181 Customer Agreement

Mobile Numbers (______) __________-______________ ________________________ (______) __________-______________ ________________________ (______) __________-______________ ________________________ (______) __________-______________ ________________________ (______) __________-______________ ________________________ Phone Model ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ESN


Customer Initials _______ I understand, accept and agree to the following terms.

a) Each “Mobile Number” activated with NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC named as “carrier” shall remain active a minimum of 181 consecutive days beginning from the date of this agreement. Customer is the “service user” and shall not cancel or suspend service during this period. b) Customer shall not esn change to an non authorized phone, shall not change his/her telephone number or execute a change of financial responsibility to another person or business. Customer warrants that he/she has not cancelled or suspended any wireless service with Amp’d Mobile service provider within 181 days prior to the date of this agreement. If customer’s equipment is lost, stolen or damaged it is the customer’s responsibility to replace the equipment to keep the account(s) in good standing. c) Customer has 15 days from purchase date to cancel service and return all equipment undamaged, in the original packaging with less than 30 minutes maximum total talk time. All returns / Exchanges / Cancellations are subject to NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC’S 25% re-stocking fee of the retail value of equipment even if equipment was issued as part of our “free phone” offer. If the equipment is damaged, incomplete, or has exceeded 30 minutes maximum talk time the customer is responsible for the full retail value of purchased equipment. If the UPC barcode is removed from box, equipment is considered to be damaged and nonreturnable. d) If customer fails to pay his/her bill and Amp’d Mobile terminates service or if customer provides false information during initial activation of the listed cellular equipment, customer is deemed to be in default of this agreement and is subject to the early termination fee set forth in this agreement. If false information is provided by customer and Amp’d Mobile terminates service prematurely, customer is responsible for full retail value of purchased equipment, is subject to prosecution for identity theft, is in default of this agreement and no initial money paid shall be refunded to customer. e) Customer agrees to maintain a method of payment in good standing for a minimum of 6 months from the date of this agreement. If it becomes necessary to collect any amount(s) due herein, NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC shall be entitled to recover all costs incurred through such proceedings and all cost and expenses incident to the collection thereof, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees.

2. Initial Here _______ Personal Guarantee
By initialing above I personally guarantee that I will reimburse NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC the amount of $200.00 per mobile number listed above in the event that amounts become due pursuant to condition(s) listed on this agreement. I understand that if the $200.00 early termination fee is not paid or the mobile # (s) that were deactivated are not reactivated within 15 days of their termination date NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC will forward the due bill to a collections agency of it’s choice. This may adversely affect your credit rating and collections fees may be added to the total amount due under these conditions. Social Security # ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ Home Telephone # __________________ Cell Telephone # ___________________ Work Telephone # _________________

I certify that I am an authorized user of the credit card listed above. I agree to notify NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC of a new credit card number to secure this agreement in the event the listed credit/debit card becomes incapable of being charged the $200.00 pre-181 early termination fee. I further authorize NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC to forward the due balance to a collection agency of its choice if I default in any portion of this agreement and the credit card on file declines the $200.00 pre-181 early termination charge. By signing this agreement I contest that I have read this agreement in full (including back portion) and I understand this agreement in its entirety. No other verbal or written agreements have been made and this agreement supercedes any previous agreements / arrangements made between the carrier and service user. I understand and agree that this agreement is a binding contract between the “carrier” and “service user”.

_______________________________ Customers Signature

_______________________________ Print Name

_____________ Today’s Date

First and foremost Congratulations on your new cell phone. Cell phones these days are a necessity. They were once a luxury but have now become a normal part of our daily lives. We are proud to offer a product to our customers that they truly need. Please do read through all of the material given to you at the time of sale. A lot of customers tend to ignore the information and later on wish they were to of read it. It can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Today you have joined the very best cellular network in the United States. Not only does Amp’d Mobile provide the best reception but their customer service is rated as # 1 across the nation. This means fewer dropped calls and less hassle when you call with a question or concern.



Today you signed a “181 customer agreement.” This agreement is to protect us from the loss of profits due to early termination of your cellular phone. This agreement should not be defaulted as it can be extremely costly if you were to cancel before 181 (6 months) days of service. Cancellation can be if you call to cancel the service yourself. It can be if Amp’d cancels your service due to non payment and can also be if Amp’d cancels your service due to fraudulent information provided during sign up. To sum it up more clearly, if for any reason your line of service is cancelled or disconnected you will be subject to the fees listed on the “181 customer agreement.” When you purchase wireless equipment from us you are receiving this inventory at a discounted rate. For example if you received a phone as part of our “free phone offer” it should be obvious that the equipment supplied was not FREE to us. It did cost our company money to purchase this phone. If you do not return the equipment in NEW condition (less than 30 minutes, no scratches, with all original equipment) you must reimburse our company for the amount of loss we incurred by us giving you the discounted price at the time of sale. Our company only makes a profit when a new line of service is activated and kept active for 181+ days. If the line of service is terminated before the 181 days our commissions for that line of service are lost and considered a “chargeback”. We also loose commissions that were paid to our employees that helped complete the sale and any commissions issued to us by Amp’d. We have averaged our losses due to early terminations at $200.00. This is the amount that you have agreed to pay our company if you fail to keep your service active for 181 days. Your card will be charged this amount if you breech the 181 customer agreement. If for any reason our company cannot charge your card the $200.00 early termination fee we will try smaller amounts and bill you for the reaming balance. If we still cannot collect the amounts due we will send out a courtesy letter to the address listed on the original Amp’d Mobile contract and allow you 10 days make full payment. If you do not comply with our courtesy letter your account will be handed over to a collections agency of our choice and a negative remark will remain on your credit for a period of seven years. This can adversely affect your credit rating and most companies that base their decisions upon your credit score will most likely deny your credit line request. You will also be charged by Amp’d Mobile THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER! DO NOT TERMINATE YOUR SERVICE PRIOR TO 181 DAYS!

Your voice mail should be set up immediately so that you do not miss any messages. To set up your voice mail hold down the # 1 key for approx 5 seconds and it will call you voice mail box. When you hear a voice speaking press the # key and the automated system will show you how to set up your voice mail and check your messages. Please listen to all instructions fully so that you will have a better understanding of how your voice mail works. Thank You for your business, Louie Herrera CEO NATION WIDE WIRELESS, INC

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