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Side-by-Side Youth Page

In St. Paul Youth Group we will try to help others and ourselves grow in their faith while promoting a
nice environment to share our thoughts and ideas. -Senior High Youth
Side-by-Side Youth
Lets Stay Connected: If you are interested in whats going on in the youth group and would like updates, join us on twitter!
Follow us @StPaulDanbury to keep up!
Rise Up ELCA Youth Gathering: Preparations continue for the RISE UP ELCA Youth Gathering and hotel assignments have
been given. Our group still needs to raise $1500, so stay tuned for a car wash in warmer weather!
Youth/Mentor Gargantuous Game Night: Wednesday, June 24, 6-7:30 pm at St. Paul Shelter House. All youth and mentors are
invited. If you are a youth without a mentor or a mentor without a youth, come and we will get you connected! Gargantuous fun is
in store!
First Communion Instruction Children of
all ages are welcome at the Lords Table.
Parents are welcome to contact Pastor Chris
when they feel their child is ready, so she is
aware. Children may be taught to hold out
their hands for the bread, so the Pastor or
servers know and remember. If you would
like materials to help teach your child the
meaning of this sacrament, Pastor Chris can
help. Or if you would like your child to receive
instruction from Pastor Chris, please let her
know. Even infants and young children who
may not understand are welcome to receive
and then be instructed as they are able to
learn more.
Youth Mentors Confirmands from this year
and last, and their Mentors, are invited to


come together to our

Game Night (see above). If you are
interested in being a Youth Mentor, please
talk to Pastor Chris. She would like all of our
high school youth to have the same
opportunity of having a mentor.

Side-by-Side Youth Sundays

1st Sun. of each Month
Sign up on the easel on the ramp at
church to help with greeting, ushering,
lecturing (reading). Watch for texts and
calls from Chris and Helmi.
Coffee ExpressHigh School Youth (incl.
newly confirmed) are invited to hang out
together after worship with Helmi and
Chris at the Coffee Express in Port Clinton

Sunday School PreK 8th

May 17th was also the Sunday school
picnic. Thank you to all our Sunday
School teachers, helpers and students.
Please consider being a teacher or
helper in the Fall. We are exploring an
exciting new curriculum!

Please contact Chrissy French (419)

341-4653 with any questions and/or to
offer your help. PreK-8 Classes will be
taking a break through the summer.
Thank You!
Thank you to our Sunday School Staff for their amazing work this past year Chrissy French, Crystal Chapman, and
Heather Lambert.
Thank you to our Confirmation Class Mentors/Teachers, Beth Lambert and Bob Strauss for their valuable work with our
middle school youth this year.