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13-04-09 9:19 AM

s modernist sensibilities make a reappearance

in the world of interiors and architecture,
consumers are craving those same clean lines and
contemporary designs for their doors.
Sleek glass sliding doors, contemporary materials and simple styling are hot for 2013. But theres more to this modern
movement than just looks. High-tech developments in manufacturing techniques and materials mean that these doors,
whether classic wood or Euro-inspired, are future-ready.
Natalia Gordillo, marketing manager for Marvin Windows
and Doors of Canada, has seen the demand for sleek and contemporary doors from her own customers. The Lift and Slide
large panels and a simple transition between indoors and outdoors, as clients look to create seamless spaces for entertaining and sliding doors also present clients with a cleaner, more
modern look, she explains. But for those who do prefer a more
look of wood with a twist. Its got the beauty of a wood door,
but with the strength and durability of our patented Ultrex
Marvins engineered sill system and advanced weather stripping components give all door styles from classic to contemporary a modern edge.
more contemporary looks with clean, simple and linear proWeather Windows Ltd. The consumer preferences for real
wood appearance has shifted our sales of steel and smooth
ished categories. Nadiger points out that within this trend
for simplicity, todays customer still wants a unique look to
express their personal taste.
The textured glass provides designs like Pear and Chord
to offer visual interest to glass with elegance, and the Simulated Divided Lite kits are intuitively designed and easy
to install, allowing the user to create their own design for
their door windows. Also coming from All Weathers solidimeable solid wood construction for any entry door environment, says Nadiger. Built to resist warping, twisting, rotting

Marvins Lift and Slide doors.

Modern Love

Sleek, contemporary-style doors take centre stage as

clients seek to pair advanced technology with
advanced style
by Stacey McLachlan

four species of wood and may just eliminate homeowner concerns about traditional wood door problems.
Zola European Windows takes oversized lift-slide doors to
the next level with their ability to produce units in sizes as high as 11 feet and as
wide as 38 feet. Our large lift-slide doors are extremely popular in modern homes,
explains Florian Speier, proprietor of Zola European Windows. Zolas folding wall
system, Breeze Panels, allow for easy transition between interior and exterior; the
line of tilt-and-turn balcony doors are great for balconies or patios. Customers are
looking to bring a sense of the outdoors into the building. These dramatic expanses
highly insulating, airtight doors with an emphasis on excellent quality.
sliding doors, offering increased airtightness and improved ease of use. Glass or

are crucial.
Windows & Doors Inc. tackles the problem head-on with their foam core-insulated
ing value of a wood door, points out Durabuilt Windows & Doors Inc. senior margrain offers a true-to-life replication of wood without the ongoing maintenance and
risk of warping and rotting over time.
The companys Everlast Composite Door Frame (made from PVC recyclable
materials) is another hot ticket item as customers seek environmentally friendly,
low-maintenance options the need for additional cladding is eliminated, and the
adjustable sill with concealed sweep offers homeowners the chance to stain the
whole door without an intrusive sill.

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Glass doors are increasing in popularity, too, with more interest in contemporary door systems than in previous years. Full length glass with unique
SDL or grille combinations, solid panel
door styles and even modern inserts
like the Array Light Control System
which features two sliding panels of
perforated aluminum for simple control privacy and light are all prominent
right now, Smith explains.
Homeowners and designers alike
love a sleek transition between indoor
and outdoor spaces, and EuroLine Windows Inc.s collection of sliding, folding,
swinging and tilting doors make it easy
to open up the kitchen onto a grand
patio. New this year is the 2200-series
sliding door, with European saddle-rail
sash design to provide smooth, lowfriction operation and triple glazing for
The interlocking sash enhances structural durability, while the multi-point
locking system provides outstanding

4700-series is another high-tech option.

It can be extruded in a multi-chamber
design with the corners fusion welded
to guarantee a permanent and leak-free
connection, says EuroLine president
Isbrand Funk. The hybrid core provides high stability, torsion stiffness,
it does not require steel reinforcement
for standard sizes. Its ideal for Passive
House applications. Colours and sizes
have been changing in recent years, too.
before, and customers are looking for
taller and wider doors.
Architects are always looking
for something that isnt available
yet, laughs Casey Kerkhoff, CEO of
Westeck Windows and Doors. For
2013, Westeck hasnt made many
changes to their collection of door
panels. But, Kerkhoff points out, the
B.C. building code changes have made
the companys wares indispensable to
APRIL 2013


13-04-05 2:05 PM

Romagnoli door from Duxton Windows & Doors.

the construction process. Were one

of the few companies maybe the only
one in the province that has developed
a swing door to meet those standards,
says Kerkhoff.
While contemporary doors are in
vogue right now, a guarantee that sills
wont leak is always in style. In terms
of esthetics, Kerkhoff has noticed an
increase in requests for matching doors
and windows. As a company that provides totally integrated packages for


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APRIL 2013

coordinating styles and colours for

custom homes, thats good news for
Westeck. Kerhoffs advice for 2013?
Architects should step outside their
comfort zone and consider warm Euro
Tilt/Turn Vinyl as a replacement for
cold aluminum frames in residential
and light commercial.
Innotech Windows + Doors director of business development George
Nickel explains that for homeowners,
security features are a bigger concern
than the look of a door. According to
the Washington Post, 56 per cent of
thieves break into a home through a
door. Homeowners are being proactive by selecting doors (and windows)
that provide greater security instead
of relying on reactive strategies such
as alarm and monitoring systems.
Innotechs doors are equipped with an exclusive Defender
System to help prevent casual break-ins. Since more and more
architects are designing homes with extra-large openings,
oversized doors are growing in popularity, too. Bigger openhave an instant wow factor, says Nickel. Triple-pane glass
in styles like Innotechs terrace swing door can let that light
in while offering energy savings. For architects and buildwhile for homeowners the initial investment has numerous

design extra-large openings, breathtaking window and door

combinations and mock corner assemblies without the need
to compromise on performance.
Though Hfele Canada Inc. doesnt manufacture doors,
their line of innovative door hardware is just as important to
those looking to build or renovate in 2013. For the current
trend in large swing doors, Hfele provides concealed 3D
hinges from their StarTec line.
But the StarTec hinges arent just for over-sized swing
doors. The hinges offer a solution for any homeowner looking
for a way to display a beautiful new door with no distractions.
With a broad range of colours now available for panels
and frames, consumers have more options than ever for their

Duxton Windows & Doors offer German-engineered multipoint, automatic locking hardware in a range of styles. Beyond
the accessories, Duxton has plenty to offer thanks to their
technological advancements in the world of glass. Develop-

panel by now, says Duxton president Al Dueck. With our

new FiberWall system, weve created walls of very high-performance glass which incorporate swinging doors. And with
complete with double weather-stripping, the need for a better
door frame system has now been addressed.
Doors are the entry way to the home, the transition
between outdoors and indoors, between one room and the
next. The right door can turn a house into a home, or completely change the look of a space. And though every homeowner wants something a little different, doors for 2013
ings and clean lines; technological takes on traditional wood
look catches your eye, its a perfect match for these times.


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