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FEBRUARY 16, 2010

3:30 P.M., 325 GRAFF MAIN HALL

Members: Carol Angell Ed Studies, 0300A Morris Hall

Barbara Eide Accountancy, 404 B Wimberly
James Finch Marketing, 0339E Wimberly
Kenny Hunt Computer Science, 213 Wing
Jocelyn Newton Psychology, 349D Graff Main Hall
Kasilingam Periyasamy Computer Science, 222 Wing
Bernadette Taylor-Winfrey Microbiology, 3033 Cowley
Bradley Seebach Biology, 3021 Cowley
Mao Zheng Computer Science, 217 Wing Technology
Teri Passow Student
Megan Buhrandt Student
Justine Grant Student

Consultants: V. J. Agarwal, Graduate Studies; John Jax, Library Services; Ray Abhold, SAH;
Sandy Keller, CLS; Amelia Dittman, CBA; Chris Bakkum, Registrar; Corinne Means,

Alternates: Tom Krueger, Finance

1. Approval of February 2, 2010 minutes.

2. Second readings: None

3. First reading:

A. English
ENG 405/605, prefix change, (was CI 405/605). Effective Fall 2010.

B. Biology
BIO 456/556, new course, Plant Ecology, 4 credits, offered Fall semester even years.
Effective Fall 2010.

C. Student Affairs Administration

Graduate Program- change in credits due to national accrediting agency requirements from
38 to 43; added 1 existing course and 3 new courses as required courses; deleted 2 courses as
required for on campus option; added 3 new courses to online option. Effective Fall 2010.

SAA 700, new course, Professional Practice in Student Affairs, 1 credit, offered Fall, Spring
and Summer.

SAA 702, course revision, course description.

SAA 706, new course, Helping Relationships and Crisis Management, 1 credit, offered Fall.
SAA 745, new course, University Finance and Governance, 3 credits, offered Fall and

SAA 799, course revision, course description, and credits changed to 6.

D. Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation

Recreation Management Program
Deleting EFN 730 and HED 706, (both are research courses); adding new research course,
REC 720. Change in Admissions requirement. Dropped REC 401, added 1 from ACC 221 or
ACC 235. Effective Fall 2010.

REC 720, new course, Research Methods for Recreation, Parks, and Leisure, 3 credits.
Effective Fall 2010.

Therapeutic Recreation Program

Deleting EFN 730 and HED 706; adding new research course, REC 720 as required course.
Changing minimum credits for students without previous background in Therapeutic
Recreation from 36 to 30. Effective Fall 2010.

1. Consent Agenda: None

2. Information Update: None

3. Old Business: None

4. New Business: None

Cc: Susan Crutchfield, Peg Finders, Jodie Rindt, Emily Johnson, Steven Simpson, George
Arimond, David Howard