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Secrets of the Persian Princes:

Male Sexual Stamina and the Ancient Art of Imsak, and the
Perfection of Coition,

Ancient, natural and little known techniques used by the early

Persians, Arabs and Turks to satisfy entire Harems, lasting longer,
without sacrificing sensitivity.

By The Seeker
Revision 1c3 - Copyright March 2011 all rights

"A man who says, "All women are whores" or "All women are angels" usually
generalizes his experience of one woman. Misogyny and philogyny are two sides
of the same coin, to use a clich. " - Dr. Joseph Suglia commenting on
Bukowski's "Women"



1. Abstract and Introduction
2. What is Imsak? Benefits and Definition
3. Cultivating the Awareness, Women Love Pleasure
4. Relaxing and Breathing
5. On The Female Orgasm and Foreplay
6. Penetration and Thrusting, teasing and initial entry
7. The Method of Imsak Explained, and Explored, with Variations
8. Tonight, you will Ravish your Woman lovingly
9. Pornography and Expectations
10. Conclusion

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and information here, if it results in injury. You are recommended not attempt any
exercises if you dont fully understand them, or if a doctor has not advised that youre
healthy enough to use this information.

This short monograph will detail the techniques, and their history, of a little known male
sexual art called Imsak, initially used by early Arab and Persian Moslems, but then
spread to India in the Mughal period.
The purpose of Imsak is to develop extensive male sexual stamina. This monograph will
also cover methods of arousing a wife or female lover, stimulating her, finding
erogenous and pleasure spots on a female lover to stimulate, and the optimal ways to
stimulate them, thereby inducing extremely pleasurable orgasms in her; as well as the


psychological mindset needed to successfully use and understand these tactics, and
variations on the Imsak technique to fit the needs of differing types of men.

Introduction Purpose of this work, aims and scope

My aim is to present techniques and approaches to lovemaking that I believe to have
been long suppressed, in both the Western and Eastern discourse, and show how they
can be relevant to 21st century Western men of all races, in bettering our sex lives and
helping our women to become more loving to us.
Needless to say, a man with a reputation as a good lover will never want for female
company, and will cultivate a kind of confidence that is real, and deeply rooted.
It will disclose methods known to the two greatest playboy lovers in the mid-20th
century, the infamous duo of Suleiman Ali Khan, and Porfirio Rubirosa. Both were men
who were known to have mastered Imsak, in ways making them irresistible to the
women of their generation, giving them their literal pick of the litter of the highest, most
treasured women, in the Western world the wives and daughters of elite and royalty
literally the hottest, finest women in the land.
You will see certain phrases and words repeated often, I do this for emphasis. One
word you will see me repeat here, a lot, is cultivation. Its an old fashioned word, but
indicates the attitude you should have. You have got to think about cultivating yourself.


These arts ultimately are not about performance, this is about growth and selfimprovement.
Future revisions of this work will be issued free to purchasers: documenting more
of the history of the method, and sexual positions in greater detail, as well as clarifying
points of confusion expressed by early readers, or answering questions asked by them.
If you have any questions about this material, or wish any new topics to be
covered in the future, email me at
Over the last decade, because of our cultures increasing divide between women and
men, theres a good deal of interest out there in attracting women, picking up women,
and loosely speaking Game originally American Black slang for knowledge and a
hustle, especially when it came to attracting, maintaining, and keeping women in a
mans fold, and sexual knowledge of their emotions and body.
This has led to the pick-up artist movement, the so-called secret society of modern
day neo-rakes, many of whom enter the Game out of loneliness and longing for sexual
satisfaction and comfort that previously eluded them, but because of bad advice leave,
sometimes psychologically marred and having also psychologically damaged women
they encounter. This work is not about game or attraction, though it does deal with
practical physical seduction and arousing a woman in sexual contexts.
There is also a good deal of interest out there in sexual techniques, how to make a
woman come pleasurably, giving her sexual and sensual pleasure and better orgasms,
knowledge of how to press her buttons, and indeed on male sexual stamina. Most
men in our society today do not know how to last long enough to give their women
satisfaction during penetrative sex - coition
This work will present specific techniques known as Imsak - by which a male can
increase his sexual stamina, last longer in bed, but also a general approach to
lovemaking that will allow him to better satisfy women. Imsak as less a specific
technique, however, and more is a body of techniques guided by a general approach.


It is rooted in cultivated self-control of arousal and stimulation, and cultivation of deep

relaxation, and as a methodology encompasses several techniques. This work will
illustrate how the author was able to adapt and modernize this approach to his own
needs. Matters concerning both modern and traditional sexual exercises will be
dealt with to clarify and remove confusion.
Out of respect for your time and intelligence this work will be kept as short as
possible, without filler material. It is roughly a hundred pages, a separate appendix
reviewing modern penile exercise techniques pertaining to sexual stamina will be sent a
few days after your purchase of this monograph. The reason I am sending it separately
is so that you have time to absorb and understand this material first.
I have attempted to be as complete as possible without introducing too much filler
material, while adopting a tone of voice similar to the one in the Middle Eastern sexual
manuals from which much of this material is derived. If my voice seems stilted or old
fashioned, this is the reason. Later revisions of the work may adopt a different voice, if
this proves confusing for readers.
When directly pertinent matters concerning the history of the methods will be dealt with
because it is in knowing the history that a greater understanding of the potential and
application of these methods can be seen. To this end it contains some anecdotes and
descriptions that on first read may seem like useless padding, however I assure
you they are there for good reasons of illustration.
The structure of some parts of this monograph may appear to be stream-of
consciousness, and seemingly not well structured.
There is, however, a greater purpose behind its organization and the reader is
encouraged to engage it fully, reading it from start to finish, and then return back to the
section on the method itself and re-read it. The reader who skips his way through will
not be able to gain all benefits from this work. This monograph is purposefully not fully
written in a linear manner.



Be aware that some parts have been written to partially simulate a free flowing and
somewhat stream of consciousness manner in which women will experience your love
making as an organic process.
You must read it with deliberation and open receptivity: otherwise you risk gaining
nothing and understanding nothing. Engage it like an adult, read it through it once, and
then return to it a second time to understand what you may have previously missed.
Each stage builds on what was mentioned previously, to forestall just opening it
randomly or jump to the end I have tried to deliberately write it so that the themes are
interlaced, to prevent this, so all of the books matters are interwoven.
Pay close attention to everything that covers thrusting, from patterns to cycles of
thrusting and withdrawal. Also pay close attention to anything about breathing.
This eBook covers, without apology but with attempts at explanation, the socioreligious and cultural background in which Imsak emerged. What you are about to
learn is the child of the Orient, but its equally relevant in the Occident. Anyone too close
minded or stupid to be open to ideas from another culture really will not benefit until he
first works on some of his own issues.
Frankly, put, this book is about sex. It is not about some war of civilizations.
Anyone interested in something else is welcome to beat his head on a wall, anyone
interested in improving his sex life, pay attention and read.
The context and background of this practice frankly happens to be the Middle East.
However this books purpose is not to convert or change anyones fundamental spiritual
worldview, or lack thereof.
In the early revisions I included a good section on the history of Imsak, and what the
differences were between the Middle East and Western Europe, that led to the
development of Imsak. I decided to leave that section out but may include for free,


as a separate short monograph, to be transmitted to buyers by email at a later date.

Anyone who is interested can request it for free from my email.
Atheists, agnostics, objectivists, communists, Nazis, pediatricians, firemen, Catholics,
and people of all stripes and shades can take this books advice and apply it to their
existing situation. Black, Brown, or White race is no impediment.
Theres a good deal of literature on sacred sexuality unfortunately it presupposes
your acceptance of the metaphysical framework of the authors to get anything of it.
Unlike the religious or spiritual sexual theories in Tantra or Chinese Taoism, to practice
Imsak you dont have to believe in any supernatural precepts - from circulating
sexual energy, chi, losing your vital energy, or only experiencing orgasm this day or
that - you can be a dyed in the wool materialist, or a fervent Hindu, or a Moslem,
or a Catholic - and still get something out of this work.
Imsak gives you the choice to delay your orgasm up until the end - to come only at the
point when it is no longer possible to continue withholding, because the intensity of the
pleasure has become painful, or boring, or when it is no longer even desirable to
withhold any longer, or when your woman has been utterly exhausted and spent by your
lovemaking. Then you can choose to pull the trigger and come. "
Welcome, to knowledge, be certain to practice what you learn with the highest
possible ethics and morality.



Section: What is Imsak, its Benefits and Definition, and Relevance

to You
What is Imsak
What has brought you to this work, is seeking wisdom on the most sensitive topics of
sexuality. Before I explain the methods of Imsak and how it works, defining it may help
you see the importance of it. Later seeing its history will help you realize how valuable
this knowledge really is.
Imsak literally refers to withholding, or holding in. The word is originally Arabic,
though it has entered several languages, and just means retention or withholding.
For example, the word for constipation is also Imsak, because the one who is
constipated is withholding his stool. The word for stinginess is Imsak, and the miser is a
Mumsik, for he is one who is withholding his generosity.
In the arts and sciences of sexual pleasure (known in Arabic as ilm al-Bah),
however, the word is used specifically for withholding the male orgasm, or withholding
the ejaculation. Essentially it has been defined as indefinite postponement of the mans
ejaculation, and prolonging the sex act itself
. A 19th century British scholar defines Imsak as the "systematic prolongatio
veneris, formerly much cultivated by the moslems, and Sir Richard Burton, the
Victorian age adventurer, and translator of such works as the Kama Sutra and
Perfumed Garden, specifically defines Imsak as retention of semen and
prolongation of pleasure.
To define Imsak more directly, and hint at some of its methods.
Technically Imsak of the wusul is a form of coitus reservatus, or male sexual
continence, there is nothing particularly mystical about it in and of itself, though the use


of Imsak can be done in the context of sacred sexuality. The Arabic term generically
means retention or abstaining, from constipation (retention of the stool) to miserliness
(retention of ones money and a lack of generosity) to refraining in general from doing a
In the specific context we are talking about retention of the orgasm or the ejaculation
al-wusul, literally arrival, joining, or coming. In this context Imsak is essentially
almost literally self-restraint.
It is possible through Imsak to experience Orgasm without ejaculation, and it is also
possible with enough cultivation to partially ejaculate with a small orgasm, and yet still
retain enough hardness to continue to make love to your woman, penetrating her deeply
and hard, and work up to a second orgasm.

Why is it relevant to you?

If you are reading this work, it is likely because beyond simple curiosity you want to
become better in bed. You want the ability to either experience the pleasures and
delights of sexual intercourse for a long time, and to give to your female partner this
same gift. This is critical in satisfying a woman. Practicing and mastering Imsak can give
a man the power and potency to literally make love for hours.
Imagine yourself with a beautiful woman of your choosing, and imagine her violent
throes and moans, as you penetrate and thrust into her for long spans of time, making
love to her as long as you like, and as long as she needs, giving her 3, 4 or even more
orgasms, each one more pleasurable than the next.
Imagine the intense pleasure you will feel once you have mastered Imsak, but also
the intense pleasure that your woman will feel. Imagine your giving her the pleasure she
wants and, indeed, needs, for far longer than other man is capable.



Imagine the sheer respect, love and wanton desire she will have for you,
knowing that you can give her a precious gift, incredible prolonged pleasure and
multiple orgasms, and the awe of your virility. A lover with stamina is a very valuable
thing to a woman, and the more sexually inclined she is, the more this is the case.
The practical significance of practicing Imsak is that it is all but a cure for
premature ejaculation. It allows a man to make love to his woman for as long as his
physical muscular stamina allows, and it allows him to be able to choose when and how
he wants to orgasm.
By being able to choose when a man comes, he will develop immense self control.
He will also find that his orgasms soon develop an intense pleasure; his orgasms will
become more pleasurable than he ever imagined, and the simple itch and scratch that
most men settle for will feel like a light tickle.
Knowing Imsak, as well as other sexual arts, will give a man keys to unlock the
oceans of pleasure that two of the 20th centurys greatest playboys knew, without drugs,
without numbing creams or pills, the ability to literally swim in an ocean of pleasure all
night long, and the immense power to lovingly create for their women unforgettable
experiences of pleasure and joy.
For a certain type of gentleman, this motivation itself, the ability to create great
pleasure and joy in their womens lives, is in itself the ultimate pride the joy of giving
pleasure and happiness to another.
Through practicing Imsak, he will be able to develop further faculties and depths of
sexual ability, develop nuanced and subtle perceptions in his love making with his
women, pleasure and sexually satisfy all but the most demanding and ardent of women
because the amount of time he can copulate with her has been vastly increased.
These secrets, of learning how to control exactly when a man chooses to come, are
things that have often been jealously guarded through history.



Imsak looked at further.

In Arabic it properly speaking is called, al-Imsak an al-Shabaq, though some
sources will say al-Imsak an al-Wusul. Persian and Hindustani sources will typically
say Imsak, and Sanskrit literature produced after the Muslim period call it Amsak.
Here we are looking at a set of techniques to retain the peniss erection for a long
duration during coition, through various methods but mainly repeated coitus interruptus.
Imsak is nothing more than the ultimate manifestation of male self control, though
ideally it calls for conscious control for both partners maintaining a creative union with
keen awareness of excitement and tension, artfully tapering off stimulation when its
perceived the male partner is close to the edge, slowing up, speeding up, as needed.
When the critical stage is neared even full withdrawal of the mans member is done, and
he reinserts himself as he slows down.
Done properly this allows you to retain your semen and avoid ejaculation, or
postpone ejaculation, while experiencing great pleasure and the hardness of your
member necessary to continue penetrating your woman.
However it is called, Imsak is an ancient art and science, composed of multiple
techniques, and one that was once practiced by many peoples of the Middle East, most
specifically Arab and Persian Moslems. It is concerned with prolonging sexual
intercourse by withholding the male partners sexual climax, and/or ejaculation during
coition with his woman.
Through the techniques enabling Imsak it was believed that both pleasure and
health itself could be extended, by prolonging the benefits of coition. In societies tolerant
of male polygamy, the love bonding and affection of the women in a mans harem could
be enhanced, and mutual pleasure obtained. The greatest advantage is that Imsak
allows a woman to be more thoroughly and deeply pleased than previously possible,


because typically a womans orgasm takes longer to develop than a mans, and women
are capable of depths of orgasmic pleasure that men are not, being naturally (though
this instinct is suppressed in many culture) capable of multiple orgasms of astonishing
heart rending pleasure.
As an art and science Imsak is now obscure. But it was once a commonly known,
body of techniques, and part of a specific field of Arabian medicine known as the
medicine of sexuality, literally al-Tibb ul-Jinsiy. But in English, erotology is perhaps the
most appropriate translation. Imsak is to be regarded as the Muslim equivalent to the
Chinese practice known as Fang Chung. There are in Tantra Hindu and Buddhist
practices of similar type, though Imsak is superior to them, and best of all does not
require you to adopt the metaphysical precepts of the culture that produced it. Imsak,
though developed by Moslems out of Muslim concerns, can be practiced by Jews,
Christians, or Agnostics, and still get the same results.
Imsak is not about chakras or goddesses or circulating sexual energy, though we
may mention some of these things in passing by comparison. Islam is a practical
religion, predisposing Moslems to being practical, Imsak therefore is a practical art.
Proof is the fact that even Hindu tantric literature has borrowed some methods, to add
to their own already well developed methods, calling it Amsak in Sanskrit. This is only
possible because Imsak is pure method, and thus can be borrowed and used by people
of any background.
As you read this work you will soon see that a lot of, not everything but certainly a lot
of, what weve have been taught our whole lives about sexuality have been lies. That
what our culture and society teaches us about our bodies and sex, about our penises,
our manhood and our virility is not the full story, and that certain things are being left
out. You may wonder why this is. This is a question that this work will not address, but
we hope to address this in another work on the topic.
The cultivation and practice of Imsak can give a man incredible sexual power and
virility. And just like in similar Chinese and Hindu arts associated with Taoism and


Tantra, the practice chiefly involves both techniques to prevent to onset of orgasm itself,
and to slow or stop the emission of semen, by preventing of male ejaculation.
Beyond Imsak, there are other arts that you must know, in order to be a successful
male lover and in order that your seductions of the woman you love bring her proper
pleasure and delight. Psychologically sex is one of the most powerful bonding
experiences between two individuals; nature is teleological in that what is produced
from nature has specific and clear aims and benefits, as can be discerned by any with
an intellect clear enough of propaganda who is able to truly see. What is in front of his
Coition produces children through pregnancy and birth, and thus perpetuates the
race, but among certain higher mammals, chief of all humans, coition is also a
powerfully emotionally bonding experience than when repeated causes a male and
female partner to join in union. This is natures way and can be seen in countless
human culture, poetry, and myth for thousands of years.
The bonding and love through sex is not a lower desire or lower type of love, on the
contrary it is among the higher faculties of the human spirit. However it is deeply
ambiguous, can be misused and produce great suffering. In itself it is a survival
mechanism that has gotten humanity through difficult times, ice ages, droughts,
famines, and the struggles to build civilization.
Mastering the arts and sciences of sexuality can help repair great damage and pain
suffered through life. We will teach you through this book not only Imsak, but other arts
that involve not only learning a mastery of your penis, moving it in ways far more
delightful to your woman than you could imagine, but a mastery of your hands and lips,
and most of all your vital spirit.
A masterful and in control spirit goes a long way in a mans mystique. Personal
reflections on a past, sometimes well spent, but sometimes misspent, has led me to
realize that this knowledge is not being properly taught, and that because of this many



women are going unsatisfied, many hearts are closing, unable to bond and find mutual
love, and many people are missing out on incredible experiences.
Those with knowledge of these skills can testify to experiences, in knowing women
breathlessly commenting on how much more satisfying certain types of lovemaking are,
and with great disappointment on how insipid, boring, and even hurtful other types are.
Those who know also have the experience of taking women who are wantonly
addicted to these men and their lovemaking, some women who have been with other
men before, but now found their men superior in lovemaking to all others. Men who
have had the experience of seeing women forsaking other socially acceptable options,
seeking to be with men who otherwise may be tediously dull, or uncouth, or boring, or
obnoxious, but being compelled to remain with them.
Odious character traits will eventually overwhelm whatever physical sexual bond
existing, but we ourselves have known of cases in which women tearfully confess to
enduring absolute idiocy on the part of their men, simply because afterwards the sex
was hot this is womans speak, in a sense, for he made me come so hard I chipped
my teeth and couldnt think after
Imagine a sensitive, loving, and gentle man who has mastered his sexuality and
manhood, cultivated in himself an attitude of inner dominance over his life and his self,
and intelligently learned the skills of lovemaking, of which Imsak is significant - would he
not be superior to more brutish men who also were good in bed?
Realize that coition is not all about coming. The orgasm is important, but not only is
it not the most important thing, but the journey to it is often what is more important. But
you will learn and understand these things soon.

The benefits of Imsak



Truthfully we have already covered the benefits. To re-cap, however, the methods of
Imsak could convey, to any men dedicated and intelligent enough to master them,
almost total control over his orgasms and ejaculation. The benefits of this are obvious;
allowing such a man to make love to one or even multiple women almost indefinitely.
To the man with a loving and loyal wife, a regrettably rare situation in our society that
actively discourages matrimony, such a husband will have one leg up over his peers,
and his wife would be the object of considerable envy, in a culture that actively
encourages adultery on the slightest excuse, such a man would have the physical
stamina and capacity, as well as the emotional skills and capacity, to please his wife
long and deeply, while cultivating the sensitivity to continuously amorously seduce and
please her emotionally, taking her on a journey of love, affection, pleasure, and delight,
that every woman secretly yearns for, but few ever receive in their lives.
Men have striven for rank and status, or to create things of lasting value, literature,
poetry, buildings, art, entire civilizations, often out of concern and desire for women.
This is in both attracting their romantic and sexual favors, as well as in their protection,
support and maintenance. The end results are securing families, clans, tribes, and
whole nations in greater communities. Ultimately out of love. For women too, the
attraction, desire, and love for men as well as families and their communities have
activated the best instincts of Women in nurturing, supporting, guiding, sharing wisdom,
and serving their communities and people.
Both men and women, through Eros and Amour, have striven to better themselves
and the human race, and in seeking the best of their selves and instincts, have nurtured
families, given birth, struggled to enable their infants survival, to the capacities of their
respective gifts and interests, ultimately out of love. Denying this is denying reality.
Love and affective bonding between the two sexes and two genders is something
that is routinely attacked in an increasingly dysfunctional society, but such love and
affective bonding is aided, augmented, and strengthened through the sex act.



Mental and emotional pathologies often result when the sexual desire is thwarted,
misdirected, or misused. Abusing and violating the sexuality of others, particularly at a
young age, can produce psychological scars and fears, unhealed wounds, which affect
the mental, emotional, and even physical survival of the unfortunate victim. The most
lasting assault in war and invasions are not thefts and murder, but rapes, which wounds
scars and demoralizes the enemys women and creates horrific emotional barriers,
leaving pregnant wombs with the seed of the enemy, and further destroying the bonds
between the surviving women and men. It is for this reason that for thousands of years
the power of sex has been flagrantly misused by some as a weapon. But whereas sex
can wound and even destroy the spirit, so too it can heal and birth the spirit. Between
two loving or at least affectionate partners the pleasures of sexual union, particularly if
prolonged, can lead to great bonding and harmony. Experienced partners worldwide,
through the centuries, have discovered that affectionate and passionate love making
can be trump discussions and arguments in restoring emotional closeness and prying
open mutually closed shells.

Section: Awareness that Women Love Sex, and being Present

Like I put it in the introduction, one work I use a lot is cultivation. Yes, its a bit of an
old fashioned phrase, but it indicates the sort of attitude that you should have. This isnt
about performance, this is about growth. You have got to fix that into your head.
You must cultivate two awarenesss in order to be able to fully relax with your
woman you must realize and be aware of the intense and deep love of pleasure
women have. Our society (especially in America) presents a sort of dichotomy to us
often called Madonna/whore.


Basically, the virgin yet mother, and the wanton slut. One, we idealize and put up on
a pedestal, but the other we denigrate while still lusting for - a pump and dump
woman of pleasure, ultimately a toy, not worthy of our love or respect.
Both of these ideas are mistakes, robbing us and the women we love of our mutual
humanity. Women are living beings like men, and like men with their own unique issues
and gifts. Women, like men, love, and utterly adore sex. Biologically this is obvious,
otherwise where would babies come from? No sex, no progeny, no lineage.
I think in our Modern Western society we have become somewhat divorced from
biological realities of life, turning sexuality into sterile entertainment, while still being
saddled with a type of poisonous joy robbing guilt.
To refrain from psychobabble I dont think guilt, or shame, is all that bad of a thing,
in the right place for the right reasons. For example, I think that if you steal you should
feel guilt and shameful, anyone who says otherwise has been brainwashed by a
rampant out of control political correctness.
Carrying around loads of toxic sexual guilt and shame, is a different matter. Guilt
induced in us for the very thing that brings life into the world, this destroys the lively
sense of joy that sex should involve. So in our society we have on the one hand a sort
of libertine ethos that encourages indulgence in pleasure, and on the other hand an
equally strong puritanical urge both creating cognitive dissonance in us.
You must become comfortable with what truly turns you on. What makes your
member hard and throb with desire? You, individually? Short chubby cute girls? Tall
slender model beautiful girls? Plain faced, freckled faced, plump breasted hausfraus?
Ivory white, Ebony Black, Chocolate Brown ? Slender, skinny, old, young, obese, - go
beyond what society, your race, your culture, expects you to be turned on by.
Who cares about what is expected of you. Be a man. A man figures out what he
wants, and what he wants to strive for, and what spoils of battle he wants to take.



We, men in our society, have our tastes handed to us, and heavily molded by the
media, from music videos to hardcore porn, to movies and TV shows. Many of the
media executives whose minds are presenting these images to us are not even
heterosexual, as witnessed in the fashion and music industry. I am not insulting
homosexuals, I am pointing out the absurdity of strangers, who dont even share your
basic sexuality, molding your impression of what is beautiful and sexual.
So to hell with it all, with invisible strangers providing us with thousands of images
every week of what they want us to believe is sexy, ideal and beautiful.
Do you have a woman, a wife, an ardent woman with her imperfections, her small
quirks, a woman who may have a dimple, or a mole, or a bit of pudge, or a bit too
skinny, a bit buck toothed, whatever but who loves you, or lusts for you, and wants to
be filled with your penis?
What else do you need?
Priorities gentlemen All of the basic things that turn men on in a generic sense are
presented to us, but if we have specific tastes and turn-on's that are outside of what is
being spoon fed to us, this can cause shame. Learn what you truly desire and what truly
turns you on and excites you in women, and accepting them as you find in front of
yourself a yearning, lusty, and lovely woman aching for your sex, ask yourself, do her
minute imperfections matter? Is she a slut? Does it matter? What and how does she
matter to you? Is she too heavy, is she too skinny, well what do you really feel?

Women Love Pleasure

Everyone enjoys pleasure, realize that women are really sensitive to pleasure,
sexual and otherwise, and love feeling and indulging in it.



Saying that women love pleasure may be a milder way to say that women love sex,
but it goes beyond this. Women love emotional pleasure, mental pleasure and
stimulation. Boredom is the absence of pleasure, a sterile ennui.
Putting it country plain and simple Women love being made love to. Women love
getting sex, women love spreading themselves and taking their man deep inside of
them. Just as men love these things too, reciphrocity.
Women enjoy these things viscerally, in the flesh, as well as emotionally and
psychologically. This should be blindingly obvious, but lets look deeper. Every mother
in the world is a mother because she allowed a man to take her, in most cases
Women are sexual creatures by nature and women love, and crave, sexual
pleasure. However, when there is sexual and emotional trauma in a womans past this
can shut off some natural instincts as defense mechanisms, to protect her from further
hurt and suffering. In their natural innocent and un-wounded state women are deeply
In my opinion, Men who think otherwise are just deluded by appearances, in a
society in which the only sexual options swing either from a reflexive puritanicalism
(which we Americans are far better at than Europeans, due to our Protestant puritan
heritage), in which we experience the Madonna whore complex duality, to a superficial
and profligate promiscuity, a sort of got a sex itch lets scratch it that often is just
commercially stimulated, after all sex appeal is used to even sell toothpaste, and often
lacks any deeper or higher element.
On a deep fundamental level women love sex, and crave all things connected
to sexuality. They may not admit this, but it is true.
Witness how much effort women put into their appearances, into make-up, and into
appearing sexy and sexualized. How much time and mental energy women put into
thinking about relationships, and worrying about them.


If anything we men are the more apathetic sex.

Women are generally more at home in their bodies and with their bodies than
men are. Some may disagree with this point, but look at the emphasis on body
wellness, bodily comfort, and sensual enjoyment, that is replete in the female
experience. Perhaps part of this may be social conditioning (arguably) but part of this is
clearly and undeniably a deeply natural and innate thing, and is connected to womens
role in nature in the reproductive cycle as far as bringing life into the world.
If constantly thinking that women love sex is too shocking, then substitute it with the
realization that women love pleasure and observe this dynamic around you. It means
the same thing, the pleasures of sex are not all physical many are emotional and even
spiritual compared to men women are all about comforts and pleasures.
There are exceptions, but this is a general rule. Exceptional thinking is when you
judge reality by exceptions to the rule. Exceptions matter, but they do not determine
Once you can focus on the realization that she loves, adores, yearns for and craves
the feelings of physical and emotional pleasure that you two share in sex, and once you
can focus on the realization that, at a very deep level, when shes coyly looking at you,
deep inside of her mind she may be thinking of how your penis will feel, throbbing, and
quivering, firmly placed inside of her dripping wet sex.
Once you can get this through your head, then this may be a major motivator for
you. Understanding that for her, the thought of your penis pumping inside of her may be
a major motivator in her behavior. This will help you understand some things better.
Cultivate this focus; focus on her as a physical being, when you are having sex
with your woman. Do not let your mind drift, do not let your mind think about another
woman or baseball stats.



She is here, in front of you, nude and burning with passion. Touch her, Smell her,
and taste her like the finest dish. Inside of her know that you will find pleasure and give
to her pleasure.
Cultivate, in this; the ability to focus on her as she is before you - her skin, eyes,
hair, and limbs, and how attractively and perfectly they are shaped, on the shadows and
light upon her flesh. Focus on the feeling of her, her softness, and touching her in a
manner that brings the sensation of pleasure to your fingers and hands. You must
remain aware of her, and being present with her, as well l as aware of your own feelings
and sensations, comfort and discomfort, pleasure and pain even if something negative
is on your mind be aware of it, accept it, and try to let go of it.
Cultivate your awareness; your awareness of her and of yourself, of your feelings
and reading her face and her body, her movements and motions, while being present
wit, here and now, without worries about the past either with her or your own past.
The past has no meaning now that you are inside of her, and you are making love to
her. Now, your member is plunging into her warm and wet sex, now you are feeling her
inner muscles throb with joy, you are feeling her heart beat faintly against your penis's
head, now you are breathing in her scent, while taking in her smile and pearl like teeth,
and you are gazing at the expression of rapture she wears on her face, with her flesh
against you and yours against hers.
Now you are drifting away from the past, and present with her, and no one else,
gazing at her neck, and breasts, in her eyes and on her face, and now you are tasting
her loveliness, drinking in her beauty with your eyes, enjoying her sight, and sounds,
and scents, just as your member is filling her sex and enjoying every thrust in her, be
present with her and imagine her body in her mind as you are witnessing it.
These sensations are only just the tip of what is going on between you and her,
allow them to be while you are aware of them.



As you are doing this, and you are breathing in and out slowly, and you are relaxing
your body, while concentrating on pleasuring her and feeling her pleasure - for in
sexually pleasing and pleasuring her you yourself will grow more aroused and turned on
you will press onward.
If you are not aroused enough think about her hair and flesh, as you caress, knead,
stroke and press her flesh. Here you are letting your thoughts, visions and sensations of
her further turn you on, while also arousing her.
Starting from when you undress, gaze at her whole body, make love to her with your
eyes boldly, witness her growing nipples, the curve of her stomach and back, and the
growing scent of her sex, a most heady musk. Here you are focusing on how sexy she
truly is. In this you are not allowing yourself to focus on any perceived inadequacies or
flaws, either her's or yours.
As you keep in mind that she craves and loves sex, and loves and craves
pleasure, you will know that pleasures are many; physical pleasure, sensual pleasure,
intellectual, and emotional pleasure. Realize that you are exciting and pleasuring her.
Speak gently to her, your words can be explicit, how explicit you must gauge based on
her background, but as a woman grows aroused, a man would be surprised with how
much he can get away with saying to her.
Tell her about what you are doing to her body, about how much her body and
beauty arouses excites and turns you on, how much she herself turns you on, and what
you are going to do next. Some women grow intensely affected by their mans even
narrating it to her while he is doing it to her.
Think not about tomorrow, but about now. Think about how she feels, and how she
smells, and how she looks, and how sexy she is and beautiful she is, these sort of
thoughts should accompany everything from initial caresses and kisses to undressing
her to finally having your way with each other.



As you do this you may find yourself wanting to step back and taking a look at her,
give her a wanton and bold but appreciative look, not cheaply leering but honestly
taking in how sexy she is.
Every woman is different, but every woman can be deeply sexual for the right man,
in the right time, at the right place, and given the right stimulus.
Once she is aroused, most of her previous inhibitions and ideas of propriety simply
tumble away, or at least become more flexible and moldable. Your realizing this and
realizing how wanton and lusty her real thoughts are should embolden you.
Realize that she is not just aching and yearning to be pleasured and filled by your
member, but that she is actively fantasying about being filled up to the brim by your
penis. Realize that she is imagining her quivering sex, her vulva, being filled, being
taken, even being used and ravished, by you.
She is yearning to offer herself to you on a plate, and yearning that in return you will
pleasure her beyond reckon.
Look and gaze at her body and appreciate all of its minute details, think about how it
turns you on, then take a step back and plunge back in. The mode of thought of yours
being to remain both in the present with her, while also contemplating her beauty and
sexiness. This mindset should accompany everything until well after you have removed
her clothes, lain her down, spread her legs, and fully plunged inside of her.
What do you feel about her in private, and what does she feel about you? Others do
not matter. All that matters is that she wants you and that you want her. She, more than
this, wants you to want her, and she wants to ravish her deeply to the point that she is
literally out of her mind with pleasure. And she has chosen to surrender to you.
Once you realize that you are going to enter her delightfully, you are going to bury
every inch of your manhood inside of her, and you are going to feel her in her very soul,



with your tool, ardently, intensely, and intimately, once you realize that your other
concerns do not matter then you know what youve got to do, and why.
And if all of this doesnt arouse you, then what is the disease that ails you, and who
infected you with it ?
Cultivate the awareness, simply put: that girl likes a penis inside of her
She wants a penis, she wants to be filled up, if she is in your life its for a reason, if
something isnt working in your relationship, then do not give the power and
responsibility to her to fix it, step up, decide to fix it yourself, and she will follow. If she
doesnt, then its her choice, but you need to move on.
Most relationships and marriages can be fixed, and doing your woman well in the
bedroom, and then finding your backbone outside of the bedroom, is a good place to
start. Tell her you are going to do something different tonight, smirk, take her by the
hand, and unwrap her like a Christmas present.

Section: Relaxing and Breathing:

Critical to the practice of Imsak is relaxing and breathing, this cannot be emphasized
enough. Deep rhythmic breathing relaxes your body, it also focuses your presence of
mind. To breathe deeply and rhythmically.



Physically relaxing is critical matter. Relaxation is both physical, the letting go of

tension in ones muscles, and psychological, letting go of emotional and psychic tension
that actually creates the physical tension by causing involuntary muscle contractions.
Breathing is a key to mastering tension, for when we hold our breaths our bodies
tense up, our muscles contract and when we exhale our bodies lose some of this
tension. The faster we breathe the more tense we tend to become, the slower we
breathe the less tense and more relaxed. In todays world, our daily lives and world
around us creates a good deal of tension and stress in us. By consciously breathing in a
slower and more natural way, deeper into our belly, in what is called diaphragm
breathing, the more limber and relaxed we become.
Practice inhaling deep through belly breaths, essentially breathe fully from your
diaphragm, so that your belly expands a bit, by breathing into your belly in your nose
and out your nose, or if this works better in your nose and out your mouth, try both types
of breath. You are looking for a natural pattern of breathing.
By a natural pattern of breathing, this means that you should not try too hard to
breathe deeply, relax, it will come, and just focus on breathing in your nose and feeling
like you are breathing into your belly, then relax, and breathe out.
Every day try to find five to ten minutes alone, sit or lie down, and just focus on
breathing in and out slowly, and as you do so fell yourself relax. If overdone this can
lead you to becoming obsessed with your breath, and this is far from the health middle
way. Aim to simply breathe in and out deeply and naturally.
When you penetrate your woman, and as you thrust into her focus on breathing
naturally and deeply. This is just one part of things but if you can consistently do this
and relax while you are breathing you will find yourself gradually, with time, being able
to relax, and this naturally will help you gain a greater degree of control over maintaining
your erection and holding back from orgasm.



While you are making love to your woman, while penetrating and thrusting in her,
pay attention to your own body and how it feels, where are you tense, where are you
the most rigid. As you churn her vulva with your member, remember your breathing
above. Slow down your breath and breathe deeply into your diaphragm, and out through
your mouth or nose, while relaxing your muscles. Make these full breaths, but not
exaggerated ones.

Take charge of your breathing. You will find yourself at times not even breathing,
even if for a few moments, do not resist these times but relax into them and just breathe
deeply, when you become aware of them. This holding your breath is unconsciously,
sometimes you may just find yourself breathing in a choppy manner, and this means
that you are tense and not relaxed, so simply breathe. Such tension is fatal to your
ends, but you must not obsess over it because obsessing over it will create more
psychological tension. Instead just let go, relax, and breathe deeply.
Good breathing facilitates relaxation and will assist in the development of ejaculatory
control, and help calm your arousal. Relaxation is critical in developing your sexual
Take a few deep breaths and begin to relax your whole body but; this can relax your
entire body and help you perform better in bed. By being more relaxed you will not only
find lovemaking easier and more natural, but your bodys physiological responses will
help your efforts to delay your own orgasms. Just realize that it s simpler for you to find
yourself in the moment, focusing on her and on her pleasure while focusing on your
breathing at the same time. It sounds like a trick but once you get used to it, it becomes
quite natural Pay attention also you your own pleasuring inside of her.
Focusing on your breathing can help you get back into your body, and out of your
head. As men we are often prone to doing this. It also slows your heart rate and
reduces the sexual tension building up in your body and even your member. Inhale
deeply, and then exhale. Repeat this and feel the tension leaving your body. Your body


is ruled by your mind, which finds its expression in the body. The physical is often
influenced by that which is non physical. You must not forget this.
As you focus on and concentrate on deep breathing and relaxation, you will also
maintain a focus on her, her reactions and movements as she writhes beneath you in
pleasure, how even the inside of her is moving, pulsing, deliciously alive and slick with
the juices of her passion. Breathe, and do not forget to breathe. See if you are holding
your breath and this frequently occurs and if you find yourself holding your breath,
just breathe out, and relax.

Section: On the Female Orgasm, Foreplay and Making Her Come

It has been pointed out that typically a womans orgasm takes longer to develop than
a mans. This is not always the case, and we have known of women whose orgasms
occur as quickly or more than their man, this is particularly the case if they are highly
aroused, but the general tendency is that a womans orgasm takes longer than mans.
In spite of this, women are capable of depths of sexual and orgasmic pleasure that
men are not, being naturally (though this instinct is suppressed in many culture) capable
of multiple orgasms of astonishing heart rending pleasure.
Women and men do differ in the amount of time it typically takes them to have an
orgasm, and for a woman an orgasm is a highly emotional and highly mental thing.


However long you think she might need, she probably needs double that time. The
longer she is stimulated, and the slower you take her, the greater the odds are that she
will come. Do not make the mistake of assuming that just because she is wet, shes
near her orgasm. A woman can be dripping wet with arousal and still be far away from
her climax.
This is about pleasure, not about racing to a finish line. The more a man is able to
take his time, and take hers as well, and relax while in coition, the greater the chances
she will not only orgasm with him, but orgasm powerfully.
The greater the time you spend building up an orgasm in her, the more stimulus she
is given, the stronger her orgasms will be. Then when you finally enter her, as you
cultivate the skill of staying hard longer, you will have primed her for deeper love making
by giving her delightful, delicious, orgasms in your foreplay. Then all you have to do is
master your own self control long enough to make her come with the strokes of your
The key, as you will learn, in all of this is your focus. Your focus on, and your
presence with, and inside of, her. In other words: are you able to consciously will
yourself to penetrate her and thrust in her, in a certain, deliberate, and cultivated way,
and not give in to the delicious wet suction her sex is making on you, that voluptuous
sensation of being surrounded by her flesh, wrapped like a warm velvet glove. While, at
the same time, being present with her, with her sensations, not mechanically in your
head, a slave to technique?
This is a lot to juggle, of course. You must fight the urge to come inside of her, not
by resistance, but by letting go while maintaining a focus at the same time. It sounds
like a contradiction but isnt.
And yes, I said letting go. Not in the way you think, though. We will come to this
shortly after exploring the importance of the female orgasm, ways to trigger it, and
working foreplay into the mix.



It Begins with a Kiss

It all starts with a kiss, of course, or usually. Cup her face with one or two hands, lay
a kiss, explore her and gauge how your woman is kissing you back. How she kisses is a
good indicator of how she likes to be kissed. How she caresses you is a good indicator
of what feels good to her, in being caressed. So be observant, pay attention, and
gradually work your own style of kissing in. If you are standing put one hand on the
small of her back and gently caress her or put firm pressure in, pulling her closer into
you. Then pull a bit back, another hand caressing the back of her neck or playing with
her hair, then another hand moved up to one of her breasts and lightly cupping it
teasing her with its presence, moving it back to her back before she can brush it away.
Start kissing her neck, the side of her collarbone, soft gentle kisses, lightly brushing
your lips against her skin there for it is soft, and sensitive, and gentle caresses and
working of her neck will turn her on and make her wet.
Another hand against her breast, a squeeze, a hand or two slid down her back,
resting on top of her buttocks, and then caressing and gently kneading her butts
cheeks. As your kisses grow more passionate, do not be overly bold with your tongue
some women hate probing drilling tongues. You are not trying to choke her with your
tongue, just coax her lips open gently with the tip, and see how she responds. While
you kiss her, slide one of your hands down gently and lightly between her legs, rest it
there, with just a little pressure. Or if you are kissing her, and shes back against a wall,
or even lightly slammed against a wall or door (be careful that you dont knock her
head) or firmly pushed against a wall, if she is reciprocating kiss her, move down to her
neck, the top of her chest, then her lips again, never dwelling on one place too long but
teasing her, putting one of your knees between her legs.
There is a fine line between too much pressure, too much firmness, and just
seeming weak. You r aim is to find that fine line and, frankly, be persistent about it. If



she brushes a hand away, boldly return it a few minutes later, if she still does, then
stimulate a different area.
This is no brag, if you kiss a woman well you can get away with unbelievable things.
Ive done almost everything up to actual penetration to women on the street, in good
neighborhoods, with neighbors walking by at dusk, panties around the ankles writhing in
ecstasy unable to say no, in coffee shop bathrooms in broad daylight, even in
cemeteries in broad daylight. I dont recommend this, local obscenity laws vary, just
realize that a woman, once turned on, and can be taken much further than you would
A kiss can be the key to unlock incredible responsiveness in a woman.

Her Orgasm is important

It is true that for procreation only the mans orgasm is essential, and without it no
woman can conceive. However all women can conceive children without achieving their
own orgasms, and sadly most do, simply because their men are utterly spent after
mounting them for only a few minutes.
Apart from the baboon, whom we have just witnessed, everywhere in the animal
kingdom things are this way, the man brutally mounts the female, thrusts briefly, roars
or howls a few minutes later, and then slides away. But humans are capable of so much
greater. And if it takes baboons, of all beasts, to best us in coition and show us where
we have been in error, then heaven help us.
The Persian and Arab writers realized the immense need for the female orgasm, that
it was a psychological need that took a sensitive male partner to help fulfill. Far from
being misogynists and woman haters, the Arab and Persian writers openly claimed that
women were wondrous creatures, and gifts of God to man just as Men are gifts of God
to them, as the Quran puts it. Are like mutual garments onto each other. Therefore, they


reasoned, the womens pleasure and delight and responses are joys and blessings, and
that God in infinite wisdom has made the female and her orgasms in this way very
difficult to obtain but once obtained incredibly pleasurable and a delight.
That every woman is different from the other, they believed the wisdom was that
men shall seek union with as many women as they can. This is a different way of
looking at things than in the West, where monogamy was the norm, not because of
Judeo-Christianity (for polygamy was openly accepted in biblical times) but because of
pagan Roman social mores. But the Muslim writers saw that each woman shall bring
forth a new delight, and furthermore, because of the tendencies inside of man, if all
women were created alike in coquetry, looks and temperament, a dangerous situation
would occur in which men would simply soon grow tired of them, and the world itself
would eventually become depopulated. Therefore there is great wisdom in the ways in
which men and women are created with compatible, but slightly different, yearnings and

It is about the Connection

As you experience what I will describe, be sure to keep your eyes open, and to be
present with your woman. Present with her through your breathing, for really builds up
the connection between you two.
Sex, and orgasms, are strongly emotional and mental with women, to a greater
degree, I believe, than with us men. For this reason a sense of connection is important,
it has little to do with romance, or flowers or puppy love, no this is about fundamental
social instincts Women long to feel interconnected, and nowhere is this need greater
than in sex. Whether its getting it hard and dirty in a public toilet stall or sweet gentle
lovemaking surrounded with candles, there is a fundamental need women feel for a
sense of connectedness.



Women are all about connection and communication, any man who wants to
experience something profound should just try being still for a few moments, while you
are inside of her, and looking into your womans eyes, being still, not thrusting in her,
just gazing in each others eyes.
This may be an intimacy that is too deep for some people, and for some it may even
be disturbing. Often men and women can have veils over their hearts that they only
partially lift for each other. But if there is mutual trust, and if she opens herself up, and if
you open yourself up, you two may find something wonderful.
Womens experience of sexual desire is typically far more fluid than mens, her
desires are typically responsive to a person, more than a specific type of stimulation or
situation. Her responsiveness will be, then, individual.
Making love with focused presence and intention has material, worldly, secular and
non spiritual benefits. However those who believe in, and maintain openness to what
they see as greater spiritual possibilities can find deeper, and more indescribable
benefits, in focused consciousness being maintained in the act of coition.
One Middle Eastern writer quotes a saying of the Moslem Prophet, this mythopoetic
description emphasizes how important mutually loving and pleasurable sex is in the
traditional Middle Eastern worldview. The Prophet, blessings be on him, taught us
that when husband and wife look in each others eyes with love, their sins are
forgiven, when they hold hands, good deeds are recorded for them, and when
they are making love, they are surrounded by praying angels.
This partially explains the emphasis on the eyes in Arabian and Persian cultures and
societies, they believe that the eyes are gateways into the soul, and the souls contents
and intents can be read through the eyes.

The Female Orgasm, Womens Sexuality, and Pleasuring Her Well



Let us re-visit why we have come to this point by looking at the female orgasm.
Orgasm in the original Greek meant to swell from excitement or anger, or to swell with
moisture. Modern researchers know that it is a physical release in response to mental or
physical stimulation, in the form of a neuromuscular discharge of tension, occurring at
the peak of the females sexual response.
It was known to the ancients that women were capable of experiencing many types
of orgasm, the Middle Easts Kutub al-Bah (books of pleasure) often describe different
types of female orgasm arrived at by stimulating different regions of the female body
and mind (for they are closely linked).
You have to realize that there are fundamental differences in male and female
sexual arousal and release. Women usually need a longer amount of time in sexual
stimulation before their orgasm, than men do. This is why women need long coition to
experience orgasm from sexual intercourse itself, especially deeper vaginal orgasms.
There is a difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasms. Women with a good deal of
sexual experience, and their husbands or lovers, can attest to this.
If you dont realize this fundamental disparity you risk frustration. On the one hand it
is typically easier to induce an orgasm in a man, and once a man comes he typically
needs a good deal of time to rest before becoming hard and ready for coition again.
Training can offset this, but it is a basic reality. Women, however, typically need more
physical stimulus along with far more emotional and mental stimulus than, men, but
women also have a far deeper capacity to experience and enjoy physical sexual
pleasure than men. Many, most even, women are capable of experiencing multiple
orgasms in one session of love making.
Dont believe the cultural discourse that paints men as horn dogs and women as
being less interested in sex than men. This is an illusion, based out of ignorance of the
differences of male and female sexuality. Women are both conditioned and somewhat
innately in having certain brakes on sex because of the far greater danger and risks



women face from the consequences of sex. And even today, such consequences are
very real, from pregnancy, to disease.
Sex for a woman is a larger investment. However, make no mistake about it, women
have incredible libidos. However they also have, paradoxically, incredible self control.
The man who can peel the layers off a womans desire and ignite it can find himself
made little and awed by the depth of sexuality a sexually awakened woman can
Women can have incredible desire, there is a saying of Islams Prophet that is
misunderstood by both Muslims and non-Muslims, that, paraphrased women have 9
parts of desire whereas man has one part that is to say a woman can experience 9
times (this is a symbolic number to the Arabs, like 7, and just means many) the erotic
pleasure and desire a man can. He also said that women been given 9 parts of
modesty or shyness.
While women in our world today are less traditionally modest than in pre-modern
societies, this instinct is still very much there. Part of it relates to fear, and is a survival
mechanism. Since women are physically weaker than men, and could potentially face
rape in a compromising situation, impregnation by a man who may or may not be
around, or easily contracted sexual disease, women will tend to be shyer. After all, even
in a bar or club, how often do women walk around blatantly approaching men? They
have their approaches, but they are more subtle, more like invitations to approach. The
most ballsey female approach, to all but an experienced man, will barely seem
Some of this relates to female sensitivity to social judging. Women are social
creatures. Men are naturally more outwardly sexually aggressive, so so-called the one
part of male sexual desire and pleasure seems more prevalent and out there. What
men display on the surface, however, women have to far greater degrees underneath
the surface. While men are more visually aroused almost immediately, it takes far more



time for women to become aroused and excited sexually. But once a woman does
become aroused and excited, what she experiences will be far more intense.
Also womens sexual arousal is heavily tied to their emotional mood and the attitude
of their men, whereas men are more immediately visually aroused. All of this is about
subtleties and nuances, its not a black or white situation - women are indeed visually
aroused just as men are. Women are attracted to an attractive person, and if she is
turned on, a simple act like exposing your penis in the right context can arouse a
woman incredibly.
A man who understands just how sexual women naturally are can have a field day
doing things to other mens women that you would barely believe was in the realm of
possibility. Penetrating and having sex with a girl in her fathers living room while hes
watching football, taking another mans wife after meeting her for 2 minutes in a toilet
stall in a crowded ball park, betting a blow job from a girl he just met in the middle of
yuppie bar, or taking a woman on a pool table in the middle of a lesbian bar, with the
proprietor screaming and threatening to call the cops. These are experiences from
people I personally know. Most men have no idea of the sexual side of women.
If you are a husband or a partner to a woman in a committed relationship, it is a
matter of vital necessity that you start to understand what women feel in orgasm and
sexual arousal, and how women can experience arousal. Many recent studies have
shown women are capable of experiencing arousal from many different sources, to
incredible degrees. Modern science is justifying this 1400 year old statement of an Arab
prophet, in spades.
In our modern society, only recently have we become aware of the many types of
female orgasm possible, with a realization that while women were capable of
experiencing orgasms similar to a mans, such as a climbing arousal, then an explosion,
and then a letdown and a refractory period before she was able to experience another
one, there are other deeper and more profound orgasms that some women are
able to enjoy.


The first type of orgasm usually occurs after intense clitoral stimulus, though it can
also occur via nipple stimulation and even mental psychological stimulation, in more
sensitive women.
Such orgasms can vary in sensitivity, though some women have reported incredible,
extreme, depths of pleasure from this basic type orgasm. When a man considers them,
they really are quite remarkable - Women have described feeling their entire bodies
swell, becoming akin to one large clit and vagina, describing feeling an intensely
pleasurable penetration into every fiber of their body.
Some women experience pleasure almost akin to losing their minds, literally unable
to even think, simply experiencing intense bliss and pleasure. Some women experience
almost painful spasms wracking their body, or feeling waves upon waves of raw pure
pleasure and a perception of these waves of pleasuring constantly spreading, some
feel, through the whole planet earth itself.
Some orgasms, however, can be very mild, only akin to a pleasurable itch and burst
of feeling, rapidly subsiding. Some women are capable of feeling such pleasure of
release in their fingertips or toes or even their nose, or localized somewhere else on
their bodies. Along with these sensations come extremely rhythmic pelvic contractions,
though the strength of these contractions depend on the strength of the womans pubic
There is an important clue in this, a good deal of the intensity of a womans orgasms
depend on the strength of her pubic muscles. This is because orgasm consists of
rhythmic waves of pleasure, accompanying muscular contractions, and the more tone
and fit these muscles are, the greater the degree of contraction and pleasure obtained.
In many languages it is called death itself, such as in French la petite mort, this is
because there is particularly for women in certain traditional societies a feeling
almost akin to dying itself, and then extinction for a time.



Lets look at the basic, usually clitoral, orgasm. The clitoris itself is one of natures
most amazing organs, almost exclusively designed for pleasure and pleasure alone. It
has, at least, almost 8000 nerve endings and is the only organ in the human body that
seems exclusively and wholly dedicated to pleasure.
When you part your womans labial folds, and gaze at her sex, you will notice the
clitoris nestled like a small pearl of varying sizes, peeking out from its folds at the top of
the womans vulva.. In some women it is no larger than a grain of rice, in other women it
can be amazingly large, as large as a thumb. But its a mistake to think that small pearl
like knob of flesh is the entire clitoris itself. Under the surface there is a large a network
of nerves, which then leads to a very large organ underneath the front side of her
mons, the top padded area of her pubs,
Stimulating this external part of the clitoris can produce indescribable electric like
pleasure for your woman, however there are deeper pleasure spots a woman is capable
of being stimulated at, and few women know how much greater pleasure eludes them,
but a knowing lover can awaken awe inspiring sexual reactions by focusing on more
subtle matters than mere clitoral stimulation.
The Clitoris itself is much larger than youd thing, and is rooted deep into her body
by a couple of roots much like legs. The organ has a large nerve network that is very
much like that of our penis. Stimulating her clitoris evokes similar voluptuous,
pleasurable, sensations as stimulating the head and underside of a mans penis.
There are more intense and deep orgasms that women are capable of experiencing,
by manipulating and stimulating other erogenous zones and spots, some quite deep
inside of her, from various angles. This needs different styles and strategies of thrusting
and penetration apart from the lame, generic, in-out piston-pump
From this point onwards, regard piston pumping as for chumps who dont know what
they are doing.



Every woman, whether she or her lover knows it or not, has quite a choice spots and
zones over and inside of her body which can be stimulated. In some, not all but some,
women you can even eventually induce an orgasm when you rhythmically apply
pressure to these zones. Some of these zones are not inside of her vagina, lying well
outside of her sex. The deeper spots inside of a woman, some she can easily reach and
stimulate herself. However there are some that most women simply cannot reach,
unless she was born double-jointed. Obviously the fullest depths of sexual pleasure
were meant by nature to be a mutual enterprise,
A good way of both exploring her body for sensitive spots, and of relaxing your
woman for an extended bout of love-making, is a good sensual massage, when you
notice her reacting to certain areas, make a mental note to focus on that area after the
massage, once you are intent on seducing her.
There are many erogenous zones, some of which are capable of delivering great
pleasure. One such spot is well-known by the modern name of the g-spot.. Chances
are youve heard of it, but as well known as it is, few are capable of really using it to its
full extent. It is one of a few erogenous zones located along the anterior surface of her
vagina., you can feel her g-spot as a small rough and slightly raised zone only a couple
of inches inside.
Another zone is increasingly becoming known is the A-spot, in reality it is a specific
erogenous zone in the womans Anterior Fornix area. It does exist, though just as with
the g-spot, its sensitivity varies from woman to woman, The Anterior Fornix is located
very close to the cervix, in front of it. And you will find that the cervix itself is highly
sensitive (and in some women almost too sensitive for direct stimulation)
If you slide your fingers along the anterior surface, from the g-spot, then going
beyond it along the top of the wall, you may slide deeply inside of her, following the
curve of her pubic bone. You will, with careful and loving exploration, find additional
areas to stimulate. Feel for areas of her vaginas wall that feel different either being



rougher, or smoother, or a bit drier, than the surrounding area, and as you pressure it
gently observe her breathing, and subtle movements and sounds she makes.
You want to explore her with your fingers first, before using your penis, in order to
get a good "map of the land." Also if you can bring her to an initial couple of orgasms,
then it will make her so much more sensitive to your penis's stimulus.
When caressing the insides of her sex with your fingers, how hard and deep really is
individual to each woman, these spots are all in the same relative location inside of a
woman's vagina, but each vagina itself is incredibly diverse in size, shape, and
elasticity. So you will need to do a good deal of initial exploration before you find the
spots that make her say "ah ha."
A good type of motion is a circular churning motion with 2 or 3 fingers slowly
entered in her, and then churning around inside of her. The feeling is exquisite,
particularly for a sensitive girl. It may or may not actually drive her into an orgasm, but
the feeling will be incredible to her.
Some of the Arabian sexual manuals Ive consulted do mention deep stimulation of
the cervix, which shows of course that nothing is new when it comes to knowledge. It
should be noted that some women no longer have a cervix, for surgical reasons. So if
their cervix has been removed the anterior fornix itself may also be removed, and hence
the A spot would no longer exist.
The g-spot responds best to pressure, instead of friction - unlike the clitoris. Any sort
of rhythmic and smooth pulsing stimulation stimulates it well. When penetrating her
think deep slow strokes. Such stimulation is idea in penetrating her with your member,
thrusting and churning against this spot, sort of pressing or sliding along it, or such
stimulation can be delivered very well using your fingers. You should stroke her using
pressure along the spot over and over, with a finger bent in what some call a come
hither motion.



Some women have very shallow vaginas, but some have very deep ones. If her sex
is too deep for direct penile stimulation, some of these zones may only be able to be
reached with your finger. When using your finger, use slow strokes - again - in a "come
hither" motion. How hard, or how relaxed, you have to gauge by stimulating her and
seeing how she relaxes.
The deeper spots you may want to try using less force than with her g-spot. You can
work up to using some real serious pressure against her g-spot and the more turned on
she gets, the more she will eagerly embrace it. Do not make the mistake of stimulating
her clitoris in the same way, though, because it might hurt.
When manually stimulating her, you will more easily be able to reach the G and A
spot, along with other sensitive zones that modern sexologists haven't yet named, is to
use a palm up approach. Your palm should be up and your middle or index (or both)
fingers sliding in.
Something she may find pleasurable is using your other hand to press against her
lower belly and pubes, basically her anterior area, while stimulating her with your penis
in actual coitus, or with your fingers. You can also try stimulating her Anterior wall and
its spots, palms up with the fingers of one hand, while sliding in one of your other hand's
fingers and stroking or pressing down the posterior wall of the vagina, which resists her
tendency to thrust her pelvis and hips up, while she is coming.
This will take coordination but if you are dexterous enough you may be able to
penetrate her and stimulate her g-spot with your fingers, palm up, while using your
thumb to press lightly (and well lubricated) against her clitoris, the small shifts in
movement from her hips and your hand may blow her mind.
All of this can become too much stimulation for her, start slowly, and work your way
in, and work your way deeper.



My own personal experiences and others attest to the power of these methods in
inducing a powerful orgasm if done right, both during foreplay and in actual penetration
and full coitus.
It is good to lightly explore near her cervix, make absolutely sure that your finger
nails are trimmed and your hands are clean, as it can be easy to accidently induce an
unpleasant infection or tear in the delicate walls of her sex
In penetrating your woman with your penis, assuming you can enter her at a good
high angle, you will be able to stimulate the g-spot with ease during coition. Its barely
located 2-3 inches inside of her sex, along the front wall. To help with penetration, you
may try propping small pillows under her back, and entering her kneeling. Or if you are
taking her from behind, instead of standard doggy stile, have her lie down, prop small
pillows under her belly so that her buttocks are facing you at a nice angel, and then
slide yourself in.
Some women report experiencing powerful orgasms when their partner enters them
at the right angle, and then simply remains in her deep. Instead of pulling all the way
out, remaining inside of her, deeply, and giving her powerful, short, thrusting motions.
There are other more effective penetration styles that we will go over soon, but in
stimulating her deepest pleasure zones, it is helpful to enter her at the right angle and
just remain inside of her.
Some women will find it highly erotic and intense if you give her pleasure like this in
missionary or with her on top, stimulating these zones with your penis.
Using your member, try to find the right style that gets her going, whether it's a deep
churning inside of her, never fully pulling out, or rather slow, long, and deep strokes, or
both, you may find her reacting to a particular type of penetration and stroking.
Once she really gets going, she may involuntarily grab you hard and beg you to stay
deep inside of her. Her own body may buck and wantonly ride your sex embedded
inside of her until she shudders with a powerful throbbing orgasm. When you are this


deep inside of her, this sort of stimulation from her can be enough to push you over the
edge even once you have developed a good deal of self control, which is why you may
want to save this to the end. Once you come and explode inside of her, the feeling of
your spurting and pouring yourself in her, right against her sweet spot, might push her
over the edge again to another shuddering orgasm.
In reality, there are a number of erogenous zones, providing delicious, orgasmic,
pleasure, inside of a womans vagina, and even spread across her body. So focusing on
her clitoris alone is sort of a cop out, when it comes to helping her achieve even more
explosive orgasms.
The clitoris should be regarded as a tasty, very tasty, appetizer or even a smaller
preliminary course, with stimulation of other zones going forward. Some women are
more sensitive to touch than others, some women are sensitive to deep pressure, and
others prefer light fluttering touches. The primary goal is her pleasure, not a method.
Switch it up, and see what generates the most powerful orgasm in her.
In essence it takes longer for women to be sexually satisfied than for men, which
creates a disparity. As the masters of this art and science have noted by observation, a
woman achieves her highest physical pleasures only in copulation.
With prolonged copulation she can experience exquisite varieties of orgasms over
and over again. With this comes an important emotional and mental release of tensions
through her body. A man who arouses and teases a woman into a state of heightened
sexual tension and then that builds up this in coition with the rhythmic thrusting pressure
of his penis, simultaneously stimulates her clitoris, her vulvas inner and outer lips, the
tight confines and walls of her vagina, including many sensitive spots therein conferring
on her voluptuous pleasures, and the mouth of her cervix.
These massive stimulation of all of the sensitive areas of her vagina build up waves
upon waves of physical pleasure and she develops increased muscular tension, the
mans kisses, and caresses and manipulations with his hands on her buttocks and



sides, her back, and breasts, her lips and cheeks, and the many other sensitive areas of
her body further stimulate her, bring her pleasure, and increase this tension.
Eventually with rhythmic and sustained coition, she comes, violently and suddenly,
in spasms of pleasure in which her tension explodes and then dissipates.
Those men who have the knowledge of prolonging their coition and withholding from
their ejaculation, can continue in sex with her for enough time to allow her to orgasm
powerfully. However a man who is ignorant of the arts of Imsak and the wider erotic arts
is incapable of prolonging his coition. Since he is unable to prolong his lovemaking from
his first penetration until his woman orgasms, he is unable to draw from out of her, her
own ejaculation (which Arab and Persian lovers were keenly aware of, a thousand years
before anyone had heard to the g-spot)
The arts we discuss save men from their lowest bestial nature. Animals rut
compulsively shortly and brutally, a male dog or cat simply grabs onto his female,
mounts her and after a few thrusts rolls off and wanders away lolling and spent.
Human beings are capable of so much more, but in truth most men simply act like
the most brutish of animals, who cannot wait until they mount their woman, buttocks
quiver a few moments and barely thrust themselves in her, pound her a few times,
ejaculate, and roll over totally spent, asleep. In the meanwhile their woman simply feels
used, cheap, and totally frustrated. Because she gave herself to her man but he was not
man enough to give her the pleasures she openly gave to him.
In our age and world, it is possible that one reason for the historically unprecedented
degree of lesbianism is that simply most men are totally unable to satisfy women
emotionally, they do not understand her moods, they are not man enough to take her
the way she needs to be taken in order to feel desired and alive, they are incapable of
giving her the orgasms she needs for her own emotional health.
For all of todays sexual revolutions and outward knowledge, in our culture we still
know very little about sex, and very little about a womans sexuality.


A few men are able to bring her a weaker sort of orgasm my caressing and
manipulating her clitoris even without copulation. Oral stimulation or manual stimulation
can get her off in this way. But emotionally this is less intimate, and any woman who
has become vaginally orgasmic will readily admit that clitoral orgasms truly do not fully
and completely satisfy women. Those women who have not experienced vaginal
orgasms simply have not experienced it, experienced women know the intense bliss
and mind numbing and body rending ecstasy of that final release.
Manual stimulation of her g-spot can, it is true, induce a vaginal orgasm. But it lacks
the psychological dimension of actual penetrative sex, especially in modified missionary
positions, or from the back through spooning.
Another important point is the fact that an untrained man can leave his woman with
some remaining unresolved tension inside of her. In other words, if she has not fully and
completely experienced an ultimate full orgasm, or several, especially through the
experience of full coition, this unreleased tension will provoke a feeling of
You should aim to bring her to, at least, one orgasm through coition. Even more
powerful for many women, is a sort of plateau of pleasure. This is like a certain kind of
zone in which they can drift in and out of a continuous orgasmic like state. You can
induce this in your woman with sustained and varied sexual pleasuring, learning to play
her like a harp so that she experiences incredible levels of heightened pleasure states.
What sort of man wants to rob his woman of such experiences? He robs her of
something that another man could easily give to her, if he knew the secrets of male
sexuality, but if you give her this gift of pleasure, you are truly showing love for her.
There is also something in this for the men, countless men who have mastered
these arts all attest that the mans orgasm is so much more intense in actual coition,
and the longer a man spends in copulation, the more massive, and intensely
pleasurable his orgasm is when it occurs, he will experience an earth shattering coming



that as intense as it is, like an electric bolt of pleasure and mounting immense waves, is
still a shadow of the pleasure that women experience.
No amount of oral sex, or manual stimulation and masturbation, can bring to your
woman an orgasm as intense and voluptuous as she will experience from your skillful
penetrating her, in actual copulation, when its delayed and drawn out for hours. This is
due to the effect of peaking when her pleasure and tension is raised up, partially
release, built up again, with the physical and emotional intimacy of your embrace and
caresses. This is a total whole love-making, as opposed to a fractured simple
stimulating one part or another.

Section: Penetration and Thrusting:

Before we discuss fully the methods of Imsak we must discuss the methods of
penetration and thrusting.
The ability to literally make love all night greatly depends on your thrusting, before
formally learning Imsak you must learn to master your member. The ability to make love
all night should not be misunderstood as the dull repetitive pounding and banging that
most guys initially reading this might think.
For many reasons, and pornography plays a large role, many men today think that
jack hammer sex is an expression of their virility. This is a mistaken impression from
over-watching porn, something we will discuss soon. For now, the first thing you must
get out of your head is banging your woman.


Neither playboy, Aly Khan nor Porfirio Rubirosa banged their women. A good solid
banging may feel good to some women, though many rapidly find it dull and tedious and
lacking imagination after a while, and it may also feel good to you. However we can say,
from our experience, it would feel good to you in the way that a hotdog tastes good to
someone who hasnt tasted gourmet Steak.
Some women are very sensitive to a mans starting slowly inside of her, and building
up a rhythm, letting a rhythm and pace build up naturally, and take its own course.
Some women, many in fact, are very extremely sensitive to being pounded hard fast
and furious sex may not only be emotionally unpleasant to such women, but
also be physically unpleasant even painful.
As an experiment, ask your woman to punch your arm repeatedly for 10 minutes,
about as hard as she perceives your thrusting into her. Your penis is hard, your public
bone is also hard, imagine being repeatedly pounded with something bone hard for 10
minutes straight. Many men grow proud and arrogant in their stamina, and look at their
ability to pound into a girl half his size as a sign of his virility. He doesnt reflect how
unpleasant this can become to a woman.
When you start things out slowly and languorously, and then draw the matter out,
allowing things to grow faster and deeper as time passed, you are giving her body time
to adapt to your penetration, as the body experiences deeper sexual pleasure, the
threshold for pain grows higher, and things that would have been unpleasantly painful
previously can become highly pleasurable, even dangerously so. Starting out slowly and
deliberately and deeply, and then finishing with a hard and fast banging, may give some
women what they want and need in multiple ways, for some women it may only give
them some of what they want but not all of it.
By giving her something more complex, mixing fast with slow, deep with shallow,
thrusting with swiveling, churning and grinding from the hips, as well as gazes of desire,
kisses, caresses and kneading of her flesh, turning her on her side or back, letting her
mount you for a time, and then mounting her from behind, suckling and licking, firm


grasps and soft touches, you may give her what she wants and needs in multiple ways
of enjoyment.
Understand clearly that you can take her slow and deep and hard, or fast and
shallow, that is - you can mix things up. Slowly pulling yourself out of her, then using
your peniss head to massage her vulvas lips and slip, sliding it wet with her moisture
around her clitoris,, and then sliding back in and quickly pounding her, and then slowly
pulling out of her again, the possibilities are endless and this is why coition is both an art
and a science in that it is a matter of knowledge, as well as of creativity.
You can give it to your woman in so many ways, slow and sensually, fast and
animalistic, pulling completely out, giving her cunnilingus or working her sex with your
experienced fingers, and then just slowly teasing the wet and swollen opening of her
sex with just the tip of your member.
When you enter inside of her, you should vary the style of your penetration.
Sometimes you may want to plunge deeply into her, but often you should go into her
slowly, deeply and slowly and tease her with your slow penetration. As your penis, hard
with desire, parts the lips of her vulva, at times you should grasp it with your hand and
stroke up and down her entrance, dallying at her vulvas lips and parting it with your
members head, then coated with her moisture slowly sink in up to your hilt. At other
times, after teasing her entrance you may want to not fully penetrate, but only going in
by an inch, or half way, and then pulling out.
This calls for creativity. Tonight try it with your woman.
As you thrust, you must thrust only until you start to feel yourself almost too excited
with pleasure, but not yet fully on the verge of coming, then stop your thrusts, relax,
and continue.
She may beg you to continue, even begging you to bang her hard and deep,
sometimes you may give her this, but at other times you should hold back, and even at
times withdraw completely if the sensations you feel grow is too intense.


While she will yearn for you to stay in her she will find the teasing to be tantalizing.
When you stop thrusting inside of her, try to breathe in deeply and clamp down with
your pubic muscles, or squeeze your pubic muscles tightly. Resume thrusting inside of
her shortly.
The goal is not to monotonously pump away at her for long periods of time, rather a
more leisurely type of love making that is more of a dance, when the time finally comes
when you are ready to let go, then you can thrust vigorously, having drawn it out as long
as you want, you can pump her harder and deeper, faster, or then slower. You should
alternate between fast and slow, deep and shallow, linger gently and then plunging into
her. Teasing the first few inches of her sex then plunge.
An effective method is to churn her, I say this by authority and experience that any
sort of deep churning, making circular motions from your hips while your member is
inside of her, will bring her indescribable pleasure. A similar thing sometimes is to thrust
in her from side to side, instead of straight in and out.
It is no secret that many American women, having experienced Latin or Middle
Eastern lovers, prefer them to their own men. This is because of many things of course,
including the emphasis on virility in these cultures, but also the approach many of these
men have towards penetration.
Many Latin and Middle Eastern men do not simply batter at a womans gates like a
ram, proud in their apparent prowess. Many Latin and Middle Eastern men know the art
of creative thrusting and take deep pleasure in this sort of sensual penetration.
Yes it can be deeply exciting to both you and too many women to jackhammer her,
hard fast and deep. Doing this in moderation, now and then, gives to her variety. But if
you can mix this with more sensual, drawn out, deliberate slow thrusting, and churning
thrusting that comes from your hips, she will experience pleasure that other men cannot
give her, if they dont know this.



And be sure that there are men out there who know these things, and who can
youre your woman pleasure you cannot even imagine. Your only defense in retaining
her desire is you learn how to give her deep pleasure.
Variety is what women want, need, and crave, but it is not what they want
constantly. They get routine, do not be a routine man. Any sort of circular churning can
be deeply satisfying to both you and her, you can use different patterns, such as a
figure eight,
I once had a woman who I loved deeply, more deeply than life, and who loved me
deeply as well. Circumstances of life parted us sadly, but even after we had broken up,
a few times I was able to share with her a very special gift. Talking to my lover over the
phone, sharing with her phone sex while we were apart, I verbally directed her explicitly
to stimulate herself, telling her to fantasizing that her fingers were my penis, churning
her deeply in circles, all the way in and out, and reminding her of how much she loves
the feeling of my firm penis churning her like a butter churn, giving her this gift over the
phone results in far deeper and shuddering breathless orgasms on her end than she
knew possible.
This motion stimulates many sides of a womans vagina, inside it provides her with
stimulus on many areas inside of her that normal in and out thrusting simply cannot
reach, it can also cause a subtle ballooning like effect.
If you mount your woman, while face down on top of her in the missionary position,
you can churn like this and also cause considerable friction on her clitoris, which will
give her violent clitoral orgasms in addition to the other stimulation.
If you have her lay on her back and elevate her vulva and hips by placing a pillow, or
several small pillows, under the small of her back, in particular, then this motion will not
only rub and apply intense pressure on her clitoris, but if your angle is right, and her
hips are properly raised, then you can stimulate very sensitive areas inside of her sex,
such as the root of her clitoris extending deep inside her fleshy walls, or her g spot in
the upper wall area of her vagina.


In certain women, particularly the more highly sexed ones, precipitate intense
vaginal orgasms with repeated shallow thrusts to this area.
You should alternate between shallow thrusts and then remaining deeply inside of
her churning her sex, when you feel yourself too close to coming slow down, or stop
and just remain inside of her, kiss her, stroke her hair, kiss her breasts, caress her with
your hands, and begin again.

Section: Penetration and Thrusting, teasing and initial entry

Think right now, to the last time you made love to your wife. When you entered
her, did you give it to her fast hard and deep, or slow, soft and shallow?
Now consider many of the times you two made love, how did you penetrate her
during coition? What sort of thrusting did you use?
Remember this truism: Its about the motion in the ocean
Trust me when I tell you that this question is more important than you could imagine.
For women thrive and yearn for variety in their stimulus, and every woman yearns for
coition in a different way. There is no one size fits all approach to love making, rather
each woman from her youth into her older years has a favorite manner of being taken
by her man. However what few men realize is that monotony and boredom are fatal to a
womans ardor.



Women crave variety, even if they do not put this into words, so your ability to
provide her with a variety of different sensations and even emotions during your love
making she craves. Its easy to misinterpret this and some men do, by variety we do not
mean you have to take her in 32 different positions while standing on your head. There
is no either or approach either, a man who aims to be a lover of excellence and
discernment, and who aims to have masterful control over his womans pleasure, will
cultivate in himself a feeling for knowing when slow and soft thrusting is needed, when
slow and deep, when slow and shallow, and when fast and hard, fast and deep, fast and
shallow, or a mixture of all.
The good lover does them both, but without calculating it out in his head, this is a
matter of following a flow, responding to your womans passionate motions and sounds,
and at times taking the lead as you want to. For the woman often yearns for her man to
take initiative and take control in how he does her, at other times she wants the
lovemaking to flow in a more gentle way. You must become sensitive to these things by
constant practice.
One of the keys to sexually satisfying your woman is emotion, the other key is
variety. A man who learns all of these sorts of positions and rare techniques who
approaches sex like a scientist will not be able to please her. It is not a matter of
tweaking the right buttons and pressing in the right place for the right amount of time
and so on, no it is far more than just this. She wants to and needs to feel passion and
emotion at times, at other times she needs to see and feel compassion and gentleness.
Do not let this be off putting, it is not as complex on you as it sounds. Sometimes a
mans woman simply wants to be mounted, and done hard and straight for a good 10
minutes if she comes out of it. Other times she wants to be approached gently as a
dove, lured out of her shell by gentle caresses and foreplay, sometimes for almost an
hour, gently teased and held in suspense, and then slowly penetrated gently in a
romantic way. Sometimes she wants both, for a man to begin slow and lovingly and
then as he grows in excitement to mount her as a beast.



The secret to understanding these matters is to realize that stamina and lasting
power is very important, but it is only one ingredient of a complex mix. While men are
usually far more concerned with stamina than women, the idea of doing your woman all
night until she is too sore to walk is a male fantasy about pride. What she wants is
pleasure, and lots of it, and in many different ways.
The goal in your coition should be to pleasure her in ways that leaves her mind
numb. Sometimes a quick 10 or 20 minutes of passionate intense animalistic coition will
bring her joy, and sometimes the ability to make love to her sensuously continuously for
an hour or even two, will elevate her to heights of pleasure she is unable to experience
with most other men.
This is not a matter of pounding her for an hour until she cant walk, 99% of the
women on the planet do not want this, while hard and aggressive penetration can be
exciting and exhilarating in small does, most wives do not want this continuously. If you
can do her hard now and then for 10 minutes or o, and do her in multiple ways, using a
variety of styles, passionate and romantic, soft and gentle and sometimes hard, taking
care to explore her body, for hours on end, this is the sort of love making that all women
dream of experiencing at some time in their life.
You must master your thrusts and your member. Your must know how to work your
penis in a variety of ways in order to properly master and perform Imsak which we are
building up to, and will soon explain in greater depth. For now, just remember that the
key to the technique builds on the relaxation we mentioned before, deep breathing
combined with relaxation, focusing on your breathing, then
When you are penetrating her, when you are thrusting in her, start to cultivate
slowness. Just going into her slowly and changing positions from time to time,
pull out, reposition her, enter her and give her slow strokes at first, then you can
gradually speed up for excitement, but the key is to remain in absolute masterful
mastery of your stroking.



All of this depends greatly on the quality of your thrusting. You need to find and
strike a balance between satisfying her, satisfying yourself, and keeping yourself in a
certain zone of pleasure, in which you can remain and float without coming too fast.
You will find that each and every single woman is different. Yes, all women are also
remarkably alike, just as men are, there are certain commonalities. But there are
important individual variations that are important, and any man who wants to become a
true lover, who wants the awe, honor, and respect of his women , must learn to pay
close attention to his women. Observe her signs, her gasps, her motions, how her back
arches when you enter her a certain way, or when she seems distant and quiet.
Each woman is as alike as all roses, and as different in the minute details as each
individual rose bud examined on close, they may look alike if you give them a causal
look over but examine them with depth and discernment and you will see infinite
A discerning man pays attention, and this is why he becomes a good lover. He does
not let his experiences with one type of woman alone color all of his perception. Society
today often typecasts people into specific social and sexual types. We then become
conditioned to gravitate towards these types, and they to us.
The problem is that all of this is artificial and really, none of it benefits you. It benefits
the corporations producing these images, of this type of girl, or that type of girl, wearing
these clothes, or those clothes. All of it is an artificial load of garbage. Now, on some
level, there is some truth in that Birds of a feather do tend to flock together. People
with similar ideas, interests, artistic and musical tastes, worldviews, and stations in life,
will tend to congregate together naturally, and they will tend to prefer others similar to
them, to some degree, all things being equal.
However, if a man has experiences with women of only a certain level, class, race,
or nationality, might give him the mistaken impression that women everywhere are alike
in how they like to be approached, wooed and made love to. This is not the case, we all



grow used to our local norms and the ways society permits us to express our desires.
We all tend to think this is universal, when it is not.
Many are the ways in which women may express their desires. A hairdresser from
the Jersey shore might express different sexual tastes and inclinations, and different
ways of expressing her feminine desires, than a Japanese Cellist, or an Israeli art
student, an Indiana Waffle House Waitress, a New York Hipster and artist, a bisexual
intellectual at Smith College, or an Indo-Pakistani medical student.
These are all stereotypes. They are brought up because all stereotypes suggest
certain norms in aggregate group behaviors, these are made into artificial labels used to
sort people out, but the initial impulses are still living there and they reveals the reality,
that women from different quarters and stations in life may express remarkably different
preferences at times, and remarkably similar ones. This has to be weighed and
Basically, you have to pay attention to your woman, and use a variety of approaches
to arouse and satisfy her. In teasing her you can experience intense pleasure yourself
as well as the satisfaction of knowing you are blowing her mind in abandon.
You cant go wrong, in many cases, going slow and deep. Some women, younger
ones in particular, may say they prefer a hard and fast banging culture affects this,
and also this may be more the case if you are dealing with highly sexed women,
particularly ones who separate their emotions from their sex to some degree.
However these same women may at times want a more slow sensual grinding sex, it
can still be raw and primitive, but it doesnt have to be jackhammer like. Women who
are more sensual, however, typically prefer something a bit more complex than being
pushed over the arm of a sofa and pile driven hard from behind for five minutes. They
too want to be ravished, and ravished with emotion, but on a wider scale.
Typically many men sexually think from their penis, not their whole bodies. Your first
task in mastering your penis, your member, your tool, is to learn how to use your whole


body to give your woman pleasure, and to explore and discover. Those who do prefer
this early on often develop more sophisticated desires. It can be good to give your
woman hard, exciting and fast ravishing, but you also want to mix it with more sensual
love making.
It should also be considered that what a woman means when she says hard and
deep may be a bit different than what a man is thinking. Women enjoy variety, at all
times, when it comes to giving her an orgasm you want to settle into one rhythm and
give it to her steady, but in building up her excitement dont just focus on one style of
You will find that while mixing modes is good, often you want to start off Slow. Slow
typically works just well for many women, some confessed that a slow and steady deep
pumping also better allows them to start in their own vaginas a sort of pleasurable
"milking" action, which can be highly pleasurable for a man. This technique is known as
pompoir, and is well known in the East. The woman milks in slow rippling and rhythmic
inner movements the mans penis using her vaginal muscles. Certain types of thrusting
can activate an almost unconscious pompoir like action in certain women,
This is outside the scope of our work, and typically few Western women are
instinctively capable of this (see Julius Evolas notes on this matter) However with the
rising popularity of Kegel exercises Western women can consciously learn this art,
those who eschew it because of the thought that it only provides pleasure for men
should reflect on the fact that the action of strengthening these muscles massively
increases their own orgasmic capacity.
Observers from other cultures have noticed how typically orgasm insensitive our
western women, particularly American and English girls, are. The sedentary North
American lifestyle atrophies some muscles, critical in orgasmic contractions. Because
with a strengthening of these muscles (not just the pubococcygeus muscles but other
connected ones as well) their contractions during orgasm increase, which intensifies the
experience. In the Middle East a woman who can perform this is known as a Kabbazah


or Qabazzah, The art ultimately involves achieving a master of the pubococcygeus

muscles as well as the abdominal muscles.
In Kabbazah a woman mounts her man and remains utterly motionless, only
rhythmically milking his penis with the movements of her vaginal muscles, her
abdominal muscles, and her pubococcygeus muscles. The arts of belly dancing taught
this sort of muscular control.
Women who have innately developed this skill without training describe an ability to
ripple up or down with their partners inside of them, at will, while making subtle changes
to the angle of penetration whilst she rides him, or she is riding her, and dragging out a
pleasant sensation of a slow riding dragging along the ridges inside of her sex, and the
ability to intensely feel every movement and the subtle change of textures inside of her
vagina. This is best done with slow and steady sex, hard and rapid penetration deprives
both the man and woman of the voluptuous deliciousness of this experience.
Also for discriminating men of experience, young women who simply want to be
pounded like a porn star hard and fast often grows boring. What it makes up in visual
erotic intensity is lost in actual sensation. The superficial excitement of a hard and fast
pounding sacrifices much of the languorous, voluptuous, deliciousness of a slow and
steady ravishing.
Experience also shows that laziness is a factor, for some men and women. For a
man, just giving it hard and fast removes the necessity of creative effort. For women
favoring the porno queen harder faster approach there is often laziness, a desire to
just lie down and get a hard bang. A couple can and should mix both approaches, and
discover the intense pleasures available in variety.
Hard and fast porno style sex is mistaken for alpha and dominant sex. This is a
sign of lowness. Nothing is more dominant than slowly steadily controlling oneself and
teasing out ones thrusts in a girl, giving it to her inch by inch masterfully, holding her
legs apart and restraining yourself as she begs for your deep penetration.



The women who typically favor only hard and fast porno style sex often have only
had lukewarm lovemaking sex as an alternative, they are unaware of other
alternatives. Simply no men were experienced enough to slowly ravish them. They also
tend to be young and over-stimulated with poor attention spans. Give it to your woman
hard and fast once in a while, but mix it up. Female porn stars even have admitted that
in real life the hard and fast banging gets very old and boring, and they typically yearn
for something more complex and involved with greater variety
Understand this: Variety in thrusting, and position prevents sex from becoming
boring, especially in our sex soaked media culture dominated world. Often people are
so hyper-stimulated in our modern culture, and the same hard and fast sex, while
initially exciting, becomes very boring.
Slower and more sensual sex can be very intimate and personal, but it is not just
emotional, it can be intensely erotic and even animalistic it ultimately gives intensely
more pleasure than hard and fast porn star sex its not just about banging versus
love making. Hard and fast banging has a purpose for most guys and that is to get
off, to come, as fast as possible.
For men uninterested in intimacy and intensely focused on getting off and their own
pleasure only, this makes sense, but woman who want nothing more than getting
pounded as hard as possible may have a psychological issue with avoiding intimacy,
and likely to use physical sex as a means to avoid becoming closer her partner.
A woman and man who does not know their own bodies well deeply cannot reach
the heights of sexual bliss and performance we are writing about, The art of Imsak
requires a man who is deeply in touch with the sensations of his body, and is aided by a
woman who is also sensitive someone who cannot allow herself to feel pleasure at a
slow pace lacks deeper knowledge of her sexuality, this may be taken offensively by a
reader, but consider it. When we start our sexual journeys, is it not possible that we
begin our sexual experiences with someone whose knowledge of what sex is supposed
to be about simply comes from a few aggressive porn videos?


Men who acquire more sexual experience learn that their women can actually
orgasm from touch alone, and that soft touch caresses and massages are intensely
pleasurable. Such men begin to learn how to take time in order to thoroughly work their
womans flesh thoroughly. Such massages, kneading and flesh working, combined with
softer and more gentle caresses , can produce immense pleasure for her and also for
the man. An experienced man learns that all women like different rhythms and speeds,
and often what they like at one time, they will like something different at another time.
Again this points to the need for variety.

As you mix deep and slow pumping and stroking with deep and fast pumping, and
as you cultivate other thrusts inside of her, such as slowly churning and grinding her in
circular motions, circular, and side by side strokes, notice when the pleasure you feel
starts to grow too intense.
Every mans orgasm is a cycle, and once you slow down and pay attention you your
body, it will tell you as you reach greater heights of pleasure. Your goal is to not
succumb to the pleasure, to exercise self control over yourself, as you near the point of
inevitability before you would come, slow down and begin to breathe deeply, you will
find yourself using more shallow strokes, which will also help you retain control over
your excitement while teasing your women out.
When you slow down and employ less motion, without fully withdrawing from her,
this may help you last longer, provided you do not let yourself get too close to the edge.
Man is not a dog and thus should not frantically hump like a dog.
Observe a dog with his female. And observe his frantic motions and how quickly he
is finished. Man, unlike a beast, can intelligently take and give pleasure, and control
what is mere instinct to most animals (but not all as we shall soon see).
Where we previously told you to slow or to speed up youre your thrusts, while inside
your woman, know that we had another agenda in mind. Namely, teaching you to enjoy


many types of thrusts and their voluptuous pleasure, while enjoying the intense delight
they give your woman.
At the same time giving you the conscious realization that you can and should alter
your thrusting at times, sometimes thrusting more deeply, and sometimes thrusting
more shallowly. Sometimes thrusting faster and sometimes thrusting slower, combined
with deep breathing and a sensitive awareness of where your body stands, as far as
how close to coming you are, this is beneficial to you.
By going inside of her slower at first, and then taking her to the very edge of an
orgasm, and backing of and building it up again, without losing control yourself, then not
only will her orgasm be a more powerful release but the more times you get close to
your edge without stumbling over it, the more powerful and massive your own release
may become. In order for a woman to achieve her orgasm she needs a slow and
gradual build up of tension and stimulation, preferably at a steady and gradual rhythm.
This rhythm can speed up with time, but it needs to be there to begin with. This build up
of sensation results in a buildup of tension which she releases pleasurably through her
This benefits men too, the intense build up increases a mans own sexual tension
and the final orgasm can give strange results. Some men have experienced ejaculating
with such force outside their women that she was amazed and befuddled at the copious
amount of semen ejected, and the forcefulness with which it was shot out.
My previous words about going slower, varying your thrusts and positions, were not
only to excite her greatly, but also to increase the time you can remain doing her without
going over your edge.
As you are going insider of her, whether its harder and faster or at a slower groove,
do not forget to deep breathe during sex, you must slow down your breathing, especially
when you are close to ejaculating. If you focus on how quickly you are inhaling and
exhaling, this can help you withhold from your climax.



An additional benefit to alternating different types of strokes is that at the top of your
member, underneath the head, is typically the most sensitive part of your penis. By
alternating between short and fast, then long and slow strokes (or vice versa) you are
actually giving yourself additional and delicious stimulation, and the sensations are
This manner of stroking alone can help you last a little longer, while further exciting
and teasing her. Once you add the deep breathing this will help you last even longer. As
said before, if it does not succeed first continue to try and cultivate it. All of this is
superior to banging your penis inside of her like a jackhammer. Going slow and deep,
alternating with faster and shallow, and then giving her steady deep strokes at a set
rhythm while she is nearing to coming will help both of you get what you want and need.
As you are able to ravish her slowly enough to make her come, and give her what
she wants, while holding back yourself, you can if you desire bring yourself to
orgasm by thrusting in her faster and furiously after youve brought her to coming, and
your own orgasm will be intense. If you are with a younger more highly sexed girl this
can be intensely overpowering and delightful to her, seeing her man lose control, and it
will flatter her and make her feel how excited she makes you, how hard she makes you,
how rigid and throbbing she makes you. Do not worry about finishing yourself off first,
bring her an orgasm and let her delight in it, and then you can decide whether or not to
continue to draw it out or just finish yourself off.
A strong man prides himself on being fit and strong, and on being able to nail his
woman hard and fast, the problem is that while she may like this at times it is not truly
what she loves. Remember, this is about a cycle, and women in particular are very
sensitive to rhythmic cycles.
Yes some women like it slower and some women like it faster, as a base-line
approach, but what you must understand is that all of them like variations, some who
like being nailed hard and fast, if you observe them masturbating, they always start out
slower and languorously at first, sensually and in a groove, when they accelerate it is


near the end when they are trying to ride the crest of their pleasures wave and come,
when she comes she needs a constant rhythm.
All women will love it when a smooth man gives it to them nice and slow, as long as
it is done in a manly way, which means not being a sensitive wallflower, rather take
charge, and make love to her passionately, even with animal intensity, but know when
to just rock your hips back and forth and stroke your member inside of her.
Observe women dancing provocatively, observe then dancing by themselves, and
observe their hips and how they are moving.
Withdrawing from her if it becomes too intense
While you are thrusting inside of her, practice deep and regular breathing in order to
relax. If you do not relax, you may find yourself becoming too excited and aroused
almost on the verge of an orgasm.
We will explore this fully in the section on Imsak, for now keep in mind that If
remaining inside of her starts to become too intense, you should not hesitate to actually
withdraw from her.
When you withdraw you can continue to make love to her with your hands and lips.
For example, you can kiss her, finger her, caressing her back and other erogenous
zones with one hand, while fingering her wet and swollen sex with another.
You can then return to thrusting inside of her. This theme will be dealt with deeper,
Master these matters, and she will ache for you, your sex, and your penis, in ways
you never imagined possible before, morning and evening. And you too will ache for
her, for in lovemaking this complete and intense, you too will experience inconceivable



We have discussed your womans orgasms, how to trigger them well, the sensitive
spots to stimulate, and briefly foreplay, and we have talked about penetration and
thrusting, as well as breathing and relaxation, now it is time to bring this all together
This brings us to the final secrets and the point of this whole work: Imsak an alShabaq, Withholding of the Orgasm.

Section: The Method of Imsak Explained, and Explored, with

At this point, you have reached the main point of this work. To review, Imsak is
essentially withholding and delaying the male orgasm and/or ejaculation, allowing for an
indefinite postponement of ejaculation, and prolongation of the sex act.
Various methods of Imsak have been known to the Arab and Persian Muslims for
centuries, well over a thousand years, and the Caliph Harun al-Rashid was known to lie
with some of his woman for an hour or even two. And men like Prince Aly Khan
continued to use Imsak to this very century.
Various techniques of Imsak exist in the erotology writings of many Arab scholars,
we will explore a couple, the chief one will form the framework of our methodology, and
the others will accentuate them. The main technique I will explain was written about by
an ancient Arab Sheikh, Hussein al-Makhzumi, almost 500 years ago. His book was
translated into English a couple of decades ago by a gifted Arabian oil engineer, and his


method has the benefit of not only being clear, but also he describes the manner by
which he discovered the art, and this will be of benefit to you.
Before presenting this, I will cover your females orgasms, and clever ways to
pleasure her and help her reach a shuddering delightful ecstatic wanton orgasm. After
this, I will cover Imsak itself. All of these sections over-lap and you will find thins
relevant to one section intermingled with another.
After I present an abstract of his method, as well as how he discovered the method, I
will then describe other variations of the method that were commonly used in the Middle
East, and then finally synthesize modern knowledge recently gained in Western sexual
medicine and practice, while showing you how to integrate these approaches and
synthesize your own method in love making.
I will then address mysteries behind some things commonly alluded to, but not fully
explained, such as the use of penile and pubic exercises.
By the end I will have shown you ways of using your muscles, of breath control, as
controlling your own psyche, to achieve a greater degree of self control in coition,
allowing you to withhold your orgasm or your seminal emission and ejaculation and
achieve immense pleasure with your women and cause them to come several times,
deeply, both clitoral and vaginally, and experience both emotional and physical pleasure
with you that they were not able to from other men, except such ones who like you
acquired such knowledge.

Imsak and the first thing to know about it

The first thing that you need to know about Imsak is that it is chiefly about relaxation.
The second thing is that it is about choice.



Unlike the religious or spiritual sexual theories in Tantra or Chinese Taoism, you
dont have to believe in any supernatural precepts - from about circulating sexual
energy, chi, losing your vital energy, chakras, only allowing yourself to experience
orgasm on this special day or that, Imsak is independent of your metaphysical and
spiritual viewpoints.
Imsak gives you the choice to delay your orgasm up until the end - and to come
(powerfully and ecstatically) only at the point when it is no longer possible to continue
withholding, because the intensity of the pleasure has become painful, or when it simply
just becomes boring to you, or when it is no longer even desirable to withhold any
longer because you wish to share the gift of a mutual orgasm, or when you simply want
to feel the intense pleasure of coming, or when your woman has been utterly exhausted
and spent by your lovemaking.
Basically, you have the choice to choose to pull the trigger and come inside of her.
Inducing his orgasm at this point will bring in you, the man, incredible and indescribable
pleasures, and commensurate with how long you last, allowing your own pleasure to
build up, a massive long orgasm that will seem to stretch on.
How much more pleasurable, and how much superior, this is to the ordinary and
plain short, and sharp spasm, with a little pump or two giving you only moderate thrills
after a few hand caresses of a few brief rapid thrusts into your woman.
Moreover your pride as a man will benefit, there is a great satisfaction in being able
to withhold, you will acquire a deep pleasure in your soul, as you witness your womans
undergoing many violent orgasms, thrashing her head like a woman possessed, her
muscles growing taunt, and her animal like groans.
This is only possible for the man who has mastered these arts, he shall become a
great lover, and open for both her and himself greater doors of wonder, passion, and
delight. She will come to love him deeply, in both body mind and soul, for his kindness
and mercy in sharing with her pathways to passion and pleasure few people ever


Every woman dreams of being ravished by her lover past the point of
consciousness. You will give to her, safely and in a secure way, what she yearns for.
Becoming spent by hours of this pleasure will refresh her mind and body, and even
refresh yours, causing all worldly cares to slide away, and bringing to you a sweetness
without sorrows.
In many species of animals it is the male who is the first to become psychologically
aroused before any contact with the female, so to in most cases with mankind. The
man who is thus aroused then attempts to make a contact with his woman, just like with
the mammals, his initial physical contacts consists of physical exploring, touches, and
with his mouth by nipping and biting. Among men kisses rule but biting and nipping are
also highly arousing to a woman.
In just about every species of mammal it is also the male who initiates actual coition,
mounting the female and initiating ultimate genital contact and union, though as Dr.
Kinsey notes in his Sexual behavior in the human female a female in heat or in estrus
will then reciprocate this union.
What separates human females from every other mammal is that human females
are in a state of near constant heat or estrus. This is more the case around times of
ovulation, but compared to most other species on the planet women are almost
constantly in a state very close to physiological readiness for coition.
Psychological readiness however has to be awakened, and this is the point of
seduction for a man, in wooing and overcoming his womans defenses and opening up
to her an invitation to lovemaking, arousing her until she is ready. Just as with some
human females, there are female mammals who will initiate caresses petting and even
coition, sometimes quite aggressively, when in heat. This is also the case with women.
The typical rule, however, is that the man initiates. If a woman is highly aroused, like
other female mammals in heat, she may initiate herself.
What differentiates a man from other beasts, even higher mammals, is that open to
men and women are a wider range of techniques for arousal and sexual play, and that


our sexual activity may be consciously and intelligently planned and prolonged. There is
one other animal for which this is the case, and it is this animal that shall teach us the
art of Imsak shortly.
As Dr. Kinsey points out scientifically, something known and elaborated on for ages,
some form of foreplay, however perfunctory, is used by the males of all species, but the
intelligent use of foreplay to fully arouse and delight our females, to ready them for the
bliss and union of coition, while providing them with extensive pleasure, and also
prolonging the experience for the mutual pleasure of the man and woman, is unique to
As discussed previously foreplay is required, it may be briefer for some women, it
may be longer, but women typically treat foreplay itself as part of sex, not just a
preamble. When she remembers your lovemaking she will remember your foreplay as
an intrinsic part of it. From the first kiss, to the first caress if she be gentle in her
affections, or from the first kiss to the first bite and spanking if she be more violently
agitated, or for a masochist from the first kiss and bite to the first slap or punch. For
there are some women, though they be few in number, who enjoy being slapped as part
of love play, even degraded humiliated, spat upon, and more violent acts.
Psychologists used to believe some extremes were pathological and the result of
some sort of traumatic disordering. As I point out in the section on pornography, often
this is true. It doesnt change the fact, however, that these women get off on it.
Something that should be considered, though, is that it is possible that this may be
part of a legitimate range of normal female arousal, though at extreme ends. These
Eastern authors in their works mention ranges of female types, as far as the gentleness
or violence of their affections. A good deal of the Indian Kama Sutra deals with matters
such as biting and slaps as love play, with certain women. So there are some women
who certainly also want to slap you, as an arousing act. Whether you would like this, of
course, is another matter. There certainly are some men who welcome this, though your
humble author is not one of them..


The point is that whether she is a blushing coy virgin, or a leather clad ball-gagged
sub, all women need foreplay of various sorts, the length of the foreplay from a 30
second kiss and handholding in a bathroom stall before mounting her against a tile wall,
to a 3 hour love feast of petting, caresses, cunnilingus, touches, soft words, feathers
drawn upon her body, etc., etc.,
In order to thoroughly satisfy her, and also lengthen and draw out your own
pleasure, you must attain heights of perfection in the sexual arts that include cultivating
foreplay. Knowing which touches, nibbles, caresses, and penetrations bring most
pleasure. Good foreplay turns your woman on, could give her multiple pre-orgasms to
prime her for your extended love making or ravishing, and makes her orgasm arrive
quicker. More than this you must develop the ability to keep your erection hard for hours
if need be through Imsak.
Once you are able to do this you will be enable your woman to achieve orgasm one
after the other. Some woman are able to easily attain as ten orgasms in a night, the
truth is that it takes a few orgasms before a woman can become completely satiated.
The man who can give her three hours or so in copulation is better able to satiate her by
providing her multiple orgasms, without which she will not be satisfied.
Some women, still need this, but due to their sensitivity or lack of robustness or
sexual health (a problem in the modern West) will still instinctively need hours of love
making, but may have a need for their man to withdraw his penis after each orgasms to
give her a little time of rest, such a woman should still receive love play, and then soon
thereafter mounted again and again.
A man who masters this art gives his woman countless nights of passion and
beauty. Such a couple together are able to discover the full potentials for experiencing
pleasure created in their bodies and minds. Such men and women are awakened and
are more like human beings in their sexuality whilst the rest of humanity more
resembles beasts.



Sheikh Makhzoumis Discovery of a Method of Imsak

The Arabian doctor we mentioned describes in his book how he for long pondered
the problem of how to help men cultivate the ability of man to withhold his orgasm and
ejaculation at will. He reports a strange way through which the answer came to him at
the age of thirty.
He purports that at the time he was engaged in observing the baboon, an animal
originally prolific in his native country of Yemen. His curiosity was piqued due to his
knowledge of the voracious sexual appetites of the baboon, which are amongst the
most constant animals in their copulation, whose males almost appear to maintain
constant erection and among some breeds will continuously copulate with any nearby
females who are in heat.
Having long believed that a mans orgasm was brought on by release of muscle
tension after being built up (and he was not far from the modern understanding) and
that such tension is aggravated by a mans rhythmic movements while the man was
thrusting in and out of his womans vagina, he decided to observe the baboon due to its
close similarity to man.
Due to Islamic standards of privacy and decorum it was not feasible for him to
observe different men and women engaged in copulation, do he had some baboons one adult male and three adult females - captured and kept in a big cage in his
Observing the male constantly going back and forth between all of the females in
heat he observed him at his leisure, eagerly mounting each female for a few minutes,
then moving to the next, and so on all the while maintaining a full erection. Catching a
female, the male would simply casualty mount her, and immediately start thrusting. The
doctor observed, however, that the whole while the male appeared to be quite relaxed.
Indeed, the male himself would watch the doctor with seemingly as much keen
interest and intelligence as the doctor watched him, his eyes would follow alSecretsofthePersianPrinces,MaleSexualStaminaandtheArtofImsak


Makhzoumis movements, while all the while continuing his leisurely thrusting.
Occasionally the male would then scratch his head, look around him very casually, and
then a few minutes later casually dismount the female he was rummaging and amble,
all the while still in the state of firm erection, his member bold and wet, over to another
female whom he would proceed to mount, then resuming his casual thrusting into her.
The Sheikh was astonished both at the animals stamina and ability to simply walk
from female to female, catching them, mounting them at will, casually and leisurely
having his way with them while they submitted. On one occasion, the beast even
noticed a cockroach crawling nearby on the ground, and not missing a beat or stroke
the baboon stooped down, without even dismounting, picked up the roach, and ate it
with great relish, all the while not even stopping his thrusting.
The Sheikh beheld this display for an hour or a bit more, noticing the baboon having
mounted each and every single female in the cage several times each, when something
changed. The beast grabbed one nearby female, mounted and penetrated her, and
began his usual stroking into her, however this time the baboons demeanor changed,
suddenly his body became more hunched over, his muscles appeared to tense and his
previously calm and intelligent eyes glazed over, and the beast became completely
oblivious to all of his surroundings. Soon his thrusting became a rapid and frantic
pounding on the female, and only a few moments later he uttered a deep grunt and
sigh, his body trembled, his head dropped momentarily on his chest, and he dismounted
from his female with his penis wagging flaccid.
The Sheikh realized that the beast had just had an orgasm, and observed the
baboon further, whose voracious appetite caused him to repeat this rapid banging
perhaps two or three times a day, with an orgasm, but for the rest of the day, from hours
every day, morning to evening, in slow and leisurely calm and casual mountings of his
troupe of females, without orgasms, simply meandering from one female to the other.
Verily this creatures taste for coition was boundless.



The meanings of what he witnessed became clear, the seemingly brute and dumb
beast was doing something actually quite sophisticated, this baboon was practicing
Imsak, instinctively cultivating the art of withholding, through which he could continue in
coitus almost constantly. Day in and day out the baboon would copulate with any moist
female who was ready and receptive, the ones who were not receptive he would ignore
and mount another, and when another one became ready and moist he would amble
over to her and give it to her.
The secret this Sheikh discovered by watching the Baboon is actually what I have
been teaching you surreptitiously. The secret of Imsak was quite obvious, it is the state
of total relaxation in which the baboon kept himself. Whenever he desired an orgasm, at
will he had but only to tense himself up, and then he would be spent in a few moments.
It was as if the baboon knew what he was doing.
The Sheikh himself that very night put this to test, in making love to one of the
concubines of his harem. He discovered that as soon as he mounted his concubine, he
felt his buttocks tense up instinctively.
And here we see the secret, it is in the bodys tension, but most importantly
the tension in the buttocks, thighs and pubic regions. When he stopped, and then
started willing himself to relax, and then began his thrusts in a very gentle but positive
manner, moving back and forth pleasantly inside of his concubine, he felt himself lasting
longer. Every time he felt his muscles tense again, he relaxed himself and thus felt
himself drift away from the imminent orgasm, and thus was able to continue with his
casual thrusts.
The Sheikh after that night with his slave girl found that he was able to give her a
couple of intense orgasms, being able to withhold himself for more than half an hour,
and when his own orgasm arrived it was the most intense and pleasurable of his life, up
to that point. Strangely enough it was also the longest orgasm hed experienced, and he
writes that it was very much worth waiting for.



His concubine enjoyed the experience immensely, and he was astonished on talking
to her to find out that she had not only experienced two intense orgasms, but they were
vaginal orgasms. She proclaimed that previously, in his few minutes inside of her, she
had only been able to have clitoral pleasure. She was thrilled and delighted with this
pleasure, and proclaimed that he was the most exciting master she had had. And of
course they continued these experiments, most delightfully, for several years.

Starting out with the Practices:

There are certain things chiefly of interest in Imsak, one is physical relaxation while
in coition, the other is psychological relaxation while in coition, and the third thing is
strengthening the muscles of the pubic region to which the male member is attached,
and the fourth is basically coitus reservatus, involving withdrawing the member from
your womans vagina, pulling out before coming, and lastly cultivating a sense of
presence while in motion, learning to control your thrusts and penetrating motions while
in a relaxed state of arousal not too intense that you arrive too soon, but not too low that
you lose your hardness.

Banging or Nice and Easy

Read the Sheikhs account carefully. Now you see why I railed against hard pumping
and banging, not only do most women prefer slow coition, at least a good deal of the
time, but hard and fast banging destroys your ability to withhold your orgasm.
And most importantly it robs both you and your woman of depths of pleasure.
When I say that many women prefer it nice and slow I do not mean any sort of
Mr. Nice Guy limp ever so gentle and starry eyed soft love making. Do not
misunderstand this point. Do your women like a man, and not a little boy.



But this means of course, not like a horny Rottweiler ready to bust its load after 2
Yes, some women get off from being pounded and banged, no doubt. A lot of the
pleasure from hard and fast banging is psychological. She is getting off from your
It is intensely exciting and pleasurable to many women to simply just be taken hard
and fast, and hung up to dry wet. Any rhythmic thrusting inside of a woman will feel
good, at times, as long as it doesnt go past the pain threshold. But when you realize
that more than 50% - by some accounts of women never orgasm, and you realize that
a lot of guys out there are fast and hard bangers, well do your own math. You were
intelligent enough to buy this work, you are intelligent enough to figure it out.
Women can and do lie, to men, possibly you and I, about their pleasure and
satisfaction, in order to save our feelings. Some fast and hard banging will be
pleasurable to many women, in moderation. For the wrong woman, though, you might
catch a fist in your face. Really hard and fast banging first of all can start to feel painful
or even numb.
Ive experienced enough women, and more over actually talked to them a good deal
about their sexual experiences, and experimented with them observing their reactions,
to know what Im talking about. Those Women who do enjoy hard and fast thrusting
enjoy it in moderation, when its mixed up with other types of thrusting, often more out of
the psychological pleasure of being taken and less out of any physical stimulus.
Look at the way women masturbate, even in pornography. Or simply ask your wife
or partner if you can watch her masturbate herself, in a positive supportive way. You will
notice they apply, at first, light and gentle strokes. When they care close to orgasm they
may give themselves fast and brisk stimulation, but they work up to it first. G-spot
orgasms sometimes need good firm and steady thrusting, but thats a far cry from a
jackrabbit or puppy humping at 50 miles per hour.



Tragically, most women in our society rarely have had the opportunity to really be
done the right way, to experience any other type of sex than what their unenlightened
boyfriends (who you will now out-class, after reading this book, by miles) picked up from
watching some porn. Take the time to take a woman who hasnt experienced this type
of sex, and then slowly, deeply, give it to her the right way, and you will see how much
she prefers it.
Its all right and even exciting to take her hard and fast at times, as Ive explained
before the variation of sensations, the variety of feelings excites her, but you want the
mainstay of your love making to be steady, rhythmic, and slow.

What I find remarkable is how open the Sheikh was to the testimony of his
concubine, and to learning new ways of pleasuring his women. In that day and age,
they knew well not only that women were capable of having multiple orgasms, but that
there was a difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms, and some of the Sheikhs
even isolated specific types of orgasms, interviewing their wives and concubines, and
experimenting with new love making techniques.
The Books of Jalaludin Suyuti. Ahmad Kamal Pasha, Ahmed al-Tifashi, and many
other Arab and Persian Sheikhs are fully of descriptions of the pleasure responses
women were capable of. These writers were able to tell the difference, in a day and age
in which the Church was keeping knowledge of sexuality in Western Europe in the dark.
It is only in this day that the West recently has discovered that vaginal orgasms
exist, there remain even still many skeptical men and women. Some women are
actually well informed sexologists and activists who are convinced that the vaginal
orgasm narrative is simply another way of shaming women who are incapable of
achieving it, giving them a carrot to strive after that forever eludes them.



This is so sad, if only they were able to help their sister achieve this, instead of
judging their sexualities by their own experienced limitations, they would come to know
great empowerment and sexual healing
The Sheikh himself recorded these secrets in his book, and also recorded that at the
zenith of his prowess, he could withhold from orgasm for more than three hours at a
time. Imsak allowed him to pleasure his wives and concubines and satisfy their most
deep erotic cravings for slow, sensitive, deep, and through love making.
It is important to understand the various types of orgasms of women, all of which are
many and varied in the writings of these Persian and Arab writers. Theirs was a body of
erotic knowledge far more in depth than any writings of Tantra, and we hope to
gradually directly translate many of these treasuries of erotic wisdom whose spiritual
perspective holds the potential to transform relations between men and women in the
West, helping both to achieve more authentic and harmonious unions.
This knowledge is too easily neglected because the mans orgasm is so easily
reached, and once it is reached, and he has felt his pleasure, he has no incentive or
even physical ability to continue. But in todays world women have many options that
they never had in the past, and failure to sexually satisfy them can and will drive many
of them into not only the arms of other men, but also into the arms of other women.
Nature, to some degree, set things in a certain order.
Man must approach coition with great amounts of thought and preparation, in order
that it may be a deeply pleasurable act of men, and not instinctive rutting of beasts. The
man who can master these arts with thoughtful mindfulness, will only then arrive at the
true pleasures and delights that can be obtained for him and his woman, be she his
wife, mistress or lover.
Now that you have understood the basics of the technique of Imsak, and read the
descriptions of foreplay and coition earlier, about the varieties of thrusting and its types,
your job is to integrate this into your own method.



Making the Method Yours, Additional Techniques of Imsak

Only by making these methods your own will you prosper.
Only in this way will you be empowered.
You can add further refinements, it is not enough at first to just will yourself to relax.
In our society today men habitually carry around great amounts of tension from work,
and societys stress, bills, and a hectic urban environment. This tension is rarely let go
of. This is why many men today smoke marijuana, mainly to relax and let go. While in
India, even up to the 19th century, hemp was smoked for purposes of Imsak, most of
the Muslim world frowned upon such drugs. Drugs remove from you the ability to do
things yourself and master them inside of yourself.
You will find it greatly useful to cultivate an awareness of your levels of pleasure, this
is called contemporarily peaking though it was a method used by some of the Arabian
and Persian erotologists. It involves cultivating an awareness of the point in coition in
which you are about to come, and remembering how this feels, and paying close
attention to how the pleasure builds up in you.
You will, of course, be making sure to keep yourself from getting tense, but you will
soon notice a sort of point of no return after which you are going to come, and no
earthly force short of being knocked over the head with a brick will stop you.
Your task is to bounce back and forth between levels of arousal, from a plateau
zone, in this zone you are thrusting inside of her, feeling her tightness, wetness, and the
pleasure of the friction, but you can still maintain your self control.
As your pleasure builds up and you feel your arousal peaking, you want to slow
down your thrusting, either going deeper in her and simply churning her slowly with your



hips providing most of the motion, in this way the actual sliding motion of your penis
inside of her will be minimized, or thrusting very shallowly and slowly in her.
Do not be afraid to simply pull out of her, withdraw if you are too close to coming,
and proceed to caress her, and make love with your hands and mouth, kissing her,
licking and nipping her lightly, kneading her pleasurable flesh and stroking it, then as
you are continuing to stimulate her, slowly enter her again and start to stroke until you
again are close to coming.
As we previously mentioned, if the sensations become too intense and you are near
to coming, you should withdraw from her, in fact right away.
After this you can make love to her with your hands, caressing her body, and with
your mouth, using your tongue and teeth even, to stimulate her.
Finger her, caress her clitoris, palm her mound and gently apply pressure, rotate the
palm of your hand lightly on top of her clitoris and then put a bit more pressure, moving
it in rhythmic circles.
Soon you can decide to penetrate her with your fingers, or just continue to lightly
caress her clitoris.
If you enter her with a couple of fingers you can rotate your hand so that your palm
face upwards, and then with your index and middle finger you can pull towards yourself,
almost as if you were beckoning someone to approach you.
When your fingers are inside of her, you can also work your way up to churning
her, or rotating your fingers in her as if you were churning butter, with one or two
fingers. Some women are more sensitive than others, but if yours can take the
stimulation then you can lightly, or even heavily finger bang her upper vaginal wall.



What is better than this is a constant gentle pressure with a beckoning motion. You
can combine this with massaging her clitoris with your thumb or pressuring it
rhythmically with your writs or forearm as your hand churns inside of her.
All the while focus on her and her bodys beauty, focus on her sexiness and if you
start to go flaccid, enter her again while you still have hardness. Begin thrusting and
withdraw again if you get close to coming, caress her again and stimulate her with your
While you are fingering her, keep in mind that if she can endure the pleasure, you
can use a thumb on her clitoris or on-top of its hood, and applying pressure make slow
but constant and rhythmic motion. If this is too intense then a wet thumb gently
caressing around her clitoris can delight her, while one or two other fingers are steadily
stroking the upper inner wall of her vagina.
If you end up making her come in this way while you are recovering, then simply
mount her again, but slowly and gently because she will be more sensitive, and start
giving it to her with slow gentle thrusts.
These are aids, almost crutches, but they are methods to help you as you gently
slowly, and sustainably, grow an almost super-human degree of self control. The more
times you come close to coming, but back out either going slower until things build
down, or stopping all together, the longer you will last its the length of the experience
she will remember, to her all of this is coition, all of this is lovemaking.
The most seductive and tempting things is her sweet pleading voice begging you to
stay inside of her, begging you even to come inside of her. This is not a test, per se, but
sometimes what a woman says she wants, and what she actually yearns for, are
separate things. Female porn stars have even been interviewed on this, saying by all
means just pull out of her. She wont mind, even if she is begging you to stop, just pull
out. Even if she does mind just a little bit for a second, once you start your kisses and
caresses again it will build up her fire.



More importantly, women love being teased, its a game to them, women and
men have considerably different attitude towards being teased, as long as it is in
moderation they will actually get off from the feeling of being teased, and find actual
pleasure in your withholding a little tiny bit of pleasure from them.
This is why they almost die of lust and delight when you stroke the lips of their
vulvas with your hard erect penis, and only slipping its head into them, stirring the
entrance to their sex, slipping it up and down, and then just pulling it away.
Or kissing them and then holding your face close to their lips, so close, but not
kissing them. And if they try to pull you in holding back.
The point is not to tease them in excess, this can be cruel, but just a little bit of
teasing will actually stir their flames more powerfully, and increase their ardor, delight,
and pleasure. Pulling out after thrusting in them for some time and then going back in is
a tease.
Leave a woman on her back and lift her legs, and give her a single slow thrust, then
pull out again, then another single one, and then pull out again, keep your eyes riveted
on hers, gazing directly into her soul and you masterfully, with great self control, only
give her one thrust at a time. You will find that she is being driven insane with delirium,
and the psychological intensity of this situation might pull her close to orgasm or total
Modern authors suggest that you imagine a scale of arousal from one to ten, where
nine is an imminent orgasm, and at 10 you are coming. Their advice is sound, that
basically you want to have sex inside of her roughly between seven and eight and as
you are thrusting in her your pleasure and arousal will go almost up to nine, and then
you will come down.
This is a sound method and is essentially the same as the methods the Persians
and Arabs used, except they did not count the levels of pleasure they felt, it was more of
a feeling that you need to capture.


The Thrust Cycle

There were more traditional guidelines for Imsak which relied on cycles of
stimulus, peaking excitation, and settling down while both partners simultaneously
maintain a certain level of emotional and erotic arousal and tension in the mind and
body, the man simply withdraws whenever he finds himself reaching a critical stage.
The woman herself must assist in this, and they mutually monitor each others arousal,
tension, and excitement. It becomes a matter of cycles of pleasure and excitation.
The man and woman allow each other as many cycles as possible and desired.
Each cycle of arousal, build-up, and increased excitement, culminates in the mans
withdrawing from his woman, some traditional guidelines include a type of cycling
similar to Chinese methods, in which the man makes 10 thrusts before withdrawing
once. Then he makes another 10 thrusts, and then withdraws once, and so on.
In the 10 thrust cycle, he must penetrate her three times very slowly, and shallowly,
then he thrusts normally, but ends the cycle with two extremely slow and deep
This continues as long as desired, and unlike in Tantra or 19th century Karezza, the
spirit behind Imsak gives the partners freedom, and allows them to decide whether or
not to continue indefinitely, as the Sheikhs 3 hours attest, or if desired to reach a finale
crescendo, and come together. By this time the woman would have already come
several times, so this mutual and, often, almost simultaneous orgasm will be for her
almost heart rending blissful, and for him mind numbing.
The organized cycles of penetration and coition is a tool. To be used at first,
and then as both partners gain more experience with each other, greater spontaneity
will develop. It is a matter of patience, in a long term marriage or committed relationship,
allowing both partners to learn more about the others pleasure. It will only work,



however if the man is focused, with a high intention and sensitive attention, and if the
woman is patient and receptive.
Often the man will find his ejaculation to be immense, of copious and extraordinary
quantity and quality of feeling. At times, the woman herself can sometimes ejaculate
with an immense and welcome explosion of pleasure, especially if her g-spot has been
However her ejaculation isnt only based on g-spot stimulation, long sustained
stimulation and orgasms of any kind can eventually initiate, in some women, an
involuntary ejaculation. Much misinformation is out there about female ejaculation, and
it isnt the goal, the goal is the orgasm itself. But when it does occur, it is often a
voluptuous and delicious sensation to a healthy woman..
In the middle east, the mans cultivated and disciplined love making was often
greatly aided by his female partners own studied approach to love making, for some
women there were also studied and learned in certain similar arts and exercises, and in
particular the cultivation of the art known in the West as Pompoir.
Our later writings will explore this for women and the sensitive man who wishes to
help her cultivate this. Essentially it involves exercised very similar to what we call today
Kegels, leading to an extreme development of the pelvic floor muscles, and this
development not only gives the woman far more intense orgasms than a non developed
woman would imagine, but by her developing this to a certain degree it enables her to
assist her male partner by gaining more control over her man's member, once inserted
inside of her itself.
It is impossible to describe the sensation of having ones member literally milked by
the well developed sex of a woman who has taken the time to cultivate this art, but in
this case the man who has taken time o cultivate his arts of love making and the woman
who has taken her time to cultivate the art of love making both deserve praise and the
mutual pleasure both are only capable of giving each other. For both men and women,



the techniques of Imsak and Pompoir can be learned by anyone willing to try it, though it
does take practice.
With increased practice, and in the case of men similar exercises of his pelvic floor
muscles, it will be found that the degree of self control in the cycles of stimulation can
be increased by a certain mental trick, that involves the feeling of "throwing the will" into
the desired member. Both men and women can throw their will into their sex organs
and cultivate an actual muscle memory and intelligence, giving both almost superhuman levels of control.
If all of this seems unnatural and non spontaneous, know that the immense wanton
pleasure you and your partner will experience by cultivating this will remove any
concern for spontaneity form you, when you are in the throes of an orgasm strong
enough to make you lose actual control over your muscles, and almost swooning in
unconsciousness, you will experience the true meaning of the word spontaneity, and all
other silly objections that are really just fears of going too far, and fears of exploring
something new, will slide away in the most voluptuous and silken bliss.
There are additional tricks a man can use, as he goes up and down in levels of
arousal, or if he is using the traditional Arab and Persian method in using cycles of 10
thrusts, a couple slow and shallow, a few normal, and the last two extremely slow and
very deep, you will find more success by combining the traditional method with the
modern method of counting between arousal levels of 7 8, going back and forth and
building up almost to 9.
You may also find it very useful to keep your eyes VERY wide open. Closing your
eyes will pull you away from her, encourage her to keep her eyes open and to gaze at
you, keep your eyes on her, on her breasts, arms, face, and lovely hair, make love to
her with your eyes and will yourself to stay present with her. If you close your eyes too
soon this may push you over the edge, keeping in mind the baboon account, do not
allow your eyes to glaze over and your consciousness to withdraw. Stay with her
present, and loving.


Make a conscious effort to keep the eyes open. Open up, and do not think about
coming, avoid tension and whenever you feel tension in your body try to relax deeply.
Keep monitor your breathing, and notice if you ever stop to hold your breath.
When you hold your breath you will become tense, which is the opposite of Imsak,
rather subtly change your breathing patterns and notice that you are now focusing on
your breathing, breathe in though your nose, and out through your mouth. Try to
breathe in and out slowly, but if this doesnt work quick inhales, and slow exhales
through your mouth may help. If this doesnt work, try breathing in and out, slowly,
through your mouth
Holding your breath leads to tension, which leads to your losing control, which leads
to your coming too soon, so remember a few quick inhales through your nostrils, and
then out through your mouth, and continue to focus on your breath. Paradoxically it will
force you to be more present with her.
Most importantly, as we have persisted in pointing out through this whole book, you
must slow down. Slow down, again your woman is not going to mind it, and in fact if you
are a man with multiple women you will notice that many of them actually prefer it when
you slow down. Almost all women wants variation in their love making, so if you give it
to her harder and faster for a little bit, slowing down will give her variation and as she
enjoys it more you may find yourself realizing that she prefers this.
Love making is not a race, some women are more physically robust and need harder
sex, and other women are more delicate and refined and may need more gentle
treatment. Some women may need both at different times, but if you are pounding away
at your woman, and your arousal slips up to a level 8, then when you slow it down and
she will like it more because she likes variation.
Only once you see her near orgasm should you keep going at the same speed, for a
woman needs a steady rhythm when she lies close to coming, but if she is not near
orgasm, then she will not complain if you slow down or even stop, or whatever



complaints will be token ones, your slowing down and stopping will be like physically
teasing her, and will actually pleasure her more.
"The approach to your wives: they are your garments and ye are their garments"
(Quran 2:187).
These matters, you shall find, will work, no matter who the woman is. No matter who
she is, you must learn to slow down, and to relax, and to keep your eyes wide open,
focusing on your breathing, counting the cycles of 10 penetrations and then
withdrawing, monitoring whether you are on a plateau of arousal and pleasure, or
whether you are nearing orgasm, not being afraid to slow down inside of her or even
stopping, and remaining in her, or stopping and pulling out of her.
Look into her, eyes and seeing how much she wants her. Witness her beauty and
feminine charms, the curves of her body, her hair, her scents, all details, realize that she
wants you, here and now, and is yearning for you, remember the simple to use and
easy to implement techniques, remain turned on, and use your will to relax your body.
There are some modern authors who are influenced by Indian Tantra, who advocate
channeling the subtle energies of your arousal. The methods and descriptions Im
writing about, though based on teachings from Islamic sources, are independent of any
religious world view.
Im not going to tell you to visualize subtle energies that you may not
believe in, or to open subtle centers if your worldview doesnt include this.
These methods can be implemented by believer or non believer alike and do not rely
on believing in, or perceiving, subtle energies however if you find it useful mentally
throwing your intention and will through your body, by channeling your energy may
also be a useful aid to you.
In the Middle East there were, in some writings, matters of subtle energy dealt with
- written in esoteric texts by groups such as the Moslem Sufis. These Persian and Arab


writers wrote some things similar to what the Hindu and Buddhist Tantrics, wrote, but
some things were different. These were matters closely related to breath.
Breath cycles, really seem to be what many of these people were writing about,
when you get down to it basic Insufflation and exsufflation, blowing in and blowing
out. Among cycles of respiration, you can find that an influence over thought and
mental states can be gained. Conspiration - literally co breathing, is a powerful
technique, in which breathing together in harmony, such as when the one partner
inhales, and the other exhales, or both inhale and exhale at the same time, creates a
certain state of mind.
These practices have a history of use among esoteric practitioners and in particular
traditions of so-called sacred sexuality. They are not essential to Imsak, beyond basic
simple relaxation through breath control.
Whether there is any objective reality behind matters of circulating sexual energy
through visualization and breathing, or not, the point is that such conscious breathing
techniques, if not taken too far, can aid your control during the sexual union.
It is possible that, in visualizing subtle energies circulating into ones partner when
one exsufflates, and circulating into oneself when one insufflates, some men and
women might find an incredible degree of intimate emotional and almost spiritual
closeness with each other through this.
You may want to consider such matters, but carefully, only with long forethought,
knowing what you are doing and what your goals are. The bulk of our method does not
rely on it, rather a simple focusing on your breath and being present.
Do not underestimate the benefit or power of using your breath for sexual control.
None of this is difficult to do, once you know how and practice it a few times.



Know for a fact that you will get better, you will improve, and soon enough you
will have mastered your sexual responses, your erection and orgasms, enough to share
with your beloved pleasure that neither of you knew existed.
These methods and techniques led to a more contemplative type of sex, than we
typically are used to, but remember this. Men like Aly Khan and Porfirio Rubirosa
mastered this sort of Imsak, and the most glamorous and beautiful women in Hollywood
were willing to be their veritable slaves in bed. Because the pleasure they received in
return was above and beyond what any normal men could give them.

Section: Putting it Together

If you have been reading this, page by page, you have been assimilating the basic
tools of Imsak and the Arabian approach to the act of coition and love making already, I
have been giving you foundations soon we will put it all together. By the end of this you
will have a deeper understanding of many aspects of sexuality, and be able to integrate
it with your own understanding of sex according to your own experiences.
Attempting Imsak whilst having sex with the attractive, and lovely, woman you are
with is just this remaining supremely calm in the eye of a great storm cultivating a
degree of self control and self possession that for many men seems almost superhuman.
And this is why you must not give up until you succeed: because deep down
few women can truly, fully, respect a man who cannot last long enough to give them
the orgasms they need and yearn for. A woman may give her body to such a man, and


even part of her soul, but deep down inside it will rarely be s true and full surrender and
the more sexually experienced a woman is, the more she will realize that in this area at
least, her man is inadequate, and she will somehow resent this, even is only to a
degree. You will be riding the crest of a storm, and this inspires awe in a woman, awe
and devotion.
Underneath all of this is an attitude one of acceptance, of ourselves, our sex and
bodies, where we are here and now, and aspiration to achieve something great.
In our attempts to learning Imsak, a healthy attitude is to accept what it is about your
physical body that you can change, what you cannot, resolving to make a focused
and constant practice of improvement and practicing the methods here, and then
adapting them for your own purposes aspiring to reach high and succeed in your aim,
but gently accepting where you temporarily fail and learning from it - in other words an
attitude both of positive effort and striving as well as receptivity in the face of
Make your attitude towards sex with your woman, taking pleasure from her, giving
pleasure to her, and sharing pleasure with her, an extension of your very attitude
towards life itself. In the East there is an idea of Kismet an understanding of fate
and destiny, which in many ways is somewhat antithetical to Western cultural
narratives. In the West we pride ourselves on control of our destiny and fate, but there
is something to the Middle Easterners idea of kismet destiny, and their idea of
himma. aspiration.
In the literature Ive read, the idea of himma seems to imply a sort of focused
aspiration and intense striving towards greatness, but balanced out with an acceptance
of destiny. We misunderstood, when we Westerners read Eastern literature.
The Middle Easterners acceptance of what he calls fate and destiny, is the
recognition that in life there are numerous factors that we have no conscious control
over. That we find ourselves in a given situation, here and now. But our aspiration, what



the Arabs call our himma, can and should lead us to making effort to achieving great
For example, you have no control over your height once you pass the age of 23,
maybe 25 at the very latest your bodys growth plates are fused. Short of problematic
surgery there aint much youre gonna do about it
But, you can control if you are overweight, or not, within reason baring thyroid gland
problems or a wrecked metabolism which often is the result simply of allowing years of
decline to get out of control. You can do little about a 3 inch penis, baring a few
exercises most of which achieve only limited success. You can do a lot about learning
how to use it, and other skills in your sexual repertoire.
So the Middle Easterners attitude, that comes across in their classic literature,
seems to point to an intense striving along with an acceptance of what is. Therefore the
Arab or Persian says Inshallah meaning what God wills.
Where does this leave us, in the 21st century reading this? With the realization that
our efforts to better our must cultivate the ability to consciously relax your mind and
body in the face of negative emotions and life occurrences, manfully accepting with
resignation and patience things you dislike but cannot change, and in this retain the
ability to relax in the eye of a storm.
As you attempt Imsak, you will at first likely fail. But you must not give up, you must
continue to try. Your himma, that is to say your aspiration, must be to achieve this art
and science. By this you will be seeking heights that lesser men do not, and aiming to
master that which they cannot. If, when your first attempts at Imsak do not succeed, you
continue, do not under any cost give-up, but refine your approaches and in what follows
experiment . You must accept what now is, in your situation, and still aspire to try again,
and again, and again with patient perseverance.
This is a matter of releasing, letting go, of what must be released and only holding
onto what must be held on to.


Sex, for both men and women, is strongly psychological. There is the physical
component that consists of reflexes made in reaction to stimulus, but what few people
realize is that arousal and desire begin in the heart and mind.
Focus deeper on the matter of your ability to concentrate and focus, and then
relaxing your concentration, while at the same time directing your focus to the right
place. It sounds like a contradiction, but I assure you it is not.

Section: Ravishing your Woman Lovingly

So, let us now put it all together.
Tonight you will joyfully, consensually, and passionately, ravish your woman: taking
her in a variety of ways, exploring the roadways of pleasure with her.
Starting right now, as you make love to your woman, you must make a gentle effort
to remain present with her, enjoying the sight of her beauty, gazing at her allowing her
sight and scent to turn you on.
You caresses and kisses shall warm her up, learn to savor this process, both
witnessing how aroused she grows to your caresses and touch, and yearning to enjoy
them yourself. When it becomes time to enter her, learn to savor the act of slowly
teasing her vulvas lips and her clitoris with your member, and then slipping in into her
deliberately, slowly, and easy at first.
This bespeaks of mastery and dominance and since women yearn to be teased it
will be quite delightful to her. As you cultivate the awareness of taking the time to rub
her vaginas wet lips, to savor the sensation her sex gives you, and feeling of her sexs
flesh on the head of your penis, so too savor, and drink in, the visual sight of her, her
scent, her sounds. Savor her moisture and wetness, the texture of her smooth vaginal



lips, and as you part her lips masterfully with your head and rub her clitoris, watch her
legs begin to quiver and listen to her soft gasps.
Never forget that most women live to be teased, so as you tease her with your penis
slowly she will grow to almost worship it. Parting her vulvas lips, sink your member
deep inside of her, and as you sink slowly in while speaking to her, admiring her
sexiness and beauty, begin to stroke inside of her. As the head of your member is
sliding in and then sliding out completely, admire the traces of her wetness on your
member, and wonder with astonishment at her arousal.
Pausing, and then diving back in, you will repeat this process slowly, as she begins
to warm up to your sex, and as she grows increasingly wet around your thrusting
member. As she grows more fevered, you can grow more lusty and firm in your
thrusting, and more dominant in your caresses.
From soft caresses you can move to confident kneading of her buttocks and gentle
kneading of her breasts, firm stroking of her flanks, spreading her thighs deliberately
with your hands and lifting her legs up to rest on your shoulder as you bury your
member deep inside of her quivering flesh. All the while you must remember what we
wrote earlier about relaxing and cultivating a sense of relaxation, you must remain
aroused, but not so excited that you blow your top rather it is better to remain in a
relaxed state of dominant manly presence, while you are taking her.
A mans masterful and yet engaged presence in himself, is a highly attractive thing
to a woman.
While you are taking her, you may be sure now and then to stop thrusting inside of
her now, leaving your member firmly and deeply throbbing inside of her, but not moving.
You may at times even pull all of the way out, and then caress her wet sex with your
hand, gently finger her, and then slowly penetrate her again with your member, and
start stroking inside of her again.



Vary between gently caressing her and firmly manhandling her some, spread her
legs wider, and tell her how much you like the way your penis feels inside of her, praise
her gently but sexually, complement the beauty of her eyes, and hair, or some other
feature of her that you find charming, but also complement her passion, the way she
feels inside, her tightness, her wetness, her scent. For women grow very uneasy and
insecure about these things and your complementing her validates her in these things
and relaxes her so that she can feel more comfortable pleasuring her.
Tell her she likes your penis hard and throbbing inside of her, as you start to thrust
again, burying yourself inside of her. At other times thrust shallowly and quickly, then
return to slowly and deeply. Churn your member inside of her as we mentioned earlier,
and as your begin to churn her, your thrusting power coming from your hips circular
gyrations, with the head of your penis grinding against her clitoris, if you are doing this
right you may create a suction like reflex inside of her depths, like we previously
mentioned, and you may feel her muscles pulsating around your member.
Complement her on this, tell her you feel it and that it is sexy to you.
As you are working her up, continue to relax, and be sure to breathe deeply,
especially as you grow more excited, if you feel like you are close to coming, back off,
move more slowly, or change the stimulus, or just pull out of her and just stroke her
clitoris with the less sensitive side of your member. Then going back inside of her, thrust
in circles, and then thrust in her from side to side, sometimes pull completely out and
then slide back in. As you are doing this you can speed up a bit with each thrust. Give
her a variety of different thrusts and continue to savor her scent, her sight, and the very
vision of yourself ravishing her. Allow these things to turn you on.
As you do, continue to manhandle her, lift her buttocks up and spear with your
member, with her thighs and sex elevated on the bed and her head resting against it.
Put her down, turn her on her side, do not ask just gently but firmly turn her half over on
her side, and then deliberately grip your penis hard and wet with her fluids, brandishing



your sword so that she can see it push her thighs and knees back against her chest so
that her buttocks and sex are exposed to you as she lies on her side.
Insolently manfully and slowly enter her again, tell her to describe to you the
sensation of your penis as you rummage her deeply, and to describe to you what she is
feeling as you are churning into her, and as your hands kneading her breasts, stroking
her flans and thighs. Bend over and kiss her. Flip her on her belly, pull her body up so
that her quivering rump is facing you and, again, manfully enter her again.
By doing all of this you are giving her a unique experience, of intense erotic variety.
They call variety the spice of life, and as you are enjoying her the variety of your
stimulus and your vocally let her know of your pleasure, that you are enjoying her and
her body, you are exciting her greatly.
Women normally enjoy pleasuring a man just as she enjoys being pleasured. By
letting you know that you are enjoying her, and enjoying being inside of her, this
validates her own sexiness, to her.
As you can see, what we are speaking of isnt slow sex and it isnt supposedly
Tantric sex (much of which is not truly classically tantric.) It can be spiritual sex, the
worldview that produced Imsak and these erotic arts saw all human activities, including
sex, and potentially holy and sacred, and thus spiritual. But what we have been
describing is as animal and lusty of a ravaging as any woman would imagine.
What we are speaking of is more than just a type of deliberate slow sex, mixed with
deep penetration, hard thrusting, soft thrusting, shallow and deep thrusting, all
interchanged. , can be intensely erotic. When most women want to be ravaged this is
actually what they want, not a perfunctory three minute drilling or porn style banging.
The type of ravaging that we are describing, is full of voluptuous pleasure and
sensation, and it gives you the freedom to slow down or speed up, or even just at times
to stop. This style of lovemaking forms the foundation on which you will build for
yourself the methods of Imsak. This will be the foundation of your methodology.


Women find communication through the eyes to be exquisite, a man with courage
can visually devour her beauty with hungry eyes, while still yet savoring their
connection, before they even start to move, and as they are engaging in coition.
During coition, sincere and sudden moves of passion such as sometimes grabbing
your woman by her buttocks and pulling her into you, as your member impales her
deeply, can greatly excite her. Savor the sounds of her gasps, and hold her there
quivering for a moment while you enjoy the feeling of being inside of her, surrounded by
her warmth. Gaze into her eyes and smile, and then give it to her hard and fast for a few
thrusts, then slow yourself down.
Tell her to wrap her legs around you and then slowly churn inside of her with your
member. Do not ask her, rather simply tell her to do this, for this displays your
dominance to her.
Slow down and kiss her, and as your are churning your penis inside of her vagina,
moving your hips in swivels, and enjoy the feeling of her wetness spilling around you.
Realize that this is a process, not an event.
This is critical, as you are doing this, you should slow down and start to breathe
deeply. Become aware of your body and your sensations, and notice where you feel
muscular tension.
Where ever you find such tension and tightness, will it away, and will yourself to
relax. Focus on your breathing a bit more, this will partially remove your focus from the
intensity of the sensations, and give you a degree of detached presence in the act, you
shall feel the edge of your breath, as it passes in and out of your nose.
Regardless of who your woman is, every encounter with her can be many things at
the same time, it can be raw and passionate, a dominant and intense ravishing, it can
be lusty amusing and fun, it can be loving bonding and sweet, it can be an animal urge,
it can be almost angelic.


One dominant move is to hold and pin her down. Your penning her down can be
gently with your weight, but still present. Some women, not all but some, yearn for
intense submission to a man, some women yearn for a more equal exchange of sex, a
few even yearn to dominate a man and do him, though most women by nature have a
submissive core. This is not an absolute and is a matter of degrees.
If your woman is more submissive, gazing in her eyes, gather a light handful of her
hair close to the roots, and slowly, though firmly and deliberately, bend her head back
by her hair. Some women can orgasm simply by having their hair pulled. But some
women are painfully sensitive to hair pulling. These things you must explore in a
sensitive way, testing as you go.
In pulling her hair, it is critical that you do it close to her roots, not further up, for the
former can elicit an animal like response of lust and desire from her, while the later can
make her wince with pain, followed by her hand slapping your face. The deliberate
slowness is to avoid jarring her, while you are taking her she will be immersed in a
mood, to sharp and sudden of a stimulus, particularly when it is uncomfortable or a
sharp pain, can shock her out of this mood and ruin it for her.
With her neck bared kiss her neck gently, or bite it lightly without breaking her
skin, run your tongue along her neck and collar bone lightly.
During coition, alternate between thrusting inside of her hard and fast, and thrusting
inside of her slowly, gently and sensitively. Some women yearn for their men to
dominate her, and take their pleasure from her hard, making her feel wanton and even
used. Some women feel cheapened and like a whore this way, though beneath the
shame may lie a secret thrill. Focus on the sensations during coition.
Some women yearn to be gently made love to her, caressed softly and made to feel
sensitive, bonded with, and cared for. All women, at some time in their life, may secretly
yearn for both a man who can be sensitive to her moods, and vary his lovemaking will
not only provide his women with a variety of stimulation and emotional, and physical,



pleasure but also will build up a deeper emotional connection with her, by taking her
further than any other man has.
Your slow and sensitive lovemaking may validate in her mind your caring for her,
that she is special to you, and not just a sex object, while at the same time, your taking
her hard and fast, or manhandling her during sex can make her feel like you are doing
her like a little slut and wench but in the context of desire for you, this may make her
also feel validated. In particular, if she feels unique, and cared for at the same time, she
may feel this like your masterful and powerful enjoyment of her, and allow her to
surrender in great depths to the experiences and feelings, she as a lover who matters,
not an anonymous object, not as someone who is disposable, but as a unique woman,
who is now able to let go and simply drift in desire and pleasure as you, her man, takes
her on a journey of passion, pleasure, and desire.
You can always take her hard and fast, but you should make sure there is enough
variety in your love making and that a good deal of it is sensuous, slow, and savoring of
her. Variety, again, is key. Do not underestimate this.

Section: Pornography and your Expectations:

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said: The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to
hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to
This is going to be the most controversial part of my work, it may fly in the face of
your beliefs. All that I can say is, do not skip this section. Im not going to order you or



tell you what you should, or should not do. But I will give you my perspective, and it is
up to you to decide how, and to what degree, you want to receive it.
However, its more relevant than you think. Because one of the sources of our
problems with maintaining sexual stamina, believe it or not, is improper masturbation
habits. And pornography augments this problem. Its possible to masturbate in a way
that, actually, helps you learn the art of Imsak and last longer by simply substituting
masturbation when alone, while doing the cycle exercises and relaxation previously
described. Stopping before you come and ejaculate, done properly once you get a
feeling for where, exactly, your body is on the point of coming, and relaxing deeply,
breathing deeply, and even if necessary stopping stimulation you can actually shorten
the learning curve for Imsak. It is, of course, more fun with a willing and understanding
partner who is there to help you achieve this skill. But in a pinch, your hands, and an
hour or two practice a day, will get you to where you need to be, without fear of
However improperly used, masturbation can make the problem worse, turning you
into a 2-second rocket, and pornography, in particular video porn, and in particular
extreme gonzo porn can make your problems far, far, worse.
Read this all the way through, or at least skim it twice. Do not skip it.
I know some of you will skip this, or not put in the work of considering it. This
is as you will, but you only have yourself to blame if you fail to reach your aims.
I am going to hit on something personal and emotional for many guys, something
many people are liable to just scoff at. But its important to look at this with an open
mind. My including this section is not being puritanical or moralistic, my concerns are
I will not try to force my worldview or way of thinking on you, but at the same time if
you are going to get anything out of this you have to be open to considering possibilities



other than what you are accustomed to. The close minded learn nothing because they
shut themselves off to learning.
You should strongly consider the possibility, at least, that our pornography habits
could actually be setting you up for failure in bed, or at least preventing you from
reaching your full potential.
Consider the possibility that the way we are conditioned and accustomed to watch
and consume porn, and the type of porn itself, may actually make us into bad lovers,
because we imitate the male actors on film, and their style of sex isnt remotely
appealing to the vast majority of women (there are of course exceptions).
All I ask is that you consider that possibility, and weigh it in your mind.
Unless you know what you are doing, and deeply know the woman you are
with, doing to a normal and healthy woman what you see done to a commercial
porn actress could at best simply turn her off, and at worse spell the end of your
relationship and lead to emotional scaring for the woman you live.
Basically the point is having discretion and common sense.
If a guy can separate porn sex from real sex in his mind, and not mix the two, then
porn is less harmful (though constant masturbation and watching porn does keep many
guys at home, alone, instead of in the world, where they might actually meet a real
partner who could change their lives)
What Im going to go into has less to do with my own personal mores, and more with
practical matters, I am convinced that for many men pornography conditions us into bad
sexual habits that rob not only our partners of pleasure and enjoyment, but ourselves as


If you learn sex from pornography, you will misjudge your own arousal and
performance, and utterly misunderstand what really turns your women on, in a fluid
process. Not all porn, of course, but the vast majority of it seems almost calculated and
designed to get you off, as quickly as possible, and teach you bad sexual habits.
Of course if someone doesnt know better, you take what you can get. If you havent
had gourmet wedding cake then a Twinkie is pretty good. If you havent had Hagen Daz
Ice Cream then the cheap stuff you can buy at a corner gas-station is pretty tasty.
Many men become disillusioned by pornography, because they dont have the
performance of stamina of the guys they see on screen, or if they try the positions, or
actions, they see on screen their girls just dont seem to respond the same way.
Its all an illusion - real life porn stars, male and female, have often openly stated,
especially more recently, in interviews that the real porn sex, on stage before the editing
room, is nothing like you see it depicted in the finished video.
Porn sex is not like real life sex, and some porn actors and even directors will admit
it. You cannot learn how to please a woman through porn, because porn is a fantasy.
Not all porn, to this degree, its possible to pick up one or two useful tips our of one or
two scenes out of hundreds of thousands, but remember just like in gambling the
house always wins, eventually
Its best to just consider porn as entertainment, and often pretty bad entertainment at
Is Porn Really That Bad?
I argue that in many ways, for many people, pornography may be bad for them
because it affects their sexuality in a way that cripples them in some ways when I say
bad this sounds like moralistic language. When it comes down, in prehistory moral
codes started out as survival techniques in a social group. Fundamentally before getting



fossilized in routine and thou shalts/thou shalt nots or else the fire god will burn you to
a crisp morality and mores started out as practical matters of survival.
For example, incest was bad because it affects certain family emotional bonds, and
besides inbred children tend to be genetically weak, robbing the society and familys
gene pool of vigor. Stealing is bad because it endangers the security of the tribe and its
inner cohesion, creates the grounds for retaliatory violence, which further affects a
groups cohesion, and in pre-modern, pre-welfare state society, stealing vital food or
assets from someone could lead to their starvation. Its hard for us in modern society to
understand how practical human social behavior can, or cannot, affect survival.
So, in my book, why is pornography dangerous in mastering the arts of lovemaking?
Lets look a bit at history, and then come back to this question

Real history is a bit different than what weve been taught.

Pornography has always been about illusion, but before the invention of motion
pictures, video, and now the Internet, this illusion was static. Pornography has existed
human history for ages. In fact some of those supposed goddess figures that
archeologists uncovered are now believed, by many experts, to have been just early
Did you know that Ancient Greek and Roman cities have elicited a trove of dirty
sculptures, with exaggerated sexual organs in amusing poses, some not so different
from the kitschy dirty sculptures routinely found in American antique store from just
50years ago, burlesque woman shaped lampposts, pipes, ashtrays, hair-brush handles,
you name it. Even ancient Greek temple statues were designed to arouse, often painted
realistic flesh tones, history records that men would actually, well, break into temples
and stimulate themselves at night to them. Temple priests had the unpleasant jobs of
cleaning up the inevitable mess on the statues in the morning.



The difference between earlier pornography and erotic art, and todays porn, is that
porn of the past required more imagination to indulge in. Pornography of the past was
less life-like and was static; therefore it was impossible to develop strong sexual
expectations from it. You had to project your fantasy on it; it was simply a catalyst, to
Many ancient Greek vases were very sexually explicit, sowing all types of
penetration, and some very kinky stuff. However the men and women depicted were
hardly idealized, and were fairly normal and typical in their body-types, even though the
acts depicted at times stretched credulity.
Early pornography required more imagination, as contrasted with the hyper-real
virtuality of modern pornography, which is fantasy deliberately staged to present an
illusion of a sex scene as if it was hyper-realistic, but the whole situation, and especially
the womans responses, are an illusion.
What I hope my book will eventually be about, is feeding a burning revolution in our
society, as we men of the West, take insights and useful wisdom from the East, and
combine it with our own Western traditions and practices.
It may sound unrealistic, but I am thinking of the rise of the Sexual Ubermench. A
new man who is sexually, ethically, and physically empowered. I think that porn is
calculated at keeping us men down.
For me, porn obstructs this goal, and if possible, getting rid of our porn could be a
revolutionary act for us. Granted there are plenty of times in a guys life where a woman
isnt available, porn fills that void. God knows Ive looked at enough of it, but something I
noticed is that the more extreme porn actually jaded me when it came to my sexual
desires and relations to real flesh and blood women and that cant be healthy.
I think the least harmful porn are magazines and static pics, because they require us
to fill in the action in our imagination, which means we end up using our brains. Next,



there is something about the extreme visual stimulation porn offers that makes it very
difficult for a man who is trying to control and master his penis to do so.
Watching modern porn, most guys I know get the impression that the best way of
having sex with their woman is banging the &$%@ out of her as you will learn, in
Imsak is a completely different and powerful approach to sex, based on something far
more subtle and nuanced than banging the &$%@ out of a girl.
Its an approach to sex, remember the two greatest playboys of the 20th century,
men who bedded women hotter and richer than 99% of the women on the planet, owed
their prowess and part of their addictive appeal to women to their knowing this art
Women want to be taken in a deliberate way, granted sometimes women like, enjoy,
and even yearn for a sloppy fast and furious quickie banging, but for the most part even
when they say they want this they mean something quite different than what you are
thinking. They dont mean endless piston style in out slam bam pumping with no buildup.
For some women, the excitement of lusty fast and hard coition may be exciting at
first, but realize that slower more deliberate sex is absolutely delicious to a woman.
Even if you are doing her fast and hard, you need to develop a sort of rhythm thats
more subtle than just in and out.
On a fundamental level, many women want and yearn for things, even if they cant
articulate it, but many indeed can articulate it if you only listen carefully enough.
All want a variety of types of sex, though some may either simply repress it, or are
not fully aware of the urges to the degree that they can articulate it, because all they
have experienced is a single mode of sex in their life. But they do have this yearning in
their souls and the man who does them right the first time will see them open up.



Im going to go over this deeper, later, but know that what women want most of all is
variety, they both want to be done hard and fast like shes in heat and gently made
love to, and also passionately ravished in every way possible, and sometimes all at the
same time.
Its the same with us men.

Our First Sexual Education and an Eastern Approach

In our culture today our first sexual educator often is pornography. Sometimes its a
fathers awkward birds and bees explanations, sometimes its distorted information from
peers in school (often influenced by porn they saw) or school sexual education. In all
three cases the sources tend to skew some things, reflect agendas and preoccupations
of various adults that arent relevant to a growing boy, and often are very problematical
Porn often fills the gaps in our sexual education as young men, and I contend that
this can be very dangerous.
If you are under 30 usually Internet porn primarily, with the wide range of everything
from Gonzo rape porn, to Japanese Bukkake, to all sorts of amateur pornography in
between. If you are over 35 or so its possible your first experiences could have been
VHS tapes stolen from a big brother, penthouse or hustler magazine, and only in your
adulthood did you discover the rather wide world of Internet porn.
As Ill point out shortly, pornography sexually conditions us in many ways.
Conditioning is an important matter. In mastering the arts of lovemaking, and in
particular Imsak, you will need to re-train, re-condition yourself to react to sexual
stimulus in a way quite different than our culture conditions us.
In contrast to our modern Western culture, in many parts of the East, up until the late
19th century, it was not uncommon for young men especially middle class and upper


class young men - to be taught the arts of lovemaking from the sorts of marriage and
lovemaking manuals that this eBook is inspired by, the so-called Kutub al-Bh
(books of pleasure.) This was the case from the Moslem Middle East, to the mixed
Hindu-Muslim cultures of India, and up to China
These books were actually full of medical observations as well as practical
information on preparing a woman for coition, and actual physical seduction and
escalation, lovemaking positions, the subject of this work, Imsak, and much more.
For example, Sir Richard F. Burton, translator of the 1001 Arabian Nights and the
Kama Sutra writes, in his Terminal essay: It must not be supposed that such literature
is purely and simply aphrodisiacal. The learned Sprenger, a physician as well as an
Arabist, says ..of a tractate by the celebrated Rhazes in the Leyden Library, "The
number of curious observations, the correct and practical ideas and the novelty of the
notions of Eastern nations on these subjects, which are contained in this book, render it
one of the most important productions of the medical literature of the Arabs." I can
conscientiously recommend to the Anthropologist a study of the "Kutub al-Bh."
Essentially, teenagers in these cultures were made well read in these matters before
their first sexual encounter, usually in marriage anywhere from the ages of 14-18. This
means that the young men went into their first relationships (for polygamy was
somewhat common in some, though not all, urban Middle Eastern cultures) with a fairly
in depth knowledge of aspects of seduction and love making.
These sex manuals, the Kutub al-Bah, more than rivaled any sex and seduction
manuals that you will find today. These books were from a thousand year line and
tradition of detailed and explicit writing about the arts and sciences of sex, often written
by actual physicians, who also had extensive sexual and amatory experience often with
harems of anywhere from 2-4 wives and a few concubines.
If you have a harem, a real harem, of 4-6 women you have to manage, care for,
make love to, keep entertained, motivate, keep productive, feed, clothe, and otherwise
maintain, then believe me you are going to need to know certain arts. This necessitates


a great deal of what would be called, today, game - in that these men had to learn to
handle, and please, multiple women emotionally, psychologically, and sexually n long
term basis, not in the context of a promiscuous one night stand or two, but dealing with
the daily drama that such relationships entail.
Are you starting to see why this knowledge is so valuable? These were men who
had themselves put into practice the insights they learned from earlier books, from their
medical practice in listening to the intimate problems of numerous patients, and in their
own capacity needing to literally satisfy a harem.
In the middle eastern culture of the time, a viable ground for divorce for a woman
was a husbands inability to sexually fulfill them, and cases of this nature are
documented in medieval documentation so these authors from their experience with
their sexual lives with their wives and concubines, meticulously noting their womens
reactions to various practices and positions, words and seductive talk, and soon.
All of this produced a body of literature that was consumed by young men, often at
their fathers direction, to understand how to please the women they would soon be in
betrothal to.
It was a totally different culture and world view, but insights from it can be helpful to
ourselves today, in the modern West. Where we learn about sex from can profoundly
affect and condition our sexual lives.
A non-Moralistic, Practical Insight into Modern Pornography
It is not impossible, to learn an interesting thing or two from porn. The problem with
pornography is there is so much of it, of varying degrees of quality, some of it sucks
no pun intended some of it is artfully produced and can be actually enjoyable to both
men and women, and truly reflects an eroticism that stimulates and arouses women.
What the male actor does in such porn might actually be highly arousing and satisfying
to a normal healthy woman. The trouble is, you dont fully quite know what you are
dealing with.


Porn has a couple of problems. One, it teaches really bad thrusting skills and really
bad sexual techniques. Its a rare day when you see something really useful in a nonamateur, professional, and non-instructional video. Two, it teaches you unrealistic
things about female arousal.
In many peoples opinion modern Pornography is often chiefly about the illusion of
sexuality, and not the reality of sexuality. Its a truism and clich, and maybe it holds up.
I contend that older porn at least was more plausible sexually than a lot of what we
watch today. I realize Im going to tick off some readers, but please bear with me a few
minutes and let me explain.
An obvious fact is that most porn, excepting true amateur material, is staged,
therefore its essentially performance. What you see on screen is the result of
meticulous editing and shooting.
Many porn actors and actresses admit this. Porn is chiefly about a pleasurable
illusion. For example a single seemingly passionate sex scene could actually take 45
minutes of multiple takes, the woman could be in a bad mood and dry, the man could be
on a number of performance enhancing drugs as well as steroids and need frequent
fluffing just to stay erect, the woman could be completely dead to any pleasure and
faking her whole reactions, if she squirts in the scene, this could be easily faked.
Of course thats not to say that in some rare cases you may actually see adult
performers truly engaged in mutually pleasurable sex. This can happen when theres
real rapport between the actors, and they have a sense of comfort together. Porns a
totally different world of sexuality in many ways.
Sometimes you do have actresses truly and pleasurably getting off with the male
actor, Real signs of arousal result, while skillful performers could fake many responses,
the real flush of orgasm, the real swelling and engorgement of her vulva, the real
copious wetness that increases naturally as shes turned on, all of this is pretty hard to



Either way, you dont know what is real, what is fake, and whats a combination of
both. Where a performer may be showing extreme pleasure, under extreme stimulus,
her pleasure could be sincere and genuine, but it would be a mistake to assume off the
bat that a woman in your real life, in a real relationship, could enjoy the same stimulus.
The term Nymphomania is unfashionable in psychology, so lets use the more clinical
and correct term Sex addiction.
Sexual addiction is a form of compulsive, and often self destructive, sexual behavior
that can have many causes. Sometimes it results in traumatically highly sexed
individuals, whose sexuality is less a matter of healthy pleasure and appetite, and more
of extreme pathological compulsion. This is in opposition to emotionally healthy but
naturally highly sexed individuals, who just happens to be made that way. Two
separate things.
In general, women naturally vary in sex drives, some few truly need it several times
a day, and some naturally feel desire and arousal perhaps only a few times a week:
women are made differently. There are some women with enormous sex drives and
huge capacity for sexual enjoyment, who are psychologically very healthy.
Judging a woman with a naturally high, or naturally low, sex drive as a nympho or
frigid is a mistake. Modern societys confusing and rapidly shifting sexual standards
can be very frustrating for such women, and it can be difficult for partners to mutually
find others matching their natural ardor.
However what often is seen in a lot of in porn performers can be a type of sexuality
conditioned by emotional and physical trauma.
In our culture a large number of women encounter real sexual trauma early on. This
isnt just feminist propaganda its a fact. Often we men are unaware of what some
women have gone through in their early lives. Everything from frightening encounters, to
levels of molestation and outright rape that range from inappropriate and invasive
touching, words, and stares when young, to horrifically brutal levels of physical rape and


These types of experiences can generate a type of girl who deals with her early
sexual trauma in various ways, from frigidity and an actual fear or intense dislike of
sexual activity, to someone who psychologically can be extremely easily sexed in any
circumstances like the type of girl who with the right stimulus could easily projectile gspot orgasm while being called every nasty name in the book, while being strangled and
choked in broad daylight, bent over a table in the middle of a gas station Diner, while
her man absent mindedly piston drills her vagina, while chain smoking lucky strikes, and
spitting on her back.
Sure, Im exaggerating, but consider a bit of the more extreme gonzo porn, and
youll notice this isnt a huge exaggeration. This isnt making a judgment, its making an
observation whats depicted in extreme porn is not the sexual norm, mistaking it for
the sexual norm can cause you to unhappily misunderstand your womans arousal and
sexual needs.
Sure, there are some women who actually enjoy conditions of extreme and brutal
sexual degradation but they tend to be rare outliers of femininity.
Sometimes, too often even, it turns out these girls are saddled with unhealthy
emotional and psychological past baggage.
This isnt their fault of course, but a result of the cards life has dealt them. The point
is this: its not a good idea to take your idea of normal female sexuality from onscreen performances by performers who are very often drugged, in thrall of
severe addictions and compulsions, often acting out a script of brutal early
sexual abuse, early rape, molestation, and other types of trauma.
Does this sound normal?
So that porn starlet whose lusty, sweaty, and drenched writhing embraces you are
watching, could simply be putting on a show a complete act. After all this is her job, to
titillate and present a fantasy.



Then again, she could be thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. Depending on
what the show is it can range from something thats a normal and healthy (of course
who defines healthy) range of sexuality, to acts of brutal anal degradation while licking
vomit off a bathroom floor. And there is far more bizarre stuff out there than just this.
Either way, more than likely the reactions you see on camera, to the make
actors sexing her, are not necessarily like the way a more typical woman you
would end up loving would react. Rather they are calculated to turn us on, as male
viewers. The woman could be feeling nothing or even hate every moment of what shes
feeling and being done to.
Ive known several strippers, and prostitutes from well paid escorts to street girls.
You would be shocked how many are personally lesbians or bisexual, but preferring
women, because only with women can they find real pleasure, the men they service
often cannot get them off, its a job, and sometimes they have a real revulsion to men.
Sometimes of course some of them more than eagerly embrace sex, of any nature, or
have a mixed reaction of real arousal and desire with revulsion and hate at the same
time: love hate in a clich.
Again, the performer you see could, genuinely, be enjoying sex on screen at a deep
level. Whether a gentle or playful seduction and love scene, to actual simulated rape,
and more extreme things, in some cases as stated before - you could be watching the
enjoyable sexual responses of a normal and healthy woman.
If you examine the biographies and lives of many adult performers, however, you will
notice that many of them have had traumatic early sexual conditioning, from rape to
incest or other forms of sexual abuse. This is just stating the facts.
A woman whose natural sexuality has been unhealthily conditioned by extreme
trauma, could out on screen out of a sort of compulsion addicted response in which
the woman is getting off in ways, in contexts and in circumstances, that few, if any,
emotionally and psychologically healthy women naturally would or could.



This is even the case with well adjusted yet still naturally extremely sexual women,
including women who are truly into kink as a natural predisposition. An actresss
sexuality, even if authentically displayed (and not simply played up on camera) could be
a result of negative sexual conditioning and imprinting, emotional and mental pathology.
So if you encounter a woman in real life who is emotionally healthy and well
adjusted, but has sexual tastes that run the extreme range as far as kink or sheer depth
of amatory appetite then if you act out on them what youve learned from porn you could
simply repel them, or worse they may go along simply to please you in the hopes things
will get better, and when they dont you will be chalked up as douche bag bad lover
If you are making love to a spouse or an otherwise committed partner, then
introducing things learned in porn could have a dangerous affect of turning your woman
off, repelling her, and casting emotional salt into a wounded relationship.
The point is that porn presents a fantasy, if you mistake that fantasy for real life, your
real life; you will be hurting yourself and possibly someone you love as well.
I think that, in our society today, we men are given unrealistic understandings of
what good sex is supposed to be like, primarily through porn.
Pornography is calculated, plotted out, the camera angels thought out, all designed
to give maximum visual stimulation to the viewer.
Today, in our society, tastes have become more jaded than they once were. If you
compare vintage pornography from the 1940s, 50s 60s even up to the 80s, and then
compare it to male oriented porn produced in the late 1990s and 2000s, you will notice
- especially in gonzo porn - increasing harshness and aggressiveness of the material.
This harms you, as a viewer, when you begin to believe that all sex is
supposed to be like whats depicted on the screen.



Early pornography featured men, often engaging in very natural penetrations and
thrusting, if you observe the male actors, as they are giving it to the female actors, both
seem much more natural, and into the sex, from caresses and embraces, to the style of
stroking Im not talking about romance, Im talking about physical sex, deep, sweaty,
non romantic, pure pleasure physical sex. When you look at porn today, a lot of it often
neither the male nor female seem to have much real lust or desire for each other, it
often seems mechanical, sterile, and cold.
Aesthetically, lets face it its pretty damaging to how we see women. In learning
these arts of sex, when we look at a lot of porn, much of what passes for porn today just
features men with inhuman drugged stamina literally pounding and banging over
and over stereotypically low grade, broken doll skanks, one after another. Each girl
looks entirely replaceable and in this logic she is, because shes really just a wet hole
on a screen, to monotonous degrees, accompanied sometimes by chokes, slaps,
spitting, and other types of degradation like bobbing her head in a toilet, and so on and
so forth.
Not all of it is like this, of course. But an increasingly higher amount of popular porn
Domination and submission can truly be very sexy; there are people who
experience a deep sexual response to sexual submission, or domination, and even
more extreme degradation. But a steady robotic diet of it over and over will jade your
sense, and worse teach you bad thrusting and penetration habits.
Some thinkers believe that one element of todays crisis of male masculinity in our
modern Western culture, in increasing the divide between men and women, is
accelerated through porn. I think theres probably some truth to this - though skeptics
might scoff.
Some argue that Pornography skews our expectations and desires, in showing us
unrealistic acts of sex, conditioning us to desire what we see on the screen, and also



through excessive masturbation which, studies show, actually lowers our

testosterone, and weakens us.
We mentioned before that setting your expectations according to pornography is
unrealistic, it is also dangerous. Many men learn about sex from pornography, the
problem is that pornography is an illusion.
There have been male porn stars who have admitted in interviews that their
performance on tape is literally just that, a performance. It is acting, the incredible
stamina allowing men to plow into their women for several minutes at a time, brutally
taking her form every angel, well there are multiple takes if a man climaxes and
blows his load, the camera just stops and they film the same take a few minutes later
when he recovers from another angle.
Its also well known in the industry that male actors typically consume drugs, and
large quantities of them at that, in order to sometimes remain rock hard for long periods
of time, also de sensitizing creams are used, which literally numb the penis for hours so
to allow it to remain at a moderate state of arousal but not too much. This cream also
numbs the womans vagina.
Numb penes, and numb vaginas, do not for fun make
Frequently male actors are also only semi-hard, this can be noticed. A semi-hard
penis is not a pleasant feeling for a woman, and is a real turn-off. In short, a huge bevy
of tricks, some very dangerous to the actors health, are used to give the illusion of
almost invincible stamina. It is an illusion.
Needless to say many female orgasms on porn movies are faked, this was less the
case 30 years ago but today, especially when dealing with some of the more bizarre
ultra-degradation gonzo porn, you are looking at experiences which frequently are not
pleasant for the female participants. Gonzo directors have admitted this in interviews.
So what, its about cash, and the womans complete degradation.



Sure you may have an occasional girl enjoying herself, some women get off on
being degraded, and find it a powerful turn-on, but they are rather rare birds. Typically
female porn stars, with some exceptions, enjoy little pleasure porn is work, its a job,
and the job is entertainment and arousal for the viewer, not the participants.
Porn depicts that which virtually does not exist as if it was the most common sexual
situation in the world, and for this reason learning from it is a set-up for failure. The few
women in the adult industry that get off from the type of sexual performance displayed
in porn movies are an extreme statistical minority in society, their preferences are not
only far from the norm, but at times are the result of mental and emotional pathologies
the rampant degree to which porn actresses are the victims of brutal child sexual
molestation and rape is widely known.
Its widely known that most sex workers are, this is not to say that all sex workers
have emotional or psychological damage stemming from early child-hood or teen sexual
trauma, or that all of these women have daddy issues but its disingenuous to
pretend that most of them do not when from countless interviews, surveys, and studies
of the adult industry they clearly do.
These girls are broken dolls living out their past breaking, over and over again,
compulsively, on camera. Not only are they not normal, but their abnormality is the
result of tragedy which makes emulating the result, in pornography, not only dangerous
to your sexual life, but in itself a gross and base tragedy.
What this book is about is healthy sexuality between loving and committed
partners with a connection allowing themselves to explore their sexuality in deep
ways ways that may be impossible in most casual hook-ups. Partners for whom the
thrill is each other, not the newness of the situation or the chase, partners who are in it
for the long haul and interested in sexually exploring each other in a way that validates
and affirms the uniqueness and sexuality of each other.
My personal opinion, and you are free to accept or reject it, is that porn gets in the


I hate long drawn out farewells. So this is the shortest part of the book.
Ive taught you skills that if you sincerely put them to work, and start today, may
be the best investment of time ever made in your life.
You have now come to the end of a journey, as one of a small number of individuals
who chose to invest in this manual. Making this choice, and then making the
commitment, was an act of trust and courage, I salute you!
Go, take your woman, and make her feel absolute joy and pleasure.
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