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IMST 2009 Memory Tutorials and FP6/7 Memory Workshop

The IMST2009 will be held in Aachen, Germany from September 8th to 9th 2009.
The conference will take place at the Super C building, which is at Templergraben 57 right next to the main
building of the RWTH Aachen University.
The conference will be preceded by EPCOS2009 which will be held from September 6th to 8th at the same
Recommended Hotels for EPCOS and IMST are:
Hotel Mercure am Dom
Hotel Am Marschiertor
Aquis Grana
Full details can be found on the EPCOS website ( and/or the IMST website (
Note that budget accommodation is available in an RWTH Guest House (<50 euro) if desired. To book this
please contact the local organiser directly (
Note also that invited speakers for the FP6/7 workshop will NOT be charged a conference fee but should still
register as soon as possible at

Technical Programme
September 8th - Tutorials on memory technology and devices - Session 1
IMST Registration and Coffee
15:00 15:45
Opening of IMST2009
15:00 15:15 Prof. Waser

RWTH Aachen

Welcome speech

Tutorials on Phase change materials and devices

The leading international speakers below will cover important aspects of phase-change materials and their
use in optical and electrical memories
Dr N Yamada, Panasonic, Japan
Prof A Lacaita, Politecnico Milano, Italy
Dr M Salinga, RWTH-Aachen, Germany
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3

15:15 16:00 Prof. Lacaita Politecnico Milano, Italy

16:00 16:45 Dr. Yamada
Panasonic, Japan
16:45 17:30 Dr. Salinga RWTH Aachen, Germany

Conference Dinner
18:30 Open to all registered delegates

September 9th - Tutorials on memory technology and devices - Session 2

Oxide memories (08.30 to 10.00)
The tutorial sessions continue with an insight into the increasingly important field of oxide memories, with
talks from the following international experts in the field
Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6

8:30 9:15 Dr. Rozenberg, University Paris Sud

9:15 10:00 Dr. Wouters IMEC, Belgium

September 9th - 10.00 to 17.00 - FP6/7 Workshop

10.00 -10.15 - Welcome (M Wuttig and C D Wright) and Coffee
10.15 - 10.45 - Emerging Materials for Mass-storage Architectures (EMMA),
Dr Dirk Wouters, IMEC Leuven, Belgium
10.45 - 11.15 - Vertically Stacked memory cells based on heterojunctions made of organic-inorganic
materials (VERSATILE), Dr Grazia Tallarida, MDM-INFM, Italy
11.15 - 11.45 - Magnetic Films on Nanospheres (MAFIN),
Prof. Dr. Manfred Albrecht, University of Chemnitz Germany
11.45 - 12.15 - Performance advances in recording through micro actuation (PARMA),
Dr C Ruffert, University of Hannover
12.15 - 12.45 Probe-based Terabit Memory (ProTeM ),
Prof. C D Wright, University of Exeter
12.45 - 14.00 lunch
14.00 - 14.30 - Terabit Magnetic Storage Technologies (TERAMAGSTOR),
Prof Dimitris Niarchos, NCSR Athens, Greece
14.30 - 15.00 - Giga-scale oriented solid state flash memory for Europe (GOSSAMER),
Dr Paolo Tessariol, Numonyx, Agrate, Italy
15.00 - 15.30 - Super-resolution photonics for advanced storage systems (SURPASS),
Dr Christophe Frey, Deutsche Thomson, Germany
15.30 - 15.50 Coffee
15.50 -16.20 - Printable memory solutions for sensor, ID, and media applications (PRIMEBITS)
Dr Ari Alastalo, VTT Finland
16.20 - 16.50 Automotive tested high-voltage embedded non-volatile memory integrated SoC (ATHENIS),
Dr Ewald.Wachmann, Austrian Microsystems and Dr Cor Schepens, Cavendish Kinetics
16.50 - 17.00 Closing remarks (M Wuttig and C D Wright)