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Marketing  Analytics  &  Strategy  


For public sector program offices, A3P Strategies provides cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions to
its clients’ most challenging problems in reaching its constituency. Unlike other traditional
government contractors, A3P Strategies focuses on delivering value quickly, efficiently, and
impartially. We leverage industry best practices with over 20 years of combined experience
in marketing strategy, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and
performance analytics - to measure its effectiveness - to help our public sector clients reach
their clients with a customer-service mindset. With experience in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, A3P Strategies can bring a diverse set of solutions to its clients’ most pressing needs
in digital marketing.


Strategic  Marketing  
! Planning Support
! KPI Identification & Planning
! Brand Identity & Development
! Marketing Management
! Public Relations

Product  Marketing  
! User Experience Testing/Design
! Focus Group Testing
! Growth Hacking

Digital  Marketing  Tactics  
! Social Media Marketing
! Email Marketing
! Search Engine Optimization
! Search/Display Ad Buys
! Executive Dashboards



Founders have experience working in public, private, and non-profit sector and understand
their clients’ needs from “the other side”.
A3P Strategies makes unbiased recommendations without conflicts-of-interest or alliances.
Scrum-Certified staff includes Certified Scrum Product Owners, Certified Scrum Masters, and
AIPMM Certified Product Managers.
Digital Marketing staff is certified with the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.
Several past clients have won awards recognizing their work – examples include AFCEA,
ACT-IAC, US Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award, and Enterprise Architecture
Conference and Expo.

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US Small Business Administration
General Services Administration
Department of Commerce
Department of Energy
National Aeronautics and Space
Internal Revenue Service


Architect of the Capital
Administrative Office of the US Courts
Loudoun County Economic Development
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic



Client: Loudoun County Economic Development Authority
The local economic development agency had invested in a content management platform to help
entrepreneurs discover resources nearby and within the county. The Economic Development
Authority’s staff did not see the return on investment in the platform, as it was not getting the traffic
and engagement that it envisioned. A3P Strategies put together a plan to lift its SEO through basic
tagging using metadata and keywords and advanced restructuring of content using content
management system upgrades to have its content better listed on search engines and more easily
discoverable. In less than a month, the site saw an increase in traffic and engagement from the
local community.
Client: Small Business Administration
A3P Strategies designed a digital analytics plan to increase the number of sessions while
simultaneously decreasing the bounce rate percentage for one of SBA’s websites. A3P Strategies
does this through continuous collection of data from multiple sources including Google Analytics,
GovDelivery for email marketing, iPerceptions for customer satisfaction surveys, and social media
outlets. Extensive customizations such as filters and views have been made in Google Analytics to
provide the client with the most accurate data. Additionally, basic search engine optimization
tactics were put in place to increase the overall position of the site on search engines. In FY 2014,
sessions increased 350+%, pageviews increased 1000+%, bounce rate decreased by 80+%, and
pages per session almost doubled since the previous year. The work that A3P Strategies did has
led to the continued success of the site and recognition by several stakeholders.!

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