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Beef Graft Case

Beside create own beef meat, Indonesia has been imported beef
meat from another country for many years. For transfer the meat
Indonesia have a quota of the meat can be transferred from the another
country to Indonesia. Its happen in 2011, Indonesia slashed quotas on
beef imports to boost domestic production. But the side effect of that is
the prices that go up and up. Its also create a corrupt system where
quotas go to the highest bidder. An investigation by Komisi Pemberantas
Korupsi (KPK) has toppled the president of the Partai Keadilan Sejahtera
(PKS), who resigned after being accused of receiving bribe form
executives of a major meat importer, Indoguna. Some beef importers
also began bribing officials to get a share of the quota, and smuggled
beef into the country. Indonesia Meat Importers Association executive
director Thomas Sembiring told The Straits Times that So long as meat
import quotas are imposed and enforcement is not transparent, graft will
remain a problem. Bribery, corruption its already in their bone
marrow. You have to cut down maybe two generation to get rid of it.
Late last month, PKS presiden Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq resigned and was
detained after his aide Ahmad Fathanah was caught with 1 billion rupah
($103,000). The money was allegedly a bribe from indoguna directors to
Lutfi, who has influence with officials at the Agriculture Ministry led by
fellow PKS member Suswono.
a. The suspect is PKS Ex-Presiden Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq that received
the bribe, and the Indoguna Company that bribe the PKS expresiden.
b. In this case, the Jaksa Penuntut Umum (JPU) of the KPK charges
Lutfi to Article 12 letter a, or article 5, paragraph 2 in conjunction

with Article 5, paragraph 1 letter a, or Article 11 of the Act (the

Act) 31 Year 1999 on Eradication of corruption, in conjunction with
Article 55 paragraph (1) to 1 Book of the Law of Criminal Law
(Penal code). Besides snared Article corruption, Lutfi also charged
under Article 3 and Article 5 of Law No. 8 of 2010 on the
Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering, in conjunction
with Article 55 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code to 1 in
conjunction with Article 65 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code.
According to Attorney Avni, Lutfi as a member of Parliament in the
period 2009-2014, which allegedly received funds contrary to his
duty. Allegations of money laundering because of the acquisition of
the assets of former President of the PKS does not fit with income
as a member of the DPR.
2. Yes. The Indoguna company bribe the ex-presiden PKS to get extra
quotas for the import beef meat.
3. Yes. Lutfi as a member of the DPR also who has influence with officials
at the Agriculture Ministry use his authorithy to give Indoguna extra
quotas of import beef meat.
4. If the high quotas of import






uncontrollable so the local product of the meat will go lower and it will
cause losess to the local product. its also create a meat in the
country that meat come from to go up and up because the meat is
sent to Indonesia.
5. The government want to limit the import of the beef meat for
increase the local product of beef meat, but the Indoguna company
want to increase their profit with import more beaf meat by bribe the
Lutfi that demand more money for his self, so the Lutfi and Indoguna
company create a cooperation to fulfill their desire.

Has Good Governance and Corruption Eradication

Efforts Been a Success?
1. 5 fact the argument that good governance and corruption eradication
effort has been success :
a. Indonesia start to intensively to increase the quality of the human
resource in Indonesia such as provide a free school for junior
school to middle school for increasing the people that smart and
can help Indonesia to develop even more.
b. Provide the scholarship and cooperation with school in another
country for the children that not have enough money to go to
c. Local product start to been seen by the country
d. The law in the country is more strict than before
e. Create a team that specifically oversee the country if there is any
bribe etc. To reduce the state finance that being spent by
irresponsible people
2. 5 fact the argument that good governance and corruption eradication
effort has been failure :
a. In Jakarta development of the flyover to overcome the traffic jam
not been well because the funds not deliver well and the company
steal the money little by little
b. Development of the school in certains area for the children that
dont have money go to school not been well because the funds
that spent is disappear

c. Development of the certains area not going well because the

government of that area not working like they must do and just
think about they profit
d. The development of local product not been well because to many
import from other country
e. The citizen doesnt receive a same treatment from the government

3. Why good governance effort have been failure :

a. There is no equality in the country. There is many citizens that
treated like they are not the citizens of the country and treat the
same like other citizen, even from the other citizens its self
b. There is many people in government that use corrupt system and
have a corrupt mindset
c. There is no great leader that can make a people to work with same
vision and mission
d. There is many of citizens that not educated well so they doesnt
understand many thing that happen in the country
e. The country its self doesnt appreciate the smart people that can
change the country and local product that been develop in the
4. Why good governance effort have been Success :
a. The government realize how important the education to create a
better human resource
b. The government realize to develop local product more to create a
better income and push the expenses from import the product
c. The law must be up to date to chain the irresponsible people so
little by little create a good mindset to the people
d. Team that uphold justice like KPK now is more seen by the citizen
and have a more better support to uphold justice
e. The relationship with the other country like scholarship to create
student have an exchange culture also exchange mind set so can

be interpreted in the country its self. So the country can more