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Condition M nitoring


27 - 28 May 2015
Oryx Rotana, Doha, State of Qatar

The Condition Monitoring Forum

27 - 28 May 2015 | Oryx Rotana, Doha, State of Qatar

Dear Participant,

On behalf of Fleming Gulf, we would like to welcome you to, The Condition Monitoring Forum
We have carefully selected top industry experts to speak at this event, giving you the opportunity to hear firsthand experiences and share solutions for overcoming the latest challenges in the field.
Through presentations and interactive panel discussions, we are bringing together industry experts and
thought leaders to address and discuss the strategies for the condition monitoring industry in the Middle East.
We hope that your attendance at this Fleming Gulf Conference is just the beginning of our business relationship
and that we will have the opportunity to make a continuing contribution to your companys profitability and
If you would like to offer any comments related to the content or format of the program, or would like to
contribute to a future platform we would be very pleased to hear from you. To that end, we ask that you kindly
fill up and return the conference evaluation form.
Thank you for attending and hope to see you again.
Best regards,

Abhinav Mishra
Conference Producer
Fleming Gulf Conferences

Alphy Nangani
Conference Coordinator
Fleming Gulf Conferences

The Condition Monitoring Forum

27 - 28 May 2015 | Oryx Rotana, Doha, State of Qatar

Listed below are some administrative details for your information.

1. The Coffee Breaks will be held in the executive lounge next to Topaz A&B Ballroom and
Lunch will be served in the Choices Restaurant located on the 1st floor. If you have any dietary
requirements please inform our Registration desk during the first coffee break.
2. The Networking Cocktail Reception will take place in the executive lounge next to Topaz A&B
Ballroom, at after the end of conference on day 1 on 27th May 2015.

Name tags have been provided to help you identify fellow delegates. Easy identification also helps the
conference staff when delivering messages.

4. Please do not be late after breaks as we have a very intensive program and our Chairman will do his
best not to delay the beginning of each session.

If you have questions - please wait until the end of the presentation. The Chairman will give you an
opportunity to ask your questions. Do remember to introduce yourself by name and company.

6. Please keep your mobile phones on silent mode during the session, messages can be taken at the
registration desk.
7. Please do not forget to fill up the Conference Evaluation Form and return it at the Registration
Desk. It will be a great help in enhancing our upcoming events.
If you have any queries before, after or during the conference, the Fleming Gulf Team would be more
than happy to assist you.
The conference presentation links will be emailed to all participants and can be downloaded. These
presentations are not for sale and have no commercial value.

Fleming Gulf recognizes the intellectual property rights of speakers over the transcribed material. No reproduction of any part
may take place without the written permission of relevant speaker.

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The Condition Monitoring Forum

27 - 28 May 2015 | Oryx Rotana, Doha, State of Qatar
DAY 1 | 27th MAY 2015
8.00 Registration and Coffee

Welcome Address by Fleming Gulf


Opening Remarks from the Chairman

Prof Leonid Gelman, Chairman, International Scoiety
of Condition Monitoring, United Kingdom


13.30 Panel Discussion: Return of Investment (ROI) on

Condition Monitoring
Justifying the ROI on condition monitoring highlighting it as a
cost-effective & result oriented method
Recording the success of the program and keeping options
open to use other technologies as the demand arises for better

9.00 KEYNOTE: Condition Monitoring (CM) Best Practices

to Reduce Machinery Failure
Eliminating random causes of machinery failure using best CBM

Leonid Gelman, Chariman, International Society of
Condition Monitoring, UK
Vimalendu Tripathi, Head of Reliability, Qatar
Petroleum, Qatar
Mohamed Kandil, Condition Monitoring Specialist,
QAPCO, Qatar
Sadok Sassi, Condition Monitoring Program Manager
Qatar University, Qatar

Highlighting the key challenges and its solutions in using CM

Mentioning the key-takeaways from the best practices

Vimalendu Tripathi, Head of Reliability

Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

9.30 KEYNOTE: Condition Monitoring of Rotating

Equipments Preventing Premature Failures
Preserving the functionality & mitigating the consequences of
failure for rotating equipments
Listing the criteria to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of condition

14.00 Human Reliability - Managing Human Variable

Focusing one one of the most important aspect of any reliability
program skilled professional

Selecting the right CM technique for pumps & centrifugal,

reciprocating compressors

Managing the workforce to ensure a successful reliability


Prof Leonid Gelman, Chairman, International Scoiety

of Condition Monitoring, United Kingdom

10.00 Integral Monitoring and Diagnosis of Rotating

Electrical Machines and Associated Mechanical
Discussing novel techniques for the monitoring and diagnosis of
electrical machines (HV motors and generators) and connected
mechanical engines

Lunch Sponsors:

Utilising the available workforce in an efficient manner to meet

the goals

Faruq Khalifa, Team Leader Reliability, Saudi Aramco,

Saudi Arabia

14.30 Aero / Aero Derivative Gas turbines Condition

Asset Management Program and Advanced Condition
Monitoring Technology use in Aero / Aero Derivative Gas

Allowing early warnings on risk factors developing during

operation and permits diagnosis and maintenance on demand

Online Oil Analysis for Gas Turbines . Understanding the Trends

Dr. Bernhard Fruth, CEO, Quartzelec, Malaysia

Dr. Detlef Hummes, Assistant Professor
American University of Kuwait (Works with
Quartzelec), Kuwait

Can Advanced Condition Monitoring Avoid Failures (Case


Syed Nadem Ahmed, Maintenance & Reliability Expert, Qatar

10.30 Tea/Coffee Break

15.00 Tea/Coffee Break

11:00 Principles of Vibration First Step To Be a Good

Data Collector/Analyst

15.30 Journal Bearing Analysis Theory of Analysis

Analyzing the journal bearings theory of operation

Understanding amplitude (Peak, Peak-to-Peak, RMS) & an

introduction to phase

Tracking a good vibration signal from a journal bearing to

ensure proper health running

Discussing on vibration units & overall level readings

Tracing the most popular types of bearings failure

Introducing spectrum & time waveform (Complex Vibration)

Kareem Magdy, Condition Monitoring Expert, BAPETCO,


11.30 CASE STUDY: Extruder Gear Box Ensuring Smooth

Running Through Condition Monitoring

Kareem Zaghloul Mohamed Ibrahim, Sr. Condition

Monitoring Engineer, Qatar Steel, Qatar

16.00 Condition Monitoring of Damaged Bearings By

Discussing the changes in technology associted with bearing

Taking a stock of the situation with oil analysis and the

highlighted problems in the report

Listing the componenets of bearings and the associated failures

Handling increased vibration and ensuring normal & accepted


Talking about the origin of bearings & vibration

Sadok Sassi, Condition Monitoring Program Manager

Qatar University, Qatar

Sharing and understand the data from the reports

Mohamed Kandil, Condition Monitoring Specialist,

QAPCO, Qatar

12.00 CASE STUDY: The Benefits of Flexible Condition

Sharing the experiences from vasrious case studies on flexible
condiiton monitoring
Listing examples to help understand the concepts better
Discussing implementation of these techniques to avail the

Nicolas Bleret, Global Business Director, Wi-Care, Belgium


Closing Remarks from the Chairman


Networking Reception & Cocktail

The Condition Monitoring Forum

27 - 28 May 2015 | Oryx Rotana, Doha, State of Qatar
DAY 2 | 28th MAY 2015


8.00 Registration and Coffee

9.00 Workshop 1 - Implementing an oil analysis and lubrication program for cost effective long term reliability

Workshop Leader:
Dr. Sunil Kumar, Laboratory Manager
Geo-Chem Middle East, UAE
The oil analysis & lubrication program is one of the key condition monitoring practices which have given excellent results to organization
in meeting their reliability & maintenance goals.
The workshop will give you in-depth knowledge about the advantages, methods & best practices that will help you implement the same
successfully in your organization.

Who Should Attend: Condition Monitoring Managers

Reliability Head/Managers
Condition Monitoring Engineers/Specialists/Experts
Condition Monitoring Technicians
Reliability Engineers/Specialists/Experts
Maintenance Engineers/Specialists/Managers

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Workshop 2 - Experiences with data analytics in condition monitoring: how Big are your data?

Workshop Leader:
Koenraad De Bauw
Chief Technologist Vibrations & Mechanics
Labrolec, Belgium

Why Attend:
For many critical assets, a multidisciplinary condition monitoring approach is required. Centralizing data and measurement results is
however not the unique solution. We need to bring together the expertise behind the data.
An intelligent combination of the information issued by the available condition monitoring techniques, process data and inspection reports
opens many opportunities for improving the capability of early warning of deviating behaviour of your assets.

About The Workshop:

In a first part of this workshop session we will present some experiences with a more global condition monitoring approach, and on how
they did (or did not) contribute to a more reliable operation and an optimization of maintenance. In a second part of the workshop we will
elaborate on some key messages through an interactive Q&A.

Goal of The Workshop:

The goal of this workshop is to identify key success factors and pitfalls for an efficient introduction of data analytics and model-based
techniques in condition monitoring. Many powerful approaches for data mining exist in what is today generally called Big Data analysis,
but we sometimes risk to forget the exact objectives when applying such methods in condition monitoring or asset management. The tools
must be adapted to the job, and not the other way around.

12.30 Lunch Sponsors:

1.30 End of Forum

The Condition Monitoring Forum

27 - 28 May 2015 | Oryx Rotana, Doha, State of Qatar
SPEAKER PROFILES:Dr. Detlef Hummes, Assistant Professor,
American University of Kuwait

Vimalendu Tripathi, Head of Reliability

Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
Vimalendu is the Head of Reliability with Operations
Engineering, Qatar Petroleum, Dukhan. He is a Mechanical
Engineer, MBA (Fin), Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE),
Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP)
and Certified Vibration Analyst Cat - III. The guest
speaker has 25 years of varied experience in plant asset
management - Reliability & Performance Monitoring,
Condition Monitoring, Operations & Maintenance, Projects and Commissioning
with expertise in Rotating equipment, Reliability & Performance Monitoring,
Condition Monitoring, Reliability Centered Maintenance(RCM) and Root Cause
Failure Analysis(RCFA) etc. In his career he has worked with many companies of
repute like Qatar Petroleum, Dubai Petroleum, Petrofac, Oman Plants Services Co.
(OPSC), Saudi International Petrochemicals Co. (Sipchem), Indian Petrochemicals
Company Ltd (IPCL)/Reliance, Haldia Petrochemicals and National Thermal
Power Corporation (NTPC). He has delivered presentations on various topics
related to Maintenance, Reliability & Condition Monitoring, conducted workshop
on Managing Aging Assets and training's on Reliability in various Conferences,
Forums & Organizations.

Leonid Gelman, Chariman, International

of Condition Monitoring, UK
Len Gelman, Professor and Chair of Vibro-Acoustic
Monitoring; the Chairman, International Society
of Condition Monitoring; Co-Chairman, Condition
Monitoring Technical Committee of British Institute of
NDT, the Honorary Editor of the International Journal
of Condition Monitoring, President of the International
Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (USA). He has more than 35 years
experience in advanced maintenance planning and scheduling, reliability centred
maintenance, machinery failure analysis and prevention, risk assessment, hazard
identification and condition monitoring of complex mechanical systems (e.g.,
rotating, reciprocating machinery, gearboxes, bearings, etc.) both in industry
and academia. Len is Chief Designer on numerous industrial and research
maintenance contracts, including contracts from the USA National Academy of
Sciences, USA National Research Council, USA International Science Foundation,
USA Civilian Development Foundation (twice), USA MacArthur Foundation,
Lady Davis, Israel, Centro Volta, Italy, UK EPSRC, UK Department of Trade
and Industry (three times), UK Royal Society, Rolls Royce (four times), SKF (two
times), Scottish Energy (two times), Caterpillar (twice) and Boeing (three times).
Recently, he used to work for oil and gas industry under a maintenance contract
with Shell (UK). Len is a Fellow of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
(BINDT), UK Institution of Diagnostic Engineers and International Association of
Engineers. Len is the author of over 200 publications (including 17 patents and
2 book chapters) and 17 keynote conference papers in the area of advanced
maintenance planning and scheduling, maintenance and machinery failure
analysis and prevention and monitoring.

Dr. Detlef Hummes received his doctorate degree in Electrical

Engineering from the Gerhard-Mercator-University of
Duisburg, Germany, in 1997. In his thesis he developed a
Differential Mobility Analyzer for particles in the nanometer
size range, known as the Nano-DMA. The device got an
US Patent. The device is produced and distributed by the
global operating company TSI. From 1997 until 2000 he
was the technical director of a wind turbine manufacturer that produced offgrid systems. Between 2001 and 2004 he worked as a patent agent for the
Fraunhofer Patentstelle and the Provendis GmbH, both in Germany. Since 2004,
he has been a consultant for international companies in the power sector. Prior
to 2010, he was a part-time lecturer at the German University, South-Westfalia,
at the department of Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering. Since 2013, he has
been an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the ECE department, the
American University of Kuwait. His research interests include renewable energy,
based on wind turbine and photovoltaic for off-grid-systems with a focus on
energy efficiency. He has several publications, in addition to European patents.
Dr. Hummes is a member of a number of national and international scientific

Faruq Khalifa, Team Leader Reliability - Saudi

Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Faruq Khalifa is currently working as a Reliability Group
Leader working for Aramco Yanbu Refinery. He has 18years
of experience related to Reliability Engineering & Operation
Excellence, where he worked or Shell Canada and .Cenovus
Energy. Faruq is also a Licensed Professional Engineer
.Eng from Alberta, Canada. He also holds Maintenance
Management Professional MMP certification from PEMAC,
and Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional CMRP. He currently lives in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Syed Nadem Ahmed Maintenance &

Reliability Expert, Qatar
Diverse professional engineering experience of more than
25 years in various industrial sectors including Aviation,
Power Plants and Petrochemicals. His Key Specialties in
Consulting , Training & Development as a Mechanical
Power Engineer includes
Process , Power Generation Plants & Aviation

Life cycle Asset Management Strategies ,

Asset Management Standards Implementations

RCM based Maintenance & Reliability Program development and
Reliability Analysis & Risk Based Studies.

Dr. Bernhard Fruth, CEO, Quartzelec,

Studied Electrical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing. 1981) and made
his PhD in High Voltage Technologies (Dr.-Ing. 1986) at
the University of Technology, Aachen, Germany. From
1987 1992, he was Manager of the High Voltage Systems
Group at ABB Corporate Research, Baden, Switzerland,
where he worked on gas insulated switchgear, SF6 breaker
development, solid and gaseous insulating materials and
diagnostics for high voltage equipment. In 1988 Dr. Fruth developed the first
commercial partial discharge pattern recorder. He has entrepreneurial activities in
the field of rotating machine diagnostics/partial discharge testing and monitoring
systems and was Managing Director and CTO of PD Tech Power Engineering AG,
Switzerland. He is now the Chief Executive Officer of Maser Quartzelec Services
Sdn Bhd, based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, since 2011. He has published more
than 60 papers and contributions to international conferences and has been a
member of the IEEE and IEC working groups. He is a member of ELECTROSUISSE
and Swiss Engineering Society.

Remaining Life Assessment Studies, Evaluation, Extension Recommendations

Work-scope Optimization on Aero and Aero derivative Power Plant Turbo

machinery Maintenance Repair & Overhaul
Thermal and CCPP Power Generation Performance Evaluation
Critical / Rotating Equipment Performance / Functional Reliability & Specific
Equipment Plans
Plant , Equipment Failure Analysis , RBD Modeling , FMECA , RCM Program
RAM / RCM Study for Plants, Units, Systems.
Focused Lean Six Sigma Certifications for Maintenance and Reliability
Well versed with RCM Tools & Softwares Weibull 6++ , Minitab and

The Condition Monitoring Forum

27 - 28 May 2015 | Oryx Rotana, Doha, State of Qatar
SPEAKER PROFILES:Mohamed Kandil, Sr. Condition Monitoring
Specialist - QAPCO, Qatar
Mr. Mohamed has worked about 13 years in Gulf of
Suez petroleum company in Egypt (joint venture with
BP Company) & last 6 years as condition monitoring
Dept. Head, then from Jun.,2009 working in Qatar
Petrochemical company (QAPCO) as condition monitoring
Sr. Specialist. The plants that come under his purview
include:- Ethylene plants which is included sulfur units,
Ethylene units & Cracked gas Units. Polyethylene plants ( LDPE & LLDPE ),
Utilities plant. He is responsible for all rotating equipment condition monitoring.
Reviewing & Evaluating The Rotating & Reciprocating Machines Conditions with
Standard Levels To Extend Their Life Time & Increase The Reliability. Working
With Maintenance In Plant S/D Activities. Working In Start Up & Commissioning
For new Plants (Qatofine & LDPE 3). Following Up on The Lube Oil Analysis
For All Machines. Reviewing The Lube Oil Specification To Meet The Equipment
Manufacture Requirements. Online Vibration Follow Up Through System 1 For
Critical Rotating Equipment. Online vibration follow up through Prognost for
reciprocating Equipment. Participating with reliability team in RCA reports. Daily,
Weekly, Monthly & Annual Reports For Condition Monitoring Status Of Our
Rotating & Reciprocating Equipment.

Kareem Zaghloul Mohamed Ibrahim, Sr.

Condition Monitoring Engineer, Qatar Steel,
Kareem is working with Qatar Steel as a Senior Condition
Monitoring Engineer since 2011. He has completed his
Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University in June
His responsibilities include:
Complete initiation and setup of plants (DRI, Rolling Mills, Melt Shop, Utilities
and LCP) rotary machines on MHM system.
Surveying all rotating machines using all of vibration techniques such as
spectral, wave form, phase and orbit analysis and all of advanced dual
channel techniques.
On line monitoring for DRI compressors and fans machines from BENTLY
NEVAD 3500 system.
Onsite field balancing for all plant dust collection fans using CSI balancing kit.
Following up all maintenance activities for most of the rotating machines
Linking our correction recommendations to oracle ERP system as work requests
and work orders.
He is a certified Level 1,2, 3 ISO & ASNT vibration analyst from the Mobus
Institute along with a host of other courses making him a subject matter expert.

Nicolas Bleret, Global Business Director,

Wi-Care, Belgium

Graduated as an electromechanical engineer, Nicolas

Bleret entered the condition monitoring business right
out of school 14 years ago. After 6 years as a field service
engineer in vibration analysis, oil analysis, infrared
thermography, balancing, alignment, etc. he joined I-Care.
He helped the young Belgian service company to become
a full international condition monitoring specialist with
a focus on innovation. Nicolas grew with the company
from team leader, to country director and now international business director
managing and training an international team of vibration engineers spread over
Europe, Asia and the MENA region.Recently, Mr Bleret is focused on the global
business development of their new innovative product Wi-care and their latest
delivery model: The remote expert analysis in a minute anywhere, anytime.

Kareem Magdy, Condition Monitoring Expert

Kareem Magdy started his career in 2008 as a Mechanical
Maintenance Engineer in BAPETCO Shell Global Joint
Venture in Egypt responsible for applying preventive &
corrective maintenance plans for all rotating & Static
equipment including Pumps, Compressors, Gas Turbines,
Gas & Diesel Engines, Valves. In May 2013 he was
assigned by Shell to work as Sr. Commissioning Coastal
Engineer for Petroleum Development of Oman. He moved again to BAPETCO to
work as Operation & Startup Readiness Engineer in CRP (CO2 Removal Plant)
Project. He is also engaged in Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start Up

Dr. Sadok Sassi, Condition Monitoring

Program Manager, Qatar University, Qatar
Dr Sassi is a Canadian PhD, expert in vibration analysis and
troubleshooting of mechanical installations and equipment.
He delivered many courses and workshops in his field of
specialization worldwide and in Gulf region. Throughout his
28-years career he occupied different positions in university
and industry. He supervised several Masters and PhD
degrees. He published more than 30 papers and technical
reports in the major international journals and conferences. He is currently
conducting research on different areas of mechanical engineering and industrial
maintenance. His most significant contributions are perhaps:
Development of powerful software called BEAT to simulate the vibration
behavior of damaged ball bearings.
Design of intelligent dampers for the optimum control of car suspensions
Design of non-pneumatic airless tire, for a safer ride without the risk of blowout

Dr. Sunil Kumar, Laboratory Manager,
Geo-Chem Middle East, UAE
Dr. Sunil Kumar, Laboratory Manager at Geo-Chem Middle
East in Dubai, one of the largest commercial labs in the
region, is a senior research scientist with over 10 published
research papers in international journals. Dr. Sunil holds a
Ph.D in Chemistry from Barkhatullah University in Bhopal,
India, for his research on Internal Recycling of Nitrogen
and Phosphorus in relation to Eutrophication of two fresh
water bodies of Bhopal. As Geo-Chem Middle Easts laboratory Manager, he
manages and supervises the overall activities of a full-fledged ISO 9001 certified
and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab. He has more than 15years of experience
in oil field analysis and his counsel is sought-after for blue chip clients in the
oil and gas sector on various subjects related to research and development,
and quality control. He is experienced in Gas Chromatography, ICP, XRF, AAS,
Spectrophotometer, FTIR and GCMS, among others. Dr. Sunil regularly takes part
in industry conferences and has presented papers on oil condition monitoring and
lube oil monitoring at prestigious international seminars.

Koenraad De Bauw, Chief Technologist

Vibrations & Mechanics, Labrolec, Belgium
Koenraad De Bauw joined Laborelec in 1993 in the
Structural Mechanics department, where he worked for
5 years on field analysis of vibration problems, mainly on
large turbomachinery. After a 1-year period in the Electrical
department working on high voltage protections he
returned to the Structural Mechanics division in 1999. From
1999 to 2014 he held a position as Technology Manager
Vibrations and Mechanics within the Structural Integrity Assessment and
Monitoring department of Laborelec. Within this position he was responsible
for a team of 15 engineers with different activities in the field of structural
dynamics and condition monitoring, mainly in the electrical power generation
environment. Today he holds a position of Chief Technologist for the activities
of vibration analysis, condition monitoring and structural mechanics. Besides a
role as a senior expert for activities in his competence domains, he has as role in
stimulating innovation and coordinating the technological interaction with other
activity domains inside and outside the Laborelec organization.

Gold Sponsor

Quartzelec, is a leading independent electrical engineering service provider and a technical authority in the field of HV electrical AC/
DC motors and generators. We have established ourselves as a viable alternative to the OEM for the repair and maintenance of rotating
electrical machines, during or after warranty. Quartzelec provides a comprehensive range of field services or workshop based repair on
a worldwide basis, having strategically located facilities in the Middle East, Asia and Europe as well a team of professional engineers
who can be quickly mobilised; all highly experienced in working with machines of any OEM manufacture. Leveraging upon this extensive
capability and know-how has allowed Quartzteq (a Quartzelec company) to develop a range of supporting products and services
including our sophisticated condition monitoring system Lifeview, specifically designed to evaluate the health of your rotating electrical
assets. Quartzteqs state-of-the-art solution for monitoring the health of your HV motors and generators is both simple to install and
cost effective to utilise. Suitable for generator and motor applications; the Lifeview solution sets new standards for the monitoring of
electrical machines based on field-proven sensor technology.

Innovative Technology Partner

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I-careTM and Wildcat are proud to introduce the Wi-careTM wireless condition monitoring system. Thanks to more than 10 years of
industrial experience in condition monitoring, the Wi-careTM system has been developed to monitor vibration spectra and temperature,
accurately, safely and cost effectively in inaccessible locations and extreme conditions. Wi-careTM, designed and built 100% by I-Care
in Belgium and distributed in Qatar, UAE and Egypt by Wildcat, provides an alternative solution to manual data collection or temporary
online monitoring. Wi-careTM offers the highest diagnosis capabilities and reduces non value-added costs of mounting, cabling and
travel costs.
As Wi-careTM is compatible with the vast majority of Industry standard vibration sensors, it will provide a wireless solution in less
than a minute! Wi-careTM 24/7 remote diagnosis services represent a very flexible solution allowing you to receive maintenance
recommendations through periodical or on event data analysis.

Workshop Leaders

Geochem - International Independant Inspection & testing services is an independent inspection and testing company having its presence
around the globe at strategic locations covering a wide range of business sectors with the Middle East regional headquarters in Dubai.
Geochem Middle East is ranked amongst Dubai SME 100 company, the premier ranking of Dubais 100 top performing enterprises,
launched by Dubai Government.The Middle East headquarters is based in Dubai with an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory having state
of the art infrastructure in accordance to the international standards with the latest and most advanced instruments providing one stop
solution for all testing needs across various industry segments.

Laborelec is a leading research and competence centre in electrical power technology. It was established in 1962 in order to support
Belgian electricity companies with research, development, and specialized services. Today, it is part of GDF SUEZ, a world leader in energy.
Our competences cover the entire electricity value chain: generation, transmission, distribution, storage and end-use. We offer specialized
research and services in each of these domains, to companies in all parts of the world. Our headquarters are located near Brussels, and
we also operate branch offices in the Netherlands, in Germany and in the Middle-East and a subsidiary in Chile.. Laborelec collaborates
intensively with the other research centers of the GDF SUEZ Research & Technologies.

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siemens: LMS Simulation and Test Solutions help manufacturing companies manage the complexities of tomorrows product development
by incorporating model-based mechatronic simulation and advanced testing solutions in the product development process. Our products
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durability, safety and power consumption. LMS products also address the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent
systems in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as in other advanced manufacturing industries. Visit http://www.siemens.

Vibrant Machines for Technical Services is an ambitious provider of products and services in the field of engineering established in 2012,
emphasizing on the predictive maintenance technologies and reliability. It became a recognized name in GCC & Middle East in providing
high level of vibration analysis and thermal imaging services for both rotating and stationary equipment. In parallel to that, it represents
many worldwide leading companies in the fields of: condition monitoring, ultrasonic application, noise and acoustics, dynamic modeling
and root cause analysis. Products chain covers all kind of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment and devices for light
and heavy industries. The main asset of Vibrant Machines is the highly educated and expert team which makes them the right choice for
many training and development courses, consultations and technical support.

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BARRAK AL-FARES has been actively involved in the industrial scenario in the kingdom for over 9 years now. We are supplying products,
customized solutions, and specialized engineering services for the complete reliability needs of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical
plants, desalination plants, power plants, Gas Plants etc. Instrument for Laser Alignment System, Thermography, Torque Wrench &
Hydraulic Tools, Ultrasonic Inspection, Turbine and Machine Tool Alignment, Straightness Flatness Application Etc. Our principal office is
based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. We have expanded our operations in all Middle East countries like Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman
etc. In addition we are specialized in long term manpower supply for the construction, maintenance and Inspection needs of plants. We
strive to maintain a high level of after-sales service for both repairs and spare parts. We have a well trained team of engineers to perform
services for condition monitoring and other reliability needs of plants.

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The International Society of Condition Monitoring (ISCM): Bringing Together The International Condition Monitoring Community
The ISCM is an international forum for professional engineers and scientists engaged in research, development and best practice in
condition monitoring. Its purpose is to bring together an international community with the common aim of achieving excellence in the
development and practice of condition monitoring and related diagnostic technologies.
The ISCM achieves its aim of bringing the condition monitoring community together through:
qualification programmes

A worldwide network for interchange of knowledge

Encouraging and supporting national and international
seminars and conferences

Contributing to the development of international standards

A high-level online journal

Liaison with other national and international bodies

Encouraging and supporting publishing initiatives

Providing input into the development of training and

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17 18 November 2015 | State of Qatar

Strategic Insight focusing on Scheduling and Planning

Key Highlights of 4th Annual Plant Shutdown and

Turnaround Forum 2014 :
Held under the Patronage of H.E Mohammed Bin
Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy & Industry and
Chairman of Qatar Petroleum

Top Senior Delegation from Qatar Petroleum

Alan Warmack, International Plant Shutdown and

Turnaround expert, U.S.A

20 Speakers & Panelist

SABIC, ZADCO, Indian Oil, Marafiq and many more

2 Masterclass Session

200+ Attendees

10 International Speakers

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