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The Word Allah In The Arabic Bible

Abu Imn Abd ar-Rahmn Robert Squires


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Just a few examples for those who are still in doubt . . .

The images below, with the exception of the first image, were taken directly from The
Holy Bible in Arabic. Referred to in Arabic as al-Kitb al-Muqadis(i.e. ,The Holy
Book), this is the scripture which is used by Arabic-speaking Christians (of which
there are still about 15 to 20 million in the Middle East). So that those unfamiliar with
Arabic script have something to compare these images with, the first image below is a
verse from the Qur'n - which is the Muslim scripture. In the images, the Arabic
word Allah is underlined in red so that it can be easily identified. Upon comparing the
images, one should be able to clearly see that the word Allah appears in both the
Qur'nic and Arabic Bible images. Indeed, the word Allah appears throughout Arabic
translations of the Bible, since it is simply the Arabic name for Almighty
God. Insha'llah, the examples below will help quell the doubts of those who have
been duped into believing that Muslims worship a different god - either by the hostile
media or by Christian missionary propaganda. We hope that this serves as enough
documentation for those who still have doubts about this. We could think of no other
way to prove this point, except to encourage everyone to do further critical and openminded research on their own. Please, don't forget to compare the images . . .
[Qu'ran 1:1 - English translation]

"In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful."

[Qur'n 1:1 - Arabic transliteration]
"Bismi-Allahi ar-Rahmani, ar-Raheem"
[Qur'n 1:1 - Arabic]

[Genesis 1:1 - English Bible - King James Version]

"In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth . . . "
[Genesis 1:1 - Arabic transliteration]
"Fee al-badi' khalaqa Allahu as-Samaawaat wa al-Ard . . . "
[Genesis 1:1 - Arabic Bible]

[John 3:16 - English Bible - King James Version]

"For God so loved the world, that . . . "
[John 3:16 - Arabic transliteration]
"Li-annhu haakadha ahabba Allahu al-'Aalama hataa badhala . . . "
[John 3:16 - Arabic Bible]

[Luke 1:30 - English Bible - King James Version]

" . . . Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God."
[Luke 1:30 - Arabic transliteration]
" . . . Laa takhaafee, yaa Maryam, li-annaki qad wajadti ni'amat(an) i'nda Allahi."
[Luke 1:30 - Arabic Bible]

[Luke 3:38 - English Bible - New King James Version]

"the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God."
[Luke 3:38 - Arabic transliteration]
"bini Anoosha, bini Sheeti, bini Aaadama, abni Allahi."
[Luke 3:38 - Arabic Bible]

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The Word Allah In The Arabic Bible

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