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Duenas-Gamboa Nuptials
16 January 2015

Hosts: Aiken Alagban and Giovanni Ladines

NOTE: Test microphone before speaking.
Aiken: Good noon/afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention
please. We are about to begin our Reception so please find a seat and make
yourself comfortable.
Giovanni: May I request everyone to stand for the opening prayer to be led by
Aiken: A pleasant afternoon to everyone! Welcome to the celebration of Ralph and
Libbys Greatest Day Ever. And so here we are for the most exciting part the
wedding reception for the newlyweds in celebration of the beginning of their new
life together. So sit, down, relax, and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
I am Aiken and this is my partner Giovanni, and we will be your hosts this afternoon.
Giovanni: We thank you all for gracing this occasion, especially those who took a
leave of absence from work or school, and those who have traveled miles just to be
with us today. In behalf of Ralph and Libby, and their proud parents, I would like to
express our heartfelt gratitude for your presence today. It is indeed a pleasure to
have you all here.
Parents of the Newlyweds
Aiken: Before anything else, we would like to acknowledge the persons who played
a great part in this joyous affair. Without their support, this would not have been
made possible. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to introduce to you
the Parents of the Bride, Mr and Mrs. Billy and Dominali Duenas.
Giovanni: And of course, let us get to know the Parents of the Groom. Friends, let us
give a big hand to Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie and Lumeline Gamboa.
Principal Sponsors
Aiken: We would also like to acknowledge our Principal Sponsors. Starting off with
the ladies..
Mrs. Sally Jara
Ms. Gemma Gamboa
Mrs. Mary Grace Lim
Ms. Nilda Dinson
Ms. Yolanda Velano
Ms. Olivia Quiachon
Mrs. Vicenta Vistar
Mrs. Vina Choi
Mrs. Floreta Chavez
Mrs. Luzviminda Mercurio
Mrs. Malou Divinagracia
Mrs. Merly Lobaton

Mrs. Margerie Cabiten

Mrs. Janet Escanillan
Mrs. Donna Mae Chavez
Vice Mayor Narciso Javelosa Jr.
Mr. Nolan Javelosa
Mr. Lemuel Biscocho
Mr. Josue Diaz
Mr. Elmor Chavez
Mr. Ric Magbanua
Mr. Christian Alfonso Cantiller
Mr. Rematche Magno
Mr. Rocky Elizario
Aiken: So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, our most distinguished set of
principal sponsors. Let us once again give them a round of applause! Thank you Sir
and Madam, for taking time out to be with us today.
Giovanni: Also with us here this afternoon, it is our pleasure to have Rev. Fr.
_________________________, our officiating priest for the wedding ceremony.
So I guess thats about it. We hope we did not miss out on anyone. If we did, please
be so kind to remind us.
Aiken: At this point, I assume everyone has settled down. May I request our Maid of
Honor Ms. Hannah Mermida to please facilitate the welcoming party for our
Background Music: __________________
Description voice over/MC
Flower Girls:
Wenona Shayne Crespi
Gem Kirsielle Gamboa
Rech Larrien Mabuyaw
Bible: Alfonso Emmanuel Cantiller
Coin: Lemuel John Villanueva
Ring: Raphael Brylle Gamboa
Contract: lian Gabriel Cantiller
Secondary sponsors
Mr. And Mrs. Eugene and Helen Alagban
Mr. And Mrs. Alfredo and Lowela Sacayan
Mr. Denmark Necessito
Ms. Joferose Mermida
Groomsmen + Bridesmaids


Phill John Sacayan and Ms. Alysan Alagban

John Micheal Javelosa and Ms. Laarni Duenas
Lenard Duenas and Jericha Chryzl Cantiller
Leo Duenas and Ms. Ma. Fatima Javelosa

Best man + Maid of Honor
Mr. Ronnie Gamboa Jr.
Ms. Hannah Mermida
Aiken: Today calls for a grand celebration and it is my distinct pleasure to introduce
to you for the very first time Ralph and Libby as husband and wife. So without
further ado, let us all rise and give our warmest welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and
Libby Gamboa!
(Newlyweds enter the hall)
(Grand entrance of the couple with effects like bubble and fog and confetti?)
(Spotlight on the couple)
BRIDAL PARTY DANCE: Music: ___________________ song c/o ________________
OPENING MESSAGE: from Groom/Brides Parents
Giovanni: To facilitate the official opening of this days event, a few words will be
given by the Grooms Parents. May I request Mr. Ronnie and Lumeline Gamboa for
the opening message.
Aiken: Thank you Uncle and Auntie. Now I know we are all very hungry. The food is
ready and lunch will commence in a while. May I call on _________________ to say
GRACE before meals
(Just before LUNCH)
Giovanni: All right, lunch is served. You are all hereby invited to partake of the food.
You may now get your food at the buffet table, but please, let us all be organized.
And always, "ladies first". Enjoy your meal!
Aiken: May I have your attention please. While you are eating to your tummys
content, the newlyweds would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone
personally for your presence. Ralph and Libby will now go from one table to another
to greet each and everyone and to have their souvenir picture taking with their
guests. Simultaneously, our beautiful Bridesmaids will be distributing wedding
giveaways and passing along the guest book so please stand by in your seats.

Souvenir Picture Taking with Background Music: Favorite Hits

Wedding Giveaways

Guest book

Aiken: Now, may I direct your focus on a little presentation here, prepared by the
Bride and Groom, to share with you the simple moments they have shared in their
journey of knowing each other through their prenuptial photos.
Giovanni: Okay. We will now resume our program and it is time for dessert
although I know some of you have already eaten their dessert.
But speaking of dessert, its now time for the traditional Cake Cutting by the Bride
and Groom. May I mow request Ralph and Libby to do the honors of cutting the
wedding cake.
---Giovanni: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The cake has been cut.
Aiken: A celebration is never complete without a toast and a bottle of good wine. Let
us now bring out the good wine and pour them to our glasses. We would like to call
the Best Man, Mr. Ronnie Gamboa, Jr. to give his message.
(INSTRUCTIONS: Best Man raises his glass and addresses the newlyweds and the
audience as he speaks...)
(Everyone makes a toasts and drinks from their glasses)
Aiken: Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you may not be seated.
Giovanni: It is said that our parents are our first teachers having raised us patiently
from childhood to adulthood. They have been our source of comfort, support and
inspiration. Ralph and Libby are truly blessed with such wonderful parents and Im
quite sure when it comes to knowing what marriage is all about, they always have a
word or two to share to their children. We would like to call on the Mother of the
Bride, Mrs. Dominali Duenas to say a few words of wisdom and best wishes to our
(Mother of Bride comes forward to convey his/her Best Wishes to the newlyweds)
Aiken: Thank you so much for that inspiring message. And now we would like to call
on the Father/Mother? of the Groom, _________________________ to say a few words of
wisdom to our newlyweds.
(___________________________ comes forward to convey his/her Best Wishes to the
Giovanni: Thank you ____________ and thank you all...lets us again give them a big
hand for such wonderful and meaningful speeches.
Aiken: Ok now let us all have some fun! Its time for the traditional Bouquet Throw.
At this point we would like to request all the single ladies to please come forward for
the bouquet throw. We would also like to request the bride to come forward and
take her place center stage.
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee motions and waits for all single ladies to come forward)

Aiken: Ladies kindly take your place behind the bride and be prepared to catch the
bouquet. It is said that whoever will catch the bouquet will soon be the next bride.
BUT, may twist ini ya subong. Whoever gets the bouquet will have the chance na
ihatag ini sa isa ya ka-upod. Ok? So is everyone in? Ready when you are at the
count of three the bride will throw her bouquet. May I also request the audience to
please join me in the counting.
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee make sure that everyone is in place)
Ready when you are ladies. Let us now do the countdown. One.Two.Three
and there it goes.
(Bride throws the bouquet and the ladies tries to catch it.)
May I request for the lady who was able to catch the bouquet to please come
forward. May I have your name please. Ok, so who do you want to give this bouquet
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee draws the microphone to the lady .)
Ok lets give a big hand to Miss ___________. Please have a seat beside the bride and
in a moment we shall find your match in the garter Toss.
Giovanni: Before we go on with the Garter Toss, the groom is to retrieve the garter
from his bride. So may we request Ralph and Libby to please come center stage and
do the garter retrieval ritual.
(A chair is brought onstage for the bride to sit while groom kneels down at the
bride's feet ready to retrieve the garter)
Giovanni: Ladies and gentleman the groom will now retrieve the garter from the
(Groom retrieves the garter from the bride.)
There you have it ladies and gentlemen; the groom was finally able to retrieve the
garter. Let us give him a big hand.
Giovanni: Ok it is now the gentlemen's turn and we will now do the garter toss. The
same rule applies. Whoever gets the garter will have the chance to give it another
person. May I now request all single men to please come forward for the Garter
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee motions and waits for all single men to come forward)
Gentlemen please take your place behind the groom and be ready to catch the
garter. So is everyone ready? At the count of three the groom will throw the garter
and again we request the audience to participate in the countdown.
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee makes sure that everyone is in place)
Ok ready when you are guys. One.. TwoThree and it Goes !!!!
(Groom throws the bouquet and the gentlemen try to catch it.)

Aiken: May I request for the gentlemen with the quick hand who now have in his
possession the garter. Sir please come forward and take your place beside the lady
who has the bouquet. Congratulations Sir. May I have your name please.
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee draws the microphone to the gentleman.)
Aiken: Thank you Mr. ___________, Friends lets give this gentlemen a big hand.
Giovanni: Now that we have already found a perfect match, it is time for another
ritual. The gentlemen who got the garter is to put it on the lady who caught the
bouquet. At this point we would like to request Ms. __ _________to please have a seat
while Mr. ___________ will put the garter. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. __________ will
now put on the garter on Ms. _________.
(Lady takes a seat while gentleman puts the garter on her.)
Giovanni: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Our new lovely pair and if it
would not be too much to ask we would like the gentlemen to give the lady a quick
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee waits for the gentleman to give the kiss and thanks the pair
Aiken: Thank you Mr. _______ and Ms. ________, Let us give them both a big hand. At
this point, we request that both of you remain onstage for the picture taking. The
newlyweds will now pose with our lovely new pair.
(INSTRUCTIONS: Emcee stands aside as photographers take pictures of the pair with
the newlyweds.)
Giovanni: Again Thank you Mr. _______ and Ms. ________ for your participation, you
may now return to your seats.
Aiken: Today is indeed a special day and will forever be remembered by our beloved
couple, as it marks the beginning of their new life together. From this day forward
they shall be one, and on this joyful beginning what could be more fitting than to
celebrate it with their First Dance. The First Dance is symbolic of the consummation
of their wedding vows. This Dance is the wedding couples' first cooperative
engagement and joint endeavor. As the saying goes, It takes two to tango. Ladies
and gentlemen, it is once again my privilege to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Lowell Gamboa with their First Dance.
(Newlyweds dance their First Dance)
Background Music: ___________________________
Giovanni: Thank you Ralph and Libby. Let us once again give them a big round of
Aiken: The bride and groom will now do the dove release. May I request the
newlyweds to please come forward and each get a dove.
(INSTRUCTIONS: While Newlyweds come forward and prepare for the dove release,
Background music starts playing and Emcee say the following......)
Giovanni: The two doves signify Ralph and Libby being released to start a new
journey together. Like the two pairs of dove, whatever happens they will always try

to seek the comfort of each other and their home together. This is where they know
that they will find love. A dove always chooses one mate for life, and signifies love,
faithfulness, joy, and hope.
I think Ralph and Libby are now ready so we will now release the doves. At the count
of three: One... Two... Three...
Giovanni: This celebration has almost come to an end but for our newlyweds it is
just a start of their new life together. As we each go home, may this day be
memorable for all of us as it is to them. To personally convey their heartfelt
gratitude let us now listen to what Ralph and Libby has to say.
(Ralph and Libby delivers their message of gratitude.)
Aiken: Thank you very much Ralph and Libby. We have finally reached the end of
our program, ladies and gentlemen. It has been beautiful, sharing this occasion
with you all. Again, thanks for coming. God bless, and enjoy the rest of the day.