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Festival Crowns
Royalty to Reign
Over 48th
Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday,
May 3rd the Jambalaya Festival
Association’s annual Queen’s
Pageant was held at the
Gonzales Civic Center.
The contest saw 7 young ladies
competing for the coveted titles
of Teen and Miss Gonzales
Jambalaya Queen. Among the
Teen Contestants were Marlee
Hebert, Jenna Cornett, Emilie
Schwing and Grace Graugnard.
After answering an onstage
question and participating in
the Evening Gown
Competition, outgoing Teen
Queen Berkley Parent gave her
farewell address to the crowd.
Berkley spoke of her travels as
Teen Queen and thanked her
parents for being there every
step of the way throughout her
year as queen.
Teen contestants were awarded
Miss Congeniality, Fashion,
Photogenic and Queen.
Second Runner up in the Teen
Division was Miss Jenna
Cornett, First Runner Up in
the Teen Division was Miss
Emilie Schwing. Grace
Graugnard of Geismar was
crowned the 2015 Teen Miss
Gonzales Jambalaya Queen.
Graugnard is the 16 year old
daughter of James and Rebecca
Graugnard of Geismar. A
sophomore at Dutchtown
Highschool, Graugnard is a
member of the Griffin Girls
dance team, National Beta club,
and Spanish club. She was
recently appointed Sophomore
Historian for the DTHS
Student Council and maintains
a 4.5 GPA. In her free time,
Grace enjoys visiting nursing
homes in the Gonzales area.
She recently founded the
Kindness Cards Project at
Dutchtown Highschool where
students receive anonymous

cards containing positive
Contestants in the Miss
Division included Dallas
Lipoma, Kolbie Larimore and
Alyssa Hughes. Contestants
began the day with an interview
competition in front of a panel
of distinguished judges.
Contestants were asked questions about themselves and the
festival history. Following
interviews, contestants
answered an onstage question
and competed in the Evening
Gown Competition.
Outgoing Queen Lauren
Blouin was presented in full

train and mantle escorted by
her father, Leon Blouin,
onstage for her final walk as
queen. Blouin addressed the
crowd for one last time as
queen mentioning her year as
queen being one of the most
memorable of her life. She
thanked the JFA for all of the
support given to her
throughout her reign.
Following the conclusion of
Blouin’s farewell address, Miss
contestants were awarded Miss
Congeniality, Fashion,
Photogenic and Queen. Second
Runner up in the Miss Division
was Miss Dallas Lipoma. First
Runner Up was Miss Kolbie

Larimore leaving Miss Alyssa
Hughes crowned as the 2015
Jambalaya Queen.
Alyssa LeaAnn Hughes is the
18 daughter of Preston and
Pam Hughes of Prairieville. A
senior at Dutchtown High
School graduating May 17th,
2015. While attending
Dutchtown, Alyssa began an
awareness organization, “Sit
Strap Save” which raises awareness for proper child restraint in
vehicles. She also served as an
active member of the DTHS
Allied Health Program where
she was able to volunteer for
the Special Olympics, Relay for
Life and school fundraisers.

Hughes is an active member of
Ascension Parish 4-H through
which she was recently awarded
3rd place at LSU 4-H
University for her project in
Solutions Unlimited.
Hughes will reign over the 48th
annual Festival held May 22nd

– 23rd. As JFA Queen, she will
serve as an ambassador for the
Association and the City of
Gonzales by traveling throughout Louisiana visiting numerous
fairs and festivals. Hughes will
also compete for the title of
Louisiana Association of Fairs
and Festivals, Queen of Queens

during the annual convention
held in February.
Also apart of Saturday’s
Pageant festivities were Queen’s
Day events hosted by outgoing
queens Blouin and Parent. The
events welcomed 21 visiting
queens from across Louisiana.
The Queens participated in
their very own “mini-pot”
cooking contest, which has now
become a tradition during the
Pageant Weekend Festivities.
Father of Teen Queen Berkley,
and 2007 World Champion,
Jeff Parent, instructed queens
on how to cook a mini pot
jambalaya as well as teaching
the ladies the “10
Commandments of cooking
68th Orange Festival Queen,
Eden Bubrig and 78th Greater
New Orleans Floral Trail
Queen, Faith Baggett took the
title of Queens Mini Pot
Sunday, May 3rd the
Association hosted their annual
Baby and Junior Royalty


competition with over
50 girls and boys participating
in the pageant.

Junior Royalty are as follows:
Baby King-Dannon Smiley,
1 year old son of Jared and Misty Smiley
Junior King- Kalep Korne,
4 year old son of Miki Martin and Brent Korner
Baby Miss- Demi Labbe, 9 month old
daughter of Ben and Courtney Labbe
Toddler Miss- Lexi Tripp,
1 year old daughter of Marty and Dena Tripp
Tiny Miss- Brooklyn Hebert, 3 year old daughter
of Michelle Gordon and Brock Hebert
Petite Miss- Makaela Buratt, 5 year old
daughter of Shawn and Rebecca Buratt
Mini Miss- Chloe Bumgardner, 8 year old
daughter of Rachel Laborde and
John Bumgardner
Deb Miss- Kyleigh Pearson, 9 year old
daughter of Kevin and Lanie Pearson
Junior Miss- Ava Savoy, 12 year old daughter
of Ricky and Tiffany Savoy

Z Aesthetic
Gives Back

Each year Ann Zedlitz, MD,
also known as “Dr. Z”, provides giant teddy bears to local
students with the highest GPA

in Math. Not only is math is
one of Dr. Z’s favorite subjects,
she feels that a solid math foundation is vital for children to
succeed. “I want to encourage
students at an early age that
math is great.” states Zedlitz.
“Math can build greater confidence and self esteem in each
Z-team members, Mary Foret
and Stephanie Decoteau, deliv-

ered teddy bears along with
$100 to each award receipt to
Ascension area schools.
This year’s Teddy Bear Award
recipients include: Isabella Ali
& Jacob Midciff from Oak
Grove Primary, and Taylor
Heeb and Blake Mayer from
Prairieville Primary.
Z Aesthetic Dermatology is a
state-of-the-art facility equipped
with the latest in advanced
technology and offers an array
of cosmetic and laser procedures such as wrinkle reduction,


skin tightening, skin tone &
texture, makeup applications &
lessons, scar treatments, body
sculpting, and laser hair
removal, Dr. “Z” - Ann
Zedlitz, M.D., a board certified
dermatologist, and her “Z
Team” are dedicated to helping
every woman and man look and
feel their very best. Z Aesthetic
Dermatology has a new location at 17497 Old Jefferson
Highway, Prairieville. Contact
Z today to see how they can
help you. Confidence is Key.
Trust the Experts at Z!

come over to
the lite side
• Professional split ends
repairing treatment
• reconstructs and repairs
weak, broken strands
• protects against heat
styling and future damage
• lasts 6 weeks



• Natural , Non-synthetic B-Vitamins
• Synergistic medley of nutritional energy
• Blocks bad cravings
• burns bad fat
• restores balance

622.5085 44253 Hwy. 42

(1 mile from Port Vincent)

focus on improving drainage. “I
served for four years on the Amite
River Basin Commission, including
three years as chairman, interacting
with drainage and flood protection
experts on every level of government.
I’ll use this unique insight to form
coalitions that will solve recurring
drainage issues and move
threatening water away from
homes and businesses.”

that benefit the people of our area.”
“I’ve been a parish councilman,
worked in the chemical industry for
more than three decades, worked
for the sheriff’s office, served on
numerous boards and commissions,
been involved in our community and
served in the U.S. Marine Corps,”
Bell said. “I’ll draw on these varied
life experiences to capably represent
you in the state legislature.”


Patrick ‘Pat’ Bell announced today
that he is a candidate for State
Representative, District 59, in the
October 24th election. Citing his
experience in government, community
involvement and reputation for
getting things done, Bell said he will
“Vote the way you would vote and be
an effective representative for you,
making well-thought-out decisions

The commission oversees the
planned Comite River Diversion
Canal, a $675 million federal, state
and local venture that will divert high
water to the Mississippi River from
the Comite and Amite Rivers,
reducing the threat of flooding in
Ascension, Livingston and East
Baton Rouge Parishes.

As a former Ascension Parish
Councilman, Bell knows firsthand the
issues facing this fast-growing area.
“My fellow councilmembers elected
me four times as their chairman and
relied upon me to get things done for
their districts and our parish,” Bell
said. “Working together, the council
and parish government accomplished
a great deal and I’m ready to do even
more as your state representative.”

Bell currently serves as a commissioner for the Pontchartrain Levee
District, which oversees some 125
miles of federal levees and hurricane
protection projects from Baton
Rouge to near New Orleans.

Bell said the most pressing issue
facing District 59, which is wholly
within Ascension Parish, is the dire
need to improve the area’s infrastructure, in particular state roads,
“Which are so overburdened they
have become a deterrent to
continued responsible development.
We send millions of tax dollars to the
state and we’re just not getting
anything back to help solve our traffic
problems. I’ll never quit working to
secure road improvements and
instituting proven methods to
improve traffic flow.”

Continued improvements to our
educational system are at the top of
Bell’s list of priorities. “I know the
value of good schools – I’ve been
married to a teacher for 46 years!”
Bell said. “I will support increased
funding where justified and common
sense reforms supported by the
people who actually work in our
schools, not bureaucrats who read
some high-priced study.”

As state representative, Bell will also

Bell also wants to strengthen ethics

laws which he says will fight political
corruption and further enhance our
business climate, leading to the
creation of more good jobs and
economic opportunities for
local people.
Bell worked for Uniroyal Chemical in
Geismar for 32 years before retiring.
He also served as a Sergeant-atArms for the Louisiana Senate and
was a commissioned deputy with the
Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office in
the course of his work as Court
Bailiff for the 23rd Judicial District.
Bell served as a board member of
River Parishes Community College,
the River Regions Cancer Screening
Board and the Geismar Complex
Federal Credit Union. He is a
veteran of the United States
Marine Corps.
He is married to Sheily Duplessis
Bell, band director at Dutchtown High
School They have two adult sons;
Patrick Bell, Jr. and Brady Bell.
“It would be an honor to serve you as
your full-time state representative
and use this opportunity to give back
to the community that has been so
very good to me and my family,” Bell
said. “I’ll listen to you and always
support what is in the best interest
of the people of district 59. I’d
sincerely appreciate your vote.”
For more information,
please visit the campaign web site:

17122 Commerce Centre Dr., Prairieville, LA 70769 • 225.677.7004 • WWW.INVESTARBANK.COM • Member FDIC


May - Emerald
It is emerald’s appearance and color
that makes this gemstone instantly
recognized. A variety of the beryl
species, this famous green gem has
long been associated with eternal
spring, new life, and healing. In
ancient times, it was said to promise
love, denote honesty, and bring
success to those born in May.

money clips. For the young women,
any gift of fine jewelry is always
a winner!

Great Gift Ideas
For Those
Special Spring

Weddings. It is customary to present
small gifts of appreciation to members
of the wedding party. For bridesmaids: pearl earrings, initial pendants
and charms to signify a special
memory or moment are popular.
For the groomsmen: key holders,
engraved “man” bracelets and tie
tacks are always a good choice.

with Layne Gautreau

Dads & Grads. For both men and
women the gift of time is always
welcome. Today’s modern timepieces
are available in an array of styles to
cover the element of simplicity,
elegance and sportiness. Also for
gents, favorite items include rings
made of modern metals, cufflinks and

Color: the essence for all top trends
predominant on runways and at award
shows. The 2014 Color of the Year
was declared to be Pantone color No.
18- 3224, aka Radiant Orchid, a
fuchsia or purplish-pink which will be
seen in both clothing and in jewelry.

Yellow Gold. This precious metal has
been admired and adorned for
centuries and is back in full force in


Geometric Shapes. Pyramids, circles,
chevrons and domes available in
unisex fashion stud earrings and
jeweled stickpins for lapels, hats and
hair will create clean silhouettes to
compliment spring’s graphic and
angular wardrobe designs.

Red Carpet,
Runway, and
Real Life

Orange: will be the go-to color, perfect for color-blocking with this
spring's abundant blue hues, as well as
Radiant Orchid. Be sure to shop for
jewelry designs created in sapphire,
zircon and tourmaline. All three of
these gemstones have color variations
of both orange and blue!

Selecting and giving a gift is an
important part of any celebration. If
you find it hard to decide what to
give on these upcoming special
occasions, here are a few ideas.

high fashion profiles. Yellow gold is
the perfect year-round solution for a
dramatic or subtle appearance.

Bangles, Bracelets & Cuffs. Whether
dressed in a black evening gown
or t-shirt and jeans, no wrist should
go without decoration. This spring’s
go-to accessories include a single slim
diamond tennis bracelet; gem
encrusted stackable bangles, and
wide, bold, gold cuffs.

a couple of bubbles in the
finish, but overall I love it!

The Ugly - I decided to

install wire shelving in my
garage closet. I thought this
would save on space and allow
me to organize smaller items in
a designated area. First of all, I
purchased the shelving and the
brackets at different times, so I
got the wrong size brackets.
Also, I didn’t have the right
tools, and without a stud finder
or a level, it was a bit tricky. A
few holes in the wall and some
spackle later, I decided to wait
on the project until I could get
some advice and the right tools!

The Great,
the Good
and the
It’s spring again, and like most
of y’all, you’re in the yard,
planting flowers, and making
time to take care of home
upgrades and fix it projects.
I’ve done the same myself
lately, and I tell you what…it’s
been interesting. Besides the
basic landscaping and organizing, I’ve had three projects in

the past few months that had
very different outcomes.

The Great - I had a build-in

installed in my living room area
next to my fireplace. I thought
it would be great for storing my
cable box and for displaying my
pretty things. So, I called the
best person for the job…my
step Dad and owner of J&J
Cabinets in Baton Rouge. He
came over for a consult prior to
the beginning of the project.
He gave me great advice on
how big the build-in should be,
how many storage components
it should have, and other details
I would have never thought of!
Also, there was a seamless and
professional installation in the
end. I am very pleased with
the results and could have never
done such a big project on my
own. It was definitely out of
my scope of ability. So, my
advice is to use a professional
for any project you have no
expertise in!

The Good - I redid the front
door to my home. The paint
was peeling and it looked awful.
So, with the help of my mom
and a couple electric sanders,
we tackled this project together.
We had all the right tools, and
although I thought we would
be done in a day, it was nice to


have a finished product in a
couple of days. We sanded,
primed, applied two coats of
paint and then edged to the
best of our ability. The
outcome wasn’t bad, I do have

Ultimately, I suggest gathering
information on a project before
you start, make sure you have
the right tools, talk to people
that have done similar projects
for advice, tips and tricks.
And finally, if you’re at a loss,
consult a professional, and
you’ll save yourself time,
energy and money!


Clark Lambert
Recognized after
36 years of
Service to the
Gator Community
St. Amant – The St. Amant
High School Gator Nation and
the St. Amant Booster Club
took time out yesterday to recognize long time Gator
Supporter and School

stands for”, stated Mrs.

Employee, Clark Lambert. The
recognition was held prior to
the bi-district Lady Gator 2015
Playoff Game against

St. Amant High School Booster
Club President, James E.
LeBlanc, described Clark as
compassionate, available and
loyal to the Gator Nation his
entire life. “Clark worked for
St. Amant High School for 36
years and he also made it to
work 35 years in a row - with-

St. Amant High School
Principal, Mia Edwards,
described Clark Lambert as one
of the most dedicated Gator
Fans in the St. Amant community. “Clark is what Gator Pride

out missing one day”, stated
LeBlanc. “Clark has served the
students, the Administration,
and the twenty two sports at St.
Amant High School with so
much determination”, stated
St. Amant Head Softball Coach,
Scott Nielson, described Clark
as the most dedicated Gator
Fan he knows to the Lady


•  License Plates


•  Duplicate Titles
printed overnight


Personalized & Specialty


• Driver's License & ID
CARD Renewals
Handicap ID's & Plates


Whatever Your Needs, We Can Probably Help!
Give Our Friendly Staff a Call


• Wildlife & Fisheries
Processing for

Jamie Frederic–Braud PTA/Notary



• Bill of Sale • Donations
• Affidavits • Wills • Power of
Attorneys • Successions
• Real Estate Transactions
• Provisional Custody
• Business Sales


11296 HWY. 431, ST. AMANT, LA 70774





Gators Softball Program. “Clark
always seems to give so much to
this program, and we cannot
thank him enough”, stated
Coach Nielson.
Thanks to everyone that showed
up to support Mr. Clark and for
our first playoff victory over
Chalmette, with a score of 12-0.
It was a great crowd and we
appreciate their helped in fuel-

ing our team to victory!
The Lady Gators play Barbe
High School at Lady Gator Park
on Friday, April 24th at 5:00.
Please come out and represent
the GATOR NATION as our
team competes to advance to
the state championship.


For more than 19 years, we have developed, owned and
managed senior housing communities throughout
Louisiana and Georgia that provide alternative living
arrangements for seniors combining wellness, independence
and personal care in a warm dignified setting with over 100
years of personal and professional experience.

2305 S. Purpera Avenue, Gonzales, LA 70737


John Cagnolatti Announces
Candidacy for
Parish Council

I have lived in Ascension Parish
since 1956 when my parents, Lloyd
and Clara Cagnolatti moved our
family here. Mom and Dad were
strong Christians and an inspiration
to all of their children. They set the
example, teaching us the difference
between right & wrong, good & bad,
and truth versus lies. I'm proud to
be their son.
Since 1956, the only time I've been
away from Ascension Parish was to
serve in the U.S. Air Force during the
Viet Nam War. As an officer, I
completed several military training
courses which led to leadership roles
while on various assignments. When
the Viet Nam war ended, I was
honorably discharged and came back
to Ascension Parish, and I have lived
here ever since. This is my home.
There's no other place I'd rather live.
I learned how to lead as an officer in
the Air Force and that leadership role
has transitioned into a successful
career of over 35 years in
industrial business development
and public service.
My experience includes serving
with numerous, civic & industrial
organizations, and volunteer groups.
Some of them are: 4 years on the
Gonzales City Council (2008-2012),
23 years on the Gonzales Civil
Service Commission (6 years as
Chairman), Served on the Boards of
Directors for the Ascension Economic
Development Corporation (AEDC) ,
Ascension Chamber of Commerce
(Chairman of the Board in 2008),
Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance
and Associated Builders &
Contractors. On the volunteer side, I
have worked with the American Heart
Association, United Way, American
Cancer Society and Project Kidz
Kove, which funded, designed and
built Kidz Kove Discovery Park
(KKDP), then donated it to the City.
KKDP is probably the most


successful public/private project in
the history of this area. I was proud
to be involved with that project from
the very beginning when I served on
the City Council. KKDP is an example
of what can happen when government
works TOGETHER with Private
Groups to PROVIDE for their
I am a member of St. Theresa of
Avila Catholic Church and serve as a
Lector and Eucharistic Minister.
Throughout my adult life, I've tried to
give back to this community that has
made me feel safe and secure. As I
continue in my commitment to give
back and to serve, I am announcing
my candidacy for the District 10 Seat
on the Ascension Parish Council.
Ascension Parish is experiencing the
largest industrial and residential
growth in its history. And with that
growth, we have already begun to
feel the strain on our infrastructure roads and highways are inadequate
and congested; we need drainage
improvements and a much needed
parish-wide wastewater system.
Also, there's the ongoing need for
expanding economic development,
tourism & culture, and recreational
facilities. The growth of Ascension
will continue and if we aren't
prepared for it, the situation will
only get worse.
Ascension needs strong leadership
that will address the issues and "DO
SOMETHING" about them! I want to
serve the people of District 10 in a
spirit of cooperation and unification. I
will serve as the liaison between
Parish Government and Mayor
Arceneaux and the Gonzales City
Council to work in unison with them
on common issues and concerns.
I will be proactive in building
relationships with the other Parish
Councilmen so that we can be
ONE Council representing
ALL of Ascension for
As my campaign rolls out over the
next few months, I'll be asking for
your input, respect your opinions and
show you that I intend to represent
District 10 with consistency
and reliability.
I'm also asking for your
assistance. I invite you to get
involved with my campaign, both
financially and as a volunteer. I will
need your help as I launch my
campaign to meet with the citizens of
District 10. If you can, call me
at 225-333-2498 or email me at
I will serve you with honor,
character and integrity and I commit
to being a strong, confident and
compassionate leader!
And most importantly, I need your
vote on October 24th, so I can truly
represent you, the people of District
10 in Ascension Parish. I WANT to
be YOUR Parish councilman!
God Bless You All and God Bless
Ascension Parish!


St. Elizabeth
Hospital First in
State to Achieve
Status for Its
Efforts to
Improve Care
for Older Adult
St. Elizabeth Hospital
announces it has achieved
"Exemplar" status for its
NICHE (Nurses Improving
Care for Healthsystem Elders)
program. St. Elizabeth Hospital
is the first hospital in the state
to achieve this status. Three
other hospitals in the Franciscan
Missionaries of Our Lady
Health System also achieved
some level of NICHE
certification. They include Our
Lady of the Lake Regional
Medical Center in Baton
Rouge, Our Lady of Lourdes in
Lafayette and St. Francis
Medical Center in Monroe.
NICHE is the premier
designation indicating a hospi-

tal's commitment to excellence
in the care of patients 65-yearsand-older. The "Exemplar"
status recognizes St. Elizabeth
Hospital’s ongoing, high-level
dedication to geriatric care and
pre-eminence in the implementation and quality of systemwide interventions and initiatives that demonstrate organizational commitment to the care
of older adults.
St. Elizabeth Hospital has been
designated as a NICHE facility
since 2012. The "Exemplar"
status — the highest of four
possible program levels — was
assigned following a rigorous
program evaluation of the current state and future goals of
the NICHE program at St.

Elizabeth Hospital.
“The NICHE designation and
the "Exemplar" status signal
our resolve to provide patientcentered care for older adults,”
says Yvonne Pellerin, RN, Chief
Nursing Officer for St.
Elizabeth Hospital. “Through
our participation in the NICHE
program we are able to offer
evidence-based, interdisciplinary
approaches that promote better
outcomes, positive experiences,
and improved care for the older
adults in our care. This leads to
greater satisfaction rates for our
patients, their families and our
The Annual Program
Evaluation is used to determine

the level of their NICHE
program. The evaluation
benchmarks program progress
year-to-year, targets future care
initiatives and provides data to
use in gaining and sustaining
support from institution
Through the hospital and its
physicians group, St.
Elizabeth’s Senior Services
division provides many offerings
to improve the lives of patients
over 65. Programs include
geriatric medicine, House Calls,
wellness exams, pulmonary
rehabilitation, diabetes
self-management, health and
wellness education, screenings,
and other supportive services.
“St. Elizabeth Hospital’s evaluation demonstrated a tremendous ability to meet the needs
of the older adult patient,” says
Barbara Bricoli, MPA,
Managing Director - NICHE
“The hospital’s high intensity
level in marshalling geriatric
nursing resources and support
to enhance care marks it as a
leader in the field.”

Hey Dr. Rob,
I’m sending you
a selfie.

Do I look




Oral Cancer
The Importance of
Early Detection
By Calvin Bessonet, DDS,FAGD
Ascension Premier Dental
Your dentist has recent good news
about progress against cancer. It is
now easier than ever to detect oral
cancer early, when the opportunity
for a cure is great. Only half of all
patients diagnosed with oral cancer
survive more than five years.
Your dentist has the skills and tools
to ensure that early signs of cancer
and pre- cancerous conditions are
identified. You and your dentist can
fight and win the battle against oral
cancer. Know the early signs and see
your dentist regularly.

You Should Know
• Oral Cancer often starts as a tiny,
unnoticed white or red spot or sore
anywhere in the mouth.
• It can affect any area of the oral
cavity including the lips, gum tissue,
check lining, tongue and the hard or
soft palate.
• Other signs include:
- A sore that bleeds easily or does
not heal
- A color change of the oral tissues
- A lump, thickening, rough spot,
crust or small eroded area
- Pain, tenderness, or numbness
anywhere in the mouth or on
the lips
- Difficulty chewing, swallowing,

speaking or moving the
jaw or tongue.
- A change in the way the teeth fit
• Oral Cancer most often occurs in
those who use tobacco in any
• Alcohol use combined with
smoking greatly increases risk.
• Prolonged exposure to the sun
increases the risk of lip cancer.
• Oral cancers can occur in people
who do not smoke and have no
other known risk factors.
• Oral Cancer is more likely to
strike after age 40.
• Studies suggest that a diet high in
fruits and vegetables may prevent
the hdevelopment of potentially
cancerous lesions.

likely cause, your dentist may
treat it and ask you to return
for re-examination.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Facts About Oral Cancer

Oral cancer screening is a routine
part of a dental examination.
Regular check-ups, including an
examination of the entire mouth,
are essential in the early detection of
cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions. You may have a very small,
but dangerous, oral spot or sore and
not be aware of it.

Incidence and Mortality

Your dentist will carefully examine
the inside of your mouth and
tongue and in some patients may
notice a flat, painless, white or red
spot or a small sore. Although most
of these are harmless, some are not.
Harmful oral spots or sores often
look identical to those that are
harmless, but testing can tell them
apart. If you have a sore with a

Dentists often will notice a spot or
sore that looks harmless and does
not have a clear cause. To ensure
that a spot or sore is not dangerous,
your dentist may choose to perform
a simple test, such as a brush test. A
brush test collects cells from a
suspicious lesion in the mouth.
The cells are sent to a laboratory for
analysis. If precancerous cells
are found, the lesion can be
surgically removed if necessary
during a separate procedure. It’s
important to know that all atypical
and positive results from a brush test
must be confirmed by incisional
biopsy and histology.

• Oral cancer strikes an estimated 34,360
Americans each year. An estimated 7,550 people
(5,180 men and 2,370 women) will die of these
cancers in 2007.
• More than 25% of the 30,000 Americans who
get oral cancer will die of the disease.
• On average, only half of those diagnosed with
the disease will survive more than five years.
• African-Americans are especially vulnerable; the
incidence rate is 1/3 higher than whites and the
mortality rate is almost twice as high.

Risk Factors
• Although the use of tobacco and alcohol are risk
factors in developing oral cancer, approximately
25% of oral cancer patients have no known risk

• There has been a nearly five-fold increase in
incidence in oral cancer patients
under age 40, many with no known risk factors.
• The incidence of oral cancer in women has
increased significantly, largely due to
an increase in women smoking. In 1950 the male
to female ratio was 6:1; by 2002, it was 2:1.

Prevention and Detection
• The best way to prevent oral cancer is to avoid
tobacco and alcohol use.
• Regular dental check-ups, including an examination of the entire mouth, are
essential in the early detection of cancerous and
pre-cancerous conditions.
• Many types of abnormal cells can develop in the
oral cavity in the form of red or
white spots. Some are harmless and benign, some
are cancerous and others are pre-cancerous,
meaning they can develop into cancer if not
detected early and removed. (American Cancer
• Finding and removing epithelial dysplasias
before they become cancer can be one of the most
effective methods for reducing the incidence of
• Knowing the risk factors and seeing your dentist
for oral cancer screenings can help prevent this
deadly disease. Routine use of the Pap smear since
1955, for example, dramatically reduced the incidence and mortality rates for cervical cancer in the
United States.
• Oral cancer is often preceded by the presence of
clinically identifiable premalignant changes. These
lesions may present as either white or red patches
or spots. Identifying white and red spots that show
dysplasia and removing them before they become
cancer is an effective method for reducing the incidence and mortality of cancer.

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power of attorney. If married,
these couples would also have
these rights.

By Linda Melancon

Marriage, however, will not affect
the right to make financial
decisions as the law does not
currently provide that a spouse has
the right to make financial
decisions for the other spouse if
he or she is incapable of doing so.
Therefore, regardless of whether
the law changes or not, all married couples should have a power
of attorney allowing their spouse
to make financial decisions if they
become incapacitated (assuming
of course that they want their
spouse to serve in this role).

planning laws here. While a
complete description of all of the
changes is beyond the scope of
this article, here are a few of the
most important implications.

What If?
(The Supreme Court’s Ruling
on Same-Sex Marriage)
As you may be aware, the United
States Supreme Court recently
heard arguments in a case that will
determine if state laws prohibiting
same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. Louisiana and twelve other
states have laws that define
marriage as a relationship between
two people of the opposite sex. A
decision in the case is expected in
June of this year. If the court
does find the prohibitions
unconstitutional and same-sex
couples are allowed to marry in
Louisiana (or if Louisiana must
recognize same-sex marriages
from other states), it will drastically change property and estate

Louisiana’s community property
laws provide that most things
acquired by either spouse during
the marriage are community
property. Community property
form of ownership provides extra
protections that joint ownership
does not provide. For instance, if
a married couple owns a home
together and one dies without a
will, the surviving spouse has a
right to occupy the house until
death or remarriage. Also, an
owner of community property
cannot transfer his or her interest
without the consent of the other
spouse. These types of
protections are not available to
joint owners, such as non-married,
same-sex couples.
Another important area based on
the marriage relationship arises in
the context of making health care
decisions. A spouse is the first
person allowed to make those
decisions when the other spouse
cannot. Currently, unmarried
same-sex couples do not have the
right to make health care decisions
for each other absent a health care

Rights with regard to children will
also be affected. Louisiana law
now provides that the surviving
spouse becomes the natural tutor
(guardian) of all children of the
marriage. Under current law, the
surviving spouse of a same-sex
couple in Louisiana would not
automatically become the natural
tutor of the couple’s children.
Instead, the other biological
parent would become the
natural tutor.
Finally, estate planning needed by
same-sex, married couples will also
be affected. However, it definitely
will not mean that these couples
don’t need to plan since they are
married. Louisiana’s current
intestate laws that apply to
opposite sex, married couples
generally do not provide what

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spouses want. Rather, Louisiana’s
laws often favor the children over
the spouse and leave the surviving
spouse without full control over
the property that was acquired by
the couple during their marriage.
Further, when a married couple
does not have children, all
separate property of a deceased
spouse passes to the deceased’s
siblings (with a usufruct to the
deceased’s parents, if any) instead
of to the surviving spouse.
As you can see, most married
couples, whether of the same or
different genders, will want to
plan to avoid Louisiana’s
intestate order of succession.
As you can see, if the Supreme
Court rules that Louisiana’s
prohibition against same-sex
marriage is invalid and same-sex
marriages are allowed in
Louisiana, many laws dealing with
property ownership and estate
planning will be affected.
However, regardless of the outcome, married couples of all
genders should consult with an
experienced estate planning
attorney to make sure that their
spouse will be protected in the
manner they choose if they
become disabled or die.
Mrs. Melancon has engaged in the practice of
law in Louisiana for the past 17 years. The primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
special needs planning, elder law and probate.
She is also accredited by the VA to give advice
regarding veterans’ benefits. For more information, please contact her at 225-744-0027.
You may also visit her website at

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Silkpeel Q & A
What is Silkpeel
The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion
System combines non-invasive
exfoliation with deep delivery of
patient-specific solutions directly to
the skin. The Silk Peel stimulates
new cell growth and
addresses your specific skin
condition, giving your skin
the revitalization you want.
Your skin immediately looks
clearer and brighter and
definitely feels smoother
and your makeup will go
on easily.

treatment the skin may be slightly
pink but this should last for about
one hour. Patients can return back
to work post treatment or resume
their everyday routine.

How is Silk
Peel different
from other
While they both remove a
portion of the upper layer of
the skin, or the stratum
corneum, a SilkPeel is much
more controlled and consistent in
the way it operates. That is
because, rather than blasting particles at skin (as with older microderm devices), or pushing an abrasive tip across the skin by hand,
dermalinfusion uses the controlled
vacuum pressure to pull the skin up
into a chamber in the hand piece,
where it is evenly abraded just
as agressively or as softly as the
vacuum pressure is set by our
skincare professional.

Is there any downtime with
Silkpeel dermalinfusion?
Usually there is no downtime with
the SilkPeel, but some patients
can experience tightening of the
skin and mild exfoliation. Post

Who should get a Silkpeel?
All skin types can benefit from the
SilkPeel treatment. The SilkPeel
can help anyone who has acne, sun
damage, hyperpigmentation, brown
spots, mild wrinkles, skin dullness
and large pores. Even the most
sensitive-skin individual may
benefit from a silk peel that has
been adjusted for their skin type.

How often should I get
a Silkpeel?
To jump start your new skin
we recommend 3-4 treatments
2 weeks apart and maintenance
every 2-3 months. However, even
one silk peel will usually refresh
your skin for up to six weeks.

The first thing I heard when I
arrived at Senior Day at Fred’s was,
“No particular date but always the
event is held on the second Thursday
in May.” It’s been a long standing
tradition when our senior citizens are
treated to a day of fun, food and
This tradition started over 30 years
ago in 1982. Vernon and Ginger
Guitreau decide to treat their parents,
parents, Uncle’s and Aunt’s to a day
on the river with a boat ride and it
ended with a big cookout feast at
their home in French Settlement.
The following year more people

got involved taking senior family
members on house boats, skiffs,
batteaus and any floating devise that
could get them down the river. Soon
the yearly event a tradition began
with a visit to the Chapel on the
River and then a trip to Blind River
Bar for a crawfish boil. Boats would
leave from Hill Top or Canal Bank
and return for food and dance.
Ronnie Braud told me on year two
sister caught a ride with him and the
next year they were waiting on the
bank at Hill Top waiting for their
ride. He also told me of a morning
when 8 Grandmother’s dressed in

In Memory of

Cliff Nickens.

Thanks for the music

long white dresses. They wanted
to be the first at the chapel to
bless it. He said he could take 4 of
them. They insisted all 8 were
riding in his boat. When the priest
walked out on the pier they said,
“Let’s go, the priest could ride in
the second boat.
After the event grew and grew it
moved to different locations of
Hill Top, Canal Bank and Bayview
which ever location was available
and not flooded from high water.
Some 30 years a Fred Boyd
stepped in and offered Fred’s on
the River as a yearly location to
host the popular event that has

grown in to the great success
it is today.
This year’s event was another
success. Everyone enjoyed the
great food, music, and dancing.
The event would not be a possible
without the many volunteers
who work extremely hard to
accommodate our senior’s. Also,
the many businesses in the area
who donated food and supplies
make’s Senior Day the event of
the year. We hope to see you
again next year.
The second Thursday in
May. We’ll be doing it again.

The Difference
is in the Details
Grass Rangers is dedicated to making
your life easier by providing trained
crews to Design, Build and Maintain
almost any aspect of your landscape.

By Tracy
How Many
People Did You
Don’t you just love it when
you’re in a hurry on the interstate and the car in front of you
is traveling a “very safe” 5-10
miles per hour under the speed
limit and just will not allow you
to pass? They know you’re
behind them. You can see them
eyeballing you from their mirrors, but they refuse to veer to
the right lane for even a second
to allow you to pass. Their
arrogance to stay where they are
rather than consider that we
may have an emergency forces
us to find a way around them.


Or, what about the grocery
store? We run in needing to
pick up just a few items, so it
shouldn’t take long, but the
isles are blocked by a group of
people either chatting about old
times or organizing their shopping list. Try as we may, there
is no way to maneuver a cart
through or around them.
Rather than step to the side to
allow shoppers to pass, they stay
put forcing shoppers to find an
alternate route. Is it deliberate
or do they not realize they’ve
inconvenienced 50 other shoppers?

Courtesy. What is it?

225.622.5115 •
w w w. g r a s s r a n g e r s . c o m

Definition of courtesy (n)
- cour·te·sy
- [ kúrtəssee ]

3. polite or considerate
behavior: consideration for
other people, or good manners
4. polite or considerate action:
something done out of
politeness or consideration for
another person
5. for sake of politeness: given
or done as a courtesy
Do we view courtesy differently
today? Maybe we see it as
demeaning. If we are courteous
or use manners others may
consider us lesser than they.
We fully expect others to be
considerate to our needs and
will call them rude if manners
are not used in an exchange. “I
held the door and they didn’t
even say thank you… rude”.
“They saw me struggling with
my hands full and they didn’t
offer to help….rude” “I said
excuse me and they wouldn’t
budge…rude.” “I let them into
traffic and they didn’t even
wave thank you… rude”.
We expect from others what we
ourselves won’t or don’t give.
As a community we were
willing to be considerate to the
needs of our friends and
neighbors. We check on them
and ask them about the events
in their life, but as a community
grows and fills with strange
faces maybe we feel we don’t
have the same obligation to
those we don’t know. Either
way, intentional or unintentional, continuity is achieved when
courtesy is shown by all of us.

A year had come and gone and
it was once again time for the
annual East Ascension Sportsman's
League Saltwater Challenge at
Grand Isle. It was a mad dash to
leave a very stressful job at noon
on the Thursday before the
upcoming events scheduled for
Saturday. Eventually everything
came together and we were
headed south at last. After arriving
at the weekend campsite, we
unloaded the truck and I decided
to do some crabbing and fishing
alone that evening. The crabs were
running good and I caught a few
small fish. The weather was
beautiful and all of a sudden it hit
me how different this situation was
compared to what I had left
behind six hours ago. Around dark
I returned to the campsite to mingle with the rest of the crew and

enjoy life. I soon noticed the
familiar signs of white and
speckled trout action underneath
the pier lights. The weather
forecast for the next couple of days
was not good at all. So even
though I was tired I decided that
if I wanted to catch fish I better
not pass up this chance. In about
an hour and a half I managed to
box about twenty white trout and
a couple of keeper specks.
The weather the next morning
was right on cue with the prediction. It was horrible. My daughter
and I survived several bad storms
and managed to catch a couple of
fish. Then the weather got completely out of hand and chased
everyone on the water to shelter.
This continued all day. At some
point my fishing partner for the
next day and I decided to attempt

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Doug & Sally

crabbing. Just hanging around the
camp and watching the rain was
driving us crazy. The lightning and
rain would sometimes stop for
fifteen or twenty minutes. During
those lulls in the weather we
would run from the truck and
catch a few crabs before the next
line of storms came about.
Somehow we managed to catch a
mess of crabs and above all had a
blast. The weather finally cleared
up nicely for the tournament signin activities around the camp later
that evening. The event included a
first class jambalaya cooked by
Charlie Moore, plenty of refreshing beverages and the opportunity
to enjoy life with family and
special friends.
Four-o-clock the next morning
came much too soon and it was
obvious from the minute that I
awoke that Mother Nature was
going to show her dark side on
this day. My fishing partner,
Bobby Depew, was sitting on the
porch drinking a cup of coffee. I
soon joined him and in the midst
of the lightning, thunder, wind
and rain we came up with a tournament game plan for the day.
Since the trolling motor for my
small bateau had broken the day
before and the weather just sucked
so much, we decided to fish
bridges, culverts, riffraff and cuts
off the side of the road.
The weather allowed about
thirty minutes to fish at our first
stop. I lost a nice flounder at that
place and I knew from deep inside
that I would not get many more
opportunities as a terrible storm
ran us back to the truck. We made
another move and got to fish
unsuccessfully for about ten
minutes before the next round of
violent weather came. I'm telling
you it was about as bad as it could
get and lasted about four hours
before I noticed a lighter sky to
the west. We had just a couple of
hours to fish so anticipation was
running high. I caught a couple of
small fish on live cocaho minnows
and then it happened. I hooked
and fought a redfish that I knew
would probably win the fish under
27" division if I could only get it
in. The terrible storm had created
a massive tide flow through the
culvert we were fishing near.
Somehow my fish got caught up
in that current and I lost him.
Another chance for us to win had
just slipped away. About ten
minutes later I hooked and lost

another fish after about a five
minute battle. I was getting
frustrated with the situation and
discussing it with my partner when
his cork suddenly disappeared.
Shortly after he set the hook a
large gar fish ( approximately sixty
pounds) rose to the top and took
off. He took off for good, hook,
line, cork and sinker. He then
swam in front of us with the cork
in tow as if to only add to our
anger. That fish could have won
the "other fish" division, but we'd
made too many mistakes on that
day to be successful. You normally
do not win in any competition if
you cannot capitalize on all the
opportunities that come about.
We finally made it back to camp
and began to prepare for the
weigh-in, supper, music playing
and camaraderie that goes along
with this type of event. I opened
up my ice chest and grabbed a
cold beer from it. I then noticed
that the can had an ice cube stuck
to it. I removed the ice cube and
pitched it into the sunlit yard. I
began to stare at the ice cube and
although it doesn't have a living
life in reality, it still has a life to
some extent. As I stared at the
cube I began to realize the
resemblance of certain situations in
our life compared to something as
simple as a melting ice cube.
Things such as a stressful job that
I'd left three days before will
someday dissipate. All the wonderful people that I'd spent the
weekend with won't be here
forever. The chance to win a
fishing rodeo and watch it slowly
slip away from you with every
missed opportunity resembles the
melting cube of ice. Our lives and
the things we do in our lives are in
many ways no different than an ice
cube melting in the sun. In reality,
it's all melting away.....
Until Next Time,
"Enjoy Life While You Can"
James "Goosie" Guice
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What Would Wil ie Do?
by Bill Delaune

“It’s a regular whodunit
about who lost it and
who won it,
And who’s still around to
lose it all again…” “It’s a Long
Story” by Willie Nelson.
Okay, class, another year in
Cultural Literacy has come to
an end and it’s time for your

Nelson-that’s why!
So now, if you’ll take out
your ABC notebook-no, we’re
not going back to basics-it
stands for Accountability,
Benchmarks and Common
Core-we’ll begin. You will be
given 10 different situations
that present social, financial and

with a broom. W.W.W.D.?
3. Your career finally takes
off with songs like “Crazy” and
“Night Life” and you are living
the dream when the IRS
decides you owe them $32
million in back taxes.
4. The police stop your bus

on a song that sounds more like
it came from the opera
“Carmen”. W.W.W.D.?
8. Your daughter informs
you that her husband is abusing
her. W.W.W.D.?
9. Your plane tries to land
near a friend’s Western town
used for movie sets when the
pilot hits a hole, flips the craft
over on its side and crashes.
10. You are 82 years old.
The only Texas musician older
than you-your friend from the
Bob Wills days-Johnny Gimble
dies two days before you are
supposed to do seven show in
seven days in the Midwest
where tornadoes are occurring
daily. Some members of your
band can’t leave Texas without
checking with their parole officers. And then there’s that
pesky death rumor that puts
you in the same elite category
as Sir Paul McCartney.


final exam.
I trust all of you have done
your required reading-“It’s a
Long Story”-the biography of
singer, songwriter, author, actor
and activist Willie Nelson,
because your test will include
some critical thinking and mind
expanding as related to some of
Mr. Nelson’s experiences in
the book.
And why was his story
chosen? Because in a country
where terrorists assassinate
cartoonists and looters have a
total disregard for law and
order and star quarterbacks
deflate footballs to get a better
grip on Super Bowl wins-well, I
figured you could use a tale of a
common man’s hero. And
besides, he’s Willie Frickin’

just plain awkward problems
and you will provide a solution
to each as to how Willie Nelson
would handle it.
And “getting back on the bus
and going ‘On the Road
Again’” is not an acceptable
answer. Keep your peepers on
your on paper or there will be
some “Blue Eyes Crying” with
the pain of a failing grade. You
may commence…
1. You are dead broke in
Nashville and everyone is making fun of your new song. But
one Opry star wants to record
it. You need $500 just to stay
alive. W.W.W.D.?
2. After a night out on the
town, you return home and
pass out and your wife sews you
up in a sheet and beats you

(again) because there seems to
be a cloud of smoke inside and
a suspicious odor emitting from
the vehicle. W.W.W.D.?
5. The piano company
Baldwin gives you a guitar as a
promotional gimmick and some
drunk steps on it and breaks it
beyond repair. The only
acoustic guitar in the nearby
shop is a Martin N-20 for
$750. W.W.W.D.?
6. You love the game of golf
but-like the rest of us-you, well,
suck pretty bad. W.W.W.D.?
7. You are in popular
demand to do duets with
everyone from Ray Charles to
Nora Jones to Kid Rock.
Then, you are approached by a
Spanish pop star who has never
had a hit in English to team up


1. Willie played “Hello
Walls” in a Nashville bar and
was nearly laughed out of the
“What’s the next verse-Hello
Commode?” joked one of the
One person who didn’t laugh
was Faron Young, already a
country star in his own right,
who offered to record the song.
A desperate Nelson said he’d
take $500 for the tune and all
the rights that went with it, but
Young would not accept any
“I’ll loan you the money to
stay on your feet, you retain the
rights and let’s see what happens.”
A couple months later, Willie
got a royalty check for
$20,000. According to Young,
the next time he saw Nelson,
Willie kissed him right on the
“One of the best kisses I ever
got,” laughed Young.
2. Willie was having his
problems in the record industry
as well as at home at the time

so he took the broom beating
as an omen to make a clean
sweep. He filed for divorce, let
his hair grow long and moved
back to Texas-and the rest, as
they say, is history.
3. Speaking of problems,
Willie lost most of his property
and belongings in government
auctions trying to pay off the
massive tax bill. Fortunately,
much of the property was
bought back by friends and
supporters-including Texas
head Coach Darryl Royal-who
gave it right back to him.
To pay for the rest of the
settlement, Willie recorded an
album entitled “The IRS
Tapes-Who Will Buy My
Memories?” which raised
enough money to get the Feds
off his back.
Nelson often jokes about the
incident these days and
appeared in a hilarious commercial for H&R Block during
Super Bowl XXXVIII.
4. Another great American
singer, songwriter and philosopher Kinky Friedman once
opined, “If Willie Nelson had
been Rosa Parks, there would
never have been a civil rights
movement in this country
because he refuses to leave the

back of the bus.”
All of the members of Willie’s
band and extended family know
the drill. When the police hold
up a bag of week and ask,
“Who does this belong to?”everyone on the bus raises
his/her hand with Willie in the
back hiding in smoky places.
That comes out to less than a
fraction of an ounce per persona misdemeanor and a few
months’ probation. Ironically,
Willie’s new duet with Merle
Haggard is called, “It’s All
Gone to Pot”.
5. Willie bought “Trigger”the hole-riddled guitar he still
plays-in 1969 but insisted the
store owner install his Baldwin
pick-up in the Martin.
“My idol was Django
Reinhardt (a French jazz guitarist) and the combo gave it a
Django-like sound that can’t be
duplicated,” insisted Nelson.
“Roy Rogers had a horse
named Trigger who was his
constant companion and my
guitar is my Trigger.”
Leon Russell is the first of
many to sign Trigger and the
holes-according to Willie- tend
to “enhance the sound”.
6. Willie bought his own
golf course and established par

on the first hole as 44. “The
other day I birded it,” he
7. “He loves all the peopleno matter what their races,
Hell, he even made a hit country song with Julio Iglesias…”
Bruce Robison.
“For All the Girls I’ve Loved
Before” became an improbable
hit for both the Latin crooner
and the Texas naseler. One of
my college buddies who never
had much luck with the ladies
did a parody at Jam-Jam one
year (Do they still have that?)
called “For Both the Girls I’ve
Kissed Before”. But for the
record, if you’re only going to
love one girl, Julio’s son has
ended up with Anna
Kournikova which is not a bad
8. Always a peaceful guy,
Willie went over and slapped
the guy around and threatened
to drown him if he ever laid a
hand on his daughter again.
When the dude came out to
Willie’s house with a .22 rifle,
Willie fired back with an M-1
and blew his tires out. When
the police came out to investigate, Willie told them, “He
must have run over a bullet.”
9. With the press descending

upon the scene, Willie and the
pilot came limping up the road.
“How did you survive? Are
you hurt? Are you dying?” the
questions came rapid fire.
Willie smiled and answered,
“Why, this was a perfect
landing. I walked away from it,
didn’t I?”
10. As the aforementioned
Robison and Friedman might
paraphrase, “He might just go
sit in the back of his bus, And
he’s got problems just like any
of us, I bet he’d just take a
deep breath and he’d let ‘em all
go, And then he’d take another
deep breath and he’d let ‘em all
go, And then he’d take another
deep breath and he’d hold it…”
But Willie has lived such an
epic life that he forgets the
things most folks tend to
remember. So since there really
is no telling what Willie might
do, all of your answers all correct and everybody passes.
Now, like the Red-Headed
Stranger might say, “Pick up
those guitars, boys, and go out
there and break some hearts.”



10% Off

Pest & Termite Work


Plumbing Repair LLC

37 Years Experience
For Quotes Call 225.259.0569 • 225.259.0461
or email LPM1610


“Be careful
how you
groove it!”
By Brandt Bourque

The slogan “Be careful how
you use it” was used by the
vintage men’s aftershave, Hai
Karate. It claimed to attract
woman so quickly that each
bottle came with defense
instructions. With such a
unique sound and set list, it is
fitting that a local group of
musicians, featuring several
school band instructors, chose
the name for their band.
Playing hits from Tower of
Power, Chicago and Earth
Wind and Fire, South
Louisiana’s “Hai Karate” brings

a crowd that is ready to dance
and have fun all night!
The band, in its current form,
began around 2009 and was
connected by their love of the
same style of music. Bass player
and frontman, Parrish Sonnier
noted, “My thought was, if I
was going to be in a cover
band, I would have to play the
music I enjoy playing - not
necessarily what crowds
typically hear or "want" to hear.
So, I found musicians who
shared my philosophy. The fact
that crowds love what we do is
the icing on the cake. But,
we'd never consider playing
anything else.” Sonnier is
referring to their unique set list


comprised of songs
not ordinarily
played by live
bands in this area.
Described as 70‘s
horn driven soul,
funk, and pop, you
will hear music
from bands like:
Ohio Players, Steely
Dan, Parliament,
Sly and the Family
Stone and the Isley
Brothers to name
a few.
Hai Karate
included nine
members, five of which are
school band instructors in the
area. Parrish Sonnier - bass and

lead vocals, a band director at
Lake Middle School; Paul
Taranto - trumpet and vocals, a
band director at Episcopal
High; Craig Millet - alto/tenor
sax and vocals, a band director
at St. Amant High; David
Gambino - baritone sax, flute
and vocals, a band director at
Mandeville High and; Patrick
Bordelon - guitars and vocals, a
band director in the Central
School District. Filling out the
rest of the band: Steve
Gonzales - trumpet and vocals,
Everet Fekete - trombone and
vocals, Yve Braud - keyboards
and Tyra Bourgeois - drums.
One of the band’s favorite
venue to play is Live After 5,
the popular spring and fall
Friday afternoon event located
in downtown Baton Rouge.

The band is scheduled to take
the stage there again this fall on
October 2nd.
This year the Jambalaya
Festival is proud to welcome
Hai Karate back for the 4th
time! You can check the guys
out from 8:00pm - 10:00pm on
the main stage outside the civic
center. The crowds are sure to
be big this year with national
country act Chris Cagle
following. Make sure you are
there early so you can reserve
your spot on the dance floor,

you are going to need some
room to move!
If you miss the band at this
years festival you can catch
them live in Ascension Parish at
Park Place on June 13th. Do
yourself a favor and get out to
one of these shows! And ladies,
that smell you are catching a
whiff of isn't men’s aftershave,
it’s Hai Karate and it sure
is funky!


Country Music Star Chris Cagle to
Perform at the Jambalaya Festival
Saturday May 23 • 10:30 till Midnight

Ask Chris Cagle what’s most important to
him and you can bet he’ll answer this way:
“Family, ranch, music. That’s it.” This
response is seemingly simple for a man
whose professional credits include two gold
albums, two No. 1 albums and 12 charted
songs. From 2000-2008, Cagle released an
almost nonstop catalog of hits that resulted
in a scorching hot career. Cagle’s musical
character and burning ambition never
wavered but today, Cagle’s personal perspective has mellowed. 2012 s forthcoming
album is, in more ways than one, a new
lease on life.
Born in DeRidder, La., and raised “all
over,” Chris set off for Nashville after trying
his hand at college in Texas and finding the
pull to pursue music too strong to ignore.
Like many young artists, he spent several
years working odd jobs in Nashville and
scraping up enough cash to record four
original songs for a demo tape. Thanks to a
couple of chance meetings and the
opportunity to be heard by Scott Hendricks,
Chris was signed to Virgin Records in 2000 –
that first album featured the unaltered
version of his demo songs. Chris quickly
earned critical and commercial success and
attracted a legion of fans that included
industry heavyweights and country fans alike.
Cagle’s first number one smash, “I Breathe
In, I Breathe Out,” remains a fan favorite.
For Chris, the professional success and
sales were gratifying but his personal life
blistered under the spotlight. “I was tired of
who I was in this business,” Chris says. “I
had become somebody who I didn’t want to
be.” He bowed out and retreated to
Marietta, Oklahoma, a place where he could
distance himself from the industry, reconnect

with his roots and take back control of his
life. He spent the next couple of years
staking his claim on home life and embracing
a lifelong dream: building his family’s home,
“Big Horse Ranch,” with his own two hands,
nail by nail. What started out as a “piece of
dirt,” is now an impressive Oklahoma
homestead. Chris also met his wife Kay, who
he describes in the song “Let There Be
Cowgirls”: ‘Something you can’t tame/She’s
a mustang/ The heartbeat of the heartland.’
“The worst days we’ve had together are
better than the best I’ve had with other
people,” Chris says. He also found a new
identity as a father. On the birth of his
daughter in 2010, Chris says “she made me
want to be better at everything. Period. I’ve
never cared enough about myself to take
responsibility for my faults; she made me
man right up.”
Cagle’s 2012 release from Bigger Picture
Group, under the working title, “Back In The
Saddle” is his homecoming – a rekindling of
his creative flame and a roaring reminder of
his rock-infused country roots. It’s something
he originated and what he does best: relatable, back-roads and familiar while also being
a striking form of country
music worth getting
excited about. While
assuring his fans that the
Chris they love hasn’t
changed, Cagle sees his
new persona as a better
version of himself. “I
want my music to be an
environment, to strike
chords, passions,
memories, faults, loves,
angers and redemptions,”

Chris says. “Imagine my music just on the
outside of town right where the road turns to
the rural route. A dirt road cul-de-sac with
trucks all parked in a circle. I would love to
see my music fit into that.”
This Chris Cagle may look a little different
to those who are used to a louder,
harder-partying version of the star. Rest
assured, Chris still gets “as rowdy as a
redneck can get,” but these days he confines
himself to a smaller space – the 40’x40’
stage. And when the show’s over, he puts on
a different hat and heads back to hearth and
home. It is there that Chris has found balance
and a new passion. Today, his biggest offstage thrill is training and raising cutting
horses, and when he puts on his cowboy
boots and favorite hat, it is because he’s
living the true cowboy lifestyle, not because
he’s putting on a show.
Chris’ self-proclaimed version of “redneck
rock ‘n roll,” has been firing people up for
over a decade, and this time around, Chris is
chomping at the bit for an energetic r
eintroduction to the country music community
that’s been a long time coming. Fans will still
see flashes of the Chris they know but they’ll

also see the joy and confidence that home
life provides him. “I’m happy. You’re gonna
hear the smile through the radio,” Chris says
of his new record. “For the first time since
April 2001, I am truly happy to do it; I have
a new lease on all of it.” Chris is back with
all the energy of a newcomer and the
wisdom of a veteran and the renewed
passion is contagious. “I’m at a place in my
life where I think about everyone I’m working with, especially the fans. I thank God
that I’m in a place in my heart where
I am grateful and aware. I am very,
very, very lucky.”
Cagle still has a fire, but his passion is
driven by not just music, but family and
horses and a place he calls home. His fans
will recognize the glow and appreciate the
authenticity: “I’m a lot like charcoal. Once
you light me up, I’m gonna burn hot for a
long, long time, but if you pour water on me
it takes a little effort to get me started again.
Bigger Picture Group and my family have
helped light that fire for me. So let’s throw
some gasoline on it, light it up and
gwatch it burn.”





with Kellie

Useless Random Facts

The Pilgrim’s thanksgiving feast in 1621 occurred
sometime between September 21 and November 1.
It lasted three days and included 50 sur viving
pilgrims and approximately 90 Wampanoag Indians,
including Chief Massasoit. Their menu differed from
modern Thanksgiving dinners and included berries,
shellfish, boiled pumpkin, and deer.

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake lasted nearly
10 minutes—the longest on record.

With their “echo-location,” dolphins can distinguish
between types of fish the same size, between
aluminum and brass, and between a steel ball
that is 2-1/2" in diameter and one that is
2-1/4" in diameter.

Cigarette butts and filters take 12 years to
biodegrade. An aluminum can takes between 200 to
500 years to biodegrade. Plastic diapers and sanitar y
pads take between 500-800 years. Styrofoam takes
more than 5,000 years. And it would take a glass
bottle 1 million years to biodegrade.

Popcorn kernels can pop up to 3 feet in the air.

Egg-laying hens live on sloped cage floors so that the
eggs will roll aside. However, the sloped floor
damages their feet. In some cases, toenails become
permanently tangled in the wire, so the flesh
grows around it. The birds are essentially
soldered to their cages.

When McDonald’s opened an outlet in Kuwait
shortly after the end of the Gulf War, the line of cars
waiting to eat there was seven miles long.

According to the U.S. census, there are 95.9 million
unmarried people in the U.S. of which 47%
are men and 53% are women.

India is the birthplace of chess.

While general vocabular y and knowledge about the
world often stays sharp through one’s 70s, memor y
for names begins to decline as early as age 35. The
ability to recognize faces and find one’s car has
already begun to wane by the 20s. However, research
shows that brain stimulation not only stops cells
from shrinking, but it can also increase brain
`cell and dendrite branching.

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Thoughts from Bully

Who is that
guy with
Danny Robert?
I’ve been living in Ascension
Parish for a long time. I’ve seen us
grow and expand. I’ve watched us
prosper and grow. Thousands of
people are migrating our way.
Increasingly I find myself enjoying
hanging out and listening to old
school Ascension citizens that
remember the gravel roads and
tales of Light Lane.
As I roam around the parish taking photos and visiting events I see
lots and lots of people. From time
to time there is this guy that I see
that seems to be everywhere. I
think I know him. I should know
him, so I say, “Hey Bru”, when he
walks by.
I started getting curious and
came across Bama at the Pelican
Pub. “Hey Bama. Who is that guy
that helped cook at The Feed the
Needy fundraiser?” I asked.
“Which guy?” “The guy that when
you see him Danny Robert seems
to be not to far away.” He looked
at me with a smile and said, “Yea
I know him, He
cooks with
I swear my tooth
Robert in

jambalaya cooking
contest. He is uh, uh, starts with a
K. Crap it’s on the tip of my
tongue, Kurt. That’s it, Kurt.”
“Can he cook?” I asked. “Uh, uh?
I’m sure he can cook something.
Grits aren’t that hard to do.”
giggled Bama. “Danny did say he
can chop wood like a wood chuck
could chop wood.” Bama told me
also that Danny holds him to two
beers during the cooking contest.
I did find out later that this was
partially true. Danny allows him to
have a beer only after the rice has

been put in the pot. Bama also
mention Kurt claimed to have
Danny’s stirring padel from the
Championship year at Feed the
Needy and was trying to sell it
for $20 or a 12 pack of beer.
Any brand.
It turns out Kurt is friends with
brother-in-laws Danny Robert and
Jodi Elisar. It’s rumored one night
when Danny and Jodi were
discussing cooking in the
Jambalaya Festival contest. Not
wanting to hurt Kurt’s feelings
and leaving him out they invited
him to cook with one of them.
Danny looked at Jodi and said,
“You take him.” “No! You take
him” Jodi said. They finally
decided to draw straws and Danny
lost. Now Kurt is on team Danny.

did not fall in this


Last week I went to Sacs
Western Store for some dog food
and ran into Gay, Danny’s wife. I
asked if she knew Kurt? “Yea. Kurt
comes around about once a year
around festival time. I see him out
by the barn with Danny. Most of
the time he dresses in the same
shirt as my husband. I sometimes
wonder if they may have a
bromance going on?”
It has been really interesting
researching this Kurt guy. I
contacted Jodi Elisar for a
comment and found out a that
Kurt has a heavenly connection.

This is what he wrote me:
Kurt & I would always go
fishing in and around the local
area mainly behind the Mississippi
levee & interstate ponds. One day
we were fishing in a local Interstate
pond and we parked his truck in a
rather tight, wet & soggy spot. I
had some concern that we were not
going to get out of this, but he
assured me it wasn’t wet enough to
get stuck, besides we had fish to
catch and we would worry about
that later. We fished for most of the
day and it was time to load up the
small aluminum batto in the back
of his truck.
I could see this was not going to
be good, because by now the truck
had sunk to the axle and he hadn’t
even tried to get out yet. So now it
was time for him to see if he could
maneuver his way out of this sink
hole we were in. After removing my
tennis shoes, I began pushing the
front pumper in mud knee deep
while he spins the tires. After trying
to go forwards & backwards for
over 30 minutes and fully
exhausted he figures he can push
harder, as I feared, we were still
stuck, and bad.
After a small silent prayer and
asking God to please get us out of
this situation I knew the only way to
get help was to walk along the
Interstate to the next exit and get
help. After a lengthy discussion and
no cell phone, we decided to leave
the truck, boat, fish and tackle
behind and go find some help. Kurt
always wore high top shoes
everywhere we went and this day
was no different, but he knows they
are muddy and he has to leave his
high tops behind.
We started our long trip walking
on the shoulder of I-10 both of us
barefoot, I’m praying the whole
time that we don’t get run over by
speeding cars & that we get to the
exit before sundown to call our
wives and get help. Kurt was
praying for other things like he hopes
no one steals our tackle and our
fish, but most of all how was he
ever going to get his high tops
clean again.
After some time walking, we
came across a “brand new” Nike

high top shoe (Kurts’ size) and both
of us laughed and said that would
something if we found the other shoe.
Sure enough, the other shoe was 10
yards away from the first one we
had just found. It seemed Kirt had
his prayers answered and now if
mine could be, we would both be
happy. Well, we made it to safety
and was able to get help. We
retrieved the truck, boat, fish and
our tackle. Before getting his truck
to where we could enter the interstate he showed his gratitude and
placed his muddy High tops on the
side the Interstate and place them as
though he would give back to the shoe
God who provided for him and that
someday, someone would be in need
his shoes.
We fried the fish that night with
our wives while Kurt sported his
new high tops that God had given
him on this very eventful day !!!

Finally after interviewing these
so called friends. I went straight to
Danny. I must admit I was starting
to feel a little sorry for the guy.
After about an hour visit. Danny
couldn’t really find many positive
cooking qualities. Kurt was good
at chopping wood, cutting onions
and being a goffer. Go for this and
go for that. He did mention he is a
accident waiting to happen. He
once lost his tooth in a pasture and
that was as close as he has ever
gotten to a horse. Also he must
have a little vampire in him
because every time he touches a
garlic press he is going to break it.
Not just one but everyone he
touches. Danny keeps two in his
cooking supply box just in case
these days.
In the end it is apparent to me
that this guy is well liked and
friends with many. You have to be
loved to receive and accept the
abuse his friends press on him.
Kurt told me I’m not sure what
I am doing here. The year Danny
and I won the Championship, I
was in charge of the fire along with
all my other medial chores and
everytime I’d move a hot coal in,
Danny would come around and
move it out. I guess he knew
something I didn’t because we
won the World Jambalaya Cooking
Championship in 2012. He got
the trophy and I’ve been labeled as
his helper ever since.
In reality, with all fun aside,
Danny told he loves cooking with
Kurt and wouldn’t change it for
the world. But also he’s afraid no
one else would pick him up.

Hey Paparazzi.
This is my first beer.
I still have one to go.
Ask Danny?


'Cooking for a Cause'
Jambalaya Cook-Off
You are invited to participate in the 2nd Annual

Sunday June 28th to benefit
’Wounded Wear’ which supports
combat veterans across the United States

Live Entertainment • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards • Judged by the Jambalaya Festival Association

Trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
with 1st and 2nd place winners
receiving paid sponsorship in the
Swamp Pop Cook Off

We need teams and sponsors.

Our Goal is to exceed the 30 teams of last year and raise
needed funds to support combat veterans.


For More Information contact
Zack or Katie •
14505 Highway 44, Gonzales, LA 70737
(225) 622-3719

Bruce Mitchell from "Swamp People" with Rodney

Rodney with their new XT 1-11 Drone

Rodney, John Pastorek, and cousin Larry on
the set of Channel 2 Morning Show

Making money for kids with life-threatening illnesses for Dreams Come True

Cajun Livin’ N Cookin’ Showing the real stories
in South Louisiana.
Eatel -Sunday 1:00 P.M.
Tuesday 6:30 P.M.
All areas - Channel 4 and 704

New Orleans Channel 116
Lafayette channel 713 & 1013
Internet live streaming also at

Cox - Sunday 7:00 P.M.,
Tues. 7:00 P.M., and Fri. 6:30 P.M.
Baton Rouge Channel 113,
713 & 1013

Sonny Stroyer "Enos
from Dukes of Hazzard"

AT&T U verse - Channel 11

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The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Graduates Celebrate Last Day

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


Graduates Celebrate Last Day

The only thing better than Skid Marks Tire Pros
and their Five locations is a solid community.

These Kids Rock!

1312 WEST HWY. 30, GONZALES 225-647-9631 • 11209 COURSEY BLVD., BATON ROUGE 225-368-1234 • 1015 WEST LEE DRIVE, BATON ROUGE 225-767-5008 • 1800 SOUTH RANGE AVE. DENHAM SPRINGS 225-664-8103


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Exciting programs for kids and
teens. Everyone’s getting
into the act this summer.
Don’t miss out. Enroll today! ®

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The box office is willing to give anyone who buys tickets
to Jekyllhg and Hyde, a 10% discount on tickets for our
next show The Addams Family

Join us at Ascension Community Theatre
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Pelican Point is on the Move!

Spring weather is here, the Pelican
Point golf course is in the finest
condition ever, and now is the time
to enjoy the game along with the
matured natural beauty of our 800
acres. Pelican Point has planned
numerous fun and interesting events
that many will enjoy and
benefit from – if interested,
please check with us to
verify times and dates of
the various events such as
Ladies Get Golf Ready
Program, Junior Golf
Camps, Taylor-Made Demo
Day and Mizuno Demo Day,
Junior Tennis Programs,
Couples Golf Outings, along
with many other events.
Additionally, there are
numerous other events,
outings, clinics, and tournaments
designed solely for the Pelican Point
Golf Members that the membership
director as well as the pro shop staff
can share with all interested parties.
As golfers are golfing and enjoying
the facilities, at the same time, the


upgrading of the Pelican Point clubhouse facilities continue –
the 19th hole should be opened
sometime in late June, and once that
happens, work will begin increasing
both the kitchen and dining areas
in Mulligan’s.

In the meantime, Chef Joshua Hebert
continues to bring food, drink, and
service to the high standards that
people in the area expect of
Mulligan’s at Pelican Point – and
wow, his food is awesome!!!

Gourmet at Home

Please call to schedule your dental appointments today.
Dr. Allison is now offering Botox* and Dermal Fillers

*Offering introductory rates on Botox, so call for
your complimentary consultation.

Stuffed Roma
Prep Time:
30 minutes

Call Today for a Convenient Appointment:


8 servings

8 Fresh Roma Tomatoes

6473 Hwy 44, Ste. 202 • Gonzales, LA 70737

Executive Chef
Ben Jarreau

2 tsp Kosher Salt
1 Tbsp Cracked Black Pepper (fresh if available)
½ cup olive oil
2 boxes Boursin garlic & herb cheese
3 oz fresh bleu cheese crumbles
P r e - h e a t y o u r o v e n t o 4 5 0 d e g r e e s . Ve r y
carefully shave the bottom of the tomato to
create a flat surface. Cut the top of the
tomato and using a melon baller, car efully
hollow out the inside of the tomato. Coat
the tomatoes in olive oil and sprinkle them
w i t h s a l t a n d p e p p e r. I n a s e p a r a t e c o n t a i n e r
combine the Boursin and bleu cheese then
stuff the tomatoes. In an oven safe dish,
bake the tomatoes for apox 10 minutes, or
until the cheese starts to bubble. Promptly
remove the tomatoes from the oven and allow
to cool before enjoying them.

Airline Hwy at
Hwy 74 in Gonzales

Tues - Thurs & Sun 11am - 9pm

Ser ve as a side dish for hearty meals or use
s m a l l e r t o m a t o e s a s a unique appetizer

Fri 11am - 10pm & Sat 5pm - 10pm
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Good Luck to
All the Cooks

Like a Good
Pot of
Our Service
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