org Nevis LLC Laws and Information Many people wonder why our law firm would use a Nevis Offshore LLC for our customers because they know that most IPC standard IPC or a combination. We have summarized below a number of features and benefits of using a Nevis Limited Liability Corporation. This does not mean it's the right solution for us all and remind customers that we can integrate all types of entities and complex structures involving several types of entities. Each situation is somewhat unique and requires a combination of planning, property originally involved business process in question, the court required, issues of asset protection, tax planning and budget. Please inquire. What is a limited liability company? - The Limited Liability Company (LLC) was first conceived in Wyoming in 1977 and almost all U.S. states have adopted its use over the last 10 years. Sophisticated businessmen and lawyers have seen the benefits of marriage of LLCs with offshore jurisdictions. So, in short order several offshore jurisdictions LLC or implemented similar legislation or to complement their existing businesses or as stand-alone legislation law. Be advised that U.S. companies LLC or otherwise provide no privacy or protection. Any magistrate or government official anywhere in the country and in many other countries can have easy access to all records with a phone call, fax, email etc. Legal Basis - The Nevis LLC is organized under the laws that (1) creating the entity, (2) confers a legal existence and legal personality distinct from its members, (3) displays the members of his personal responsibility, (4) governs the operation of the company, and (5) that determines how and when the person comes to an end. A Nevis LLC is neither a corporation nor a partnership. It's really a hybrid between the company and society. It is a separate entity created by statute that provides an alternative to business partnerships and corporations by combining the advantages of limited liability with pass-through tax benefit of a partnership. The structure of the Limited Liability Company or LLC Nevis is extremely flexible, and it is a matter of contract between its members. Nevis LLC Shares - There are no units of a Nevis LLC. No share certificate in bearer or registered shares. It solves no problems with the names of beneficial owners of deposit in the public registry or the registered agent holding the shares. Very private low cost. Transfer of ownership - participation of Nevis LLC can be transferred to another entity that is a natural person or legal entity (company, trust or foundation), without transferring to any entity. The registered agent has your identity documents (notarized copy of passport and driving license) so it would be a good idea of who you are in the sale of the LLC and get a bill signed by the sale. Taxes Nevis - No corporate tax, the income tax, withholding tax, stamp tax, asset tax, exchange control or other fees or taxes are levied in the jurisdiction over the assets or Revenues from outside the island. No tax returns or other filings must be filed with Nevis. Nevis LLC Records - These records may be held anywhere in the world. Nevis LLC Securities management - in a limited liability of directors, members are free to adopt the titles they want to use. For example, they say May directors or owners. In addition, if managers or officers are appointed to run the affairs of the company, they may assume all the titles they decide, as president, secretary, etc. Members and managers of an LLC are free to make proxies to others to do business on behalf of

the LLC. Usually it is notarized and sometimes apostilled well. Nevis LLC members - members Nevis LLC in May determined by the operating agreement of the LLC, which is a private document that is not on file in a public registry or database. The operating agreement typically names the members of the LLC, which may be natural or legal persons and their share or interest in the LLC, and defines the internal structure of the LLC. In addition, the LLC in May issue "certificates of membership interest" to all members (like shares or shares of a company), whose certificates will normally bear the name of the LLC, the name of the holder which may be a corporation, foundation or trust, and the proportion or percentage of participation in the LLC certificate represents. In many cases, offshore LLC does not issue certificates or provide operating agreements. This allows more flexibility in the future for members or leaders. Nevis LLC operating agreements - These agreements grant operating authority Nevis LLC formerly reserved only for corporations. For example, Nevis LLC may have perpetual existence, to protect members of personal claims against the creditors of the LLC, allowing members to divest their interests and choice of directors (or managers) to run the LLC. In addition, as regulations, operating agreements may allow the issuance of certificates to members of the LLC with different or preferential rights in respect of voting and / or types of distributions in May, they receive. Nevis LLC Disclaimer - None of the owners are exposed to personal liability. Owners can participate in management without becoming personally liable for the debts of the company. Owners Names Kept Secret - Nevis LLC offers members total secrecy, because there is no public record of their identity. No limit on the amount of members - Nevis limited liability companies have no limitation on the number of members. Owner of the Nevis LLC - Ownership of an LLC has no limits. Owners may be trusts, foundations or limited liability company. Owning assets - The Nevis LLC can own shares in other companies as beneficiaries of trusts, to own property, boats, planes, and of course have bank accounts. Nevis LLC & creditors - If the LLC gets sued in another jurisdiction, it is basically irrelevant. A creditor can still try to bring an action before a court Nevis. This is expensive, time consuming and they often have to make a cash deposit with the court for damages. Nevis lawyers are not allowed to work on a contingency fee basis, cash only at the front. If there is a trial in Nevis or the country where the LLC bank account then there must be a valid power. Authority means that the court of this country has the legal authority on these issues. If the events leading to further transpired outside the jurisdiction, courts generally consider their lack of authority and decline to adjudicate the matter. Another factor associated with this place. The case was filed in Nevis said to be a case that legally belongs to Nevis. However, a creditor may have a trial in another court and try to tame the case in Nevis. This is expensive and unlikely to succeed and it is rarely done. If you know of a trial, you can change banks and assets relocate. But let's look at the "Charging Order Protection" below enjoyed by members of an LLC in Nevis where they are pursued by a creditor. Charging protection order - The best asset protection for members of the Nevis LLC derives from the alleged "burden" protection order. A creditor of a member of staff in May somehow find out more about the interest the person has in the LLC. This would require the member to disclose this information because it is not in the public record. There is a remedy when the creditor can not be confined solely to obtaining a court order that requires distributions to interest the member be sent to the creditor instead. The upside is that if the LLC manager refuses to pay distributions to the member's interests, then the order of load (or even interest membership itself) is of little value to the creditor. Thus, the creditor receives nothing, even if a victory in court Nevis, which is

something rarely seen at the start. Due Diligence - For Nevis LLC we need a copy of a driving license and passport notarized. This can be sent as an attachment in an email to: Time required - Seven to ten days from when we receive the documents and payment. Fee - $ 1495 for Nevis LLC Complete with: * The filing of the training costs government * Registered agent and registered office expenses for the first year * Certificate of Training * Articles of Organization * Subscriber letter of resignation * Operating Agreement of the sample (optional custom designed agreements are available from our company) * First Minute Organizer * 1 Blank Membership Certificate * Manager or Member Organizer memo Nevis LLC and a bank account in Belize - $ 1995 Nevis LLC Nevis Bank Account - $ 1995

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