Plimmerton Residents’ Association Newsletter

What’s new in Plimmerton?
June 2015

Ninety-three is the official count…
Thank you to the 93 who came out on a cold night for this year’s AGM. Inside the
Plimmerton Boating Club we were warm, well fed and entertained. To mention a few people
who made it special this year… Richard from PBC who helped with all the venue details and
terrific tucker, Murray Kilpatrick who welcomed us with his enjoyable guitar playing, Lisa
McLaren and Alan Reader from Civil Defence who patiently, consistently and urgently
continue to remind us to BE PREPARED, and our main speaker for the evening, Linda Fordyce
who took us on a journey through Plimmerton’s rich past with some wonderful stories.
And we also took care of business thanks to Dave Anderson our Chair and Janette WallaceGedge our astute minute taker, David Verrinder and Deidre-Lee Allen for organizing and
conducting the prize draw. See website for the list of winners and prizes, all the AGM
documents and a few more photos.

Regarding nominations for the committee 2015/16 The next PRA committee
meeting is Monday 22 June at 7.30pm at the Fire Station. Plimmerton and Camborne
residents are encouraged to come along. We look forward to seeing some new and old faces.
Bring your good ideas and enthusiasm and help make it a fun and productive 2015/16.

Not cold enough for you… the Kindy Mid-winter Dip is here Karehana beach
Sunday 28 June starting at 11am. The “Plunge” takes place at high noon. Best place for
photos. Follow the event as it unfolds on facebook.
Karehana Park… so much to be proud of There’s still an opportunity to purchase a
paver with your words inscribed. For a donation form and the most recent concept plan
which includes a high tech scooter park see website. The new swing is even fun for a 60 yr
old. .

In Plimmerton we have art around every corner Stroll in to Emerging Light
Gallery and The Bay Gallery to view many very talented local artists’ works. And this
coming weekend Saturday 30 May – Monday 1 June at the clubrooms at Mana Arts
Society see their Queen’s Birthday Weekend Exhibition. Their members work very
hard every year to bring this event to our doorstep.

Lizard Garden Rail planting. How did that go? Send us photos and any updates
regarding this effort. Bicycling along the path reveals some newly planted flaxes. We’re
eager to hear how it went.

Whitireia Park Planting Day Sunday 14 June, 9am-12pm. Meet at Onehunga Bay
carpark. Contact Chris Gibbons, call/text 027 478 8106 email

During the recent deluge help could be found at your fingertips The
Plimmerton/Camborne facebook page is fast becoming an invaluable resource for
latest updates from the Fire Brigade, your neighbour’s helpful advice, take it or
leave it, missing or found a pet - you name it it’s here.
That other theatre group is back… the one with the really really long
name… The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society
has again taken over Mana Little Theatre and will attempt to perform Macbeth.
Opens Wednesday 24th June thru to Saturday 4Th July.
See how well or not they perform Macbeth (that Scottish play). Don’t miss this one. Laugh
yourself silly and be quick about getting your tickets. Whole evenings have been booked
already. See their website

The Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet (GOPI) photo competition 2015
The winning photos can be seen online and at local venues over the next few
months: Porirua Library, May 23 till June 7; Palmers Lifestyle Centre, June 7 till 21;
Whitby Mall, June 22 till July 5; Lighthouse Cinema Pauatahanui, July 5 till 19:
Emerging Light Gallery Plimmerton, July 19 till 26.

The editor’s choice “In the news” find links to these stories here
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Whitby Newsbrief May 2015
Pg 9 Graeme Blick Plimmerton Rotary tells about his experience in Antarctica
Pg 10 Dominic Roussell winner of the Whitby Co-op Sports and Arts award - “Hurdy gurdy”
Pg 10 Plimmerton School raises $4000 for Vanuatu
Pg 18 Noeline and Johnny Raitt
Pg 18 Alan Reader talks about WREMO and reminds us to BE PREPARED

Friends of Mana Island is planning another translocation This time it’s geckos.
In late June, we are translocating ngahere geckos (Mokopirirakau sp.) to Mana Island
from a quarry in the Hutt Valley. This will establish a new lizard species on Mana
Island, and contribute towards the ecological restoration of the island. Seeking
volunteers to help build a protective enclosure. project

Attention to all of New Zealand’s outdoor enthusiasts NIWA calls on citizen
scientists for grey mullet survey. Project leader Mark Morrison says survey
information will be welcome from all users of New Zealand’s outdoors – fishers,
boaties, hunters, farmers, foresters, trampers, dive club members, Fish and Game
members, rangers, and others. “This is a national survey, which extends well beyond
grey mullet’s well known northern New Zealand estuary strongholds,” he says.
Details here
Recent addition to the website business pages See Kakariki Landscape Design

Great community effort sees the Plunket playground with a beautiful new
painted area See photos here.

Next newsletter deadline Monday 22 June All clubs, groups, organisations,
schools, churches, early childhood educators, fund raisers, service groups,
businesses are welcome to send items for the newsletter and website. Send material
as it’s ready
Keep the community informed and involved with your events and projects.
“Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d”