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Fresh Models

by jagadish

How to select employees for outside INDIAN offshore jobs

in India many labor (blue collared, white collared) go to usa , middle east and many other countries for
multiple purposes
what according to nation is beneficial model which can demonstrate that off shore jobs can be got
without loss to reputation to the country

the model I designed for this is

organization development techniques

Diagnostic activities :

data collection methods such as interviews , questionnaire and meetings are commonly used to
determine the authenticity of genuine people getting off - shore jobs safely

team building activities

those who are going to or wish to go to off -shore jobs abroad must be facilitated with training like team
building activities well in advance
this team building training is charged well in advance and the candidate is given prior information of
what to expect from the team building program and its benefits of taking it while going abroad
if he fails in team building activity he is given proper knowledge of his drawbacks where win win strategy
is to be adopted in our country

intergroup activities

during the process of training of team building inter group personal communication and knowledge has
to be shared with the candidate aspiring to take off shore jobs so that he doesnt become unemployable
and live in poverty in a foreign nation

survey feedback activities

activities involving analyzing data produced by a survey and designing action plans based on these data
produced has to be understood and formulated
these surveys can include understanding emotional intelligence and language speaking capabilities in
our country itself instead of learning unnecessarily in foreign nation and being loathed for

education and training activities

training methodology of knowledgeable assessment through team building, sensitivity training ,

lecturing , group discussions , experiential workshops being conducted to make the candidate aware of
what he is expecting to encounter in the off -shore job well in advance is to be organized within the
country so that reputation of candidate and awareness to the nation as to which type of public is
applying to which post is known to the country men during the process of education and training

techno structural or structural activities

terminologies associated and used by the off - shore country is to be taught to the candidate well in
advance in our nation like Management by wandering around , management by objective or job
enrichment etc are to be made to learn so that job of candidate is safe
this type of entrepreneurial type of job of teaching and training off - shore candidates can easily be
taken up by our citizens who are aspiring for knowledge

process consultation activities

students who aspire for this type of entrepreneurship can easily take up consultation activities to off
shore candidates for teaching him

group psychology
cooperation expected on reaching foreign country
conflict management techniques
confidence building measures
team management
etc etc
for safe passage of countrymen into other nations with proper knowledge base for both sides of country

grid organization development activities

six phase change model is to be used here
what it is as per Robert Blake and Jane Mouton knowledge

phase includes

upgrading leadership skills

team improvement activities
intergroup relations
corporate planning
development of implementation tactics
evaluation of change and future directions

if the above concepts are taught automatically the candidate to off shore job can be stable and
confident in his endeavor to foreign nation to represent our country

third party peace making activities

skilled consultant has to be taken up for this type of peace making which is usually encountered by the
candidate to off shore in form of conflict management

the better the understanding of this type of friction is known and made to be aware off to the candidate
by the organization to whom he took up his case the better the chances of countries reputation outside

coaching and counselling activities

usual association with this type of activities taken up by the organization concerned is to teach the
candidate are

learning goals
learn how others see their behavior
explore alternative behaviors
learn new behaviors

life and career planning activities

training of the candidate by the organization is to teach SWOT and give him confidence to remove his
weakness and teach the procedure to make him understand how to pass situations he might encounter
for off -shore jobs in foreign lands

planning and goal setting activities

training an individual at

individual level
group level
organizational level

to make him understand the level is the job of the organization he has applied for to get aware about off
shore job opportunities

strategic management activities

SWOT analysis
environmental demands
mission and goals
key policy decisions taken up by the government to be made aware off to the candidate

these and many others which concern strategy is to be taught to the candidate who is going off shore

if this model taken up and understood, many of the issues which are tricky can be solved which pertains
to goodwill of the country

thought of the day

entrepreneurship in this field and students role in taking it up under knowledge


How to determine salary packages in INDIA

every company has employees and every employee is paid a salary to do a job basing on which
performance of the company is evaluated for getting profits or losses at the end of quarterly statement
amount of money earned - amount of money spent is profit
salary package should be lesser than the income generated by the company
valuation of salary of an employee thats why becomes crucial
now how to determine which salary to pay to whom and why
for that I have designed a model on which salary can be determined

the model is


A) Operations management

managing time effectively such as control of time scheduling and project control

number of projects sold on completion determined well in advance through percentage profit earned
through contract
percentages in project

example : ravi got 5% share on the project completion on sale made

planning and decision making consisting

number of projects controlled and percentage involved in each project held by the employee


amount of time spent in making project gain profits and percentage in them

option evaluation

backup strategy under each project through provision of networking comfort zone provided

evaluation of plan performance

how many times the plan would be called upon for back up knowledge for secondary data

managing change consisting

identifying improvement opportunities

number of times the consumer expects changes made to the products he purchases

formulating change objectives and

number of times the company enrolls game changers into its organization for training to take place

monitoring and evaluating change

number of time the company hands over the reigns of the company to outside party for a fees

quality management consisting

quality measurement

how much of material is used to gain six sigma affect

conditions monitoring and diagnostics

maintenance cost of the company day to day affairs

systems control

amount of internet used per day to manage the company affectively

B) people management

team leadership indicating

leadership styles

number of people handled under him for a percentage income generated on behalf of the company

structured teams

number of completed project in a given year


number of group leaders handled and their incomes percentage determined

example : ravi handled 5 group leaders and 5 group leaders earned 1 lakh each so ravi salary is
percentage of group leaders totally combined


number of employees handled for performance gained by the company in monetary terms

meeting participation

number of meeting organized and profit percentage earned through them on their success

performance management consisting of

assessing competencies

target completion every month assessed by key advisors

job design and review

based upon how many times restructuring was needed by the company to evaluate relief in the

target setting and review

number of hours needed to sell a product made by the company on average scale

motivation of staff

number of employees leaving the organization else retained by the HR in a given team which is handled

influencing others
planning process management

number of contracts held by the company in the form of tenders , contracts etc in a given year
percentage when needed


amount of money saved per year in different situations arisen

legal issues of employment that includes

health and safety

amount of money created to save the company from going into losses

recruitment and employment conditions

amount of money sanctioned by the central government to gain access to pan card

industrial relations

amount of money generated through exchange of ideas evaluated through ERP

C) financial management

financial control that includes

cost monitoring

number of products quantity held by the employee

financial statement analysis

amount of money saved through reengineering of the company to bring down the cost

results presentation

number of times presentation was held and number of people who participated in it

financial systems awareness

cost involved in finding out the systems and to introduce them in the company for results

financial planning includes

investment appraisal

amount of money held and increased by the employee percentage

systems development

productivity seen in the company on day to day basis average out

managing outsourcing

project profit sharing ratio

information management

communications that includes

presenting information

number of hours spent to evaluate information and attempts made to give presentation its impact on
the people held in the form of ERP

selling ideas and behavior interpretation

salary earned on the profits increase while introducing concepts relating to the company's growth

marketing consisting of marketing strategies

profits earned in a given quarterly statement percentage

behavioral competencies this includes


sale on the products sold shared with employees concerned percentage

creative thinking

salary percentage earned through marketing channels acceptance

management synergy

salary earned on the profits made on shared of partnership money combined

logical thinking

number of employees convinced to prove his mettle ship every now and then

analytical ability

amount of written text needed to convince the company to believe in his statements addressed to

thought of the day

think on different jobs and find out what is suited to pay salaries to INDIANS