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Players each have a Gladiatorial Flea who is trying to delight the crowd. They score VP by performing stunts
and attacking the other players. The player with the most points after 10 rounds wins.
E ach player is dealt 3 stunts and 6 health markers (2) 1vp, (2) 2vp, (2) 3 vp. Players fleas start on the end of
the board. Four hidden Arena Rewards tokens are randomly scattered on the board. (The top right number on
the stunt cards range 1-36 and are used for random distribution.) Optionally, two pits are placed randomly.
Four equipment cards are turned face up. Set aside a number of Arena Reward Tokens.
2 players: 16 tokens
3 players: 18 tokens
4 players: 20 Tokens
5 players: 24 tokens
6 Stunt Dice
1 Combat Stunt Die (Red)
1 Acrobatics Stunt die (Blue)
20 E quipment cards
40 Stunt cards
30 L ife point tokens (10) 1VP, (10) 2 VP, (10) 3V P
36 Arena Rewards tokens
4 double sided defense markers
5 Gladiatorial Flea Tokens

E ach turn a player plays a stunt and rolls six dice. Players may reroll any dice except <bug icon> and may reroll dice up to four times. Bugs are locked and may not be rerolled.
the stunts each have a list of icons that must be rolled to perform the stunt. If the flea performs the whole stunt
they score the stunt as victory points. If they do not complete the stunt, they may move as many spaces as they
rolled according to the programmed move on the stunt. There is no facing and they may turn the card to move
in any direction (along the stunts path.) The red square is the starting point and represents the fleas current
the die facings are:
Straight: Move orthogonal
Diagonal: Move Diagonal
Flip: Repeats previous direction avoids pits and traps.
Sword: May be used to attack any adjacent fleas you pass
Shield: May purchase equipment and help defend
Bug: Die is locked and may not be rerolled

full twist

When moving adjacent to another flea, a player may play a sword to attack a flea. They may play as many
swords as adjacent moves they make. If a player moves on top of another flea he gains an attack without
spending a <sword> die. Some stunts grant a bonus die, or icon, or attack benefit.
+ <icons> - Gain the die type or icon
Stunned Spend <icons> to attack and stun your foe. Aach attack that is not defended against the player will
roll 1 less die on the following turn.
K nockback Spend <icons> to attack and knock your foe back on space. This happens even if they successfully defend.
Sweep Spend <Icons> to attack all adjacent squares.
Players may also spend <shield> to purchase equipment at any point in their turn by paying the shield value in
the top left corner. E quipment may be used immediately.
A flea ending his turn on an Arena Rewards token may take it. Arena rewards may be cashed in on your turn
for the benefit listed:

Defending against attacks

After the number of attacks have been totaled, the defender rolls dice equal to the defense value of the stunt
they played against each attack. If the defender rolls a <shield> or <sword> then he has defended against the
attack, otherwise the attacker takes one random life point from the flea and reveals it. There is no limit to the
number of attacks a defender may defend against.

Terrain: Terrain is an optional rule. If using it select a few terrain features to place randomly at the start of the
game. Y ou may add the Arena Reward Tokens with terrain depicted on the back as part of the setup. When
these are drawn, a player may place the terrain in any unoccupied space.
Any terrain may be avoided by spending a <flip> This can be in addition to or as part of a stunt.
Pit: Move and turn stops immediately. Unspent icons are discarded. Y ou must play 2 <Flips> to leave the
Trap: Move and turn stops immediately. Unspent icons are discarded. Y ou must play 2 <shields> to leave the
Fire Pit: Discard one life point. If you were knocked back into a fire pit the life point goes to your attacker.
Stone Block: Move and turn stops immediately. Unspent icons are discarded. Y ou cannot move through this

Game E nd: When a Arena Reward token cannot be refilled or if a flea loses its last life point, the game ends
immediately and victory points are tallied. Ties breakers are resolved by checking the victory points on the
backs of life points that remain on the fleas.