

20 2012
May 20, 2012 by Lynn Hayes

by Lynn HayesPlease note that the URL

of this blog has changed and update your
This Solar Eclipse at the Gemini New
Moon marks a brand new beginning and a
fresh start. New Moons mark the
beginning of the lunar cycle, and a New
Moon at the first degree of a sign carries
its own signature of a new beginning.
Gemini is the sign of awakening the mind:
the mental curiosity that takes us into new
experiences and new ways of looking at
the world.
This New Moon is an eclipse because it
occurs near the Nodes of the Moon in
this case it aligns in a tight conjunction

with the South Node which represents our

past history and karmic ties. The Lunar
Nodes give eclipses greater significance
since we are confronting and clearing
energies that continue to lurk from the
past. While we are fostering this new
beginning and creating new ideas for the
future, something or someone from the
past will require our attention. We cant
move forward without integrating these
Mercury, Geminis ruler, is conjunct
Jupiter at the New Moon which enhances
the mind and facilitates understanding.
However, Neptune squares the lunation
and the South Node which brings an
element of mystery and confusion into the
mix. The Gemini New Moon wants to be
free like a bird to fly above the earth and
collect new viewpoints, but Neptune
challenges us to surrender our ideas of the
way the world works and instead learn to
trust our intuitive inner voice. This can
create some confusion if we are unused to
living a life simultaneously in our inner
and outer worlds but it is exactly this
experience that leads us to a deeper
We have more Geminian energy with the
retrograde turn of Venus a few days ago,
and the upcoming Transit of Venus across
the Sun. Venus retrograde asks us to look
back and reassess what it is that we value
and how those aspects of our life support
us and the world around us. Gemini seeks
understanding without judgment it is a

learning without discrimination or

attachment. Each idea and suggestion has
its own value and adds to the richly
colored tapestry of life.
The challenging square from Uranus
(radical revolution) to Pluto (death and
regeneration) continues to oversee every
smaller planetary cycle. This is not a time
to hold onto the past or fear the future,
because the past is crumbling away under
our feet. The Gemini New Moon grants us
an opportunity to gain understanding
through the mental realm that can help to
support us as we move into this brave new
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n our modern world, eclipses are the delight of scientists
and eclipse chasers as much as songwriters and poets.
Theres something awesome about a solar eclipse when
the shadow of the Moon blocks out the light of the Sun.
Flowers begin to close, birds go to roost and the natural
world thinks night-time has arrived, whatever the hour.
Imagine what it must have been like thousands of years
ago before man understood this natural phenomenon? No
wonder ancient people thought it was the end of the world
when the sky turned black in the middle of the day. Many
myths developed in different cultures because of this
magical phenomenon and a lot of them incorporated
noise, shouting and drum-beating to scare away the angry
Various animals have been associated with eclipses over
time by different cultures; the dragon in China and
Thailand, dogs and coyotes for the North American
Indians, the jaguar in South America. In India, it was
Rahu and Ketu (the Indian names for the north and south
nodes), and in Tahiti, they have a very romantic
interpretation of an eclipse, that the Sun and Moon came
together to make love and created the stars.
Eclipses can now be predicted using an eclipse cycle and
eclipse chasers can happily spend their life savings as

they dash about to catch the best photographs and sights

around the world. Eclipses tend to occur in pairs, twice a
year, and there are partial, annual, hybrid and total
Amongst astrologers, there are mixed reviews on the
symbolism of an eclipse. For some, its a power point, a
time of heightened energy and spiritual awareness. For
others, the eclipse is an omen, the lights go out and what
is hidden emerges, just as the light of the Sun returns after
the darkness. This brings with it dramatic events which
change the course of time and thus the lives of key
Eclipses are famously linked with royalty, as the Sun
represents the King in the heavens and the Moon the
Queen. On the day that it was announced that Diana
would divorce Charles in the UK, there was a powerful
lunar eclipse in the heavens, beautiful symbolism for the
King (Sun) and Queen (Moon) at opposite ends of the
heavens with a shadow come between them. There would
be no fairytale coronation and happy-ever-after for the
two of them.
Eclipses often play a key role in celebrities lives and I
will be blogging about this over the next few weeks.
Perhaps this means that modern celebrities of stage and
screen are the new royalty in the publics eyes. We are
often in awe of celebrities and some people live
vicariously through them. We love a celebrity who comes
from nowhere to achieve amazing recognition in the eyes
of the public, and the media loves nothing more than
chronicling their hubris, which often leads to a celebritys
In traditional astrology, its said that an eclipse lasts for as
many months as minutes of the actual eclipse (never more
than 7) and when an eclipse falls on a key planet in a
countrys chart, dramatic change is foretold.
For you personally, an eclipse matters when it falls on a
planet in your chart or an angle within two degrees.
Eclipses take place in cycles of star signs and we are
currently in the middle of a Gemini/Sagittarius cycle,
affecting these two star signs more than others. The
specific dates and degrees are:

Dec 21 2010 8:18 GMT lunar eclipse 29 Gemini

June 1 2011 21:17 GMT solar eclipse 11 Gemini

June 15 2011 20:14 GMT lunar eclipse 24


Nov 25 2011 6:21 GMT solar eclipse 3


Dec 10 2011 14:33 GMT lunar eclipse 18


May 20 2012 23:54 GMT solar eclipse 0 Gemini

June 4 2012 11:04 GMT lunar eclipse 14


Nov 28 2012 14:34 GMT lunar eclipse 7 Gemini

May 25 2013 4:11 GMT lunar eclipse 4

In brief, heres the area of life that this set of eclipses
highlights in your solar chart:
Aries/Libra: 3rd/9th houses your education, neighbours
& siblings; the bigger picture, travel, philosophy, what
gives your life meaning
Taurus/Scorpio: 2nd/8th houses money, what you place
value upon in your life; your joint finances, your
sexuality, all that you share with others
Gemini/Sagittarius: 1st/7th houses your image &
appearance; love & relationships, significant others
Cancer/Capricorn: 12th/6th houses retreat, quiet,
solitude; your health & work, service, what you sacrifice
for others
Leo/Aquarius: 11th/5th houses your friends, groups &
societies; your children, creativity, what you give birth to
Virgo/Pisces; 10th/4th houses your career & vocation,
where youre heading in life; your home & family, where
you come from
This Sunday night, 20th May 2012, theres an annular
eclipse at 0 Gemini. It wont be seen in the UK but starts
in East Asia, heads across the Pacific Ocean and on to the
west coast of the USA. Have a read of my monthly stars
to find out more about what this means for your star sign
and if you want a copy of your birth chart to check
whether this connects with your personal planets, the
offer of a free gift to you is still valid. Send me an email
with your time, date and place of birth.
Eclipse symbolism suggests one door closing whilst
another door opens or one person loses out whilst another
person gains. Traditionally youre best to wait a few days
after an eclipse before making major decisions or

implementing big changes in your own life.

Eclipses are often concurrent with major events and
turning points in a persons life and remind me of the
childrens game of hide and seek, when the seeker
shouts, coming, ready or not. Are you ready for this
weekends dramatic eclipse?
On 4th June 2012 there will be a lunar eclipse at 11:12
GMT, which is part of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse
cycle that began in 2010 and lasts until 2013.
A lunar eclipse is also a Full Moon and at this eclipse the
Sun is at 14:14 Gemini opposing the Moon at 14:14
Sagittarius. Eclipses occur when a New or Full Moon
conjoins with the Moons nodes, which are thought to be
karmic points and eclipses are often seen as powerful
pointers of destiny.
A lunar eclipse focuses on the other, relationships and
polarities, and an eclipse is often a time of change when
external events bring whats hidden to light.
The triad of Sun, Moon and Earth symbolizes three
planetary bodies, so in real life one person may gain as
another person loses, a third party may trigger events, or
one door closes for another door to open. The Full Moon
eclipse can also be a time of completion or significant
achievement.n my article, An Eclipse: How The Sun And
Moon Came Together And Created The Stars, I listed the
dates and times of this Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle,
plus gave you a brief insight in to which areas of your life
are likely to coincide with the eclipse cycle.
I also talked about how eclipses often play a starring role
in celebrities charts and over the last month I have been
noticing those celebrities in the news who have key
planets or angles close to 14 Gemini/Sagittarius and
synchronised with this powerful eclipse. So in true
Gemini gossipy form, heres the lowdown on three sets of
Gemini lovers. They are:

Angelina Jolie (b. June 4th 1975) Sun 13 Gemini


Brad Pitt (b. Dec 18th 1963) DSC (descendant)

11 Gemini 54

Russell Brand (b. June 4th 1975) Sun 12 Gemini


Katy Perry (b. Oct 25th 1985) Chiron 13 Gemini

59; Uranus 15 Sagittarius 36

Kanye West (b. June 8th 1977) Sun 17 Gemini

44; Jupiter 14 Gemini 38
Kim Kardashian (b. Oct 21st 1980) DSC
(descendant) 13 Gemini 44

The question is what will the eclipse bring for our Gemini
lovers and for those of you who have planets or angles on
or close to 14 Gemini/Sagittarius? You can learn a lot
about astrology through being a celebrity voyeur,
watching how celebs lives mirror whats happening in
the cosmic dance in the heavens: As Above, So Below.
Heres the latest Goss:
Angelina & Brad: They even have a Gemini twin name,
Brangelina. I will be blogging about these two in a
separate article as their astrology charts are fascinating
together. They announced they were to marry on April
13th 2012. Recently, its been said that Angelinas busy
making 3 films back-to-back so there wont be time for a
wedding this summer. Brads also been quoted as saying
they wont marry until same sex marriage is totally legal
in the States (great showing for Gemini on the
Descendant; Gemini is dual-natured).
However, eclipses often signal events happening behind
closed doors and Venus retrograde (the love planet giving
the illusion of moving backwards) also suggests the
theme of secret or hidden love events. One way or
another, these two will keep the gossip columns busy for
some time yet.
Russell & Katy: I rather loved this marriage combination
and felt sad when they split up; the synastry between their
astrology charts shows theyre very sweet together.
Recent gossip suggested that Russell wanted to take Katy
away to talk about their relationship. If its back on, Ill
be blogging about their romance, thats for sure.
Kanye and Kim: Will it be a whirlwind romance, a
marriage proposal or is their relationship a celebrity
stunt? Anythings possible for eternal romantic and
socialite Libran Kim. No doubt, it will be big news and
major gossip.
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Depending to whom you are listening to the

results of this historical conference is hailed as a
promising and unexpected breakthrough or an
irresponsible and dangerous failure. The two
extreme sides of the debate, conservative climate
skeptics and militant greens, seem to agree on
the latter assessment. The Horoscopes of the
start and finish of this event seem to prove both
viewpoints right, with lots of positive and
promising stuff as well as many grave difficulties
In 2009 and 2010 I posted few articles on the
astrological significance of the international
conferences on Climate Change, in Copenhagen,
Denmark, and Cancun, Mexico (to access the
Cancun and Copenhagens articles try the EcoCulture link on the top menu or click HERE). This
year I deliberately gave a miss to the Durbans
Summit, disappointed by the lack of progress of
previous years.
Even now that the Summit is officially over it is
difficult to decide if the outcome can be
considered a success or a failure in the titanic
war against Global Warming. Something of
importance has been achieved, but, according to
many green activists, what has been deliberated
stops very short of what it would be needed to
check the dangerous raise of temperature in the
near future. A long term package has been
agreed upon, but no short terms, effective
measures, the dire situation demanding urgent
action instead.
Astrologically one aspect that really differentiated
this Summit from the recent ones was the fact
that it began during the Waxing cycle of the
Moon, a more positive time to start anything. The
Waxing Moon in fact allowed more life blood to
run through these negotiations, the Full Moon
ahead working as a beacon, a luminous goal
within its reach. The phase of the Moon in
Copenhagen was close to the Last Quarter, and in

Cancun it was just past the Last Quarter, critical

and not necessarily productive times of the
Moon/Suns cycle; but rather representing the
end phases of the old cycle.
This time instead the Moon, in Cardinal Capricorn
at the start, was Waxing Crescent, part of a cycle
that began with the New Moon in Sagittarius, also
a Solar Eclipse, on November 25, just three days
before the opening date. Due to the fact that the
Conference was protracted beyond its set limits
of 12 days (by about 48 hours, I think), it ended
up including the Full Moon in Gemini and
therefore the Lunar Eclipse (happening in Durban
on December 10 at 4.36 pm). It finished then
just few hours past this cosmic event, and it was
during the time of the Eclipse itself, until 12
hours or so later, that the most vital negotiations
took place and finally a compromise was reached.
Thanks to the propitious Moon phase the
conference didnt end up a complete disaster. It
could have been, considering that it was held
during a Mercury Retrograde period. And Mercury
is such an important influence in all types of
transactions, being the planet of communication
and contracts. It is obvious that none of the
organizers bothered to consult an astrologer
about the all important commencing date; or
they would have been advised not to have it
while Mercury traveled in retrogradation. No
surprising then the whole thing was marred by
controversies from start to finish (Mercury will
turn Direct only on December 15), and issues
that have been amply covered in the past had to
be dealt with again and again in order to find
some common ground. Mercury is also in
Detriment in Sagittarius (the opposite Sign to the
one he rules), so that, despite Sagittarius great
ideas and ability to visualize the future is also a
somewhat overly militant, opinionated, self
righteous and often uncompromising Sign, as well
as naturally given to talking a lot, sometime just
for talk sake, no the best when we needed to
come out with practical decisions and realistic
Here are two Horoscopes: the Charts for the
start and finish of the Durban Conference: the

first is calculated for 10 am of November 28, the

official opening time, while the second is cast for
3.30 am, the actual time the delegates put their
signatures on the dotted lines, on December 11.
Durbans Climate Change Conference
Opening Ceremony

Durbans Climate Change Conference Finish


The most significant transits of Mercury occurred

on December 4 and 5. As I wrote in an earlier
post on this Retrogradation of Mercury: When
Mercury reached a right angle to Mars in Virgo, a
semi-square (45 degrees angle) to Saturn in late
Libra, and, most importantly, a conjunction with
the Sun. These aspect permeated the whole week
around these dates. The square to Mars will
increase the heat of any conversation and
expression of viewpoints, Virgo adding the knack
for criticism and nitpicking. If not careful we may
get lost in endless diatribes on semantic points of
not real importance. The semi-square to
Saturn (Mars involved in the configuration as
well) could foster a tendency to interpret words
and ideas we share with a touch of pessimism,
perhaps having a positive sobering effect on
Sagittarius flamboyant self-righteousness, but
exacerbating Virgos critical attitude. The
conjunction with the Sun (Inferior
conjunction) is part of the overall Mercury/Suns
cycle. Our Little Brother is changing roles, from
Evening Star to Morning Star. The Inferior
Conjunction represents the start of a new
Mercurys cycle, promising a more outgoing and
optimistic mental outlook, especially by the time
Mercury will turn Direct in mid-December.
Around the same dates Venus formed a
harmonious trine to Mars and Jupiter a positive
sextile to Chiron, showing a brighter side and a
more cooperative general mood (Venus-Mars), as
well as the opportunity to heal old wounds
(Jupiter-Chiron). Venus, by the way, was
applying to a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn at
the time of the opening ceremony, a positive
aspect in this context, showing the willingness to
change our values in order to achieve some
higher collective purpose or goal, transformation
of values being a key word for this transit.
Notwithstanding the last minute agreement that
has been reached I feel that the Retrogradation
of Mercury during the conference means that, in
some ways, we have taken a step backward in
Durban, due to the dangers of the Kyoto protocol
being abandoned by many countries before new

safety measures can be implemented. Canada

yesterday was the first country to abandon its
commitment to the Kyotos agreement, and that
cannot be a good thing, showing also a trend that
may be followed by other countries in the near
future. As defective and limited as the Kyoto
Protocol has been considered by many, it is the
only thing we have at the present time, and
throwing it in the bin at this early stage could be
a disastrous move for the environment, because
the legally binding agreement decided at Durban
will not be in place before 2017 or 2010, a long
way away.
Sun, Moon, Ascendant, the triad of every
Horoscope, were appropriately placed for the task
in hand at the start of the enterprise : the Sun
was is in Fiery Sagittarius, the most future
oriented and speculative Sign of the Zodiac.
Anything can be conceived under the rays of this
visionary Sun, but how much of the vision can be
achieved depends on many other factors. One of
them, the most important, was the Moon. The
Moon was Waxing Crescent, therefore strong,
thus providing a suitable vessel for the
expression of the solar light. The Moon was
transiting Earthy, Cardinal Capricorn, the type of
practical, no nonsense, ambitious vessel that
could help to contain and nurture the Sagittarean
promises, by imposing necessary limitations on
it, bringing the vision down to the Earths level.
Negatively the dichotomy between the very
hopeful Sun Sign and the ultra pragmatic Moon
Sign could mean that much of what the Sun was
projecting and hoping for would be limited and
even thwarted by merely materialistic
considerations and the general conservatism of
the major players. Capricorn is traditionally a
conservative and utilitarian Sign, not inclined to
take too many risks, inclined to put business
before ideals (Sagittarius). The Moon was also in
sextile to Ceres in Pisces, the Harvest Goddess
who has much to do with ecology, from this all
inclusive Sign asking compassion for the plight of
the planet and the poorest people who are the
ones at greater risk from the deteriorating
climate and environment. This harmonious angle

has certainly helped to avoid the complete failure

of the negotiations that we came very close to
The Ascendant in every Horoscope, Natal or
Mundane, always represents the physical channel
through which the combination of Sun and
Moons energies can find expression in the outer
world. At the time of the Opening Ceremony the
local Ascendant (Placidus Houses) was smack in
the middle of Aquarius, the humanitarian Sign of
reforms and revolutions. Because the summit
was held in South Africa it has been referred to,
especially by the African media, as an indaba, a
Zulu-Xhosa word meaning a meeting of elders
during which each is given the same rights to talk
but also the same duty to listen to what the
others have to say, a truly democratic system.
What an appropriate word for egalitarian
Aquarius on the Ascendant, Decan Gemini
(brotherhood and sisterhood), on the Sabian
degree that reads boys and girls in gymnasium
suits, a symbolical statement of the equality and
basic identity of all people.
The way the conference ended gives credit to
these initial placements: taking a conservative
stand (Moon in Capricorn) the conference
delegates managed to achieve a global
commitment in the long term, Capricorn not a
Sign to hurry up anything. By being pragmatic
they avoided certain disaster, but also bitterly
disappointed the idealistic crowd who wanted to
see a more courageous and uncompromising
stand (Sagittarius Sun trine Uranus and square
The Sun was applying to a square (90 degrees
angle) to Mars in Virgo describing in a vivid way
the fierce confrontations that took place in the
Durbans arena, til the conferences very last
minute (the aspect became exact on December
2). Often the arguments escalated because of
different interpretation of the wording of
documents, and other such cavils, just the types
of battle a Mars in nit-picking Virgo would thrive
The Sun was also applying to a trine (120
degrees angle) to Uranus, showing that there was

a powerful drive to take a different, less

conservative approach, considering collective
interests above selfish ones. The Sun then went
to form a semi-square to Saturn in Libra on
December 3, stalemate time.
Venus became trine Mars on December 5, the
same day that Jupiter formed a sextile to Chiron.
On the last day, December 11, the Moon in
Gemini was trine Saturn, sextile Jupiter and
applying to a trine to Neptune in Aquarius. These
are all auspicious angles, especially the Grand
Trine Moon-Saturn-Neptune. Started on a
serious, even somber and pessimistic note
(Capricorn) the Moon ended in the light and
socially eclectic and adaptable Sign of Gemini. On
the last day also Jupiter formed a perfect semisextile to Uranus, encouraging a more innovative
and risk taking approach to the issues on the
Not to be underestimated was also the Grand
Trine configuration still active between Mars in
Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, a
grounding influence involving planets in the three
Earth Signs. This could promise more positive
results by staying realistic, working hard and
utilizing the world resources in a less wasteful
way. A conscious transformation has to occur
though in our every day living and habits (Mars in
Virgo), our use of resources (Pluto in Capricorn)
and our philosophy of life (Jupiter in Taurus)
before we can take full advantage of this
planetary opportunity.
One important aspect that remained in force
throughout the conference was the trine (120
degrees angle) between Saturn in Libra and
Neptune in Aquarius, even by itself giving a lot of
hope that something of importance could be
achieved, the aspect harmonizing practical needs
and utilitarian considerations (Saturn) with ideals
of inclusiveness and compassion (Neptune). This
slow forming aspect is still maturing. It will be
exact on January 19 2012, Saturn becoming
Stationary on the last degree of Libra in February
2012, just as Neptune will be moving into Pisces
for good. So this is a long lasting influence,
destined to have far reaching effects on the

planet, one positive trend amongst many difficult

Last but certainly no least was the fact that
Uranus turned Direct on December 9. Now this is
something because Uranus represents, amongst
other things, the urge to embrace radical changes
and to take new directions in life in order to align
ourselves better to the destiny we are meant to
I like to end this post with these words from the
Daily Maverick: Behind the save-the-world
rhetoric of global climate change negotiations lies
a murkier realpolitik. The multilateral process is
tedious, but in Durban, it at least lent a
semblance of inclusiveness to the negotiations.
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Another Eclipse from the cold,

Sagittarius 02, November 25,2011
November 25, 2011 Living Moon Astrology

'The Water Babies' North Pole Fairy, 1916, by Jessie

Willcox Smith

We are entering another Eclipse season, the last

of 2011. Two Eclipses are on the cards: a Partial
Solar, at the Sagittarius New Moon, November
25, and a Total Lunar, at the Gemini Full Moon,
December 10/11, depending where you are in the
At the Solar Eclipse, today, the Sun and Moon are
aligned to the North Node, while the Lunar
Eclipse will be aligned to the South Node (much
closer alignment then the previous one, hence
the totality of this future event).
The Solar Eclipse, the one I am discussing here,
will be visible only partially from some places in
New Zealand, Tasmania and South Africa and

nearly in its entirety across Western Antarctica.

The series to which this Eclipse belongs started
near the North Pole in 1074 and will end at the
South Pole in 2084, a relatively close date
(considering Eclipses long cycles) . This means
that the cycle of these particular series of
Eclipses (Saros n.123) is closing, after nearly a
thousand years running.
The Sun and Moon, conjunct at Eclipse time, will
be on the second degree of Tropical Sagittarius.
In direct line of contact with this Eclipse will be,
by conjunction, Sagittarius (born November 24 to
26 ); by opposition, Gemini (born May 22 to 24);
by square, Virgo (born August 24 to 26) and
Pisces (born February 21 to 23); by trine, Aries
(born Marc 21 to 23) and Leo (born July 24 to
26). Also anyone with Moon, any Birth Charts
angles or planets between the first and third
degrees of the same Signs.
Here is the Horoscope for this event, calculated
for the local coordinates of Wollumbin (Mount
Warning), Northern Rivers region of New South
Wales, Australia.

click to view larger image

A new page is opening in your book of life, a new

road worth taking. The Sun and Moon at Eclipse

are conjunct the North Node of Future Destiny,

the point where our choices create our future,
where we are supposed to be going in order to
evolve in the right direction.
The fact that the Eclipse coincides with the
Station and Retrogradation of Mercury also in
Sagittarius (20 degrees) shows how the general
trend is for going inward or, alternatively,
revisiting the past, rather than straight away
beginning a new journey. It seems to me that
these cosmic events may just provide the inner
prompting for some meaningful changes to occur
in the future, while a gestation period will be
necessary to bring this new impulse to fruition (to
view a post on the present Retrogradation of
Mercury, please click HERE).
Solar Eclipses do not usually manifest as
dramatic events (only sometimes), but rather as
the memorable feeling of being onto something,
an unconscious longing so compelling it might
guide us, if we let it, toward a significant
unfolding of consciousness and/or a life changing
experience. Nothing much may change in our
external circumstance, but becoming conscious of
something we didnt know, or having a glimpse of
some longed for future potential/talent can open
many doors, in particular those doors in our heart
that have been close shut for a long time.
The Sagittarius emphasis of this Eclipse speaks
of adventure, the desire to know, to experience
the wide world, to travel, to learn, to share
wisdom. The sky is truly the limit with
Sagittarius. In fact a word of caution is always
appropriate when this Sign is highlighted: ground
your dreams, do not let them outdo what its
really possible, or you may end up disappointed.
The Eclipse degree is forming aspects with
Uranus in Aries (trine 120 degrees angle), Mars
in Virgo, Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in
Aquarius (squares, 90 degrees angles), and also
Jupiter (quincunx,150 degrees angle).
The trine to Uranus is very close therefore more
powerful. This aspect too represents a strong
urge for change and the desire to abandon the
security of what we know well for the excitement
of what we can discover and are tempted to try

for the first time.

The Sun and Moon happen to be in square aspect
to both Neptune in late Aquarius and Mars in
early Virgo, in effect occupying a midpoint
between those two, themselves just separating
from an opposition. Here it seems to be enacted
the chasm between the lofty dreams of Neptune
in Airy Aquarius and the need for hard work in
order to attain them, embodied by Mars in Earthy
Virgo. The fact that Mars has just began an
unusually long transit through Virgo shows me
that the road ahead demands a spirit of sacrifice
and real commitment if we want to manifest the
best of the present planetary picture (click HERE
for more on the transits of Mars in Virgo,
November 11, 2011, to July 3, 2012, including
Mars Retrogradation).
The contact with Jupiter in Taurus stands for the
struggle to evolve and grow out of old patterns of
thinking, beliefs that hinder our need for mental
expansion and freedom of thought. It will take
courage and faith to begin living according to the
dictates of our own conscience rather than those
we have been conditioned to follow.
Another striking feature of this Chart is a Grand
Trine (equilateral triangle), active since midNovember, involving the three Earth Signs, with
Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in
Capricorn. This configuration could provide the
grounding the lofty Sagittarius Eclipse needs to
bear its fruits of enthusiasm and freedom on the
Earth plane. Mars in Virgo will help with the hard
work needed, Jupiter in Taurus with a steady
intent and devotion to the cause, and Pluto in
Capricorn with the courage to eradicate from our
lives those habits, occupations and relationships
that no longer serve our soul purpose.
Happy Eclipse season to everyone.
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Murdoch, Mubarak and Gaddafi

Horoscopes and the


July 20, 2011 Living Moon Astrology

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much in the last couple of weeks.
I have been flooded with paid work that helps
with the bills.
Ill be back shortly with lots of new posts and the
regular features. My folder is full of drafts, and
the times so interesting astrologically, it is a pity
to miss the opportunity to write about them!
A few teasers (all I have time for): the Natal
Charts of some prominent individuals (Rupert
Murdoch, Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi)
with the last Capricorn Full Moon transits of July
15 and the Cancer Solar Eclipse, at the previous
New Moon on July 1, superimposed (the locality
of the Full Moon changes in accordance with the
individual Charts).
They make great study of life fluctuating

Rupert Murdoch's Birth Chart and the Cancer Solar

Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Rupert Murdoch's Birth Chart and the Capricorn Full

Moon of July 15, 2011

Hosni Mubarak's Sunrise Chart and the Cancer Solar

Eclipse of July 1, 2011

Hosni Mubarak's Sunrise Chart and the Capricorn Full

Moon of July 15, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi's Sunrise Charts and the Capricorn

Full Moon of July 15, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi's Sunrise Chart and the Cancer

Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011

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Italys alignment to the Cancer

Solar Eclipse of July 1,2011

July 1, 2011 Living Moon Astrology

Italy and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1,

Click to enlarge
Italy is another country going through the painful
process of liberating itself from a corrupt
government and a leader embroiled in just too

many scandals.
You can see in the double-wheel Horoscope
above how close Pluto is to Italys natal Capricorn
Ascendant, only few minutes of longitude away
from exactness at the time of the Eclipse. Pluto is
also applying to a conjunction to Italys natal
Mercury and Sun, also in Capricorn, transits that
will continue until 2013. The Plutos aspects are
just part of the current Cardinal Cross to which
Italy is closely aligned. Pluto was transiting just
the same degree and thus forming the same
aspects during the all important Total Lunar
Eclipse of December 21, 2010 (while transiting
Mars was conjunct Italys Sun), and all other
subsequent Eclipses. We should not forget that
Italy was one of the first nations to declare war
on Libya earlier in 2011.
Pluto on the Ascendant points to a slow period of
deep transformation of Italy public image
(Ascendant), public relations and commerce
(Mercury) and identity as a nation and leadership
(Sun). The Ascendant of the moment of this
Eclipse (Romes coordinates) is also conjunct
Italys Moon-Mars conjunction in the Plutonian
Eighth House, while the Cancer New Moon Eclipse
sits just on Italys Natal Descendant, in near
perfect opposition to its Sun-Mercury. The latter
aspect is putting a mirror in front of the Italian
people, where they may be able to see
themselves as others see them, thus affecting
the country relationship with the rest of the world
as well as with itself.
Very important is also the position and aspects of
the transiting Saturn, in square to Italys Sun and
Mercury, from the Tenth House of the countrys
reputation and public persona. This could
manifest as a period of hardship and fear of
poverty, while Saturns conjunction to Italys
natal Neptune forecasts times of confusion and
instability. The same conjunction Saturn-Neptune
has been recently experienced by many countries
that reached their independence at the end of
World War II, because they all share the same
generational position of Neptune (Israel, founded
in 1948, Libya in 1951, People republic of China
in 1949, India in 1950, etc.).

Another worrisome transit, absolutely exact

during this Eclipse, is the 90 degrees angle
between transiting Mars in Gemini and Italys
Natal Mars in Virgo, aspect that also involves the
Natal Moon in Virgo. The degree of Mars is also
aligned to that of the previous Solar Eclipse in
early June. And the Mid-Heaven at the time of
this Eclipse is also at 90 degrees angle from
Italys Mars, because the transiting Mars is
conjunct this Mid-Heaven. All these aspects
involving Mars and the Moon seem to indicate a
flaring up of the social and political unrest we
have seen in recent months, the common people
(the Moon in a Mundane Chart) angry at the lack
of leadership and the trashing of basic democratic
principles by the Berlusconis government.
The Lunar South Node is transiting the Sixth
House, not good news for the Italian workforce,
and it is now conjunct Italys natal Uranus there,
indicating that whatever disruption and upheaval
happen at the present time are simply the karmic
products of past errors.
On a positive note Jupiter is transiting Italys
foundation sector, conjunct its natal part of
Fortune and close to a trine to transiting Pluto,
positive aspects, injecting some optimism and
confidence in the Italian psyche during these
trouble times. Jupiter may not be able to
counteract the Saturnine, Plutonian and Uranian
difficulties discussed above, but it will help the
collective morale and the countrys sense of
belonging and cohesion.
Silvio Berlusconi and the July 1 Cancer Solar
Here is Berlusconi Natal Chart with the July 1
Solar Eclipse super-imposed on it.

Click to enlarge

Silvio Berlusconi has been the Italian Prime

minister since 1994 (three terms in office). In the
double-wheel Horoscope above we can see the
present Cardinal Grand Cross spanning his First
House, with Saturn in Libra separating from the
conjunction to his Sun and Mercury (a big, hard
lesson), his Seventh House of open enmity, with
disruptive Uranus transiting there, his Fourth
House, the foundation of his Chart, with Pluto
transiting there, and his Tenth House of
reputation and career, occupied by the present
Cancer Eclipse. To add to his mounting problems
transiting Jupiter is applying to his natal Uranus
in Taurus, indicating a possible sudden turn of
events, and transiting Neptune in Pisces, while in
trine to his natal Venus in Scorpio, is also
opposing his natal Mars in Virgo, aspects that will
not help him much to regain the trust of his party
or of the Italian people. Both these transits are in
fact meaningful signatures of the recurring
scandals that has bugged Berlusconis life in the
last few years (sex and corrupted business
Finally Chiron will hover for a while on the cusp of
Berlusconis Sixth House, predicting perhaps
serious health problems in the coming months
and years.
n July 1 the last event of the Descending Nodes
Eclipse Season will be another Partial Solar
Eclipse, with a difference.
Eclipses have a lineage, starting from a a sort of
Mother Eclipse, the one from which all other
Eclipses of the same family are born. The partial
Eclipse of the Sun on July 1 is such a Matrix
event, beginning a family that will engender 69

Astronomically this particular Eclipse may be

considered unimportant when compared with the
widely visible and Total Lunar and Solar Eclipses
of recent times. Hardly anyone will be able to
catch a glimpse of this event, occurring in the icy
wastes of Antarctica, at sea, very much south of
Southern Africa. To add to the locations
difficulties this is only a partial event of very little
magnitude (0.097).
This is how the Eclipse Geeks site defines this
event: one of the remotest solar eclipse to
occur, even in the modern age, . challenging to
reach. due to such a remote location is possible that it
may go completely unobserved and turn out to be the
eclipse no one ever sees.
. And Hermit Eclipse: must be almost a
record for the most insignificant solar eclipse, a
tiny partial eclipse will be visible from a small
patch of ocean near Antarctica.
The Wiki article for this Eclipse, with animations
etc., can be found HERE.
From an astrological viewpoint, however, this is
an exceptionally significant event, the Matrix of
1226 years of future Eclipses (2011 to 3237),
spanning from the Antarctic to the Arctic Circle,
from the South to the North Pole. If we trust the
knowledge that has been handed down to us, this
Eclipse could contain, in embryonic form, the
challenges and triumphs of many centuries to
come. The Chart cast for the first Eclipse of a
series is like the Birth Chart of the whole series,
the foundation of all future developments.
Due to the intense nature of the Transits active
during this Eclipse all the others belonging to the
same series will also usher periods of significant
challenges and upheavals for our world.
Here is the Birth Chart of this event, calculated
for the coordinates of Canberra, Australias
national capital.

Click to enlarge

Like the Eclipses that preceded it in June this

Eclipse is an active participant in the present
configuration of Transits in Cardinal Signs.
At the time of the last Lunar Eclipse (June 15)
Mercury in Cancer filled the missing degree of the
Cardinal T square formed by Pluto in Capricorn,
Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. During this
event instead it is the New Moons degree (Sun
and Moon in conjunction) that is filling the same
space, completing thus a Grand Cross with the
slow moving destiny makers. To name these
transits again: the New Moon degree is square
(90 degrees) Saturn in Libra, square Uranus in
Aries and opposed (180 degrees) to Pluto in
The Cardinal Grand Cross has been the subject of
astrological study and commentary by just about
every astrological seeker on the planet. It has
been our daily bread, since we began to
anticipate it at the ingress of Pluto in Capricorn in
late 2008. The present Eclipse in Cancer only
confirms that the power of this rare configuration
is still very much upon us and that the
momentum for radical changes and
unprecedented upheavals, welcome or dreaded
as it might be, is simply unavoidable.
The birthday people aligned to this Cancer Solar
Eclipse are Cancer (June30/July2), Capricorn
(December31/January2), Aries (March29/31) and
Libra (October2 /4); as well as anyone with
Moon, Ascendant or planets between the 8th and
10th degree of the above Signs. These are
exciting but potentially upsetting times for you,

when you will need to look at making important

changes in your life, in whatever area that
happens to be highlighted by this very special
New Moon. Becoming a willing participant in the
changes that fate has decreed for you at this
crucial time could bring unexpected positive
I have found a great example of this in a
comment sent to me by a reader named Julia,
expressing just the exhilarating effect of changes
that may appear at first negative or frightening.
Julia says: I lost my job after 20 years of hard
work and little fun. I have no idea where I am
headed. But I feel free and happy. This is the
sort of psychological approach that can transform
the dreaded Cardinal Grand Cross into a
liberating and empowering experience.
The Cancer Solar Eclipse in Mundane Charts
Here are two double-wheels Charts showing the
interaction of the present Cancer Eclipse with the
Birth Charts of two nations that are, at the
moment, experiencing severe crisis: Greece and
The Eclipse has been relocated using the
coordinates of the national capital of each
Greece and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July
1, 2011

Click to enlarge

Note how the Eclipse Sun-Moons degree is close

to Greece Saturn-Mercurys conjunction and to
the nations Ascendant, and at right angle to
Greeces conjunction Moon-Pluto, while transiting
Saturn separates from the same, forming also
another right angle with Greeces Mercury,
Saturn and Ascendant. All of this while Uranus
perfectly opposes Greeces Moon and Pluto and
forms an ongoing square to Venus. And transiting
Pluto, in the VI House, the area pertaining to a
nations work-force, will be in opposition to
Greece Cancer planets ( Venus, Mercury, Saturn)
and in square to Greeces Moon and Pluto in
Libra, promising a volatile climate to continue for
a long time yet. The Pluto-Venus opposition in
particular suggests the deep financial crisis and
lack of security the Greek people are
experiencing, and also the resentment and desire
for revenge they are expressing via their violent
The above sketchy outline shows a strikingly
obvious connection of Greeces Natal Chart to the
revolutionary Cardinal Grand Cross.
Furthermore the transiting Mid-heaven in Athens,
at the time of the Eclipse, is at right angle to
Greeces Jupiter in the IX House of foreign affairs,
and conjunct Greeces South Node, indicating a
time of reckoning for this nation public image,
now that past errors (South Node) are exposed.
Transiting Mars is also in perfect opposition to
Greece Neptune on the cusp of the VI House, a fit
symbol for the chaotic unrest and total confusion
reigning in the country at this time, and the fact
that the Greek working class has become the
unwilling and angry victim of this crisis.
Libya and the Cancer Solar Eclipse of July 1,

Click to enlarge

The civil war raging in Libya since February this

year is dramatically expressed by the transits
active during this Solar Eclipse.
Uranus, the mover and shaker, is highlighted in
many ways: the New Moons degree is conjunct
Libyas natal Uranus, in the Tenth House (the
countrys public image); while transiting Uranus
is very close to a conjunction to Libyas Jupiter in
the area of public relation and open enmity (VII
House).The transiting Uranus is also at right
angle (square) to Libyas Chiron in Capricorn, and
still in orb of square to Libyas Sun, also in
Capricorn. The latter transits are extremely
important because they happen between Libyas
public relations sector (VII House) and its
foundation (IV House).
Uranus and Pluto have been shaking the very
foundations of Libya as a nation and the mandate
of its leadership in particular (Sun). Pluto and
Uranus, simultaneously activating Libyas Sun
and Chiron, show how unavoidably painful this
Uranian-Plutonian change is proving to be.
Uranus represents, at one and the same time,
the two opposing sides of this civil war: the
promethean spirit of rebellion against all forms of
tyranny, as well as the staunch and intolerant
stand of the tyrant himself. And Pluto indicates
that the crisis is a terminal one, requiring the
eradication of those aspects of the past that have
become toxic. Since 2009 the passage of Pluto
over Libyas Sun has demanded a radical new
approach to leadership in this country, and, the

way things are going, implying perhaps even the

death of the leader and of his political grip on
This country, as many others deeply experiencing
the present turmoil (Ireland, Japan, the USA) is
also going though a prolonged Saturn Return, a
time of restructuring and maturing, a difficult but
necessary stage of all growth processes.
Finally transiting Neptune in Pisces is in positive
aspect to Libyas Sun in Capricorn (sextile) and
Moon in late Libra, cusp Scorpio. The Moon,
representing the common people in Mundane
Astrology, has also been activated, over and over
again, by recent Full Moon and the all important
Total Lunar Eclipse of December 2010, the same
that fell on Gaddafis own natal Jupiter and
squared his Moon (Sunrise Chart). The Neptune
Transits describe well the idealism of the Libyan
people and their willingness to sacrifice their
personal interests and even their lives to achieve
the dream of democracy, against very tough
odds. An inspiration for all.
Stay tuned for more on the possible effects of
this Eclipse on countries like Italy, Ireland, Egypt,
the USA and Japan.
If interested HERE you can find another post
discussing, amongst other things, the July 1 Solar
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Ash clouds, volcanoes and

earthquakes: can they have
anything to do with the Eclipses
Season? Yes, theycan!
June 15, 2011 Living Moon Astrology

Reuters Photo

I re-post here part of an article I published on

April 15, 2011. There I discussed, amongst other
things, the possible effects of the Total Lunar
Eclipse that is now upon us.
The article was about the major Transits active
between June and September 2011, and included
also a discussion of the Solar Eclipses of June and
July, one on the June Gemini New Moon, just
past, and the other on the Cancer New Moon
coming in July. If interested, please click here to
view the whole article.
Another article, Eclipses Doors of Perception, on
the general effect of Eclipses in our own
individual Birth Charts can be found HERE.
Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, June
15/16 (depending where you happen to be in
the world).
This is an important event, an eclipse of long
duration (one hour and forty minutes), passing
deeply through the Earths shadow, and thus
meant to be more influential. It will be visible in
its totality in Eastern Africa, the Middle East,
Central Asia, India and Western Australia. The

Moon will be rising as she becomes eclipsed in

South America, West Africa and Europe, and
setting instead over East Asia and the eastern
states of Australia. North America is cut off from
the shadow and will not witness directly this
Sun, Moon and Mercury are forming a 90 degrees
angle to Ceres (Demeter) the largest asteroid
orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. In the last few
years I have tried to observe the position and
aspects of Ceres at the time the Earth has been
particularly challenged by natural and man-made
disasters, and often found meaningful
connections. Not surprising in view of the fact
that Ceres is a symbol of the original Earth
Mother, Goddess of the Harvest and first Mater
Dolorosa, weeping Madonna of myths and
religions, mourning the death of her child. This
archetype is brought to light by the darkling
eclipsed Full Moon, time for full emotional impact
and deep realizations.
Mars is an important actor at this time, as it is
transiting Taurus, a difficult terrain for this
planet. Mars can in fact make the notorious
wilfulness of this Earth Sign more fiery and
dangerous. It will be even more so during this
Lunar Eclipse, due to Mars conjunction to the
head of Medusa (the star Algol), a troublesome
encounter, inclining to power struggles and
sometimes even bloodshed.
Mars in Taurus is said to sometimes function as a
trigger for increased seismic and volcanic activity,
if other more ponderous transits point in the
same direction. Mars is also just separating from
an aspect to Saturn, always a difficult bedfellow,
and approaching a square to Neptune in early
Pisces, the aspect is not as close, but still seems
significant, because of the proximity to the time
of the eclipse.
Due to the above considerations and to the
eclipses totality this event could be more
powerful than the other two solar eclipses.
The people whose birthday will be in direct
alignment with this eclipse will be Sagittarius
(December14/16), Gemini (June13/15), Virgo
(September15/17) and Pisces (March13/15); or

anyone with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets

around the 24th degree of the same Signs.
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Julia Gillard and the Descending

Node Eclipses Season, June/
June 8, 2011 Living Moon Astrology

It is not too late to discuss again the Gemini

Solar Eclipse that has just happened (June 2,
7.02, NSW time), because Eclipses work
somehow as the transits of slow moving planets,
their effect extending backward and forward in
time, now and again triggered by the transits of
faster moving bodies, or by Lunations (Moon
Phases). This Eclipse is also only one of three for
the months of June and July, this being the
Descending Node Eclipses Season.
The Descending Node partakes of the past,
bringing up unresolved issues or karma acquired
in the past. It has a descending, inward energy,
that may not be propitious for initiating
something, but rather to repair the past and look
inward. When the South Node is highlighted old
habits may prove irresistible, but they should be
seen as detrimental to the unfolding of future
As I explained in my previous post on Eclipses
Doors of Perception the effect of an Eclipse,
when found close to the Sun, Moon,
Ascendant ,or any of the Charts Angles, Planets
and/or the Lunar Nodes, can last for months and,
in fact, can turn into a life changing event.
While it is true that an Eclipse will have some
effect on everyone, according to the relative
position in the Birth Chart, a very tight orb of
one degree or less to a sensitive point will
guarantee an important outer or inner
manifestation in the life of the individual.

I have spent some time in the past week

searching my data base for Charts somewhat
aligned to this Eclipses Season. I have found a
few that could be of interest to my readers. My
intention is not to forecast specific events for
these individuals, but to simply observe how
Eclipses, together with major Transits and
Progressions, are apt to explain a lot of what
goes on in our lives.
I have used throughout a tight orb of one degree
or less, and only conjunctions, oppositions and
squares between the Eclipses degree and Natal
points. In each case I have cast the Eclipses
Charts for the coordinates of the place more
relevant to the person, like Canberra for our
Australian Prime Minister, and London for Camilla
Parker Bowles. The Natal Chart is always in the
inner wheel, while the Eclipse in the outer wheel.
In this post I begin with Julia Gillard, Australian
Prime Minister, whose Natal Chart is closely
linked to the two Junes Eclipses, Solar and
Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister
Julia Gillard is traversing at present a very
difficult stretch of her political career, struggling
with passing the controversial carbon tax and
challenged from many quarters for her partys
proposal to implement the so called Malaysian
solution, to solve refugees problems. Her
approval ratings and that of the Labor party she
leads are at their lowest.
Astrologically there are some striking
correspondences between the degrees activated
by the June Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Julia
Gillards Natal Chart.
I have used the Midday Chart for Gillard because
it is the only approximate time available.

~ Julia Gillard and the Gemini Solar Eclipse, June 2

New Moon ~ Click to enlarge ~

On June 2, the Sun and Moon were exactly

conjunct Julia Gillards 11 Gemini Moon in the
VII House of relationships and open enemies,
while the Sun became partially eclipsed by the
This is promising an emotional time for our Prime
Minister, the Moon representing the seat of
emotions, the weaver of feelings in a persons
life, also the home life and the sense of
belonging. All her relationship will be touched by
this Eclipse, her public image as well as her
personal life.
An Eclipse on the Natal Moon might, in some
cases, bring heartache and domestic troubles or
make unsolved issues from the past to surface
(South Node Eclipse). This particular instance
may not be an exception to that. With the Moon
ruling the Natal VIII House, with the Sign of
Cancer intercepted there, a death in the family
cannot be ruled out, or some emotional loss.
There are also some positive aspects to consider.
One of them is from Saturn, turning Direct in
June, at the time of the Solar Eclipse forming a
positive aspect with the Eclipse degree and Julias
Natal Moon, a configuration that should help to
stabilize her life, in the relationship and career
areas. Perhaps the much talked marriage
proposal from her partner Tim Mathieson may
become a reality, Saturn always working to make
things more permanent and secure.
A forming Earth Grand Trine between the
transiting Jupiter in Taurus (Natal V House of
romance), the Natal Venus-Plutos conjunction
(IX House of distant travel and dreams), and the

transiting Pluto (in the II House of financial and

emotional security) will remain active between
July 2011 and April 2012. This harmonious
configuration seems also to point out to an
opportunity for change and improvement in the
area of close relationships, a greater degree of
intimacy, possible liaison or marriage. If the
Prime Minister were a younger woman one may
even suggest the possibility of children!
An important turning point in her love and social
life is in the cards, considering that Venus and
Pluto were conjunct at birth, and that, for the
next two years or so, Pluto will be forming a trine
with Natal Venus, a positive station of her VenusPlutos journey. Because the original conjunction
happened in the IX Natal House there is also the
potential for a change of mind, a philosophical
rebirth, a Saul on the way to Damascus type of
experience, that could transform her into an all
together better, more in touch person, reviving
her Scorpio empathy and emotional intensity and
integrity. Often this journey is completed at a
grievous cost to the ego (Plutos stuff).
Politically the same Saturns aspect could help
Julia Gillard to regain some of the sense of
authority and leadership that is essential to her
present role. Seemingly leading in the same
direction is her Secondary Progressed Moon, by a
great example of synchronicity, leaving the Water
Sign of Pisces and entering Fiery Aries on June 2,
the same day of the Solar Eclipse!
Aries is a Sign of action and initiative, with a well
developed fighting spirit. With the Moon
progressing through Aries she might be able to
fight back her opponents more successfully, while
still having to struggle for a while with some
powerful personal demons (Sun square Pluto).
Plutos transits of this magnitude happen once in
a life-time. Pluto is manifesting outwardly in the
barrage of enmity she has recently attracted from
both ends of the political spectrum; a power
struggle that could even worsen in future
months, because Pluto will continue squaring her
Sun degree until the end of 2012, while Uranus
will get closer to his opposition to her Natal Sun
(exact from April 2012 to April 2013). Positively

these transits could give the Prime Minister the

will and resolution to hold on into her position,
or, better, challenge her to a deep soul-search
about her public role and the way she has been
handling the authority she has been given. The
Natal Sun, symbol of self-identity, is in the X
House of career and accomplishments, transiting
Pluto, symbol of personal power, in the II House
of security and values, and transiting Uranus, the
urge to individuate, in the IV House, the
foundation of being and home sector.
A way to utilize a major Plutos transit and learn
from it is to embrace integrity, the honesty that
comes from within, when one is able to challenge
oneself. Pluto-Suns Transits demand a profound
change of attitudes, to surface from the crisis
with a sense of identity one can honestly live
We should not forget, while talking about the
transits of Pluto on the Australian Prime Ministers
Chart, that, at the same time, Pluto is also very
close to Australias own Natal Saturn and not that
far from Australias Natal Sun in Capricorn (in the
so called Australian Federation Chart of January
1, 1901, 1.35 pm). These transits indicating a
rather trying time ahead for Australia, up to the
end of 2013, when the use or abuse of natural
resources and political power will be put to the
test, the first such Plutonian test in the nations
history. It is indeed a great responsibility to run
the country in times like these.
Other significant transits of this period are those
of Venus and Mars, both in the Sign of Taurus at
the time of the first Solar Eclipse (June 2), while
later, by the the time of the Lunar Eclipse (June
16), Venus will be transiting Gemini, very close to
Julia Gillards Natal Moon, that she will conjunct
on June 19.
At the same time Mars will be still transiting
Taurus, right on her Natal Descendant, the Cusp
of relationship and marriage, on the Fixed Star
Algol, an intense and even dangerous stellar
influence. Both close relationships and open
enemies can become very relevant under a
transit like this. The applying conjunction of the
transiting Venus to Natal Moon may soften the

impact to a great extent. Marriage or

engagement possibilities under these
circumstances too.
The harmonious aspect of Neptune to her Natal
Mars in Libra and opposition to her Natal Uranus
in Leo will return for a while after Neptune will
move back to Aquarius, between August 2011
and February 2012. These were some of the most
significant aspects at the time of her Election to
the Prime Minister-ship, and could still help her to
revive her tarnished image, if she could project a
more humanitarian and inclusive image of
A last thought, before moving onto the Total
Lunar Eclipse of June 16, something that in fact
connects the two Eclipses together and both with
Julia Gillards Natal Chart.
The Gemini Solar Eclipse occurred soon after
sunrise in Canberra, Australias national capital.
The Rising Sign of the moment was therefore also
Gemini, conjunct the Eclipses degree and Julia
Gillards Natal Moon. This meaningful coincidence
of the sunrise in the nations capital, at the exact
time of an Eclipse, being close to the Prime
Ministers Natal Moon, is surprisingly reenacted at
the Lunar Eclipse, on June 16, when the sunrise
in Canberra, at the time of the Eclipse, will be
also conjunct the Prime Ministers Moon!

~ Julia Gillard and the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, June

16 Full Moon ~ Click to enlarge ~

Apart from the meaningful transits of Venus and

Mars, at the time of this Lunar Eclipse, that I
discussed earlier, the other major connection
between this Eclipse and Julia Gillards Natal
Chart was already active at the previous Eclipse,
and it is that of her Natal Lunar Nodes and the
transiting Nodes. At the time of the Total Lunar
Eclipse the Sun joins the transiting North Node
and the Moon the transiting South Node. The
mutual connection of the transiting Sun, Moon
and Nodes, at the time of an Eclipse, to the Natal
Lunar Nodes in the Chart of an individual got to
be significant.
The transiting Lunar Nodes, North Node in
Sagittarius and South Node in Gemini, are in
harmonious aspects (trine and sextile) with
Gillards Natal Lunar Nodes in Leo and Aquarius
respectively. These transits highlight the
relationship area and the philosophy and ideals
area of her Natal Chart. I believe that these
harmonious angles could help the Prime Minister
to find new inspiration in the sort of political and
moral principles that could restore some of her
tainted relationship with the Australian people.
The fact that the Natal North Node was at her
birth in the IX House shows how important, for
the making or breaking of her own humanitarian
principles and perhaps political career, would be
the asylum seekers question and, in general, the
governments foreign affairs policies, including
the selling of Uranium and the war in
To conclude, just for curiosity sake, the next
Solar Eclipse, a New Moon on the 9th degree of
Cancer, on July 1, will fall in Julia Gillards VIII
House of transformation and regeneration, right
on her Vertex, a spiritual rising degree, eager to
emerge into the individuals life, but often
obfuscated by the more ego-driven personality.
he language of Eclipses
On the eve of a new Eclipse season I find myself
considering the language astrologers, including
myself, adopt at times to describe Eclipses: a

mixture of glamor and mystery, often far too

esoteric to provide any real guidance. This
language is obviously chosen to evoke special
feelings in the reader, a sense of danger, even
doom, but also of unlimited possibilities.
Traditional astrological texts more often than not
describe the effects of Eclipses in very lurid
terms, often depicting them as evil omens. Some
modern readers of horoscopes are instead waxing
lyrical about all the profound realizations and life
changes we are all going to experience thanks to
Eclipses. Maybe we need to find a middle way
between these two extremes.
To use few examples of the traditional approach:
Alan Leo (1860-1917), in the footsteps of William
Lilly (1602-1681), described thus the possible
effect of a Solar Eclipse in the second Decan of
Gemini (as the one coming on June1/2): Thefts
and robberies, piracy and slaughters (Lilly about
the same Decan Eclipse states: much Piracy at
Sea, and Murder, many fruitless treaties, many
turbulent Petitions presented by the people to
their Superiors.).
Alan Leo again, talking about a Lunar Eclipse in
the Third Decan of Gemini (as the one coming on
June 15): The pestilence and many evil (sic).
And the Solar Eclipse in the first Decan of Cancer
(as the one coming on July 1): Disturbs the air,
and causes various winds and alterations of
And what about this brief survey on the general
effects of Eclipses from Sepharials (1864-1929)
Dictionary of Astrology: .disasters, tribulations,
sickness and even death..Falling on the Moon
they denote hurt to mother, on the Sun to the
father, on Jupiter to uncles, on Mars to brothers,
on Venus to sisters, and on Mercury to aunts.
No one is safe by the sound of it!
I reproduce here Sepharials last comments
because I have my own little story to tell about
Eclipses on my Natal Venus (First House),
Neptune (Third House) and Ascendant, in faraway 1953. They lived to be not messengers of
terrible events, but of a joyous one, the birth of
my much loved younger sister. The points in my
Natal Chart that those Eclipses touched show the

great love we share, but also the anguish of

separation and longing for union (Neptune and
Saturn in the Third House), and the fated loss
caused by living far apart for a very long time
(Venus conjunct Pluto, both opposing the Moon).
No wonder some modern writers sound so
esoteric when talking about Eclipses! It is indeed
difficult to translate the archaic language of
Eclipses into one intelligible to the modern
reader. On the other hand, to modernize and
rationalize the language of Eclipses, calling them
opportunities, as I have often done, is perhaps an
attempt at oversimplifying something because we
dont understand it or we dont know how to
describe it.
Apart from all the dire predictions Eclipses in
antiquity were also depicted, in writing and art,
as Jacobs ladders to angelic realms, or shadow
bridges to cross over to the world of the dead
and the unborn, more doors of perceptions than
just opportunities, I would say!
It is true that Eclipses were considered powerful
omens, but not necessarily negative ones; they
were in many cases seen as harbingers of
success and positive developments, promising a
victory in battle or a kings ascension to the
The unfair distribution of Eclipses
Eclipses are so elusive in personal experience,
because their distribution, during a life time, their
frequency, intensity and duration of effect vary
considerably from person to person and from
Eclipse o Eclipse. An Eclipse, Partial, Annular,
Lunar, Solar, whatever, can have a revolutionary,
traumatic or exciting effect on a particular
individual, while having no effect at all on
another. Even if he/she is someone sharing the
same Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. This marked
difference of effect can be explained by the fact
that Eclipses come in series and family of series.
During a period of 18 years and 9/11 days there
would be 70 to 72 Eclipses (Solar and Lunar), an
average of four Eclipses per year (but there could
be as many as seven some years). Only a portion
of the whole zodiacal circle will be touched by
Eclipses, so some Signs will have a greater share

of Eclipses than other Signs, during a given

So, for instance, if you had the Sun at zero
degree Cancer at birth and you were born in
1951, like I was, seven Eclipses (four Solar and
three Lunar) would have fallen over your Suns
position, between 1951 and 2011, and there will
be others, in 2020, 2029 and 2039, if you live
long enough.
If, instead you were born with the Sun in Cancer,
but on the fifth degree of this Signs, born four to
five days after I was, you would not expereince
any Eclipse over your Suns position, for the
whole of your life. You could, however,
experience, at different times, Eclipses on your
Moon, Ascendant , Planets or Nodes.
To get an idea of the uneven distribution of
Eclipses, between the years 2000 and 2011 there
have been five Eclipses on different degrees of
Aquarius and Virgo, four in Aries, Gemini and
Leo, three in Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces, only two
in Libra, but six in Sagittarius, and eight in
Cancer and Capricorn.
My own Approach to the study of Eclipses
My approach to the study of Eclipses springs from
personal observations of their influence on my
own Chart and life, and those of some clients,
and also from the perusal of Eclipses stories and
interpretations in different astrological texts,
modern and old, providing a wealth of Natal and
Mundane examples. A text that really helped me
personally to understand the working of Eclipses
is Eclipses by the scholar of the Occult David
Ovasons, a book full of useful information and
insight. Ovason stresses in particular the
importance of the relationship between Fixed
Stars and Eclipses degrees, discussing many
great case histories to make his point.
When I know an Eclipse is close at hand I repeat
the mantra I have often used with my students:
Eclipses of the Sun are New Moons, Eclipses of
the Moon are Full Moons. I am not here to
demystify Eclipses, but I feel we need to have a
more level headed approach toward them, not
always expecting incredible events to take place
or our personal lives to be transformed by them.

Here I have attempted to do this without denying

the power an Eclipse can actually exert in a
persons life and in the life of the collective. What
I am advocating is to look closely at the Eclipse
itself and also put it in the context of the current
Transits. Eclipses are not separated phenomena,
but are part, like every other cosmic event, of a
much bigger picture.
In some of the examples that Im using here
youll find that the power of an Eclipse is always
magnified by the presence of other major
Transits happening during the Eclipses period of
activity, a period that can stretch, forward and
backward in time, for months and even years.
How to look for your important Eclipses, upclose and personal
Every New Moon is a portal to a league of the
monthly journey. When the New Moon falls on
your birth Sign you know that to be a special
beginning for you, a turning point in the yearly
cycle. Now, if that New Moon, like in this case, is
also a Solar Eclipse the New Moons portal is
opening to a wider horizon than just few months
ahead, and also to deeper dimensions of
experience; sometimes even a re-birthing of sort.
Still, fundamentally, the Solar Eclipse remains a
symbol of the end of one cycle and the start of
another, though perhaps a particularly intense
and significant one.
Following the same reasoning every Full Moon
represents the climax of a journey or period. If
this event happens around your birthday it would
be a more significant climax. If the Full Moon
were also a Lunar Eclipse you could expect some
major realizations and far-reaching climax type
Eclipses are not rare phenomena, but they will
produce a marked effect only if falling in close
conjunction and opposition (for the Lunar
Eclipses) to a sensitive point in your Birth or
Progressed Charts, meaning Sun, Moon, Planets,
Angles, Lunar Nodes. The orb (distance) allowed
for Eclipses aspects should be, I think, very
tight, one degree or less, or we would end up
with too many Eclipses and not much happening
with them. I am aware that many astrologers

advocate a larger orb for Eclipses in conjunction

or opposition to your Natal Charts placements,
three or even five degrees, but I feel that
keeping to a tight orb is always the safest thing
to do, when trying to measure the strength of
any aspect. The closest the aspect, the more
obvious the effect. Eclipses are not exception.
When hunting Eclipses for a specific individual,
ascertain, first of all, if the person was born in an
Eclipse Season, with a Solar or Lunar Eclipse
closely following or preceding the birthday. If this
is the case make sure to search for any
conjunction of the Eclipses degrees (also
opposition, for Lunar Eclipses) with angular and
planetary placements in the Natal Chart,
especially with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or
Ruling Planet. Even when you dont find any close
aspect make a note of the areas of experience
(House) occupied by the Eclipses, because they
will remain sensitive areas throughout life,
where, from time to time, important crisis may
take place.
As you have gathered from my own example you
dont need to be born in an Eclipse Season to be
affected by the power of Eclipses.
With the help of the astrological software Solar
Fire I have created a list that shows the date,
Sign and degree of all Solar and Lunar Eclipses
happening between the years 1940 and 2011.
Looking at this list with your Natal Chart in hand
you can make a note of the years when an
Eclipse was conjunct any significant point in your
Chart (Sun, Moon, Angle, Node).
Please click Here for the 1940-2011 Soli-Lunar
Eclipses List.
Eclipses, like all astrological events, have a light
and a dark side. The type of experience depends
on a combination of the nature of the Planet
involved (aspected by the Eclipse) and the field
(astrological House) where the Eclipse occurs in
the Natal or Progressed Chart.
So, for instance, an Eclipse on your Sun will
affect your sense of identity and self-esteem, an
Eclipse on your Moon your emotions and family
life. An Eclipse in your Third House will colour
your communication and relationship with

siblings, in the Eighth House your intimate

relationships, your shared finances and your
desire for personal power, etc, etc.
The example I gave before, of the glut of Eclipses
I experienced the year my younger sister was
born, is one of many I could have used. Here are
a few more, hoping they will help you to
understand how Eclipses might work in your own
A Solar Eclipse on the 29th degree of Gemini fell
on my Natal Sun at 0 03 of Cancer, XI House,
in 1982, the year my partner and I emigrated to
Australia. Some change: we have never gone
back in 29 years! Thats an Eclipses effect. It
wouldnt have been so powerful though if not for
the assistance of a Saturn-Pluto-Jupiters passage
over the cusp of my IV House, nadir and taproot
of my Chart, life changing transits on their own.
Together with the Solar Eclipse, the Progressed
Moon in Aries in my Natal IX House of foreign
travels and people, and other apsects besides,
the Eclipse manifested in the decisive way it did.
And what about, earlier, a Lunar Eclipse on my
Pisces North Node, Natal VIII House, in 1979, the
year I visited India, my stay there lasting two
years, during which time I met my partner of
thirty years, and having a lot to do with the later
decision to emigrate to Australia. The emotional
impact of that period is still difficult to assess for
me, one of the most formative year of my life.
That Eclipse too wasnt alone, but coincided with
a full-on Saturn Return and other important
Eclipses havent quite finished with me, more are
coming my way, and I wasnt even born in an
Eclipse Season!
Please check my next post where Ill discuss how
the June and July Eclipses will interact with the
Natal Charts of some famous individuals, like
Julia Gillard, our Australian Prime Minister,
Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of the Prince of
Wales, Hosni Mubarak, ex President of Egypt,
Sathya Sai Baba, the Indian guru who recently
passed away, just to name a few.

Welcome to my thoughts for this opening Solstice

season, June to September 2011. Numerous
eclipses constellate this period, while new sets of
cosmic relationships are also emerging.
The planets in a nutshell: Jupiter enters Taurus
on June 4; Saturn is still transiting Libra, turning
direct on June 13; Uranus is powering ahead in
Aries, turning retrograde on July 10; Chiron and
Neptune are transiting Pisces, but Neptune will be
there only until August 5, when he will cross back
into Aquarius, remaining in this Sign until
February 2012.
Jupiter, from Fiery Aries to Earthy Taurus
Jupiter moves into a new Sign every year. This
shift is said to colour the philosophical/religious
attitudes of the time and of the people born
during this time, thus also generating future
trends when these people will be old enough to
have an impact on collective attitudes.
Earth always follows Fire in the organic sequence
of the Zodiac. What this particular shift reveals is
the collective need to ground (Earth) the ideals
we have conceived previously (Fire). We now
need to transform the ideals into practically
achievable goals. And there is more: Jupiter here
is also moving from a Cardinal Sign (active,
energetic, initiating) to a Fixed Sign (static,
conserving energy, stabilizing). This means that
not only we need to ground our ideals, but also
make them more secure, less liable to change
and waver.
When Jupiter transits Taurus, Earth Fixed Sign,
conservative views may prevail, because Taurus
is conservative and unchanging by nature. This is
not necessarily in the sense of bigotry and
intolerance, but rather in the sense of respect
toward traditions and tried and tested principles.
This phase of Jupiter then ensures the
conservation of what of the past we still consider
valuable, its most basic legacy over which we
want to build our future. Fixing our collective
ideals, even making them into dogmas at this
time will ensure that they will not be lost. The
continuity with the past will help to stabilize
society, fostering a feeling of personal and
collective security. During these troubled times

Jupiter in Taurus will be in fact one of the main

factors helping to keep society together.
All it is well when positive and forward looking
ideals become part of our human heritage, via
Jupiter in Taurus, because this Sign will help to
solidify them and make them more permanent.
Danger may lurk ahead however when backward
looking ideals creep instead back into the
collective psyche, creating a more intolerant and
draconian mindset. This is our philosophical
challenge in the coming months.
Jupiter has a lot to do also with global finance.
His transit through Taurus can be read as a
possible return to financial prosperity and ease.
To lend credibility to this idea Jupiter will also
form a harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn,
Lord of Riches, active, on an off, until April 2012.
We cannot exaggerate however the influence of
just one transit because the overall picture still
points at difficulties and changes affecting all
aspects of our social and political life. Jupiter will
also turn retrograde at the end of August, and
has not long ago separated from the opposition
to Saturn in Libra, indicating that the global
economic contraction will be on for a while
longer. Taurus and the aspect to Pluto could help
though, mitigating the effects of the financial
crisis, assuring at least supplies of essentials, like
food and shelter, to our planets people, Pluto
lending the necessary resources.
In the three months between June and August
the people who could feel in a big way the
expansive and optimistic Jupiters effect will be
Taurus (April19/30), Virgo (August22/
September2), Capricorn (December21/31),
Scorpio (October22/November 2), Leo (July22/
August2), Aquarius (January19/29).
June and July Eclipses
This astrological period is also very much about
Eclipses, three of the record six of 2011 occurring
between June and July. To have this number of
eclipses in a year is somewhat rare.
Because eclipses are considered as portals to
greater awareness, this year and this season
could bring awakening opportunities for a very
great number of people, through personal

breakthroughs as well as via the heightened

impact of global events.
The first is a Partial Solar Eclipse, on June
1/2 (depending where you are in the world),
visible only at high latitudes in the northern
hemisphere, Iceland, the Scandinavian countries,
North Alaska and North Canada. The transits
around this eclipse do not look as dramatic as
some we have had recently. Both Sun and Moon
will be in fact in harmonious aspect to Saturn, a
positive and constructive influence, especially
considering that Saturn will soon turn direct (on
June 13), always a cause for celebration, because
our efforts may start to bear results. This eclipse
will prove helpful to some Gemini (June1/3),
Sagittarius (December2/4), Virgo
(September2/4) and Pisces (February29/March2),
or anyone with Moon, Ascendant or planets
around the 11th degree of the above Signs. This
could be an ideal time to consolidate your
position in practical ways, building on your
professional and personal security, making
cautious but steady advances in your life. As all
New Moons a Solar Eclipse represents the start of
a new phase, this time not only for your month
ahead but for a much longer period.
A Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is
expected for June 15/16. This is an important
event, an eclipse of long duration (one hour and
forty minutes), passing deeply through the
Earths shadow, and thus meant to be more
influential. It will be visible in its totality in
Eastern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia,
India and Western Australia. The Moon will be
rising as she becomes eclipsed in South America,
West Africa and Europe, and setting instead over
East Asia and the eastern states of Australia.
North America is cut off from the shadow and will
not witness directly this eclipse.
Sun, Moon and Mercury are forming a 90 degrees
angle to Ceres (Demeter) the largest asteroid
orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. In the last few
years I have tried to observe the position and
aspects of Ceres at the time the Earth has been
particularly challenged by natural and man-made
disasters, and often found meaningful

connections. Not surprising in view of the fact

that Ceres is a symbol of the original Earth
Mother, Goddess of the Harvest and first Mater
Dolorosa, weeping Madonna of myths and
religions, mourning the death of her child. This
archetype is brought to light by the darkling
eclipsed Full Moon, time for full emotional impact
and deep realizations.
Mars is an important actor at this time, as it is
transiting Taurus, a difficult terrain for this
planet. Mars can in fact make the notorious
wilfulness of this Earth Sign more fiery and
dangerous. It will be even more so during this
Lunar Eclipse, due to Mars conjunction to the
head of Medusa (the star Algol), a troublesome
encounter, inclining to power struggles and
sometimes even bloodshed.
Mars in Taurus is said to sometimes function as a
trigger for increased seismic and volcanic activity,
if other more ponderous transits point in the
same direction. Mars is also just separating from
an aspect to Saturn, always a difficult bedfellow,
and approaching a square to Neptune in early
Pisces, the aspect is not as close, but still seems
significant, because of the proximity to the time
of the eclipse.
Due to the above considerations and to the
eclipses totality this event could be more
powerful than the other two solar eclipses.
The people whose birthday will be in direct
alignment with this eclipse will be Sagittarius
(December14/16), Gemini (June13/15), Virgo
(September15/17) and Pisces (March13/15); or
anyone with Moon, Ascendant and/or planets
around the 24th degree of the same Signs.
The third eclipse of the season will be another
Partial Solar, at the Cancer New Moon of
July 1, visible only in very low South latitudes,
near the Antarctic Circle.
Despite its limited range this is a special event,
being the first eclipse in a new (defined by a
Saros number) happening around the same
degree of longitude at intervals of 18 years. The
period inaugurated by this eclipse will last 1.226
years, until 3.237, and contain 69 Solar Eclipses!
Something important is beginning at this time,

whose influence would be however unformed for

now, not very well defined, with nonetheless
significant implications for the future. For many
years astrologers will look at this eclipse, trying
to fathom its possible effect on each of the
eclipses belonging to the same series. Great
If during the previous Solar Eclipse of June 1/2
the Sun and Moon formed a positive relationship
with Saturn, here instead they are forming a
difficult angle with the same planet.
This eclipse may have the effect of making
people realize their limitations, stressing more
what it is negative or lacking in their lives rather
than what is positive and abundant (a negative
Saturns effect). The sense of discouragement
and pessimism could prove difficult to shake off
for a while. On the positive side, as with the
previous eclipse, all events involving Saturn are
always helpful to find practical solutions to life
The birthday people aligned to this Cancer Solar
Eclipse are Cancer (June30/July2), Capricorn
(December31/January2), Aries (March29/31) and
Libra (October2 /4); as well as anyone with
Moon, Ascendant or planets around the 9th
degree of the above Signs.
Uranus in Aries begins its risque dance with
Pluto in Capricorn, take cover or ride the
wave, it is up to you.
Since March 12 Uranus in Aries has lend new
impetus around the globe to radical and rapid
reforms, even revolutions, as recent history has
demonstrated. Via the same amazing energy
Uranus ingress into Aries also coincided with the
appalling natural and ecological disaster that hit
Japan. We are learning that dealing with this
Uranus is like dealing with fire: it can be put to
many amazing uses to improve our lives, but it
has also the capacity to burn all our hopes to
cinders and cause severe geological and political
Between June and August 2011 Uranus and Pluto
will be transiting at a distance of around eighty
nine degrees from each other, very close to what
astrologers call a square aspect (ninety degrees

angle). The aspect will be close enough to give

the world a taste of its significance. The main
exact dates for this historical transit are still in
the future though, June and September 2012,
May and October 2013, April and December
2014, and finally April 2015. These are seven
exact squares in three years!
From the lengthy duration of this transit we can
gather that it will be indeed a transformer of our
collective mind-set, an opportunity to embrace
real changes as it hasnt occurred for decades;
also, of course, implying an abrupt end of some
of our old ways of doing things, forced by
compelling outer circumstances.
It wouldnt be an overstatement to say that this
is one of the cosmic factors that will be
eventually responsible for the birth of a new
civilization, or, at least, for the demise of the old
one! It has been in the past and it will be now
even more so, because of the other major
planetary shifts occurring at the same time. It is
not all gloom and doom either, because only
through a deep renewal of our human values we
can look forward to a viable future on the planet.
A radical way of tackling ingrained problems is
emerging and will continue to gain strength in the
coming years. This could be very positive, if
enough conscious individuals decide to take a
stand, but it is also naturally fraught with the
danger of extremism, power-mongering, and the
desperate attempt on the part of the powers to
be and the international plutocracy (dominion of
the super rich) to cling to the old corrupted and
unfair ways.
More instances of war, international hostility and
general unrest are possible, as well as more
geological turbulence, because both Uranus and
Pluto symbolize unmitigated and uncompromising
stances, Uranus bent on fostering change no
matter the cost, and Pluto bent on destroying in
order to make a complete fresh start, because he
is as much the God of Life as he is the God of
The strength and solidity of our public
institutions, systems of government, education,
science and technology, industries, financial

institutions, laws, ideologies, beliefs will be put to

one of the greatest test in recent history.
Countries in the Middle East and in the African
continent will continue a steady surge of
uprisings, Central and South American countries
will follow suit, while also giants like China,
Russia and India will be seriously unsettled, the
old system of government tested as never before.
Since 2008 the energetic Cardinal Signs (Aries,
Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) have become activated
by various transits, meaning that this is time for
action and not procrastination, that collectively
we are all quite driven to participate into those
ground-breaking activities, sometimes even
subversive and dangerous ones, that will be
necessary to bring on the changes we want to
see in the world. They are anyway fated to occur,
because the time is right, as the cosmos is clearly
Many of us who feel their life style and livelihood
threatened by these social upheavals could do
well to prepare for more adjustments, looking at
what seems now unsettling with an eye to the
future, when those same changes will bring on a
renewed sense of security and a better world,
once the dust has had time to set on the ruins of
the old one.
In a way the present season is the ideal time to
begin making some of those adjustments. The
main aim would be to become more independent
and self sufficient, reducing our needs and
working on our life skills, like building, gardening,
husbandry, recycling, DIY projects, creating more
independent incomes etc. These are the skills
that could help us ride the wave of possible
future crisis with greater ease.
Observing Uranus-Plutos mutual relationship in
the context of their whole cycle (synodical
period), they formed a waning square between
1932 and 1934 (extending to 1935/36), then
they met in conjunction between 1965 and 1966
(extending to 1968), and they are now
approaching the waxing square that will extend
to 2015/16. The past dates have been very
significant in shaping our collective history, with
the enormous socio-economic changes of the

1930s during their previous square, that

culminated in the Second World War, and the
cultural revolution of the 1960s, during their
conjunction (a more constructive aspect than the
square), that ushered a wave of revolutionary
thinking, as well as social and political reforms
that many of us take now for granted but werent
granted at all, back then.
In June 2011 the Uranus-Plutos square will
receive an indirect boost from the transits of
Saturn and Mercury, traveling in Libra and Cancer
respectively, and forming wide squares and
oppositions to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in
Capricorn, around the 20th of the month. Later
on a similar trigger could be Mars in Cancer
opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus, between the
9th and 13th of August.
When faster moving celestial bodies enter in
contact with slow moving ones they function as
triggers of their energies, bringing the effect of
the slow transits in our every day immediate
Another loop for Mercury
Mercury will make his cosmic loop between
August 2 and 27, from early Virgo to mid-Leo.
Careful consideration of the way you
communicate your mind and your manner of
thinking will be on the cards for some Virgo
(August23/24) and Leo (August11/23). Expect
some disruptions, delays and misunderstandings;
even in the most carefully planned, routine jobs.
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A Solar Eclipse at the final JupiterUranus encounter: bring iton

January 4, 2011 Living Moon Astrology

New Moon in Capricorn and Partial

Solar Eclipse
January 4 2011
At 8.02 pm (Eastern Australia Summer Time) the
New Moon in Capricorn will be also a Partial
Solar Eclipse.
This partial eclipse will be visible from most of
Europe, where the event will happen just on
sunrise, and also North Africa, the Middle East
and central Asia. Cities like Cairo, Jerusalem,
Istanbul and Tehran will see a large magnitude
Eclipse, while the greatest phase will occur in
northern Scandinavia. Central Russia,

Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Northern China will

witness a sunset Eclipse.
Unfortunately this Eclipse will not be visible at all
from Australia and New Zealand due to the fact
that it will occur after sunset for us.
More detailed information on the Eclipses
visibility from all parts of the globe can be found
on this Nasa page.
The more obvious features of this cosmic event
The synchronicity of the final conjunction
Jupiter-Uranus, happening on the same day, will
tend to magnify the effects of both. If the
conjunctions effect could linger at the most until
the end of January (Jupiter leaving the Sign of
Pisces on the 23rd of this month), the Eclipses
effect, extending further into the future, will
cause the effect of the conjunction to last longer
and also to become more compelling.
Thus the urge for radical changes written all over
the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will be still
immensely powerful at least for the first few
months of 2011. Individually and collectively it is
prompting us to take more risks, to assert our
individual rights to be ourselves, seeking greater
freedom and self-actualization in relationships, at
work and in our home environment. Particularly
affected by this transit will be individuals with
Sun in Pisces born 17, 18, 19 of March; Sun in
Virgo born 19, 20, 21 of September; Sun in
Gemini born17, 18, 19 of June; and Sun in
Sagittarius born 18, 19, 20 of December. Also
anyone with Birth Planets or points (Lunar Nodes,
Horoscopes Angles, etc.) on the 13th or 14th
degree of the same Mutable Signs.
90 degrees angle (square) between the SunMoon in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra.
This is a sobering transit, and somewhat of a kill
joy for some. While Jupiter and Uranus push us
toward ever more exciting and widening horizons,
Saturn reminds us of our duties and
responsibilities, of the promises we made in the
past, of the limitations of our situations and all
the good reason why we should use caution when
embracing changes and hankering after freedom.
During the first three months of 2011 Saturn will

transit over the Birth Sun of those Libra born

between October 8 and 12. The ringed planet will
also challenge Sun in Aries individuals born
between April 5 and 9; Sun in Cancer born
between July 7 and 11; and Sun in Capricorn
born between January 5 to 9. All of us (due to
the Eclipse effect), but those Sun Signs in
particular are the ones who will need to become
more grounded, paying greater attention to
practical concerns, money, job, family, and all
long term plans.
Sun and Moon in Capricorn separating from a
conjunction to heliacal Pluto (rising before the
Sun) and moving toward a conjunction to Mars in
Capricorn. These transits link together again Mars
and Pluto that have had their conjunction already
in mid-December 2010. These are intense
transits, promising more general upheavals,
discord and wars in the world, because of a
strong need for control and power (Pluto) coupled
with an equally strong desire to antagonize those
we perceive as our enemies (Mars). These
aspects can also indicate destructive events over
which we have little or no control. Positively,
read together with the Jupiter-Uranus urge to
innovate and change things around, these
transits could help us to be more ruthless and
assertive in getting rid of what is not anymore
useful to our life journey, and could in fact help
many to become free of unhealthy entanglements
and conditioning.
The general alignment of many celestial bodies
in Capricorn during this special New Moon (the
Sun, the Moon, the Lunar Nodes, Mars, the
Asteroid Pallas (Athena) and Pluto) seems to
indicate the ongoing need to remain grounded
(despite the lofty tendencies of Jupiter-Uranus),
to reduce our spending, and remain cautious
even when the general financial situation may
seem to improve. The Jupiter-Saturns opposition
is still unfolding, with the last exact transit in the
cards for the end of March 2011.
For curiosity sake (running out of time to post
this article before the actual Eclipse strikes) I
have also observed the opposition of Sun and

Moon to some remarkable Fixed Stars: Sirius of

Constellation Canis Major (the Great Dog at the
heels of Orion), Capella, alpha star of
Constellation Auriga (the Charioteer), Phact,
alpha star of Constellation Columba (the Dove),
and Bellatrix, gamma star of Constellation
At the same time Mars is opposing Castor, alpha
star of Constellation Gemini (the Twins) and
Venus is opposing powerful Algol (Head of
Medusa), alpha star of Constellation Perseus.

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This Solar Eclipses cycle Saros

number 151
The cosmic link to 1776 and the American
Declaration of Independence
Every Eclipse belongs to a certain group. Eclipses
pertaining to the same group are identified with a
number, called the Saros number. Astrologically
the very first Eclipse in each group sets the
tempo and significance of all the Eclipses
This particular event belongs to the Saros group
n151, series that began with a Partial Solar
Eclipse in 1776, in the Northern Hemisphere, and
will end with another Partial Solar Eclipse in

3.056, in the Southern Hemisphere, covering a

span of 1280 years.
1776 was the year Americas United Colonies (not
yet United States of America, a term sanctioned
only in September of the same year) declared
their independence from Great Britain, on July 4.
Both these dates are indeed very close to August
14, when our first 151 Saros Eclipse took place.
We can safely say that this Eclipse in particular
and others that occurred in the same year had
some bearing on these events, changing
dramatically the course of history, not just for
America but the whole world.
Below is the Astrological Chart for the 1776
event, calculated for the coordinates of
Washington DC.

Click to enlarge
Looking at this Horoscope I see straight away the
close conjunction of Sun and Moon to Venus, a
positive aspect, promising cooperation and
fairness in the new cycle heralded by the New
Moon. To make this transit more significant the
Sun and Moon were also in Parallel of Declination
with Venus, fact that helped to strengthen the
power of the conjunction. Also prominent was a T
Cross (configuration made up of an opposition

and two squares or right angles) linking the

conjunction Mars-Jupiter to the opposition
Saturn-Chiron, a difficult combination, setting the
exuberant Mars-Jupiters conjunction against the
limiting and painful effect of the Saturn-Chirons
opposition. As far as America was concerned this
showed the intense struggle between the drive
for independence and freedom in action (JupiterMars in Cancer) pitted against the conservative
rule of the British Empire (Saturn in Libra), a
thorn in the side of the fledgling nation (Chiron in
Due to the Saros number connection these old
times transits are also significant in the light of
the present day Eclipse, showing the struggle
between expansion and restriction, reforms and
fear of reforms that characterize our time, in the
States and most countries in the world.
To make the connection between these distant
Eclipses events more meaningful the present
Eclipse of January 4 2011 corresponds also to the
8th Saturn Return for the United States. This is a
Saturn Return on a grand scale, a 30 years cyclic
reality check for this powerful nation, evident in
the grave financial crisis America is experiencing
at the present time.
Here is a two-wheel horoscope, with the 1776
Chart of the USA Declaration of Independence in
the inner wheel and the present Eclipse in the
outer wheel.
Below is instead the Cartography Map for the
2011 Eclipse, calculated using the coordinates of
Washington. This Map shows, amongst other
things, the Eclipse placed directly on the MidHeaven of Baghdad, Iraq, a problematic world
region for America. This placement doesnt
promise much good for Iraq and near by
Afghanistan where America has invested so many
of its military and financial resources.
In the same Map Mars can also be seen on the
Mid-Heaven of Iran and on the Descendant
(House of open enemies) in Korea, increasing
tension in those already troubled regions.
The Eclipse itself will be visible in the whole of
the Middle east, fact traditionally considered to
make the effect of an Eclipse stronger.

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Please Click here to view a whole article, covering
the major transits active between December
2010 and March 2011. In this article I have also
discussed the January 4 Solar Eclipse as well as
the previous Lunar Eclipse of December 21,
whose effect is still unfolding.