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Encapsulated- Singular Free-Form AMINO ACIDS NATURAL SOURCE PRODUCTS By Jeanne Yarborough The excitement about the effectiveness of amino acid supple ments continues to spread, as greater levels of health are being achieved, Nutritional awareness has advanced far beyond the wheat germ and brewer's yeast of past decades. In the 80's we will all come to finally understand that we are biochemical. What we ingest becomes our bodies and our minds. What vita- min supplementation has not been able to conquer alone can now be tackled. . . the supplement network is becoming com- plete. ... amino acids have entered the picture! AMINO ACIDS BRING ABOUT NOTICABLE RESULTS! In the U.S. a current figure of 80 million individuals claim to participate in some form of physical exercise. Nutritional demands are greater now than ever before in history due to the complexities of modern living, and because we have stopped living sedentary lives. We can all learn from those who keep themselves in top physical form. Competitive athletes and marathoners, as well as body builders, have discovered the unmatched value of amino acid supplementation for improved performance. Previously, amino acids had to be obteined from food, requiring consumption several hours before a work-out or athletic event due to the digestive process. With N.S.P. “Encapsulsted Free Form Singular Amino Acids” however, those engaged in weight training and other forms of strenuous exercise are able to experience PEAK AMINO ACID NOURISHMENT. . JUST WHEN THEY NEED IT MOST. Taken % hour prior to a work-out or athletic event (on an empty stomach, with water or a small amount of juice, if desired), these amino acids totally bypass the lengthy digestive process, and reach the bloodstream within 15 minutes. . completely ready for transport to the tissues. Remember: during vigorous physical stress, amino acids are used up by the body in the conversion to glucose by the liver. To avoid muscle-wastage, don’t be caught short of amino aicds. Runners, for example, can safeguard against excessive lean muscle tissue breakdown through supportive amino acid supplementation. “Encapsulated Free Form Singular Amino Acids’ are different from regular amino acid products such as “Amino Zyme" because they are not bound together in a polypeptide chain in the form of acomplete protein. Unlike complete proteins, free form amino acids enter the bloodstream directly. N.S.P. “Encapsulated Free Form Singular Amino Acids” are 100% amino acids. . .no binders, fillers or blending agents. . .Most importantly, this is the only amino acid product created in a balance that the body innately recognizes. . .the same propor: tions of amino acids present in whole egg. Egg has the highest P.E.R. rating of all the protein foods, and is the standard to which all other proteins are compared. P.E.R. (protein efficiency ratio) refers to the balance between the essential aminos (those the body cannot make and must be ingested) and the so-called non-essential amino acids (those that the body must manufacture). The term “non-essential” is a mis-applied name. All amino acids are necessary for life When we ingest only the eight essential amino acids the body will use them up in the manufacture (actually conversion) to the non-essential aminos as needed. What are referred to as non-essential aminos are those that you supposedly do not have to ingest. . because if the conditions are right {and at the expense of sparing any essentials that happen to be floating around) the body can make the non-essentials. The so-called non-essen- tial amino acids perform many, many vital jobs. Glycine is particularly important amino acid because, as famous nutritionist Dr. Carlton Fredericks points out, glycine fights muscle degeneration. Glycine also feeds the pituitary, the master gland of the entire body, while normalizing the metabolic rate, improving the circulation of the biood, and combating low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) ‘Aspartic Acid has been shown to fight fatique. Experiments with athletes find supplemental aspartic acid to increase physical endurance. Methionine can aid in the tissue swelling and puffiness known as edema, making for a more defined look to ‘the muscles. Methionine and another amino acid, cysteine, are both sulfur carrying aminos, Sulfur is hard to ‘obtain from other sources, and is so important for glowing skin, shiny, thick hair, and that overall sparkle of good health. Phenylalanine is the “happy-ambition:stimulating”” amino acid. It gets the mind off of food, excites the brain, brings back a lost sex drive, and brings about a more positive mood, according to Life Extension author, Durk Pearson, Histidine improves iron uptake, while speeding up the production of new red and white blood cells. Natural Source's “FREE FORM AND SINGULAR AMINO ACIDS” formula is the best possible way to take an amino acid product. The two-piece gelatin capsule will break down in the stomach, usually in less than 15, minutes, and all of the amino acids will go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the entire digestive tract. This is because these are true “Free Form’” amino acids, not bound together in a polypeptide chain. All of the amino acids in this formula are derived individually and not from a single source of protein. Each capsule contains @ full 750 mg. of Free Form amino acids and nothing else. No fillers or excipients are used. The balance of amino acids in this formula is the same as whole egg, which has @ P.E.R. (Protein Efficiency Ratio) of 3.9 or greater. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take five capsules two times daily with or without meals. Or try taking all ten capsules at once about 30 ‘minutes prior to your workout.