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Kofun Period (300 -650 AD)

Kofun = ko + fun
new arrivals
horse-riding culture
court system / state-formation
new objects of material culture
Kofun Tombs
Early Kofun: pits on hilltops (wooden coffins)
Late Kofun: tumuli(us) (mound of dirt)
- very elaborate
- made of bronze, iron
- artificially made
fun facts: 1700 ft long
- 90 ft high
- 3 moats
- 458 acres
objects found inside the tombs: iron weapons
- bronze mirrors
- ornaments made of jasper
- gold crowns
- other jewelry
- exotic items: glass bowls
- Hani + wa = clay + circle = circle of clay
set up around the mound
pottery fences - set up like a picket fence around
influence: recalls Ya-yo-
artistically spontaneous in terms of style
emphasizes the clay material as its own work of art
~20k around the mound / ~4ft high
# of Haniwas represents power of person
diagram: sunshade = symbol of power
warriors,etc. = sense of warfare at the time
monkey = alert for outside of mound / maternal
distinguishes between space of living & dead
protects the dead and provides resting place

Shinto / Shintoism
way of the gods
no original founder, no specific leader, no formal scriptures
might have developed in Ya-yo- because of agriculture cultivation/rituals because ag linked to spirits
kami - name for spirit / supernatural beings who were awe inspiring, humble and serving. no exact definition
iwakura - believed to exist in natural phenomena but throughout centuries became man-made shrines
kami lived in natural materials^^^
political level: they provided godly ancestor for rulers & rulers capitalized on it to help govern their provinces
3 key concepts: sacred space, ritual renewal, purification
process: shrines are elevated, pull cord to notify spirits, prayer, bow down in submission/worship, various
1) prayers 2) obeisance 3) offerings
Story of Amaterasu (Goddess of sun & light)
this bitch has an altercation with her brother and her brother is Susano- (ruler of the oceans) and retreats into a fuckin cave like
yara aka no fuckin light ma nigga. some say she was frightened that yara was gonna fuck her up or something. who gonna fuk on
me u gonna fuk on me???!!?!?!! all gods are distraught bcus darkness as fuck and all these niggas be trippin asfuck. then the
goddess of laughter aka ama no uzume does some happy dance and then places this mirror and jewels and shit on a tree and does
this dance and undresses her u feel me and then she u know she continues to laugh and then amaterasu is confused why so much

hype is happener outside and peaks outside then some bitch says they found someone more beautiful than her but its really her
because she looks in a mirror fuckin niggers
mirror symbolizes extension of this goddess power to her grandson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they believe the mirror to reflect light!!!!! TO BRING PEACE!!!! BRING LIGHT TO DARKNESS
set above the ground
hall 3 bays wide x 2 bays deep
entrance is on the long side
veranda - upper level
gabled roof (miscanthus reeds)
freestanding pillars (at short ends)
ridgepole: ten logs
Asuka Period (552-645)
intro of Buddhism (Korea, 552 AD)
King of PaekChe( Kudara) to Emperor Kimmei
this doctrine can create religious merit and retribution w/o measure or bonds, and lead one to a full appreciation of highest
Emperor Kimmei allows Soga family to practice
Empress Suiko part of Soga family is placed on the throne
592 AD buddhism becomes state religion
Horyu-ji :
I. Pagodas (reliquary - a place/enclosure that will house the sacred relics)
they are raised on a platform .----- recall to imitate the indian stupa - (place of worship, circumambulate, enter in a certain manner
diagram of the universe - NESW point of view of entrance .. enter in the same direction
Kondo (Golden Hall / Hall of Golden Images)
contains a bunch of sculptures
1949: Kondo (made of wood) damaged by fire and heavily reconstructed
elevated platform .----- everything is elevated af & sacred
wherever you enter the sculptures will be in the middle (viewer circumambulates sculptures)
kondo has a darkness and high contrast
A. Horyu-Ji Kondo by Tori Busshi
japanese born grandson of imminent metal workers but descendant of chinese
grandfather = chinese immigrant
inscription on sculpture to ensure that the crowned prince will be reborn
lowered left hand: wish granting / granting wishes offering the promise that buddhist teachings will release from suffering
right hand gesture: buddhas ability to grant tranquility & freedom
hair: knobs/curls on head represent physical symbols as a perfect being
- leaves all the pleasures off palace & shaves his head but legend says his hair regrew in tiny lil curls/ bun
- another interpretation: represents his wisdom and understanding
posture: shows stability
diagram above this niggas head: seven manifestations of Buddha in the past
III. Boddhisatvas
A. Prince Mahasattva
one of Buddhas former incarnations
tiger and cubs in gorge - Buddha jumps and sacrifices himself to feed this faggotries
brothers - flee the scene like pussies. shows 2 diff POVS. 1. compassion & 2. GAYYYY

IV. Japan Under Military Rules & The Kamakura & Muromachi/Ashikaga Periods (12-16th Centuries)
A. Nara Period
interest in culture - intense passion to adopt chinese ways ( specifically the current Tang dynasty
emperors supported Buddhism (encouraged home shrines & carrying out certain laws and passion like shrine home)
Temples Built: Todai-Ji
B. Heian Period (Early Heian: Jogan 794-897 & Later Heian: Fujiwara 897-1185)
an Esoteric buddhism that supports secrecy
temples in mountains - to get away and learn away from worldly distractions
paintings of deities: fearsome paintings, awe inspiring HOLY WRAITH AGAINST IGNORANCE & ILLUSION
Early Heian: Muro-Ji temple.. unique architecture to the environment to blend into the nature

Phoneix Hall: a place of retreat aka buddhism beliefs
C. Kamakura Period (1185-1333)
End of Heian -> family feuds
Civil War amongst: Taira, Minamoto, Fujiwara families
1180: Taira set fire to temples
remove governing power (from Heian court) -> end of imperial court as major force
^ establishes shogunate (bakufu) still have imperial court in theory but military uses it as a puppet
binary system of government: emperors reigned as puppets but shoguns ruled over them
( power taken away from native/family but shoguns take over w/ power)
changes in art: and pushes it into realism, direct honesty, no knick knack refined povs patty wack type shit
changes in religion: in Buddhism
bun aka regal, sword regal nobility power, sick ass attire bomb ass nigga mustache possible rapist who knows nigga can barely see which points
me to small ass eyes uses ears to sense nearby victims of ihis sword, some sort of family seal on his wristbands must be regal as fuck maybe a
hetten god damn niggas hair on point dafuq posture relaxed but stlill can tell mad stoic and shit. background with writing on the walls must be in
a regal family room patterns on bottom must be some type of recognition or symbol of nobility of this nigga. eyebrows kinda on fleek but like
suepr transvestite where they skinny as fuck with no volume.
^ this nigga Minamato clan won civil war
title of shogun
restoration project
public fundraising
Writing Activity
stoic, humble, relativistic, religious, stern, focused, passionately jaded lol, hobo af, obv monk ass nigga
actual: hijiri man (wandering monk/man), gyokugan technique bcus quartz pupil inserted in eye
Nio - guardian kings
Religion: Amidism - saving power of Amida nigga just needs to shout his name to be saved.
image: halo resembles moon around amida in he picture that looks like garden of earthly

V. Zen Buddhism
came from China (Chan Buddhism)
no image worship just faith
meditation always consisted of a master teaching
emphasized self-discipline, meditation, and personal responsibility
appealed to military classes
concentrated on one single energy in one action or craft good for swordsman and arches so lots of focus in mastery!! self disciple as
VI. Paintings
A. Nachi Waterfall
Hanging scroll
Colors on Silk
Late Kamakura Period (late 13th cent)
waterfall = subject in this painting
powerful nature of the Kami because of seeing the waterfall and Kamis nature!
ENVELOPS you into