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Choose the best option to complete the following sentences. Write A, B, C, or D on the answer sheet.
1. A ____________ is caused when there is a blockage in an artery that leads to the brain.
A. heart attack
B. stroke
C. asthma
D. pneumonia
2. It will be years before we have paid off the ____________.
A. scholarship
B. grant
C. loan
D. finance
3. I hadnt had much sleep and was feeling tired and ____________.
A. irritable
B. physical
C. forceful
D. delighted
4. Medical treatment ____________ greatly from state to state.
A. modifies
B. adapts
C. diverges
D. varies
5. ____________ John knew, his village had not changed since the last time he had been there five years
A. As long as
B. As soon as
C. As much as
D. As far as
6. ____________ did I make mistakes in the composition, but also in the questions.
A. No sooner
B. Only after
C. Not only
D. On no account
7. He left an hour ago ____________ he wouldnt be caught in the traffic.
A. so that
B. in order to
C. because
D. although
8. His work has been attracting a great ____________ of attention.
A. number
B. deal
C. plenty
D. lot
9. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.
A. concentrated
B. entertained
C. performed
D. satisfied
10. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.
A. obviously

B. allegedly

C. supposedly

D. accordingly

II. CLOZE-TEST (10pts)

Choose the best option to fill in the gaps. Write A, B, C or D on the answer sheet.
Polar Bears
Polar bears are in danger of dying out. __(11)__ some other endangered animals, its not hunters that
are the problem, its climate change. Since 1979, the ice cap at the Arctic Circle where the polar bears live has
__(12)__ in size by about 30 per cent. The temperature in the Arctic has slowly been __(13)__ and this is
causing the sea ice to melt, endangering the polar bears home.
The polar bears main __(14)__ of food are the different types of seal found in the Arctic. They catch
them by waiting next to the air holes the seals have __(15)__ in the ice. __(16)__ the bears are very strong
swimmers, they could never catch seals in the water. This means that the bears __(17)__ do rely on the ice to
Polar bears also need sea ice to travel. They can cover a huge territory and often swim from one part of
the ice to another. They have been __(18)__ to swim up to 100km, but when there is less ice, they may have to
swim further and this __(19)__ fatal to the bears. A number of bears have drowned in the last few years and
scientists believe that it is because they were not able to __(20)__ more sea ice before they became too tired
and couldnt swim any further.


A. Opposite
A. cut
A. lifting
A. sources
A. placed
A. Even
A. really

B. Compared
B. reduced
B. gaining
B. means
B. set
B. Although
B. properly

C. Unlike
C. shortened
C. advancing
C. origins
C. brought
C. As
C. surely

D. Different
D. lost
D. rising
D. materials
D. made
D. Despite
D. fully
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A. learnt
B. noticed
C. known
D. experienced
A. prove
B. happen
C. come
D. end
A. achieve
B. land
C. get
D. reach
III.1 Choose the best option to answer the following questions based on the information provided in the
text. Then write A, B, C or D on the answer sheet. (5pts)
Computer Crime
Computers have become so necessary to modern living that it is difficult to believe that they are a
relatively recent invention. Undoubtedly, they have proved to be of great value, but they also have their
disadvantages. For one thing, they have added to our already large number of crimes.
Hacking was the first computer crime that most of us became aware of. By using their computing
expertise, people known as hackers can gain unauthorized access to someone elses computer and make use
of the data which they find there. They may, for example, get hold of lists of the names of their competitors
clients and use these to build up their own business, or they may use hacking as a form of industrial espionage
to find out a rival companys plans. Other hacking activities may be more obviously criminal, in that hackers may
log on to financial data in someone elses computer and either alter it illegally or use it for fraudulent purposes.
The possibility of serious financial fraud has been greatly increased by the modern practice of
purchasing goods through the internet. Apparently, the use of credit cards to pay for such purchases has led to
record levels of fraud with a great many people being swindled out of a great deal of money. Banks are working
hard to improve online security and to provide safeguards for customers, but fraudsters are working just as hard
to improve their crooked techniques.
Many computer users worry in case their systems are affected by computer viruses. The people who
introduce such bugs into other peoples computer programs may not intentionally be committing a crime, but
may be doing as an act of mischief or spite. The motive does not really matter to the people whose data has
been deleted or altered or whose files have been corrupted.
Computers are part of a highly technical method of working, in which there are constantly new
developments. Unfortunately, there is also a constant stream of new developments in the fraud industry
associated with them. All computer users must be on their guard.
21. The increase of fraud through the computer is partly due to _____________.
A. crooked techniques.
B. modern practices.
C. internet purchases.
D. financial data.
22. Computer files can be damaged by mischief makers using _____________.
A. corrupted files.
B. computer programs.
C. computer viruses.
D. computing expertise
23. According to the writer, all computer users must _____________.
A. be up-to-date.
B. be careful.
C. be informed
D. be suspicious.
24. From the context of the passage, it can be determined that the word swindled most nearly means
A. cheated.
B. borrowed.
C. lent.
D. obtained.
25. Which is NOT a purpose of hacking activities?

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A. setting up ones own business.

B. spying on rival companys plans.
C. using stolen data for unlawful purposes.
D. causing mischief.
III.2. Decide whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F) based on the information
provided in the text. Then write T or F on the answer sheet. (5pts)
26. The people who introduce computer viruses into other peoples computer programs will deliberately be
carrying out a crime.
27. Banks are attempting to upgrading online security and to supplying customers with safeguards.
28. People who gain unsanctioned access to someone elses computer are called spies.
29. There is a continuous stream of new developments in the fraud industry related to computers.
30. Computers have their own benefits and drawbacks.
IV.1. Choose the best option to answer the following questions based on the information provided in the
text. Then write A, B, C or D on the answer sheet. (5pts)
Advertising in the U.S.
A kind of creeping illiteracy invaded advertising in the U.S. in the 1950s, to the dismay of many. By 1958
Ford was advertising that you could travel smooth in a Thunderbird Sunliner and the maker of Ace Combs was
urging buyers to comb it handsome a trend that continues today with pantyhose that fits you real
comfortable and other linguistic manglings too numerous and dispiriting to dwell on.
We may smile at the advertising ruses of the past but in fact such manipulation still goes on, albeit at a more
sophisticated level. The New York Times Magazine reported in 1990 how an advertising copywriter had been
told to come up with some impressive labels for a putative hand cream. She invented the arresting and
healthful-sounding term oxygenating moisturizers, and wrote the accompanying text with references to tiny
bubbles of oxygen that release moisture into your skin. This done, her work was turned over to the companys
research and development department, which was instructed to come up with a product that matched the text.
Truth has seldom been a particularly visible feature of American advertising. And has all this deviousness
led to a tightening of the rules concerning what is allowable in advertising? Hardly. In 1986, as William Lutz
relates in Doublespeak, the insurance company John Hancock launched an ad campaign in which real people
in real situations discussed their financial predicaments with remarkable candor. When a journalist asked to
speak to these real people, a company spokesman conceded that they were actors and in that sense they are
not real people.
31. What is the writers point about the advertisement for a hand cream?
A. It existed before the product was created.
B. It inaccurately described the product.
C. It caused controversy when it came out.
D. it made the product sound interesting.
32. Which of these boldfaced words is used to express disapproval on the part of the writer?
A. dismay
B. manglings
C. putative
D. candor
33. According to the passage, yesterday publicizing tricks ______________.
A. gradually cool down
B. should be made fun of
C. still continue to thrive in a larger degree D. has mysteriously vanished
34. What was the ad campaign launched by John Hancock in 1986 supposed to do?
A. To come up with some impressive labels for a product
B. To thrash out peoples financial constraint with frankness
C. To hash over peoples financial aids
D. To call for tighter regulations regarding what is legal in advertisement
35. The word conceded in line 15 is closest in meaning to ______________.

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A. disavowed
B. renounced
C. abjured
D. acknowledged
IV.2. Decide whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F) based on the information
provided in the text. Then write T or F on the answer sheet. (5pts)
36. Many people were shocked and perturbed at the colonization of a sort of gradual illiteracy in advertisement
in the 1950s.
37. In 1990 an advertising copywriter was normally told to create some influential texts in advance.
38. Advertising materials were then completed by the companys R & D department.
39. A distinctive and discernible characteristic of American advertising has always been the truth.
40. All the deviousness has led to a tightening of the rules concerning what is allowable in American advertising.
V.1. For questions 41-50, fill in the blank of each sentence with the suitable form of the word given. Then
write your answers on the answer sheet.
41. I wonder if you could tell me who was awarded the _______________.
42. Do you think that you pay enough _______________ in class?


43. Joshua was suspended from school for a week for bad _______________.


44. I did six hours or _______________ for the test, and I still failed.


45. Please send photocopies of all your _______________ to us at the address below.


46. The weathers been so _______________ today that I dont know what to wear.


47. Bonnie showed a lot of _______________ in the way she handled the problem with Olivia.


48. Can we _______________ the lesson for next Wednesday?


49. We need to rely more on wave power, wind power and other _______________ sources of energy. (NEW)
50. Im scanning my grans photos onto my computer because theyd be _______________ if anything
happened to them.


V.2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word
given unchanged. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.
51. We last went abroad a long time ago.

We .. a long time.

52. When did they start living in the suburbs?


How in the suburbs?

53. Its the first time she has ever had problems with the authorities.

She .. with the authorities before?

54. I havent caught a cold for ages.


I last ages ago.

55. Henrik was very pleased to be selected for the team.


Much for the team.

56. The treasurer called a meeting to discuss the clubs finances.


The treasurers . to discuss the clubs finances.

57. In spite of all my efforts, I couldnt persuade Soraya to come to the concert.

No matter , I couldnt persuade Soraya to come to the concert.

58. My two brothers dont trust each other at all.


Theres my two brothers.

59. It was a great surprise to us when Anna arrived punctually yesterday.


Anna took . yesterday.

60. If it rains, they will hold the concert indoors.


The concert .. rain.

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