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Eco‐Zeit Engine Oil

Submitted To: Prof. Major Nazar   Project Submission Date:  4/2/2009 


Walood Lubricants Ltd. was founded in 1986, but its roots go back much further. Founder Waleed Bin Zayed was a pioneer in developing synthetic lubricants as far back as the 1970s.

engineering working with major lubricant companies. He continued to pursue his passion for lubrication by serving as a consultant to numerous companies. In 1986 Walood Lubricants Ltd. asked Mr. Williams to search a new breed of lubricant which would not harm the environment. Mr. Williams found that there was simply not a lubricant available that could handle the demands of the company. He immediately began to put his extensive lubrication background to work with long hours and late nights in the lab. The solution for his problems was nowhere else but in his own backyard. He had known about the natural properties of the jojoba plant’s oil. The result of his efforts was the development of a new lubrication technology.

protecting bearings under heavy loads. It also had exceptional oxidation stability (for long oil life) while providing outstanding protection against rust and corrosion in both wet and high temperature applications. The new lubricant would not only prevent varnish and sludge, but would also clean the equipment in the process. It extended oil drain intervals and the life of the equipment while reducing maintenance costs, equipment downtime and energy costs, resulting in dramatic savings.

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Mr. Williams had officially retired in the 1980s, he used his expertise in chemical

The JOJOBA plant’s extracted lubricant had unusually high film strength capable of


Product Concept

exhaust pipe as black smoke, it is not welcome in the kitchen. Even non-drivers know that its presence has to be checked now and again, with dire consequences if it is forgotten. Oil is thought of as the life blood of the engine. We certainly know that without it, our engine becomes a heavy lump of scrap iron. But what exactly is the purpose of engine oil?

Normally it’s after every month or every 3000 Km. Here is when Eco-Zeit comes in demand. Once put in the engine it remains effective till 100,000 Km. Another major specialty of this oil is that as long as it remains in the engine it not only prevents the engine from friction damage, but also heals the previous damages done to the engine till its complete it running distance (100,000 Km)

not lose its viscosity. As our product is natural so environmentalists have nothing to argue upon. Nowadays Fossil-fuels and their by-products are getting expensive day by day. Eco-Zeit is extracted from JOJOBA plant it also has potential use as both a biodiesel fuel for cars and trucks, as well as a biodegradable lubricant. The molecular structure of this oil is very tough therefore it is stable at high temperatures and pressures unlike most of the other lubricants. It releases a lot of energy when it burns and is chemically stable at the high temperature

and pressures in a working engine, because it contains less carbon then diesel, so there are lower emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Hence making it an environmental friendly alternative fuel for internal combustion engines.

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Engine oil is slippery, it gets dirty, it drips on the garage floor, it often appears out of the

Usually people who drive’s car forget the regular checkup for their vehicle’s engine.

Eco-Zeit is a natural product, this oil can withstand extreme temperatures and still does


Brand Name SHEL HELIX PLUS DELO500 MOBIL 1 Capacity 4L 4L 4L Mileage 10,000 KM 25,000 KM 66,000KM Price 2200 PKR 1300 PKR 5750 PKR 7400 PKR


product for the Pakistani market which makes the buyers thinks before they buy. That is why Eco-Zeit has to compete with the existing preferred brands available.


• • •

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4L 100,000 KM Eco-Zeit is available in three different quantities; 2 Liters 4 Liters 10 Liters

There is no such solid competitor available in the market so far. As it is a new


Target Audience
In Pakistan the target audience for Eco-Zeit is the entire car lover community, automobile enthusiasts, those in the transport business and mechanics who have expertise in their field. People who have little or zero knowledge about car maintenance get impressed by the fact that Eco-Zeit runs a 100,000 Km. This rare quality make them to use it at least once and once they have used it does not let them change their mind!

the transport business choose the best option available in the consumer market, where price is not the issue because they believe in quality and performance without going into any hassle. Owners of Goods transport companies and Logistics prefer using it because they can’t afford to stop their heavy duty vehicles time-time for oil changes. The recent boom in the imported car’s business has made every Tom Dick and Harry and social show off’s an owner of a luxury car, but little knowledge do they have about the maintenance of luxury vehicles. So this makes them a legit target market/audience too.

engines and cure previous engine damage, they would definitely recommend Eco-Zeit to their clients. Reputable workshop owners also fall in the target market/audience.

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The extreme weather climate of Pakistan and poor infrastructure also makes the people in

Knowledgeable mechanics who know how to improve the performance of the vehicle


What is the best motor oil on the market for the environment? The argument has waged over traditional petroleum based motor oils vs. synthetics. No matter who is talking there seems to be a stalemate. Conventional petroleum based motor oil is an indisputable environmental hazard but most synthetics are just as harmful. Synthetics do last at least three times longer but cost five times as much.

desert. As it’s a natural lubricant so it is also 90% Bio-degradable. As per Eco-Zeit claims to complete a stretch of 100,000 Km. Already tested by the Mercedes Benz. They put four E320 CDI sedans on an endurance test of 100,000 Km. In the end of the five day massive testing the Mercedes engineers found out that the engine oil was as clean as new.

the engine and the hydrocarbons, whereby each exposed molecule of metal seeks an unbinded molecule of oil to attach itself to (and vice versa). This reaction causes the entire inner workings of the engine to be evenly coated in oil at all times. In addition to this, ZDDP (Zinc DialkyDithio Phosphate) has a secondary beneficial effect in that when heated in the high temperatures of the engine, it forms an extremely thin layer of phosphorous glass over the engine surfaces (known as “glassivation”). This new layer of glass is perpetually worn away and replenished in place of the metal itself. You might be very surprised to know that this formulation was found and first added to engines about 20 years ago, and has changed very little since, and so the Jojoba Plant oil is a natural gift in form of a biodegradable lubricant for engines!

ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standardization Organization).

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Hope is on the horizon. Eco-Zeit is totally extracted from a plant cultivated in the arabian

Eco-Zeit has a natural anti-wear that promotes a reaction between the metal surfaces of

Eco-Zeit comes up to the international standards like API (American Petroleum Institute),


Eco-Zeit has been shown to yield superior lubrication and at the same time lower friction, yielding better fuel economy. Even a 2% change in frictional losses can yield improvements of 10% in fuel economy. With the current price of gasoline, these improvements in fuel economy can result in annual savings of over $10 billion annually.

definitely not find any other lubricant with such unique qualities and extra ordinary capability to endure high temperature.

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Engine oil run’s 100,000 Km, claims ECO-ZEIT

It’s time for you to switch to Eco-Zeit and increase the life of your car’s engine. You will


The suitable medium for advertising Eco-Zeit would be as follows,

At this specific time we would be able to capture the attention of people who drive daily. This ad will also cater the desire of those who care for their vehicles but do not have enough knowledge about engine care tips.

crucial. We will select those prime locations where the red light runs for the longer period or such as pit stop or fueling stations on prime highways, By-passes, flyovers and Railway crossings e.g. • • • • • •

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Television Billboards
T-Crossing Cavalry Ground (Lahore) Okara By-Pass GT-Road Wazirabad By-Pass Bhera(North) Fueling Station Ravi Toll Plaza Shahdara Railway Crossing .

The screening of the ad would be preferably at prime time i.e. from 6pm till 9pm.

As Eco-Zeit is an automotive product, so selecting a billboard site for it is very


Advertising on internet will also be a preferable option. Major target will be those websites or forums that are specifically visited by car enthusiasts.


automobiles and their accessories. These magazines are bought and viewed only by people who have a thing for cars end related stuff e.g. • • • Auto Traders Cars


stores. Placing these posters on such locations will attract the attention of the customers and the mechanics will be able to explain and recommend the product to them briefly.

d a m h 4 A 3 z 72 a 5 b 9 h 6 iq a r h 0 a S 0 T 3 ab 0 o h S
• www.pakwheels.com • www.apnigari.com • www.qatarliving.com Car Finder

The recommended magazine for Eco-Zeit’s ad would be those which are only related to

Posters of Eco-Zeit’s advertisement will be posted at various workshops and Auto parts


Different newspapers are use for different target audience e.g. Dawn, Daily Times, The Nation, Jung etc are use to attract entire car lover community, automobile enthusiasts, those in the transport business & People who have little or zero knowledge about car maintenance audience and newspapers like Awaz, Express Inqalab etc are use for mechanics or for those customers who read newspaper in workshops to kill time.

d a m h 4 A 3 z 72 a 5 b 9 h 6 iq a r h 0 a S 0 T 3 ab 0 o h S


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