Spelling Bee 1st and 2nd ESO List of Words

above addition advertisement against airplane amazing ancient angry animal ankle answer apple ascending atmosphere atomic August away backward basic bathroom behind believe belonging between

bicycle biology biosphere biscuit boring bounce bracket breakfast bridge building cake calculate careful cave chart chase cheap cheese chemistry chicken chocolate choose civilization climb

common compass computer continent cooking courtyard crust culture cuneiform December defeat descending different digit divisibility division document double dream driver ears Earth Egypt eight elbow elements endurance English environment Equals equals equation equator

equinox equipment error evaluate even everybody example exciting exercise expensive exponent eyes factor February fifth finger first fitness flexibility forest forward foul France Friday geography goal grandmother Greece guitar hairstyle half handball health

heavy hieroglyphic Highest hiking history hundred hungry hunter improve index inside integer Ireland jacket jewellery judge juggling kangaroo keyboard kick kitchen knee leather library light linear lower lowest mantle mass material mathematics maximum

membrane methods million minimum minus mixed moment multiple multiplication muscle museum necklace negative Neolithic nerves nomads nucleus Number obelisk ocean odd Olympics operation opposite orbit order outside Paleolithic parenthesis partner pass picture plant

player plus positive power prehistory prime problem product proteins pulse pyramid question radiation radicand ready remainder reproduction result return revolution ribosomes Rome root rotation round row rubbish rule saxophone scale scarf scissors score

scribe sculpture season senses settlement shoot shopping shoulder simplify skeleton skin smooth snowy solution solve Spanish speed spring squared stand step still strength structure subtraction successful sweet switch symbols task team technology thigh

third thirteen thousand Thursday times times tool toothbrush tracksuit tribe tropic trousers trumpet trunk Tuesday twelve twenty types ugly upper value vegetables village violin volcano volleyball waist waiter waves weather whole wonderful wrist

writing yellow