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Ambitious Cowbell CSR promotes Nutrition Practices in Tanzania

Promasidor is taking part in an ambitious nationwide CSR initiative called

HATUA Jithamini, a behavior change campaign, that is aired on TV1
Tanzania every Sunday at 5pm. The initiative aims to promote nutrition
education across the country.
The program has now reached more than 60,000 children from different
schools in Tanzania. More than 12 schools across Dar es Salaam, Mwanza,
Mtwara, Iringa, Songea, Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Arusha, Tabora, Lindi, Dodoma
and Morogoro with primary-aged school children signed up and participated in
this campaign. Promasidors Marketing Manager, Mr. Bertin Mushi, said it was
great to see so many local schools in Tanzania enthusiastic and ready to
participate in the edutainment program.
According to the Mr. Mushi, Milk is packed with goodness for growing
children such as: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, vitamins and
zinc. Milk also supplies other essential nutrients for growing children, including
protein for muscle growth and vitamins like riboflavin that release the energy
from food.
We asked Cowbell team a few questions about their involvement in this
Why is Cowbell doing this?
Nothing is more important than the health of our kids. We believe Cowbell Milk
can make a lasting difference to kids health and were committed to getting
Tanzania kids drinking more milk.
Is Cowbell Milk available to all schools, or just primary schools?
The programme is available to schools with students in class 1 6. We know
that childrens primary school years are the formative years of growth and
development and we want to give every Tanzanian kid the best nutritional

How long will it take to roll out nationwide?

This program has taken more than 6 months to roll out. This is a huge
undertaking and we rolled out region by region starting in Dar es Salaam and
moving up the country over the following months.
Why have you opened the programme to schools from all deciles? Is there a
need in high decile schools?
Milk is an important building block for good nutrition for all children. We want
all Tanzanian primary-aged children to have access to dairy nutrition every
school day at an affordable price.
What about children that are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy?
This is a voluntary programme for both schools and students. Were providing
schools and parents with information to decide whether their kids participate.
Does long-life milk have the same nutritional benefits as fresh milk?
Cowbell Milk contains the same levels of protein, calcium, phosphorus,
potassium and other minerals and fat-soluble vitamins as fresh milk. According
to Dietary Guidelines it is recommended school children consume at least two
to three servings every day of milk or dairy. Every pack contains at least 1/4 of
the daily calcium requirements for children.
RECYCLING What about the waste?
Schools will be asked to empty and collect used packaging, which we will then
collect from the schools and recycle.

Background Information
Promasidor is a multi-local that has its roots firmly established in Africa. They
produce, distribute and market quality range of products in 31 countries across
the continent. Their products are Cowbell Milk, Cowbell Sweet Milk, Onga
Mchuzi Mix and Drink-o-Pop juice powder that is, Orange, Cola, Blackcurrant
and Pineapple.