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Issue 3

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Issue 3
Rat................................................................................................ 3 T ITLE : Foucault's Pendulum
Symbolism of Swans.............................................................4, 5, 6 A UTHOR : Umberto Eco
Penny Musical Album..................................................................7 G ENRE : novel/wierd stuff
Believe.......................................................................................8, 9 D ESCRIPTION : an evocative journey rife with alchemists, rosicrus-
The Tantric Illustrations by If There Is a God.........................10,11 cians, templars, playgans, mystery schools, cabala and other
Trees and Responsibility.............................................................12 mystical goodness. Filled with accurate information under the
C.O.G.s Are Dangeorus.............................................................13 guise of a good story.
Prince of Disks.............................................................................14 T ITLE : Finnegans Wake
Yaltabaoth Saklas Samael .......................................................15 A UTHOR : James Joyce
King of Cups................................................................................16 G ENRE : MADNESS beautiful madness
Tribute to Philip...........................................................................17 D ESCRIPTION : the wake is considered by many to be the 20th cen-
Thoughts of the City.............................................................18, 19 tury's most complex and engaging work. The masterwork of a mas-
Ever Wonder?.............................................................................20 ter author, it took James 17 years to write this contraversial novel. It
The Magician..............................................................................21 is best considered as play, it does not respond to readers who
Subconcious Memetic Warfare.........................................22, 23 demand immediate satisfaction and concrete meaning.
Radio Free Wha...?.....................................................................24
Suggested Reading...................................................................25 MEUS OPUS MAGNUS’ RECOMMENDATION
T ITLE : A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
RADIO FREE MERCURY is a collectively run publication. A UTHOR : Julian Barnes
Collectively run means that RFM represents the communal
effort of its contributors. RFM is made and distributed by a G ENRE : Fiction/History
leaderless disorganization, thus the format and subject mat- D ESCRIPTION : A satirical look at history, rich and thought provok-
ter can be expected to change frequently, according to the ing. Funny too. This is Meus’ favourite book, EVER. (if that helps).
needs, whims and wishes of the contributors and assemblers. T ITLE : Survivor
Radio Free Mercury is a forum for discussion and self-directed A UTHOR : Chuck Palahniuk
exploration of art and intellectual endeavors. The views
expressed by individual contributors to RFM may not be G ENRE : Fiction
shared by the makers of RFM as a whole. However, the D ESCRIPTION : Tender Branson, who is 33, tells his story to the black
box of a 747 which is about to crash. The novel focuses on the rise
supporters of RFM believe in the free exchange of ideas, and
and fall of a media-driven cult leader.
respect for the integral place knowledge holds in society. All
submissions are copyright of the original authors/artists, and JAY LE ROY’S RECOMMENDATIONS
should not be reprinted without the creator’s permission.
However, Radio Free Mercury may be reprinted, whole and T ITLE : Valis and Radio Free Albemuth
without changes, by individuals for personal or archival use. A UTHOR : Philip Dick
G ENRE : Science Fiction (?)
If you would like to contact RFM contributors or would like to
contribute yourself, then email us at: D ESCRIPTION : Two novels regarding Dick’s experiences with and
Or visit attempted comprehension of the “being” known as V.A.L.I.S. The
Vast Active Living Intelligence System throught the universe. These
Front/Back cover illustrations by J. Le Roy / front: “The C.I.A. Took My Brain Away” books are considered the authors most controvertial yet intriguing.
Layout and design by Jay Le Roy.
Special thanks to Dave for letting us use his message board as our unoffical headquarters. 2 25
R A D I O F R E E W Hj aAy .l e. r.o?y
Radio Free Mercury: a project that encourages and
encompasses the talents and intellect of various indiviuals all
over Western Civilization. No one has physically met each
other, we exist as a viral meme in the collective conciousness
of the world wide web. Technology is our weapon and Truth
our final destination.
We’ve studied and probed and discussed for ages. Our
eyes were opened, our brains received oil changes and the
grime was wiped off our filters of perception. We’ve glimpsed
what’s behind the curtain, and depending on who you ask,
it’s not a pretty sight.
Everyday we’re fighting a memetic war for the hearts and
minds of fellow human beings, to counteract the mind con-
trol of self- serving governments and influential corporations.
Someday we hope to awaken people to their true potential,
not as passive consumers, but as active participants in the
majesty that is Life. Masters of their own destinies and rulers of
their own minds.
Using this project as a forum to stimulate the intellect has
been our goal for over a year. We hope Radio Free Mercury
will offer new ways of looking at the same problems, to offer
alternative ways of thinking. And if we’re lucky, helping to
bring about a total paradigm shift.
Always remember: Think For Yourself.


The swan, king of water birds, is common in folklore and fable the subconcious reads between the lines. In this case, however,
and is the focus of many tales and aphorisms. It represents the the idea is not to effect one's own subconcious. It is not to infect
union of opposites in purity, the reconciliation of division. In alchem- YOU with the meme, but others. To spread the awakening process.
ical symbolism, it represents the third stage of the soul: the over- Sigil-making is a fairly simple process, the idea is formulated (in
flowing vessel waiting to be transformed into the tincture of immor- this case "I want folks to stop paying attention to the bullshit forced
tality. It is also cognate with Mercury, because of the swan's repu- down their throats, and think for themselves"), it is condensed, and
tation for volatility. Because it mediates the realm between water
"negative" words are removed. Why? The subconcious does not
and air, it is a shamanistic animal, able to negotiate more than one
element. The manner in which it glides over the surface of the understand 'no'... no idea why, but it just doesn't.
water is suggestive of meditation, the attainment of perspective So, "Stop , think for yourself". But this isn't clear enough, nor is
that allows one to participate in the realm of Maya without losing direct condensation of a sentance my "thang". My thang, in this
consciousness of the depths below ordinary perception. case was to condense it to "Revolt, Rebel, Awaken" Dangerous?
Maybe... maybe. I then eliminated the vowels as they recurred,
T HE C ONSTELLATION C YGNUS , THE S WAN reducing it to a jumble of letters, which I then arranged. These
The constellation Cygnus is a good place to start the discussion babies work. I have a rain sigil that has come into reknown the
of the swan in myth. This constellation has been regarded as a bird world over... well, at least in hedgewitch circles.
in many cultures. It was identified by the peoples around the
Euphrates as a great Stellar Bird, perhaps it was even the original Sigils can be employed in several ways.
Rukh, or Roc of the Arabian Nights. The Ancient Greeks seemed to
have given it no specific designation, rather it was the Roman peo-
ple who identified the constellation as we know it today, Cygnus. Mass Sigilization:
One myth associated with the constellation names Cygnus as Using a copy-machine, a computer, or your hands reproduce
the friend of the ill-fated Phaeton. Phaeton, who was killed while the sigil as many times as is possible (and in varying sizes) Print them
attempting to pilot the chariot of the sun, fell into a river when he as stickers, as sheets, leaflets, and print them in tiny mini-bible sizes
could not keep control of the vehicle. Cygnus, who was much (more on this later). Scatter them freely. Give them away. Stick
grieved by the death of his friend, dove into the water and them to mirrors and bathroom stalls. Hide them in tampon
retrieved his charred remains so that they could be given proper
despensers and in magazines. Deposit one in a dollar bill, folded
burial, and the soul of Phaeton could find rest. In reward for this
faithfulness, Cygnus was transformed into a swan, and placed in and paper-clipped. Drop handfulls in tiny sizes out of an office-
the sky as a constellation. It is interesting to note the role of building window.
Helios/Apollo in this myth, since swans are sacred to Apollo; a flock
was said to have circled Delos (where he was born) seven times Visual Sigils:
before his mother Leto gave birth. Plastering sigils, or penning them, in locations where folks will be
Others have said Cygnus represents the form Zeus took when he
forced to encounter them. Overpasses in congested traffic areas,
raped Leda. This famous episode has been rendered numerous
times in both literature and art. It represents the union of the divine busstops, bathroom stalls. Tucked into a book or magazine, written
and mortal realms, and the disaster (in the form of Helen and the on suspicious parchment. Use as an avatar on fora where a little
Trojan war) which it has the potential to cause. rebellion and awakening might be good.
The constellation Cygnus is also associated with Orpheus, due to
its proximity to his harp, the constellation Lyra. It is said that after his Destroyed Sigils:
death he was placed beside his harp in the sky. This may also have
A sigil is created, loaded with intent (charged, if you prefer) and
a connection with the term swansong which is a sort of death cry
(Orpheus was singing when he died, indeed it has been said he is utterly destroyed. A favorite method is burning, by which the mat-
continued to sing even after his head had been wrung from his ter is converted into energy. Other methods work for this as well.
flesh). The ancients believed that swans only sang before they The destruction of the sigil always represents the idea passing from
died, hence our modern associations with the term. the normal world, into the subtle one.
4 23
kris steaveson

Although many of the mythological connotations of the swan
were explored in the section regarding the constellation Cygnus,
there remain many, more varied treatments of the bird in world
A swan is shown drawing the chariot of Saraswati, an Indian god
of intelligence and wisdom similar in some respects to Athena.
Saraswati, whose name means something like "the flow of true exis-
tence", is often shown dressed in white, with four arms one holding
a lute, one holding prayer beads, and one holding a book. The
chariot of Venus/Aphrodite was also drawn by swans.
Lohengrin, the Swan Knight, figures in many tales from the Middle
Ages, especially in Germany and France. In the most common ver-
sion from Germany, based on the Grail legends, Lohengrin was
sent by Percival from the castle of the Grail to help of the Dutchess
of Brabant. Guided by a swan he reached Antwerp, and married
the lady on condition that she should not ask his origin. Years after-
wards, when the dutchess could no longer contain her curiosity,
Lohengrin departed, leaving his sword, horn and ring behind him.
Another component of the Grail tale that refers to swans,
involves Percival himself. In Wagnar's version of the legend, Percival
shoots a wild swan in a sanctified forest, and is reproved by the
king, who is bathing in the waters of the sacred lake when he loos-
es the shot and hits the majestic bird. This scene seems eerily similar
(though likely unrelated) to the shooting of the albatross in the Rime
of the Ancient Mariner.
The saints Cuthbert, Hugh, and Ludger are shown with swans in
You , too, can conquer the beast. their heraldry. Cuthbert was the patron saint of Northrumbia; his
Above is a Sigil created with the sole purpose of awakening the association with swans may be because he had a law passed pro-
minds of those who view it. It's entire purpose in existance is to tecting eider ducks (?). Hugh was the bishop of Lincoln, and had
awaken the inherent intellegence (and the true will) and allow this a swan as a pet. St.Ludger, who is often shown flanked on either
side by swans, was known for curing blindness and for his success-
newly awakened person to resist the memes they are fed each
ful conversion of many Saxons to Christianity. It should be noted in
day. To think for themselves. traditional christian symbolism swans stand for hypocrites, because
Sigilization is generally credited to Austin Osman Spare. Who is they were thought to have white backs and black bellies.
also, arguably, the Father of Chaos Magick. I prefer to think of A.O.
Spare as the pimp. Sure, he sold the bitch, but the bitch was good S WANS IN F OLKLORE
long before he branded her. There is a recurring theme in folklore concerning what are called
In a nutshell, Sigilization works on the premise of memes. That swan maidens. This theme occurs from Serbia to Japan. The most
works of magick are carried out by the subconcious mind, moreso common variation of the tale involves three or seven swan maid-
than the concious one (simmilarly to the fact that you can con- ens. A man who desires to capture or marry one of them witnesses
centrate on your breathing and controll it, but if you stop thinking the transformation of the maidens from swan forms into human
about it... you still breathe). Sigils are "Little Ideas", planted into a forms. In order to marry one, he takes one of their feather cloaks
form which the subconcious can understand, but which the con- (sometimes following the instructions of a helper) and hides it. The
other maidens put on their cloaks, morph and leave their sister to
cious does not. The concious is pascified by the pretty picture, and
22 5
marry her captor. In many of the tales the woman finds her swan
cloak and escapes, leaving her husband to find her. In this varia-
tion of the tale, the transformative power of the swan (akin to the
Mercury it is associated with) is emphasized. In addition, these tales
further reinforce the swan's status as a symbol of the joining of two
different realms (water/air male/female supernatural/mundane).
Another variation of the swan maiden tale, from Romania,
doesn't involve cloaks. In this one the swan turns three somersaults
and is transformed into a beautiful maiden. The maiden is married
by the king, but a jealous gypsy, after some time, drowns the maid-
en in a well. The maiden is then transformed into a willow tree. A
peasant boy makes a flute from the willow, and it speaks as the
maiden had in swan form, and thereby reveals the treachery of the
gypsy woman who killed her. The maiden is finally restored once
the king's eyes have been opened to the gypsy's evil-doing, trans-
forming from the willow flute into a maiden again. Notice the par-
allels between the associated symbols and actions in this tale and
swan symbolism in general. The maiden (in human form) is
drowned, accentuating her link with the watery realm. She is trans-
formed into a weeping willow, reminiscent of the sadness associat-
ed with swans through the swansong aphorism. The gypsy's cruelty
is trumpeted by the music of the peasant boy's flute, which brings
us to the swan's association with music through its linking with
Orpheus, and especially Apollo.
The link between swan maidens and music is emphasized by the
tale from Japan. A poor fisherman finds a beautiful winged cloak
and picks it up. He is only stopped from taking it away by the
entreaty of a wondrous maiden, who begs him to give her back
her cloak, so that she will not be trapped on earth, in the mortal
realms, instead of dancing among the goddesses. He assents, but
only after he makes her promise to dance for him. She assents,
takes the robe, and performs a miraculous dance, accompanied
by heavenly music.
Although this is by no means an authoritative and exhaustive
study of the symbolism of swans, it is enough to begin to appreci-
ate the bird's rich associations. It is apparent that because of its
gigantic size and strength, its devotion to its young, and its distinc-
tive song, it has been revered and transformed symbolically for
many ages by those peoples in contact with the bird.

Thanks especially to these internet resources THE MAGICIAN
6 21 M E U S O P U S M A G N U S
Did you ever wonder
what was out there?




20 7
B E eLvIeEr hVa tEe
Dear Ghost Children, diffusing the electrical impulses of the hundreds of thousands of
Life is great! Don't let anybody tell you anything else people that walk and think and feel around it. Even if this is a
about it… by-product of the technological revolution, "business at the
speed of thought", the fact is that cities become a huge centre
…the following lines come from a different face of for thinking, and immediately it becomes a huge metaphysical
Everhate,… eco-system.
I call it the dark side of the medal…. The other possibility is that all thought that seems to come out
…meet the non-believer! of the city seems to come from the same type of insight that
I have experienced a series of weird emotional moments Eliot had, perhaps the stretches of "neat straight concrete
since the "modern days" of my life began. After losing my blocks, avenue canyons stretch forever" as Lee Renaldo of
band, my friends, my job, my label, my grandfather and my Sonic Youth sees them are a desolate wasteland for any type of
sanity; 2001 - obviously - marked a new beginning. inspirational canvas and the constant view of concrete walls
It is often said, that an individual is the sum of its does turn people into mindless drones. Dr Robert Winston has
experiences. We react to things in a way, that we think is studied the effects of living in the city and he sees an elevation
in peoples' ability to take in information quicker than less popu-
appropriate, based on what we know and believe…
lated areas and there are both good and bad side-effects from
Believe…people have believed, that the earth is flat,
this. It certainly helps the collective conscience experience with
believed it's the center of the universe. They believed, that
a steady flow of thought energies but at the same time what is
burning witches is good, and being queer is bad. They
being lost from the thought processes while the mind is trying to
believed in bloodthirsty vampires and harp-slinging angels.
deal with the sometimes overwhelming barrage of information?
They believed, that their hopeless teams will win the cup, One argument is that (via the age of Reason and the advent of
that they’re gonna score tonight and a heap of other science over God) is that we have lost our sense of the divine
things, that just helped them live their empty days. Opium and mortality through sheer distraction and self improvement
fürs Volk. when cities of the past have used enlightenment and spiritual
To believe is not to know and a decision based on epiphany as much as bricks and mortar. Or maybe we are still
unverified facts will lead to catastrophes....usually. Sure the coming to terms with our own mortality? The industrial revolution
team can win, the loser might score and there are lots of destroyed people's sense of individuality and introducing them
cases, where something happened, that was very unlikely directly to the machine of society that they could choose to be
to happen, but isn't that luck? Chance? Coincidence? a part of when they were out of the city…
A world, where there is reincarnation, where a "backup" For now though the city to me remains a state of flux and a
of the spirit takes place at the end of life, where we all will source of inspiration, and a sense of identlty for a while remain-
meet again on the other side is nice, but is it real? Really? ing an exilarating and horrifying experience.
No wonder, humans came up with such fantasies and For other ideas about the experience, the following albums
legends; it helps them make something of an existence, explore the dichotomy of both city and country life in all it's
that is a sip of water in the ocean. A grain of sand in the aspects:
desert of time, futile...why try at all? You derange a couple
of molecules…and you call that murder?! P J Harvey - Stories from the city, stories from the sea
So the ride is going to get bumpy. It's probably better to And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - source tags and
sit on the most comfortable seat available. Beliefs comfort. codes
Beliefs help you to get along, even if facts say, that the road Radial Spangle - syrup macrame
is dead and that it will end at a steep`s ok!!! The God Machine - scenes from the second storey
So maybe it's the best thing to do it like most people.
8 19
T H O U G H T S O F T H E Ce vI oTlY- i
I used to venture up to the city I now live in when I was about Have the facts as the cake and those beliefs as the deco-
11 years old, with the pretty concrete wish to get lost, then find ration and candles, that make it prettier to look at. It won't
my way again and get home, even though that was a long hurt!!! Does it?!
time ago the draw of the city has always been strong and the What do I believe in? I don't pray to a god, but I almost
need to throw oneself headfirst into the way of life there has know, that "spirits" exist outside the visible spectrum. Maybe
been the drug of my choice… I'm deluded by the wish, that there is more, but weird stuff
An idea that has been floating around for a while is the happened all the time; although it could be explained oth-
collective consciousness that is generated by the type of mass- erwise.
dwelling environment means that all cities are inextricably By now almost every RFM reader will have heard, read or
linked to each other in a huge network of metaphysical seen something about the year 2012 and that it will mark
contact. The idea was first presented to me in T.S. Eliot's "The and important change in the way we live. I don't know if
Wasteland", a poem that seemed to try and take the shattered something will happen. I just believe something must hap-
pieces of the self after the First World War and try to put them pen. Cataclysms, pole-shifts,
back together to comprehend the horror that had just world wars. People are full
happened, he talks of the "unreal city" and traces elements of of ideas, how the world must
people and places throughout: change, but I wonder if it
"Jerusalem Athens Alexandria Vienna London Unreal isn't just a question of what
…These fragments I have shored against my ruins" we do with beliefs and how
we approach each other.
Eliot uses a character called Tiresias as a metaphor for the So we are a tenth of a
collective consciousness, the character sees all, feels everything second for the sun, why do
but in Eliot's view is completely trapped by the surroundings: we throw it all away for a
"And I Tiresias have foresuffered all" meaningless life? Maybe -
Whereas Eliot saw the city as primarily a dwelling of the dead not in - but by 2012 people
(or "dislocated identities, fluid anonymous and uncertain in this will have gotten far enough
'unreal city'" as Aaron Kelly put it) the idea croped up again for to see, that 9-2-5 isn't life. We
me in The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, issue 51, a short story in have built systems, that
which an office worker who spends his lunch hour wandering
enable us to judge a person
around his city is unable to find his way back to the city he
by how much money it
knows, he encounters one old man who is a also lost:
earns. We have built a ILLUSTRATION: STEVEN NEW
"So, if a city has a personality, maybe it also has a soul. Maybe
system, that makes us
it dreams. That is where I believe we have come. We are in the
exploit any resource to the end, although we have better
dreams of the city. That's why certain places hover on the brink
of recognition; why we almost know where we are."
sources at hand. We have a medical system, that keeps
Certainly, how impossible is it that so many people can be people a little ill, so the system can live on them, not for
collected together in one place without some metaphysical them. Humanity has caught some parasites, that drain our
and psychic phenomena happening? Since 1922, Eliot's city has powers, make us addicts, take us down. Maybe 2012 will
surely changed, the air hums with constant manipulation of mark the beginning of a revolution of hearts, simply becaue
communication microwaves and electricity, the air is never still people are fed up. Like monarchy, facism and democracy
for the passage of people buzzing from one place to the next, just imploded like pimples, so might the system implode that
the tall spires of buildings reaching up into the atmosphere, a we live in now…and don't tell me this IS democracy.
mix of glass, stone and metal that is constantly absorbing and Democracy 2004 is something for believers!
18 9
A T R I B U T E T O sPt e vHe nI LnIePw

Nixon walks on the beaches
of south California
In the same rumpled suit
with hair and tie all askew
Deposed and despondant
confused and tormented
He still plots away
but with a kingdom of sand

10 17

16 11
I live, I love and
Y A L I A B A O T H S A K L A S S A M A E Lj j
I breathe. My existence,
however abstract and
seemingly meaningless is writing
driven by the desire to process words twist
the world around me. I want to
interact, you know, I want to
bitten from my flesh
belong. I want to be a leaf
in the tree of life. belonging not to eye or manus hand
Trees dry out.
born blind of kyklops creator

Some don't, It's true. Sorry... implicit
not all of them. well...continue. implied
resounding in time

demanded by an infinity
of juxtaposition possibility

every expression

bland manifestation

decreed by could

all petals possible

Oh yeah.
pressed between the pages

I want to learn.
And... And I want to of an incomprehensible book

teach, when the time

ego is no author
I mean, I want
Can you take a jar ringing
care of my cat?

tangible, real I'm going away silverquick
responsibilities. on a trip. gong intelligent

clanging leaden wit

our composer
screams unified
staring behind each i
dreaming our trajectories
I'm allergic.
inside our minds

caecus divided
dall serrated

12 15
P R I N C E O F D I S K Sj j
verdant autumn earthbird
rockeyed gem-bright
you twist under twilight

fertile fortress tree
writhing vine beauty
you entwine me

abyssmal river silly
spilling reckless wildly
i splash at your feet

but mountain deep, you stay
volatile seed, you remain
axis-mundi motionless


14 13

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