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Integration Challenges
How can I exchange information between and SAP? What information should I exchange? How do I include a hosted application like in process automation? How quickly can I leverage the rich Sforce Web Services API?

Do I need to learn the complex SAP API’s?



Terms and Acronyms
SAP Systems, Applications, and Products (in data processing) BAPI – Business Application Programming Interface JCo – Java Connector ABAP – Advanced Business Application Programming R/3 – Real-time / Three-tiered Architecture ECC ERP Central Components



Terms and Acronyms
NetWeaver SAP’s SOA stack XI – eXchange Infrastructure WSDL – Web Service Definition Language SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol Components Pre-defined Service



SAP Integration Points

Salesforce Integration Points

SFDC – SAP Integration

Customer Success Cases

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Order data synchronized between SAP and
 Fast results – 30 days from discovery to completion  Reliability – No lost data and no lost time

Customer: Oxford University Press, part of the prestigious University of Oxford, is the world's largest university press. It publishes more than 4,500 new books a year, has a presence in over fifty countries, and employs some 4,800 people worldwide. From scholarly works to bibles, college textbooks to children's books, the Press covers a full range of titles. Challenge: Oxford University Press needed to integrate its SAP records into rapidly with high reliability. Solution: With Pervasive® Business Integrator™ Pro, bi-directional order integration and uni-directional product integration inbound to from SAP was quickly and accurately achieved. In fact, the project moved from discovery to completion in just 30 days. The bottom line: there were no issues with lost data or time.

Pervasive Delivers Fast Integration around SAP SFDC

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ERP Integration – by the numbers
Customer Source/ Destination Process
Implementation time
Checkpoint Softw are Oxford University Press Zim m er Orthopedic SunTrust Paym ent Processing MTS Honeyw ell Honeyw ell ADC Telecom m unications Siem ens Com m unications British Standards Institute IFG Group PLC SAP and Siebel SAP SAP Mulitple CRM's, m ultiple locations Multiple sources, including SFDC SAP AS400 database SAP SAP Accounts partners, users from Siebel. Orders from SAP. Orders – bidirectional. Product info from SAP. Account sync – SAP m aster. Revenue from SAP to SFDC. Large scale m igration -1-Million Custom er records Transferring data betw een m ultiple data w arehouses and applications SAP integration, Back-up Salesforce data Migrate m ultiple DB's SAP-Salesforce –Oracle Data w arehouse synchronization SAP task, ticketing Pricing synchronization
5 days (rem ote im plem entation 2 w eeks 10 days' effort during longer rollout 1 m onth 1 day 2 w eeks (rem ote im plem entation) 5 days 2 w eeks 4 w eeks 2 w eeks 1 w eek

SFDC, Siebel, Access, CDI project - sync custom er data betw een custom files, Oracle m ultiple apps SAP Find m atching leads or existing Accounts in SAP and generate them in SFDC if required. Lotus Notes Dow nloading, decoding and archiving attachm ents from into Adest system

3 w eeks

Product Architecture

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Comprehensive Product Architecture

Integration Services and Enterprise Application Adapters Enterprise Manager IntegrationApplication Adapter Integration Services
• Manages execution for multiple Integration Projects • JCA, MDB, EJB, SOAP, and Web Services • Scheduling • Reporting • Web enabled

SAP - Salesforce

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Pervasive Professional Services
Product Training for Integration Specialists  Instructor-led, hands-on sessions using real world scenarios to rapidly enable customers to
adopt and deploy Pervasive’s Integration software
• Monthly training at Pervasive’s training center • Webinars and Webcasts • Pervasive Integration Technician Certification Program

Fast Track Training and Implementation  Dramatically shorten the learning curve, reduce project lead times, and ensure a much
faster return on your Pervasive investment with on-site training • Accelerate deployment and speed ROI
• Quickly develop integrations to fit your needs • Minimize your overall integration costs • Choose the training and service offerings you need • Leverage Pervasive experience and expertise

Consulting Services

 Initial benchmarking/proof-of-concept, rapid client-oriented implementation and
deployment, and long-term consulting that allows your business to recognize value immediately

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