When Kevin goes to Starbucks he orders a Mocha frappuccino when it's hot outside, or a Chai latte with extra chai

, no water and with skim milk. (edit) Kevin shares a bedroom with his younger brother Joe. (edit) When Kevin got kissed for the first time, he missed the girl's mouth. (edit) Kevin's biggest fear is disappointing the people that he cares about. (edit) Kevin has a yellow toothbrush. (edit) The first concert Kevin ever attended was an MXPX concert. (edit) The first thing Kevin reaches for in the refrigerator are coffee creams. (edit) Kevin's favorite pieces of clothing are Nike shoes. (edit) Kevin's favorite thing about himself is his hair. (edit) Kevin says the most romantic date is going to see Christmas lights after a good meal. (edit) The first book Kevin read was ABCs. (edit) Kevin attended Eastern Christian High School in North Haledon, New Jersey. (edit) Kevin says that the most influential person in his life is his father. (edit) Kevin's first job as a kid was mowing lawns in the neighborhood. (edit) Kevin's favorite word is "excellent." (edit) Kevin says that when he goes shopping, he buys too many shoes. (edit) One of Kevin's favorite new artists is Amy Winehouse. (edit) Kevin's favorite NSYNC song is "Gone." (edit) He is a workaholic. (edit) Kevin is a perfectionist. When he's doing something and doesn't quite get it right, he's really hard on himself. (edit) Kevin says that he's always up for trying new and different restaurants and foods. He says that he'll try anything at least once. He says that he's even eaten fish eyes once! (edit) Kevin is a relationship guy. He doesn't believe in dating lots of different people. (edit) When it comes to dating, Kevin says sometimes staying home can be the most fun for him. (edit)

Kevin's father said that Kevin would probably major in music or engineering if he was to go to college. (edit) His favorite kind of Marshmallow Peeps is the yellow Easter ones. (edit) His favorite home-cooked meal his mother makes him is a three-pound cheese lasagna. (edit) When Kevin was asked to describe himself as a child, he said that he was superhyper. Then he was asked to describe himself at 13, and he said that he was a loner. Finally, he was asked to describe himself now, and he said that he's very energetic. (edit) Kevin says that the main thing that makes him laugh is stupid humor. (edit) Kevin's least favorite thing about school was waking up so early. (edit) Kevin's favorite thing about school was the social aspect. (edit) Kevin's best memory about school was finding out that he loved Shakespeare. (edit) Kevin's favorite historical era is the Dark Ages. (edit) Kevin's favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. (edit) Kevin's favorite board game is Monopoly. (edit) The first movie Kevin attended in theaters was The Jungle Book. (edit) The first theme park Kevin visited was Disneyland. (edit) The first CD Kevin ever bought was MXPX. (edit) He has been wearing his purity ring since he was 16 years old. (edit) Kevin owns 12 guitars. (edit) Kevin's favorite thing to order at Wendy's is a frostie. (edit) If there was ever a movie about his life, he would want Paul Wall to play him. (edit) Kevin's favorite way to cool off is a Slurpee drink from 7-11. (edit) Kevin is a fan of Penn State University's football team. (edit) Kevin would like to meet Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler. (edit) Kevin believes in love at first sight. (edit) Kevin was on his school track team and that's how he made friends. (edit) Kevin is Italian, German, Irish and Cherokee Indian. (edit) Kevin has really good skateboarding skills. (edit)

Kevin had his sidekick for only one day before he broke it. He dropped it in a sink at an airport. (edit) Kevin's shoe size is 9. (edit) Kevin became homeschooled after his sophomore year in high school. (edit) When Kevin was in school, his favorite subjects were History and Latin. His favorite science subjects were Physical Science and Chemistry. (edit) Kevin's favorite holiday is Christmas. (edit) Kevin's favorite foreign country is Indonesia. (edit) Kevin's favorite after shave is Old Spice. (edit) Kevin's first trip out of the country was to Jamaica. (edit) Kevin's childhood pet was a dog named Coco. (edit) Kevin's best friends are John Taylor, Joey Kyvick and Mandy Vandamye. (edit) Kevin weighs 135 lbs. (edit) His favorite drinks are Chai Tea and water. (edit) His favorite cereal is Cocoa Puffs. (edit) If Kevin's mom (Denise) could pair Kevin up with any one celebrity it would be Hilary Duff, because she's a "sweetheart". (edit) Kevin's favorite animal is a dog. (edit) Kevin knows how to juggle. (edit) He doesn't like to wear a shirt twice, and he's not afraid to wear pink shirts. (edit) Kevin's most prized possession is his Gold Top Guitar. (edit) Kevin's cologne is Burberry Britt. (edit) He has a black video iPod. (edit) A band Kevin said he’s really into is Take Idiot Pilot. (edit) Kevin has said that the music business is a little scary. (edit) Kevin's a big fan of the High School Musical movies. His favorite character is Sharpay, who is played by Ashley Tisdale. (edit) Kevin's favorite TV shows are Heroes, Close To Home, Lost and Jack and Bobby. (edit) Kevin's trademark is his bandanas. (edit)

Kevin likes blue raspberry candies. (edit) Kevin is addicted to his iPhone. (edit) Kevin would like perform with U2 and Coldplay. (edit) If Kevin ever had a daughter, he would name her Madison Grace. (edit) If Kevin wasn't making music, he would want to be a racecar driver. (edit) *Kevin's car is a black-on-black Jeep Commander. It was his first major purchase. The first car he had gotten was a 1990 Toyota Corolla. (edit) If Kevin could get a personalized license plate, it would say, "Ballin'." (edit) If Kevin could do any type of extreme sport, he would do extreme boxing and extreme water polo. (edit) Kevin's celebrity crushes are Jessica Alba, Hayden Panettiere, Brenda Song, Hilary Duff and Miss America (Lauren Nelson). (edit) Kevin likes to perform the song "Still In Love With You" because he has a short guitar solo in it. (edit) One of Kevin's major influences is the band Mcfly. (edit) As of 2007, Kevin lives in Hollywood, California. He used to live in Wyckoff, New Jersey. (edit) Kevin's ringtone is "Snap Ya Fingas" by Lil Jon. (edit) Kevin doesn't like fruit. He always tells people he's allergic to fruit. He can't even stand the smell of bananas. (edit) One of Kevin's favorite songs to play is "I Am What I Am." (edit) He prefers chocolate over vanilla. (edit) Kevin's favorite pizza topping is plain cheese. (edit) His lucky number is 15. (edit) Kevin's hidden talent is that he is good at ping-pong. (edit) His favorite Baby Bottle Pop flavor is Watermelon. (edit) Kevin likes berry flavored gelati. (edit) Kevin would rather call a girl than text her. (edit) Kevin is very protective of his younger brothers. (edit) Kevin has naturally brown curly hair and hazel eyes. (edit)

Faith is important throughout Kevin's family. (edit) Along with the guitar, the other instrument he plays is the piano. (edit) His name Kevin means "Beautiful at Birth" and is of Gaelic origin. (edit) Kevin was home sick one day from school, and he was bored so he found a book called Teach Yourself To Play The Guitar. Using that book, he taught himself how to play. He actually faked being sick the next day so he could stay home and practice. (edit) His favorite brands of chewing gum are Dentyne Ice and Stride. (edit) Kevin's favorite sandwich is a Philly Cheese Steak and Turkey Club Super Melt. (edit) His favorite car is a Mini Coupe. (edit) His favorite fast food restaurants are McDonald's, Wendy's and In-N-Out Burger. (edit) His favorite song is "3x5" by John Mayer. (edit) His favorite singer is John Mayer. (edit) Kevin's favorite food is sushi, Italian food and Thai food. (edit) His favorite movies are About a Boy, The Notebook and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. (edit) His favorite actresses is Rachel McAdams and Hayden Panettiere. (edit) His favorite actor is James Dean. (edit) Kevin's horoscope sign is Scorpio. (edit) His Chinese horoscope sign is the rabbit. (edit) His favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road. (edit) Kevin is a spokesperson, as well as his brothers Nick and Joe, for Baby Bottle Pops. (edit) Kevin, as well as his brothers Nick and Joe, wears a purity ring. (edit) Kevin revealed that he would love to have a back scratcher go with him everywhere. (edit) Kevin's favorite sport is pole vaulting and badminton. (edit) If he was a crayon he said he would be the color Forest Green. (edit) His favorite color is green. (edit)

As a child, Kevin talked nonstop. He was full of personality and full of life and a happy and joyful kid. (edit) He is friends with the band Everlife and Aly and AJ Michalka. (edit) His parents are Denise and Paul Kevin Jonas I. (edit) Kevin likes playing Texas Hold Em'. (edit) Kevin is addicted to MySpace. (edit) Kevin is the oldest member in his band the Jonas Brothers. (edit) Kevin has been in many charity efforts. He has traveled to Indonesia and Mexico to help build hospitals, schools and churches. He has lived among, played, fed and sung to orphans in many countries. (edit) Some of Kevin's hobbies include bowling and playing guitar. (edit) Kevin has three younger brothers, and they are Joe, Nick and Frankie. (edit) Kevin is in a band with two of his brothers called the Jonas Brothers. (edit) His most ticklish spot is his right side. (edit) Kevin's favorite candy is Butterfingers. (edit) The first thing he notices in a girl is their confidence level. (edit) His bad habit is leaving clothes everywhere. (edit) As of 2007, Kevin is 5'9" (1.75 m). That makes him the same height as his brother Joe. (edit) Quotes add » Kevin: I have dated a girl that my brothers didn't like, and it ended terribly. They were right, and now I listen to what everybody has to say. (edit) Kevin: (While filming "Camp Rock") Me and Joe went out on the lake and took cool pictures! (edit) Kevin: I've always wanted to pick someone up at the airport and have a movieesque kiss! (edit) Kevin: My purity ring fell off on vacation...at the wave pool at the Atlantis, in the Bahamas. I'm waiting for a new one to come in the mail. It's a little bit of a bummer. Mine is still there, just not physically. I was like, "Oh, man, this is not cool." Joe and Nick are wearing their rings. I want the exact same one again. It'll be back very soon! (edit)

Kevin: I love a good smile. It's also cool to have a good conversation with a girl. (edit) Kevin: I don't like it when a girl is constantly complaining about how she looks. (edit) Kevin: Through all the past photoshoots, we've been able to acquire most of the clothing. We've actually turned our living room into a wardrobe fitting room. I can't wait to come out with my own fashion line. (edit) Kevin: (About the song "Hold On") This was the first single off the second record, and I think it was the first song that captured the transition from the first album to the second one. (edit) Kevin: (On the Gibson Tour Bus) It's weird, because I'm used to my gear. I'm used to a full-on studio with music software system ProTools...no limitations. This has limitations. (edit) Kevin: One time I took this girl out to eat at a really nice place in L.A. We ordered a ton of food, but when the bill came, I realized I forgot my wallet at home! My dad had to come bring it to me. It was so embarrassing! I didn't think it was big deal, but Nick and Joe still tease me about it! (edit) Kevin: Hold on, Joe. Let everyone get their cameras and stuff, since you know this is going on YouTube. (edit) Kevin: I have a very eclectic style from pop to emo to hardcore to your mom. (edit) Kevin: (On his favorite type of shoe) I like...boots! (edit) Kevin: My brothers and I are really close. (edit) Kevin: I would be a good tour manager. I'm always asking the tour manager questions about how the tour runs. (edit) Kevin: My nighttime starts at 11 p.m. I don't have trouble sleeping. I can fall asleep immediately, but I choose to stay up. I love to stay up. (edit) Kevin: My favorite ice cream is rocky road because chocolate and marshmallows are my favorite. I would add cookie dough to it and a little bit of hot syrup. (edit) Kevin: (about the silliest story ever written about him) There was one that said I was married. I was like, "No, no, that didn't happen!" (edit) Kevin: I hate a girl who talks on her phone all the time when she's with me. It bugs the fire out of me! It's also not cool when a girl has a foul mouth, or if her friends are crazy or odd. If that's who she's hanging out with, it definitely rubs off on her. (edit) Kevin: I'm very laid back-I can watch movies for hours at a time-so I like a girl who's easy-going, makes me laugh, and who likes to be constantly connected. I'm rarely

home, so I love being with someone online, or texting, or on the phone. It's nice to be able to turn on my computer and see her buddy icon pop up. (edit) Kevin: The minute I asked this one girl on a date, she thought I was her boyfriend. That's not the way it's supposed to be. Relationships take time. (edit) Kevin: I'll know if I want to ask a girl on a second date in the first 10 minutes of our first date. If you're just getting to know each other and you're already laughing about things in each other's lives, then you know you're going to work out. (edit) Kevin: When I'm around the girl I like, I sweat. (edit) Kevin: [Once] on Valentines' Day, I wrote a letter to a girl, burned all the edges, rolled it up, put twine in it and then put it inside a bottle and painted everywhere she wanted to go on it. And then I melted a candle down on top of it. I had it waiting for her in the room. (edit) Kevin: (about working with family) You have a security that everything is going to be okay, even when you mess up. (edit) Kevin: For me, it (music) is just life in general. When you walk outside, you start hearing beats everywhere you go. (edit) Kevin: (about his character, Jason, in Camp Rock) My character is a little out there, a little spacey, but I love it. I get to be a little loopy, and it's kind of fun. (edit) Kevin: Christmas is my favorite time of year because it's the whole idea and spirit of the thing. Everyone wants to be together and I love being in a relationship during Christmas. It's just the idea of being in love during the best time of the year that is best. (edit) Kevin: Sometimes, I do love getting into the car and driving somewhere, going someplace new and exciting. (edit) Kevin: When I see a girl I like, I get a nervous feeling in my stomach. That's how I know I really like someone; when I get that feeling. (edit) Kevin: (about being a celebrity teenager) Of course, it's the best thing that ever happened to me, and this has been one of the most crazy and most fun lives ever. I have a blast every single day. I am blessed that I get to do this thing I love to do, and if I wasn't doing this, I'd probably be working at Starbucks. So the fact that I get to travel around on a tour bus all around the country is pretty awesome. (edit) Kevin: I want a girlfriend who has a positive attitude and is easy-going. Plus she to understand my crazy schedule. (edit) Kevin: (about what he does to make a girl feel special) I'll try to surprise her, like show up with Starbucks coffee--completely unannounced. I'm also gone a lot, so I'll try to call her as many times as I can without being weird. (edit)

Kevin: < about most loves he what>I like their confidence. They just walk in a way that's amazing. (edit) Kevin: Girls are always a big test, but one thing I've learned is to keep trying. (edit) Kevin: Break-ups, in general, are always bad. some break-ups are easier than others, but sometimes they're really hard. You learn to get through it. That's why I think love takes time and definitely should not be rushed into. (edit) Kevin: I watched Gilligan’s Island and Jurassic Park on the same day. And that night, I had a dream about a T-Rex eating Gilligan. I must’ve eaten bad food or something. (edit) Kevin: It used to bug me when girls would wear their pajamas everyday to school. (edit) Kevin: You wouldn’t know it by looking, but I had no teeth in first grade. (edit) Kevin: I was home sick one day and I didn't want to watch Dora the Explorer anymore or Blue's Clues on Nickelodeon because that was the only thing on in the morning. I turned off the TV and picked up a Teach Yourself Guitar book and I just read it and picked up a guitar and just chord by chord went. (edit) Kevin: I got one move, one move, it's gold, it's gold, it's perfect. Everyone would be like, "Dude how did you do that move? That’s ridiculous!" (edit) Kevin: I was dating this girl and, oh my God, it was the worst. I kissed her and she had a hairy lip! I didn’t say anything to her, but it was like, just go wax or something. It was terrible! (edit) Kevin: (about his favorite hangout spot) Everything you could ever want is there. There's a Starbucks next to a McDonald's next to a Blockbuster. There's a nail salon for the girls and a record store. I walk in and don't really have to order. I've been there so many times that they know what I want. (edit) Kevin: I once had a girlfriend who would send back the notes I had written her with all my spelling errors circled. I would get so upset. I didn’t want to look like an idiot. (edit) Kevin: When I was little, my dad was trying to teach me how to pump gas. We were on the road traveling and I put the nozzle down a little bit and the spray got in my eyes. I freaked out and ran screaming to the bathroom in the gas station. I remember I was knocking things over. It was embarrassing. (edit) Kevin: I want fans to give me advice on girls; why do they always say they don’t look good in pictures, even though they look great? (edit) Kevin: Girls who have a strong belief system are beautiful in a great way. (edit)

Kevin: You’ll be looking at magazines at an airport and you’ll see a girl like, holding up a magazine and your face is like on the page and you’re like, "Okay, I’m just walking away now." It’s a little strange. (edit) Kevin: One of my biggest pet peeves is when my brothers tell me how to drive. It just freaks me out, because they've never been behind the wheel before. (edit) Kevin: I'm a people person, and I try to make everyone feel comfortable. (edit) Kevin: I think guys should still open a door for a girl every chance they get, every time. They should try to take care of a girl as much as possible. She's like a princess, no matter what. (edit) Kevin: (about embarrassing moments) I tried to avoid embarrassing things, I’m glad that it doesn’t happen often. (edit) Kevin: I have many unopened Star Wars figures in my attic. (edit) Kevin: The most annoying thing a girl could do is text on her cell phone during the entire date. (edit) Kevin: The Chronicles of Narnia books are great. I’ve been reading them again and I feel like I can appreciate the books even better now. (edit) Kevin: I loved being the oldest because I bossed my brothers around! (edit) Kevin: I'm a talker, so I talk to people. I'm not afraid to walk up to you and just start talking to you. I won't try to make you laugh, because it's not going to happen--I'm not funny at all. Comebacks for me are really bad. I can't come back if somebody comes at me. I guess I just have my own way of talking to people. (edit) Kevin: I'm afraid of getting rejected by girls. And rejection can be the worst in music. I have to remind myself that although it may be risky, I'm doing what I love. I also know that if you don't take chances, then you'll never know what'll happen! (edit) Kevin: I've always been scared of failing. I hate to disappoint those I care about. I want to make them happy. I'm such a people-pleaser, especially in relationships. I'm definitely working on it. I try not to be a pushover, and I'm really making an effort to voice my opinion more! (edit) Kevin: I hate not having clean clothes. If I have a shirt and I wore it, it needs to be cleaned. I'm really weird about it. (edit) Kevin: I don't get nervous holding hands with a girl. Actually, it kind of stinks when I want to hold her hand and she's like "Not so much." (edit) Kevin: The minute you walk into prom with me, I want you to have fun. (edit) Kevin: I like to start the morning by watching music videos. I'm well addicted to them. (edit)

Kevin: I keep my cell phone on vibrate so I never miss a call. (edit) Kevin: When I really like a girl, I always talk about her. (edit) Kevin: Socks make the man. (edit) Kevin: I've fallen off stage before. I didn't get hurt, but I jumped back on stage and acted like I was supposed to fall. (edit) Kevin: I'd have to say "Year 3000" is my favorite song from It's About Time because it's just the one everyone knows and loves to hear. (edit) Kevin: I love bringing a girl to New York, because, you know, we're at home. (edit) Kevin: The hardest aspect of a relationship is maintaining the relationship. But there's also physical temptation and being on the same spiritual level, which can be difficult. (edit) Kevin: (About long distant relationships) It's hard work but if it's meant to be it'll work out. (edit) Kevin: I consume too much sugar. It's a problem. I need to stop. (edit) Kevin: I definitely would like to go into space. (edit) Kevin: There's lots of places I would like to go to. I really want to visit Europe in general. Hawaii is always nice. I want to go to London, Paris, and Greece. (edit) Kevin: The craziest thing I ever did was I told a teacher who just bought a new house that the realtor called, and said that his roof collasped. He called the number that I gave him, which was actually my cell phone, and I told him "April Fools!" and he freaked. (edit) Kevin: I find that John Mayer and Switchfoot have really influenced me. But anything that is interesting both melodically and lyrically has a strong impact on me. (edit) Kevin: A secret about my brother Nick is that he can drink about 30 cans of Diet Coke in a day and still want more. He never stops! (edit) Kevin: I had this one teacher who was so mean. She gave unbelievable amounts of homework! (edit) Kevin: (About his brother Nick being shy) Everyone says that because he's quiet, but he's not shy. He's Mr. Cool! (edit) Kevin: [I like] someone who has confidence. Someone who will be real with me and talk to me. (edit) Kevin: (about dealing with bullies) I made sure to make a few good friends, so that if anyone pushed me around, my friends would stand up for me. (edit)

Kevin: I hated middle school. I never fit in! I had like, like, two friends because I didn't connect with my classmates. I even got made fun of and beat up. (edit) Kevin: Live like you are at the bottom even if you are at the top. (edit) Kevin: (On his brother Nick having diabetes) I think, for him, he always knew that he had something special in his life, so this is an opportunity to really help a lot of people. (edit) Kevin: Before a date, Joe and I straighten our hair. (edit) Kevin: My little, little brother Frankie and I were watching a karate movie, so we were gonna practice by pretending to hit each other. I didn't mean to punch him, but I swung as hard as I could and knocked him in the face! Right away, when I felt his face in my hand, I was like, "Oooh!" He started crying. It was so bad. As you can imagine, I got grounded for that. (edit) Kevin: I'm a sucker for blondes and redheads, but sometimes, the smile gets me right away. That's how I can tell if they're a genuine person or not. (edit) Kevin: My name is Mufasa, I'm the King of the land. I'll come smack you with the back of my hand. (edit) Kevin: Nicholas [Jonas] can't have other people wearing his socks. If you put on his socks, he'll get upset, and it's really funny! (edit) Kevin: We [him and his brothers] wrote the song "Eternity" for our grandmother, who just recently passed away from cancer. (edit) Kevin: If I wasn't a musician, I would be hairdresser. (edit) Kevin: Being the oldest, I do everything my parents ask me to do. I try to help as much as possible. (edit) Kevin: I don't think I'd ever reject anyone. (edit) Kevin: (about him and his brothers; Nick and Joe) We don't really like to talk about our relationship status. (edit) Kevin: (on what he looks for in a girl) I look for a girl who's cool. Like we just hang out and not see me as a 'celebrity'. I don't like it when girls run up and say 'I'm totally in love with you'. There's no mystery there. I mean from fans its great, but from a girl you're gonna date...it's different. (edit) Kevin: (about him and his brothers being asked if they're married) A lot of people ask us because we all wear a ring on our left hand, but it's not true! (edit) Kevin: I can't go to sleep without making my bed first. Even if it's been made in the morning, I have to go in and remake it. It's my quirky habit. (edit)

Kevin: (talking about his brother Joe) He takes a shower, takes forever and then once he gets ready, he has to ask you if he looks okay four times! (edit) Kevin: I've flown across the country to see my crush. (edit) Kevin: The girl's heart is important, and it's important that the girl has a good attitude. (edit) Kevin: Pole vaulting really made me love school. I miss it now that I am homeschooled. (edit) Kevin: I tried to beat my friend in a racing game on Xbox 360. We seriously played for like a couple of hours. She beat me and I got so mad! (edit) Kevin: I sat through a school play for a girl once. It was actually a revue - singing and dancing, it was everything. And if I hear something off-pitch, I get a chill up my spine. So I had the worst headache by the end of the night, but to be there and support her meant a lot to her. (edit) Kevin: I was recognized at a mall in our town. It was a little shocking someone could just know who you are without ever meeting them. (edit) Kevin: The moment I picked up a guitar, that was the minute I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. (edit) Kevin: I used to get picked on a lot and I'm terrible at comebacks. But I handled it by finding a few good friends and hanging out with them. So when kids started to make fun of me or tried to push me around, my friends were there to stand up for me. (edit)
Joe Jonas Favorite Junk Food: Mint and Creme Oreos. Favorite Drink: Orange Gatorade. Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman. Favorite Sport: Wiffel Ball. Favorite Band: Copeland and Switchfoot. Favorite Actor: Jim Carey Favorite Show: Boy Meets World and Heroes Favorite Food: Chicken Cutlet Sandwich with Mayonnaise. Favorite Candy: Twix and Tootsie Rolls. Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Song: “Only Hope” by Switchfoot. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Marshmallow. Favorite Animal:< Monkeys Favorite Cereal: Trix Favorite Gum Flavor: Bubblegum Favorite Ice Cream Place: Pinkberry Favorite Book: A Wrinkle in Time Favorite Fast Food: In N Out Burger Favorite Word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Favorite Pizza Topping: BBQ Chicken Brothers are Kevin, Nick, and Frankie. Most outgoing brother Incredibly humorous

He plays keyboard, guitar, tambourine, and lead vocals for the Jonas Brothers. Before becoming a musician he wanted to be a comedian Joe's favorite song from the album, Jonas Brothers is "Still in Love With You." Joe is a big fan of the High School Musical movies. Joe was in three broadway productions called "La Bohème," "The Velveteen Rabbit," and "Oliver." Joe's favorite song from the album, Its About Time is "I Am What I Am." Enjoys running. Before being in the Jonas Brothers with his two brothers Kevin and Nick, he was back up vocalists with his older brother Kevin. Along with his two brothers Kevin and Nicholas, he performed at their church. His favorite board game is Monopoly. Joe's not afraid to let a girl know that he likes her. Joe is the biggest ladies man out of him and his brothers. Joe doesn't really like coffee, but he does like some drinks at Starbucks. He likes their Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino and the Passion Tea Lemonade. To be funny, when people ask about his purity ring he says that he's married! Out of his brothers, he is the loudest. He got his tambourine from Guitar Center. His acoustic guitar is called the Black Pearl. He once drove the tour bus and almost crashed it. Joe has a white video iPod. Joe's most prized possession is his hair. He loves running and soccer. He uses Right Guard and Old Spice deodorants. He is easily scared. Joe has a Razor(cellphone) and sidekick and his ringtone is "That's How I Beat Shaq" by Aaron Carter. Joe uses a flat-iron and Evada Control Paste in his hair. Joe listens to Beethoven before going to bed sometimes. Joe's Chinese Horoscope sign is a Snake. On YouTube, Joe sometimes poses as DJ Danger. Like his brothers Nick and Kevin, Joe wears a purity ring. The Jonas Brothers' song "Mandy", is actually about an ex-girlfriend and best friend of Joe. His favorite song is “Only Hope” by Switchfoot. Before being in the Jonas Brothers, he was back up vocalists with Kevin. He and the rest of the 'Jonas Brothers' are spokespeople for "Baby Bottle Pops" According to his brothers, Joe takes forever in the shower, takes forever to get ready and the asks how he looks about four times. According to Nick, Joseph likes macadamian nuts. Joe has black hair and brown eyes. Joe's favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Marshmallow. Joe once dated Amanda Michalka.

His mom's name is Denise Jonas. When Joe was younger, he was very attached to his Barney Bank. Joe plays the keyboard, guitar, and percussion (tambourine). Some of Joe's hobbies include jogging, working out and making movies. His favorite color is blue. Joe is in a band called the Jonas Brothers with two of his brothers. Joe's bad habit is biting his nails. Joe plays the keyboard, guitar, and percussion (tambourine). Some of Joe's hobbies include jogging, working out and making movies. Joe is in a band called the Jonas Brothers with two of his brothers. Joe's bad habit is biting his nails. Joe's favorite designer is LaCoste's. Joe's favorite author is Dr. Seuss. Joe's best friends are Mandy Vandamye and a girl named Amelia. Joe's favorite subject in school was math. Joe's first trip out of the country was to Mexico. The first movie Joe saw at the theatre was Homeward Bound. The first thing that Joe reaches for his refrigerator is water. When Joe was younger, he once got his head stuck in his tambourine. Joe is a big fan of Penn State University college football. Joe's first job as a kid was shoveling snow. Joe's most ridiculous New Year's resolution is to talk to animals. Joe's most ticklish spot is his neck. The first album Joe ever bought was a Britney Spears CD at a 7-11 gas station. Joe's favorite kind of car is a mercedes. He's had dreams about being chased by a giant frog and also being followed everywhere by Avril Lavigne. Joe's good luck charm is his friends. He says if he could live in any other past era, it would be in the 60's or 70's. Joe sleeps on a king-size bed. Joe's toothbrush color is blue. Joe thinks Miley Cyrus needs a straightjacket. Joe likes pro-wrestling. When Joe was younger, he never wanted to sing. Joe attended Eastern Christian High School in North Haledon, New Jersey. Joe loves the song "Crank That" by Soulja Boy. If Joe ever went to college, his father said that he would most likely major in theater arts.

Joe's first big purchase were Nike Dunks. The first book Joe ever read was Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. Onions make Joe cry. Joe said that the best thing about school was his desk. Joe's favorite historical era was the 1980s. Joe's favorite science subject in school was Physics. The first theme park that Joe ever visited was a Six Flags in Texas. He owns 5 guitars. Joe's favorite animals are a monkey and a kangaroo. Joe's favorite Baby Bottle Pop flavor is strawberry. His favorite musician is Freddie Mercury. Joe prefers tea over coffee. Joe's favorite cartoon character is Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life. Joe's favorite ice cream topping is hot fudge. His favorite candy is Twix, Godiva chocolate, and Tootsie Rolls.

Nick Jonas

Nick started a charity called "Change for the Children Foundation", which helps kids with diabetes. (edit) Nick has admitted that he loves playing Guitar Hero, and that he's also horrible at it. (edit) If his band continues to be successful, he doesn't think he'll be going to college. (edit) While touring, Nick guards his socks. At home, he keeps count of the socks in his drawer. (edit) Nick doesn't believe in luck. (edit) Nick says it would be cool to have the ability to fly. (edit) Nick prefers texting rather than myspace or aim. (edit) Nick Jonas has the same birthday as Sabrina Bryan of the Cheetah Girls. (edit) Nick shares a bedroom with his brother Frankie. (edit) Nick can do one-handed cartwheels. (edit) Nick attended Eastern Christian High School in North Haledon, New Jersey. (edit) His favorite way to chill on a rainy day is watching movies. (edit)

Some artists Nick has on his iPod are Maroon 5, Johnny Cash, The Animals, and The Rascals. (edit) When he watches a TV show or movie, Nick likes to write reviews about them and giving his opinion. (edit) He is a big Johnny Cash fan. (edit) Nick's favorite childhood book is Magic Tree House. (edit) Nick's favorite subject in school is Spelling. His favorite science subject is Geology. (edit) Nick's favorite piece of clothing is a Yankees hat. (edit) Nick's favorite after-school snack are Twinkies. (edit) The first theme park Nick ever visited was a Six Flags in 1997. (edit) The first book Nick read was Silly War on Sunday. (edit) Nick says that they only things that make him cry are onions. (edit) The first song Nick ever sang was a song from Peter Pan. (edit) Nick's favorite thing about school is learning new information. (edit) Nick's favorite historical era is the French Revolution. (edit) Nick's first major purchase was a Gameboy Advance. (edit) Nick's most ridiculous New Years's resolution was to stop drinking soda, but he said that it was too impossible for him. (edit) Nick admitted to enjoying spending time with Miley on their tour together on the Ellen Degeneres' show in 2007, but she is not his favorite. (edit) Nick's favorite car is an Escalade. (edit) His favorite musicians are Stevie Wonder, Fall Out Boy, and Switchfoot. (edit) His most influential people are his parents. (edit) As a child, Nick describes himself as very creative and independent. (edit) He owns 12 guitars. (edit) Nick hates it when his brothers take his stuff. (edit) Nick's favorite type of Marshmellow Peeps are the ducks. (edit) Nick was inspired to play guitar from watching Fall Out Boy. (edit) Nick would save his guitar and his Bible if his house was to catch on fire. (edit)

Nick is a fan of Penn State University's football team. (edit) Nick can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions. (edit) The first movie Nick attended was Barney. (edit) Nick's favorite pastime is reading. (edit) Nick's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. (edit) Nick's favorite after shave is Abercrombie. (edit) Nick's favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys, he doesn't mention it a lot because he is from New Jersey and people would make fun of him. (edit) Nick's first trip out of the country was to Toronto, Canada. (edit) Nick's best friends are Maya Kibble and Mandy Vandamye. (edit) Nick weighs 115 lbs. (edit) The main things that make Nick laugh are his brothers. (edit) Nick's favorite pizza topping is cheese. (edit) Nick loves his mother's egg casserole dish for breakfast. (edit) According to his mom (Denise), Nick will "only eat his hamburgers in circles. He goes around the outside instead of digging right through. (edit) His horoscope is Virgo. (edit) His name, "Nicholas", means 'Victory of the People' and is of Greek origin. His middle name, "Jerry", means Spear Ruler and is originates from Germany. (edit) He hates spiders. (edit) Nick has an iPhone. His ringtone is the James Bond 007 theme song. (edit) Nick's trademark is his curly hair. (edit) Nick prefers Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi. (edit) Nick's favorite dessert is pumpkin pie. (edit) Nick's favorite Baby Bottle Pop flavor is cotton candy. (edit) As of 2007, Nick lives in Los Angeles, California. (edit) Nick craves McDonald's right after he plays golf. (edit) Nick likes watermelon candies. (edit) Nick's eyes are supersensitive to light. (edit)

There is a code on the dog tag which identifies Nick. This is so that if he ever gets into any sort of accident, and needs to be taken to the hospital, they know that he has diabetes. This way, they know not to give him certain medications that can be harmful to his body because of diabetes. When they put the code into the computer at the hospital, they get Nick’s medical history. Everyone with type 1 diabetes gets one of these, and it is their choice whether they are going to wear it or not. (edit) Nick's favorite fruit are plums. (edit) Nick loves Germany. (edit) His favorite superhero is Spiderman. (edit) His favorite season is spring. (edit) Nick likes mint-chip flavored gelati. (edit) Song writing is Nick's way of letting his feelings out. (edit) Nick naturally has brown hair and brown eyes. (edit) The subject Nick likes the least is math. (edit) Nick would rather text a girl than call her. (edit) He doesn't mind being called "the one with the curly hair". (edit) Nick is Christian. (edit) According to Kevin, Nick can't stand it if someone wears his socks, he flips out and its "funny". (edit) Faith is very important to his entire family. (edit) Nick's purity ring has 'Poned' inscribed on it which means 'to be let down or disappointed'. (edit) He was discovered in a barbershop while getting his haircut. (edit) Once lost his purity ring and got a new one made at Disney World. (edit) His nickname is Nick J. Some people say "Nick J is off the chain." (edit) His favorite drinks are Coke and 7-11's Slurpees. (edit) His favorite sandwich is an Italian Hero. (edit) His favorite fast food restaurant is McDonald's and In-N-Out Burger. (edit) His favorite movie is Finding Neverland. (edit) His favorite song is "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. (edit)

Nick has an iPod Nano. (edit) He hates it when a girl is afraid to eat in front of him. (edit) He loves Red Bull (an energy drink). (edit) He can breakdance. (edit) When Nick was in the Broadway play Beauty and The Beast, he played Chip. (edit) He has a Sidekick 3 (cellphone) and he got it decorated. (edit) Nick can juggle. (edit) Nick's cologne is Abercrombie. (edit) Nick wrote the song "SOS" based on a past experience. (edit) The thing Nick must have in the studio is Hershey's chocolate. (edit) Like Kevin and Joe [Jonas], Nick wears a purity ring. (edit) Nick's favorite song to play in concert is "Year 3000." (edit) He once missed a family vacation to be in a Broadway play. (edit) Nick was originally going to have a solo album but when the record company heard about his brothers (Joe and Kevin's) musical talent they formed the band "the Jonas Brothers". (edit) His Chinese horoscope sign is the monkey. (edit) His favorite ice cream is cotton candy. (edit) His favorite actors are Matt Long and Keri Lynn Pratt from Jack and Bobby. (edit) His favorite sport is baseball. (edit) Nick's favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees and his favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter. (edit) He and his brothers (The Jonas Brothers) are spokespeople for "Baby Bottle Pops". (edit) Nick keeps his closet surprisingly clean. (edit) Nick loves Green Tea Frappuccinos. (edit) Nick's favorite candy is Sweet Tarts and gummy worms. (edit) If he were a crayon he says he would be the color, Royal Blue. (edit) His favorite cereal is Cheerios. (edit) His favorite singer is Stevie Wonder and his favorite band is Switchfoot. (edit)

His most ticklish spot is his feet. (edit) His favorite food is steak. (edit) He is the youngest member of his band, The Jonas Brothers. (edit) Nick wrote the song Please Be Mine. This was when the idea of Kevin and Joe [Jonas] joining Nick with his record deal came up. (edit) Nick plays the guitar, drums and keyboard. (edit) Some of his hobbies includes playing baseball and golf, collecting baseball cards, tennis, songwriting and music. (edit) Nick enjoys watching Lost, Heroes, and the Sports Center on ESPN. (edit) Nick's favorite color is blue. (edit) Nick has three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Frankie. (edit) Nick has Type 1 Diabetes. He was diaganosed in 2005 while he was out on tour. (edit) Nick's most prized possessions is an Olympic Gold Medal, his iPhone and his golf set. (edit) Nick's celebrity crushes are Jordan Pruitt, Anna Kornikova and Brenda Song. (edit) His hidden talent is playing the drums. (edit) The first thing Nick notices in a girl is her eyes. (edit) As of 2007, Nick is 5'7 1/2. (edit) Quotes add » Nick: Luckily, I've got some really great people around me that really help me manage my diabetes. And it hasn't slowed me down yet, and I'm not planning on letting it do that. So I'm going to continue to do what I love and if I have occasional low or high blood sugar, it will be all right because I've got some really great people surrounding me. (edit) Nick: Broadway was amazing. I loved it! I feel like it was really good training for what I'm doing now. (edit) Nick: Boys don't really know what they're doing half the time. Sometimes I'm oblivious to flirting, and I just have to ask, "Okay, what's the deal? Are you into me or not?" Or I'm the last one to even realize that I have a girlfriend until someone mentions it. (edit) Nick: I know that true love is definitely out there. (edit)

Nick: I have two modes. First I get really quiet, but then I'm the complete opposite, where I'm like telling jokes. How I act depends on the girl. It helps when a girl's really confident because then I don't feel like I have to entertain her. (edit) Nick: I have a tendency to sort of look away when I start to like a girl. So if I have to work hard to look in her eyes and be engaging during a conversation, then I know it's cool and it's for real. (edit) Nick: I wouldn't date a girl with a bad attitude. I'm "Mr. Positive." (edit) Nick: My hair actually used to be straight. When I turned 12, my hair got curly. It was the weirdest thing in the world. It's always been kind of long. When it gets really long I want to cut it all off. My mom, dad and manager are always like "You have to keep your long hair." (edit) Nick: A date should be about having fun. (edit) Nick: Every step you take is a new experience. (edit) Nick: Technically, flirting is a dangerous thing because you never know if someone is flirting with you or just giving you a compliment. There is an actual difference. (edit) Nick: I've never had a girlfriend during Christmastime. But I think the perfect holiday date scenario would be Christmas in New York City. I'd like to go down to central Park, hang out by the ice skating rink, possibly Rockefeller Center. There's a couple of thing you've just gotta see when you're in New York City. (edit) Nick:(about gossip) I just think it's funny. Because you take a picture with somebody, then automatically you're dating. I just laugh it off. (edit) Nick: You should be able to share everything with your girlfriend. (edit) Nick: When I was eight, I had a snow day. Both of my best friends were off from school and we played this game where we lived in an imaginary life (called snow Muntain). I think I got frostbite, but it's all good. (edit) Nick: I know I've been in love. but I waited a long time before I said the word "love" to someone even though I'd been thinking it, because I consider "love" to be more than just a word. (edit) Nick: (about embarrassing fan moments) The worst is when I'll be on an airplane. I sleep all the time when I'm on planes and my mouth is, like, wide open while I'm sleeping. I just look totally stupid. and I'll just look around the plane and see tweens staring and taking pictures of me looking like that. (edit) Nick: In the moment, I'll have a strong inspiration for [lyrics], and most of the time I really want to get it off my chest and, like, let it go, whereas other people mat write it down in a journal and be done with it or vent and get it out. I like to do that...but with songwriting. I'll just wanna write it, most of the time, songs that come out of it are really cool. (edit)

Nick: I once ate a two-pound steak all by myself! (edit) Nick: It's embarrassing for me to text message back and forth with a girl. I'm asking all these questions just to continue a conversation when I should just be hanging out with her. (edit) Nick: I look at my parents and I see a great example of what a relationship can be. They've given us a wonderful example, and I know that true love is defintely out there. (edit) Nick: I love to sing and play. I love sports and I am very serious about everything I do in life. (edit) Nick: (about being a heartthrob) It's any guy's dream and the fact that I'm able to live it is awesome. (edit) Nick: When you're texting, you can say things to a girl that you'd never say in person. You just type what you want and press send. (edit) Nick: My first kiss was really good. It was looking over the city skyline. It was sweet! It was awesome. (edit) Nick: I usually don't do one huge thing that's really nice. I like to spread little gifts out here and there. (edit) Nick: The OmniPod has totally changed my life. I love it! (edit) Nick: Yeah I've avoided girls before, but for a reason. If I like a girl, there's a chance I don't know what she's thinking. So I start to question the situation. I want her to notice me, so I play it cool. (edit) Nick: I crush on girls who are kinda quiet, too. (edit) Nick: I'm not shy, but I am quiet. I don't like to meet a lot of people. (edit) Nick: It sounds funny, but my biggest fear is that I'm not perfect. I'm a perfectionist, and I get upset when things go wrong or when I don't do well. I used to be very uptight, but I've learned to loosen up. (edit) Nick: My favorite way to impress a girl is by singing to her. I want to serenade her, or at least try to. (edit) Nick: I'd get dressed up for prom, so it will be sweet if my date came dressed up too. (edit) Nick: Sometimes my fans will be like, 'Sign my shoe!' and they put their feet up. (edit) Nick: I really love dresses [on a girl]. I like a girl who looks like a lady. (edit)

Nick: (When asked if he ever fought with somebody over a girl) I actually had a problem with my little brother Frankie. I was saying that I thought Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana was cute. He was like, "What?!" He ran over and tried to beat me up. (edit) Nick: (When asked about rumors) I just think they're funny. Just because you take a picture with somebody, then you're automatically dating. (edit) Nick: (When asked what his dream date would be) I would buy box tickets to a Yankees game and watch the Yankees beat the Red Sox. (edit) Nick: I've learned a lot about dating from my brothers. I've done really well with the relationships that I've been in so far. (edit) Nick: (About Kevin's obsession with Starbucks) We were in a mall one time and it was on the other side of the mall, and he goes, "I can smell Starbucks," and just starts running to it. (edit) Nick: My biggest pet peeve is when people pretend to be me [on MySpace]. It's just like, annoying when they message people as me because you never know what they're going to write or say. (edit) Nick: My brothers and I listen to hip-hop and drink Red Bull to get pumped up. (edit) Nick: I love watching sports, and I like to be outside, even if it's raining. (edit) Nick: You have to talk to your friends about your crush, because your crush will be talking about you with their friends. (edit) Nick: You've got to avoid situations that make you uncomfortable. (edit) Nick: I love to listen to Switchfoot and the Jackson 5. (edit) Nick: I need a girlfriend who'll just have a good time with me. (edit) Nick: My pick up line is, "Slow down, sugar, because I'm a diabetic"! (edit) Nick: I love earlobes! No, I'm kidding. I would have to say if a girl has beautiful eyes, I'm going to be interested. (edit) Nick: I thought the popular kids were the cool kids. I got caught up in that, and it was bogus. High school is about finding who you are because that's more important than trying to be someone else. (edit) Nick( on the songs he and his brothers write): You know what I'm going through now Kevin's already gone through and Joe's already gone through, so we can all kinda relate to each other. (edit) Nick: (When asked if he and his brothers fight) We're each other's best friends. (edit)

Nick: (On the song "Still In Love With You") I wrote that song after a breakup. It's like, where a couple of weeks go by, and you still find yourself in love with your ex. (edit) Nick: On the way to the hospital Kevin and Joe [Jonas] looked up diabetes online. They knew more about it than I did before I got there! They're there for me all the time! (edit) Nick (On his diabetes): I wasn't gonna let it slow me down! (edit) Nick: Even though we [him and his brothers] have a younger brother, I'm considered the baby. But I'm more adult than Joe and Kevin! (edit) Nick (To his brother, Joe): You're ideas are pointless. (edit) Nick: It doesn't matter if the world is pulling you down. With Christ you have everything. (edit) Nick: Joe [Jonas] took me under his arm like the hero that he is. Joe saved my life, so I owe him. (edit) Nick(on how he used to be with relationships): I used to rush into things a lot. That didn't work too well. Now I take it slow-get to know the girl and stuff. I found that it works better. But if its really awesome I'll jump into it. (edit) Nick: (on what he looks for in a girl) I look for someone who has confidence. Also someone whose energetic, cause I'm NOT that energetic. (edit) Nick: Yo that's illogical I can't have it! (edit) Nick: (talking about his purity ring) I got my ring at Disney World! (edit) Nick: I like looking at the stars on a clear night. (edit) Nick: I'm here for you. (edit) Nick: (when he calls a girl) My heart starts beating really fast and I have this thing where I gulp sometimes. (edit) Nick: Some girls try too hard to get guys' attentions by not wearing much clothes. When a girl dresses nicely with good taste it says that she has confidence and that she takes pride in her appearance. (edit) Nick: What I'm looking for in a girl is someone who will understand my crazy schedule and will be there to support me. Just a girl who will make me smile and keep me happy. (edit)

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