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JAMES ARNOLD 5046 Smokey Road – Athens, GA 30601


Manufacturing Specialist with expertise in Production, Warehousing, Shipping/Receiving and
Security, eager to contribute to the success of a dynamic company.

14 Over 15 years of relevant manufacturing, security and distribution background.
15 Record of promotion to team leadership positions of wide-ranging responsibility and
16 Well-qualified to perform in distribution, logistics and supplier sourcing activities.
17 Background in production planning and supervision.
18 Capacity in scheduling, deliveries, loss prevention and warehouse management.
19 Expertise in all facets of effective materials operations.
20 Adept in program development and oversight.
21 Deliver measurable contributions to increased productivity and profitability.
22 Strong organizational and analysis skill sets.
23 Solid understanding of cost control, JIT and positive customer relations.
24 Knowledgeable in meeting stringent organizational goals.
25 Personal and professional development through seminars and training courses.
26 Well-organized with strong detail orientation.
27 High School Graduate.

Conwed Plastics, Athens, GA 1999 – 2009
Machine Operator/Crew Leader
28 Originally recruited as Machine Operator and achieved advancement to Crew Leader
assignment due to outstanding performance.
29 Effectively operated production machinery with strong focus on production quality control.
30 Performed manufacturing line troubleshooting.
31 Served in critical team leadership role.
32 Initiated manufacturing documentation.
33 Conducted data entry into automated system.
34 Facilitated transfer of finished product into warehouse.
35 Ensured effective operation of extruder lines and lamination machinery.
36 Successfully completed company-sponsored training and development.

Overhead Doors, Athens, GA 1988 – 1999

Team Leader
37 Retained for Springs and Hardware Department.
38 Also acted as Machine Operator.
39 Tracked and monitored quality levels.
40 Compiled material counts prior to shipping.
41 Selected for computer and supervisory training.

Prior to 1988, served as Fabric Cutter, Southern Styles, Watkinsville, GA, Fabric Cutter, Goshen
Cushion, Watkinsville, GA, and Oiler/Greaser, Chicopee Mills, Athens, GA. In these
assignments, developed outstanding mechanical aptitude, manufacturing, fabrication and
distribution skill sets.

Since 1995, have served as Security Officer with Sizemore & Sidwell Security.