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Hi, Grandpa Jake, Tristan said, as he stepped onto the porch.

came to play down here. There is no place to play in my room.
I can understand why there was no space. Your room is so messy
that I could hardly open the door, said Grandpa Jake.
Mom will clean it up later. I think she likes to clean things up,
replied Tristan.
Picking up after you can sometimes be a lot of work for your
mother, said Grandpa Jake.

Tristan, did you know that learning to clean up after yourself and being
responsible is part of growing up?
But I dont like cleaning up. It takes me so long, said Tristan.
I have a story that will help you understand the importance of being tidy and
responsible, said Grandpa Jake. What do you say you clean up your toys
Okay, Ill do it, replied Tristan.

One day at school, Mr. Nuggin made an exciting announcement.

Good morning, class! I hope you all had a good weekend.
Yes, we did! chorused the class.
Ive given each of your parents a chart to fill out this week. Each time you are
responsible in your jobs, have good manners, and stay neat and tidy, theyll
mark it on the chart.

At the end of the week, the three dinosaurs that have the best marks will
each get a prize.
Mr. Nuggin held up three prizes: a ball, a painting kit, and a red wagon.
Crispins eyes lit up when he saw the wagon. Wow! Thats what I want!

As he made his way home

from school, Crispin was so lost
in thought about
the wagon that he didnt
realize that he was walking
through mud puddles.

The week went on and Crispin could not seem to keep himself clean.
Crispins room was a mess, his toys were scattered everywhere, and he was
not diligent in his jobs.
Crispin! What is this? asked Crispins
mother as he walked into the house.
Oh, its just mud, Mother. Ill wash it
off later.
But what about the
chart Mr. Nuggin made? I cant give
you a good mark if you dont clean
up right away when youre all dirty.

It was a very sad little Crispin that made his way home that afternoon.
I didnt win a prize at school today, said Crispin to his mother.
On the last day of the contest,
Crispin was late. The prizes had
already been given away all
except one, the red wagon!
And the wagon goes to Wesley! He
was neat, tidy, and responsible all
week, said Mr. Nuggin.

Im sorry, Crispin. I wasnt able to put any good marks on your chart. I tried to
encourage you to pick up after yourself and keep clean, but you didnt pay any

But, Mother, its so hard to be clean and neat, said Crispin.

It is difficult, I know, but its part of growing up, and it does get easier the more you
do it, replied his mother.

I have an idea, his mother continued. Why dont we try again with the chart Mr.
Nuggin made?

Id like that, Mom! Ill do my best! exclaimed Crispin.

I want to do my best to be more neat and

tidy, Grandpa, said Tristan.
Thats wonderful! exclaimed Grandpa
Jake. Im sure it will make your mother very

Crispin did his best to stay neat and tidy. Then one evening his father brought home
a surprisea shiny red wagon! He gave it to Crispin as a reward for doing his jobs
faithfully, keeping clean, and having good manners. Crispin was very happy! The
wagon was just like the one Wesley had won.

Ill go upstairs and clean my bedroom

now, said Tristan. Mom will be surprised!

When people see that you are responsible, they are more likely to
trust you with things, because they know youll take good care of