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Have you ever felt that your life and at least one other person had somehow been
seemingly orchestrated by some force to unite the both of you? Was it a silly thought?

Perhaps it’s you and your lover that share a unique experience together? Or perhaps it is a
random stranger that you meet but never forget? Still… it could even be an old professor
you once had in your academic days. Still… it could even be a group of people.

But to speak of such things sounds silly because after all we’re intelligent evolved beings
and we can observe in our world that there is not ‘phantom interconnectedness’ that
exists, right? Haven’t we? I suppose not all of us. But I beg the point which is that
subtleties of the spirit get lost when held up to the light of our civil logic.

Our logic tells us, well, of course we’re interconnected you silly goose! After all we are
merely energy, it is all energy and if nothing else we are united by gravity, polarities, and
chemistry – among other explainable things. Our logic has a way of often making us feel
silly about things that make us smile. Have you ever noticed that? And suppose you tell
me why that is?

If you ask me, it’s because we all want to be better people. I know it’s hard and the road
is definitely different for us all. Not all of us are destined to be the next president or
Einstein nor is there a ‘chance’ that EVERYONE could do such things – will do such
things – or feel innately bliss to pursue such things! To borrow a verse, “we are different
people with different creeds and different people have got different needs.”

So the road is hard and the pressure to excel is in itself excelling in that the bar keeps
getting pushed higher. Some people argue that we’re going backwards in time. Well,
perhaps we’ve lost some values but I’d beg to argue that a whole great lot of them old
dusty virtuous values were left beside themselves a very long time ago. The ‘mold’ is not
the being is not the heart is not the path. That’s my experience, take me at face value.

An artist sends his hero an email on a unique date at a peculiar time. Both beings share a
similar journey, a similar perception, and a similar inner drive to inspire and leave this
world a better place than they had awoken into/out-of. Some do it with love. Some do it
with a vengeance. Others do it like a magician, diverting attention from the trick so that
the sense of ‘awe’ may be delivered intact.

Nature imitates nature, this I’ve observed throughout my life.

If we observe the structure of cellular organism or better yet, a single atom, we can see
from our perspectives how everything is a harmonious sort of dualistic (yin/yang)
molecular dance. And the choice of word ‘dance’ is precisely the word I am looking for
in this description for it is my very point of this paper – to suggest that there is indeed a
dance taking place even if the electrons and the protons have no idea that the quarks were
yet larger satellites entangled much the same (nature imitating nature) as that which
pervades it. Can you imagine that my friends, that which pervades - THAT which
pervades subatomic particles?! And still physicists are finding evidence of an even deeper

There’s been a species’ long journey of the very bridging of science – from the East to
the West, from the left brain to the right, and so on. This dualistic dance has forever been
taking place. But from where I’m sitting that bridge is already there my friends. We need
not argue science verse religion or spirit.

Science is the search to know the world of the objective.

Spirit is the search to know the world of the subjective.

And I have observed a science in both. The latter being the largely neglected.

So when I think about the sense of wonder and the beauty I’ve observed I cannot help but
to share a smile – for it makes absolute sense that we are all interconnected. And it makes
absolute sense to me that we would want to ignore such a detail because civil logic
refuses to acknowledge that there may be a quality of spirit to this life ride. And I truly
believe that is because it puts one back at square-one, alone with their ideas and
perception of life. And if they are solid in their convictions that magic is trickery then
well my friends to those people I say that I do believe it is time to redefine our terms. Let
us redefine magic. Let us redefine our interconnectedness.

It’s just like being lost, we always go back to the beginning – it’s the reset of the journey
and it’s our right as a human being. We are here to become who we are.

Just some of my thoughts today...

Love & Light,

David Powers