Deep  tubewell  installation    

Situation  Analysis:  
As   a   part   of   project   implementation   AMRF  
Conducted   100%   Arsenic       screening   of  
tubewell     in   the   project   area   .   Most   of   the  
Shallow   tubewell   are   arsenic   affected.  
Maximum   community   people   use   Arsenic  
contaminated   water   for   all   purpose.     As   per  
community   action   plan   (CAP),   there   was   a  
need   to   install   alternative   water   facilities   in  
the   community   level.   One   of   most   popular  
water   technology   is   Deep   tubewell   for  
Initiative  Taken:  
AMRF  is  working  with  the  community  people  
by   forming   CBO   in   every   ward   of   Union  
Parishad.   With   this   consistence   CBO  
representatives   visited   the   venerable   area  
where  less  number  of  Arsenic  free  Tubewell  .  
As   per   community   demand   CBO   felt   it   need   to   installed   Deep   tubewell   for   Arsenic   free   safe  
water   as   on   priority   based   and   subsequently   they   decided   to   apply   to   AMRF   for   Deep   Tw  
Construction  Process:  
• Application:  Every  CBO  chairmen  have  applied  to  AMRF  on  behalf  of  community  people  
for  the  Installed    of  tubewell  with  the  appropriate  prescribed  format.    
• Approval:   Based   on   CBO’s   application   union   supervisor   and   project   engineer   visited   the  
proposed  tube-­‐well  site,  then  union  supervisor  recommended  installed  those  platform.  
On   the   other   hand   engineer   recommended   that   there   are   no   technical   obligations   to  
installation  of  Deep  tubewell.  
• Contribution  money:  According  to  WAB  cost  sharing  strategy  CBO  decided  to  take  cost  
sharing   money   approximate   8%   of   of   total   installation   of   every   single   tubewell   as   per  
wellbeing  ranking.    
• Contractor/Boring   Mistree   Selection:   Selection   of   contractor   as   per   organizational  
financial  policy.  

Tubewell  installation  work:  Installation    work  has  started  as  priority  basis.  Both  of  CBO  
and  Engineer  monitor  the  TW  installation  work  for  ensuring  the  quality  of  materials  and  
installation  work.  
Handover:  After  the  completion  (Installation,  platform  construction,  Water  quality  test  
etc)   of   installation   work   AMRF   handed  
over   the   Tubewell     for     using   water  

Covered   Population:     In   the   last   WAB   financial  
year  (  April  2014  to  March  2015)  AMRF  installed  
14   numbrr   of   Deep   Tubewell   in   4   union   of  
sreenagar   and   Louhajong   upzila.   Now   1712  
people  get  safe  water  from  those  Tubewell.