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Reg Tech: In the News

Reg Tech Signs First Overseas Contract

Company to provide technological support services to countries in the EU
LEXINGTON, SC - (Apr. 3, 2014) Reg Tech has signed its first overseas contract and will
now expand technological support services to countries in the European Union. The company
has decided to expand internationally as a way of creating more revenue for itself as well as
capitalize on the opportunity to provide its bran of service to a greater number of individuals.
Similar to the United States model, Reg Tech EU will offer technical support to customers in
several tiers, from live online chat to e-mail and telephone support. According to Reg Tech
officials, the challenge will be to find and grow technical expertise in EU-centric products to
complement their broad stable of qualifies tech assistants for those products manufactured or
sold in the US.
In the EU, we have a lot more products to cover, said Bogart Trafalgar, chief training
officer for Reg Tech. It is going to be a challenge to find, hire and retain those people who
can help us get out job done over there. Reg Tech has released a public business plan that
roughly outlines the methods they intend to use in order to get their new European branch up
and running. Recruitment attempts are already underway at many prominent universities in
the EU in order to find and begin training students who may prove to be invaluable future
employees for the company. The main concern of the training staff is the difference between
the US and EU when it comes to varying types of plugs and voltages between the two
nations. Reg Tech plans to hire a minimum of 150 new employees by their projected opening
date of September 1 of 2015.
In an interesting twist, it was not Reg Tech that approached the EU for this contract, but
rather the EU who found and sought out the company. Identifying a need for greater
efficiencies in tech support, Sir Chauncey WIcket, CEO of Bristol Beverage Company and
permanent member of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) approached
Reg Tech with the goal of creating a one stop shot that would provide support for the
citizens of the EU in all things surrounding consumer technology.
This is a whole new chapter of our experience, said CEO Ronald Pickle in a statement
released yesterday morning. When we first launched Reg Tech, the other founders and I
never dreamed we would have this far of a reach. It is an exciting opportunity on both ends to
expand business and create new contacts.
I could not be more thrilled about Reg Tech coming to Europe, said Bathilda Bagshot, a
customer who shares Pickles enthusiasm. My niece goes to school across the pond and has
gotten great use out of the company during her time there.