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Winter 2014

The prerequisite for Anatomy 403: prior undergraduate general biology coursework.
Instructors: [See contact information on Ctools Getting Started File]
John Stribley; M.S., Ph.D. [Course Director]
Kathleen Alsup; Ph.D.
David Brzezinski; M.D., C.G.S. [Guest lecturer]
Glenn Fox; M.S., Ph.D.
Kelli Sullivan; Ph.D.
Teaching Assistants: [See contact information on Ctools Getting Started File]
Shannon Cramm
Tyler LaDue
Natalie Eisert
Arun Nagarju
Arun Hariharan
Linda Tran
Mark Kluk
Credits: 5
Lecture meets M, W, F from 10:10 AM 12 PM in North Lecture Hall [NLH]
Lab meets (See schedule for details) in the Medical Gross Anatomy labs
Required Texts/Manuals/Devices
-Principles of Human Anatomy, 13th edition (2014) by Tortora.
-Dorlands Illustrated Medical Dictionary 32nd Edition or more recent [Optional]
Lecture - Attendance at all classes is strongly recommended since the education
experience obtained in lecture, which often includes visual aid presentations, cannot be obtained
at any other place or time. Students will be held responsible for all information (including
announcements related to assignments or schedule changes) presented in class. Youll have the
opportunity to earn 1 point for each lecture attended as recorded by your iClicker responses to
questions posed in class. Youll earn 0.25 point for class participation and 0.75 point for correct
answer(s) to questions posed in class.
Laboratory - The laboratory experience, which includes presentations and
demonstrations by the instructors and student use of equipment and supplies, is considered to be
an integral part of the course. Attendance in laboratory is therefore required. Pre-lab
homeworks must be turned in at the beginning of lab to earn 1 point for participation. An
additional 1 point will be earned by answering iClicker/Quizdom questions posed in lab
correctly. [FYI there are no required dissections for this course; all materials presented in lab
will involve specially preserved (plastinated) human remains. Viewing embalmed specimens is
an OPTIONAL exercise which can be arranged by contacting the Teaching Assistants.]

Absences- Recognizing that your absence in lecture or lab may result from unforeseen or
unusual circumstances, its up to you to contact the course director to reschedule practical
quizzes or exams (ahead of time if possible) and ONLY if you have a valid University approved
excuse for missing. iClicker points cannot be made up; therefore, weve built in 5 extra points to
cover your unforeseen absences from lecture or lab. Ultimately, its up to you to glean the
knowledge youve missed.
Lecture - Lecture exams will consist of objective type questions (completion, true/false,
multiple choice and matching). Most of the questions will be derived from lecture presentation,
although a significant number of questions may also come from the lecture text assigned
Laboratory 3 Practical Quizzes will be given throughout the semester see schedule.
Practical Quizzes will consist of 20 multiple choice and true/false questions using the plastinated
specimens presented in lab.
Grading of Examinations
The lecture and laboratory portions of this course will be operated in a closely
coordinated fashion. Lecture exams and participation will count ~66% of the final grade and lab
will count ~33% of the final grade. Out of 330 total points for the course, 233 points will
therefore come from lecture exams and iClicker lecture questions. There will be 3 lecture exams
worth 70 points each to be given in class as indicated on the schedule and a total of 23 iClicker
questions posed throughout all of the lectures offered during the semester.
The laboratory portion of the course will comprise the remaining 102 points of the
course grade out of the 330 total points. Pre-lab homeworks will be worth 1 point each and will
be due on lab visit days and will count toward your attendance. Correctly answering the iClicker
questions posed in lab will earn you an addtional 1 point per lab for a total of 12 points
(participation + iClicker answers). There will be 3 lab Practical Quizzes worth 20 points each to
be given on assigned exam days see schedule for details.
Special Lab Project- As part of the laboratory experience in Anatomy 403, you are
expected to work as part of a small team to observe, analyze, and describe an anatomical
specimen. This work will be used in cooperation with course teaching assistants and faculty to
develop a brief (2-3 minute) script that may be produced as a video for use in anatomy curricula.
Teams will consist of 3-5 students and will be assigned by faculty. Projects will be coordinated
by, submitted to, and graded by assigned teaching assistants. Small team projects are evaluated
on a 30 point scale (total points for course = 330 points) and will be due on March 21, 2013.
If you do the math youll note that there are 335 points up for grabs; the extra 5 points
are to be used by you at your discretion. For example, if you attend and earn every participation
and iClicker point for the semester, then youve earned 5 extra credit points. If you oversleep,
are too sick, or fail to show up to a lecture or lab, then you forfeit your points for that day.

Do We Curve Grades?
Hmm.... Maybe. Do you really want us too? Curves can hurt your grade too you know.
Ask us for more details; however any adjustment in grades will only be made after all exams and
quizzes have been taken and scores tallied at the end of the semester.
Final grades will be determined roughly by the following scale, based on your total points out of
330. This scale presents a range of grades and does not illustrate the + and cutoffs which will
be determined near the end of the course. This scale may be modified at the sole discretion of
the course director.
A: 297-330
B: 264-296
C: 231-263
D: 198-230
F: < 197
Returning Examinations
Lecture & Laboratory
Copies of lecture exams and laboratory quizzes will be returned to students within one
week of the exam and grades may be posted in combination on Ctools and our bulletin board
outside of North Lecture Hall in the Atrium nearest the vending machines. Keys to the
exams/quizzes will be available in our offices 3767 Med. Sci. II bldg. Each student will check
his or her paper with the key. Any questions, concerns, or grievances regarding the lecture
exams or quizzes should be placed in writing and submitted to the course director. Please do not
waste lecture/laboratory time arguing with your instructors over lecture exams or laboratory
quizzes. If for whatever reason, a student leaves the lecture hall or lab with an original copy of
the exam paper, scantron, or quiz, the grade is permanent.
Each lecture exam is nearly preceded by a laboratory quiz - regard these quizzes as
reviews for exams or vice versa.
Make up exams-Lecture
Make-up lecture exams will be given only for students that have a University or medical
excuse, as judged by the Course Director, and documentation to support their absences.
A grade of zero will be given for exams which are not taken or made up.
Students must notify the instructor of their absence either immediately before missing the exam
or upon their return to class. Arrangements for a make-up exam may only be made after the
instructor has been notified by the student and the absence has been excused by the instructor.
WEEK OF THE SEMESTER at the discretion of the course director.
Make up quizzes - Laboratory
Only University or medical excuses, as judged by the instructor will result in a practical
quiz make-up.

Academic Honesty
All students will abide by the academic integrity standards established in their home
school/college AND the Medical School.

The iClicker :
Audience Response System (iClickers) will be used regularly in this class. iClicker
devices will be available for purchase from the Computer Showcase in the Michigan Union and
Pierpont Commons.

For this class you must purchase an iClicker device. Personal devices with the web-clicker
subscription may not be used in this class.

The cost for a new iClicker is $33. Used iClickers are available for $23 (while supplies

At the end of the term, your clicker can be sold back to the Computer Showcase for $15.

Students can explore additional information about clickers at

Students are responsible for registering their iClicker in the course via CTools.

Any students caught violating academic integrity policies with respect to iClicker
assessments will at a minimum forfeit any and all iClicker course points.
Special Help
Individual help is available from your Teaching Assistants (all of whom are medical
students), and the faculty you must schedule an appointment with these individuals ahead of
time or attend their office hours (TBD). Students with documentation for accommodations from
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) should contact the course director in a timely
manner so as to allow proper planning for accommodations (two weeks notice is requested).
It is best to contact any or all of us by email. See contact information under Ctools in the
Getting Started file.

Everyone is unique and thus everyone studies and learns differently. Some people are
auditory learners, some are visual, and others require a combination of different materials or
approaches to learning. I recommend recording and transcribing lectures, making flash cards of
new terms and concepts, re-writing lecture notes, reading the text ahead of time, forming study
groups, drawing pictures of specimens studied in lab or creating flowcharts from the information
learned in lecture, reading other anatomy textbooks, or researching new concepts at the library or
over the internet (publisher offers Wiley Plus). In addition, dont be afraid to ask questions if
you dont understand something! After all, thats what science is all about... asking questions., study, study! If you read, write, and speak (teach) the information once through,
youll retain ~60% of the information on average. The remainder comes from studying.
Electronic Aids
There is a website that has much to offer students interested in learning
more about a particular topic in Anatomy or quizzing themselves on what theyve learned. You
may also want to look at U. of Michigans Anatomy website :

We all look forward to working with you this semester!