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Manning Cup Champion - 2009 Olivier Shield Champion 2009

Manning Cup Champion - 2008 Olivier Shield Champion 2008

Basketball - U19 Champion -2009 Track & Field Most Improved Boys School-2009

St. George's College Newsletter (159 years of Jesuit Tradition)

We are in our 160th year. Our 160th anniversary is fast approaching on September 2, 2010.
December 2009 Volume 1 Issue 10

Christmas Celebration
In This Issue
Weeks Activities Meet a Student Meet a Teacher Meet an Old Boy Meet a Parent

Dear Old Boys and Friends of St. George's College, I hope that you all had a peaceful and blessed Christmas season and I wish for you and your families all the very best for 2010. We continue to be blessed by the performance of the students as once again we have been victorious in the Manning Cup and Olivier shield competitions. The boys did us proud. We would like to especially commend Neville Bell who not only coached our young footballers but contributed towards shaping their lives. Similarly we thank and commend Lennox Robinson for his ongoing support of the team as well as the many other old boys, parents and friends of the College who supported them with time, talent and treasure. We continue to try to raise funds for the upgrading of our computer lab and welcome financial contributions towards this project. We have also seen a sharp increase in the number of students needing welfare and encourage those who can contribute to supporting our needy students to do so.

Meet a Student

Donovan Johnson Donovan Johnson is a Sixth Form Student who joined the St. George's College family in September 2004 from Windward Road Jr. High. Donovan is an Executive Prefect and Form Prefect for 6-1 and is doing a very good job in both roles. Academically Donovan has done very well in his CSEC subjects obtaining grade 1 in 5 subjects and four subjects at grade 2. He also has a 1 in Communication Studies

As we face the new year, let us do so with the confidence that God is with us and that He will continue to bless us in spite of trials as we work together for the good of our youth and ad majorem Dei gloriam. God bless you all. Margaret Campbell Principal

(CAPE). Donovan continues to excel and is currently preparing for his CAPE Unit1 subjects which are Law, Literature, Caribbean Studies and History. Donovan has a wonderful oratorical talent.

The most memorable moment: "Graduation day was most memorable for me", he says with a smile. His worst memory at the College: Donovan says he has never had a bad moment at the College. His advice to the school : To uphold the Georgian creed "men for others", continue playing your part in contributing to rich culture of excellence that has been created by our predecessors. Donovan enjoys reading especially motivational pieces. Mr. Johnson's ambition is to become an attorney at law and he says he doesn't have any other options. St.G.C. best goal scorers for the season(McCauley Tulloch & Marvin Morgan) Wednesday, December 3, 2009 - The Principal Teaches Sign Language Each class is encouraged to identify a class charity, collect for the charity during the term and visit at Christmas. This 3rd form class wanted to learn a song in language for their visit and Mrs. Campbell agreed to assist.

Pic # 1

Deloris McLeod St. George's College proudly introduces Mrs. Deloris McLeod who has been a part of the College family since September 1992 coming from Shortwood Teachers' College. She furthered her studies at the University of the West Indies where she received her Bachelor in Art for History and Geography. Mrs. McLeod has also worked as a Form Teacher and has been Second Form Supervisor for the past 1o years. Her son Jason McLeod attended the College. Mrs. McLeod describes herself as a very outspoken person who likes when statements are 'to the point'. Advice to students: They should set their goals and with determination and hard work they will achieve them. Advice to the school family: Focus on the core values which are: Respect, Discipline and Teamwork. Advice to Parents: Play an active role in the school life of your sons/wards. Dream for the College: To stop the blame for the past and fix the course for the future.
Worst moment at the College : When one of her

Pic # 2 Principal teaches 'I Believe I can fly'

Students learn the alphabet Friday, December 4, 2009- French Carol Service Twenty two students attended the French Carol Service which was held at Stella Maris Church. Our own Jezeel Martin did the 'Silent Night ' French version, in what was a stunning performance .

students was electrocuted in 2007.

Mrs. McLeod is grateful for all the parents who involve themselves in the lives of their children. Never give up on our students as our support will mould them into better men for others.

French students at the service at Stella Maris
Mrs. McLeod enjoys singing and once sang on the choir at college. She plays netball as she used to represent her school back in high school.

Meet an Old Boy

Mrs. Wong poses with her French students at Stella Maris. Neville Lyn St. George's College is delighted to introduce another Old Boy Mr. Neville Lyn who attended the College from 1963-1967. Mr. Lyn is a well known and highly skilled Jamaican caterer. His vision for the College: For the college to be Number 1 in Education and Sports. Mr. Lyn is married and the union has produced two (2) children a boy and a girl. Mr. Lyn smiles as he reflects on the time spent at the College. He has supported us well over the years. Saturday, December 5, 2009- STGC Family Fun Day The Supervisors of the lower school came together in an effort to raise funds to purchase a copier and do repairs in the lower school. The event was a success and may become an annual one. Below: teachers enjoy the day too

Pic # 1

He enjoys Badminton and Football.

Advice to Students: Take your school work seriously, listen to the adults guiding you, have a goal in life and be yourself. Advice to School family: Work together as unity is strength. Always have God as without Him we are nothing. Advice to other parents: Supervise your children, get to know them and their friends. Remember to check the bags and books. Talk to your children, assure them of your love and give them a hug and a kiss at the end of each day. Parents need to support the school's programmes and be apart of a club or sports activity. Ms. Thompson enjoys dancing and all sports activities. Visit our website Products for sale at the College bookshop pic #3 Pic #2

STGC clocks, bumper stickers, licence plate holders, keyrings, dog tags, watches, school

shirts, exercise books, ties, pens. . .

cups (Manning cup & School)

pic # 4

The George's Family had a wonderful day. school hats; white & blue.. Thank you Lower School Team . . . job well done. Looking forward to the next event.

Week 2 - December 6- 11, 2009
Wednesday, December 3, 2009 - Geography Students Conduct Experiment with Geologist Authentic Wood from the O'Hare Building (1913) The Geography class taught by Ms. Rufus conducting an experiment as a part of their SBA (School-based Assessment). They were assisted by Geologist Mr. Walder.

STGC Braclets
1st - $2,500 2nd -$3,000 3rd -$3,500

Services offered * Transcripts * Diplomas * School Leaving Certificates

click services offered for attached forms.

Newsflash Yearbooks
Year Books for the following years are availble at the College 1969* 1971* 1978 1983 1985 1987 1991 1995 1997 1999 2000 2005. * To be printed the cost per book is $1000 If you are in possession of any of the year books that are not listed above, kindly contact the school at or 922-2707 as we would like to make copies and make them available to other old boys.

Should you have any queries regarding any of the following : - transcripts, - diplomas, - school leaving certificates - items to purchase from School's bookstore please e-mail

Ms. Rufus gives the class instruction

Thursday, December 10, 2009- HSA Christmas Staff Luncheon

Our Home School Association (HSA) continues to show their love to the school family by sponsoring a Christmas luncheon held in our auditorium. The parents served the staff and the entertainment segment was wonderful.

Auditorium being prepared for Staff for Christmas Luncheon.

The staff danced the evening away long after the function was done.

Ms. Powell shows her moves as the evening winds down.

Thank you HSA. Friday, December 11, 2009- Caribbean Studies Students Study Carnival

The Carnival scene had an audience. . .learning is fun! Sixth Form Caribbean Studies students were assigned a Carnival presentation. Everyone hurried to the block to observe. The students working in groups presented on the major carnivals overseas: Labour Festival Notting Hill & Caribana The teachers in charge were Ms. Marsha Anderson (6th Form Dean), Ms. Claudette Reid and Ms. Tracy-Ann Pantry.

Ms. Anderson described the students performance as superb and said that all the students were given high scores. The students were very enthusiastic about the assignment and they all enjoyed it.

Week 3 - December 13-19, 2009
Monday, December 14, 2009- Catholic Mass & Luncheon St. George's College tries as much as possible during the school year to specially mentor the Catholic students. Mrs. Campbell along with Campus Minister, Sister James Marie and Chairman, Fr. Peter McIsaac coordinate a Mass and Luncheon for the Catholic staff and & students at least 3 times for the school year. This term was the 1st for the year. Catholic students and teachers from Holy Childhood High School were specially invited guests.

Pic # 1

Pic # 2

Pic # 3

Pic # 4

pic #5 Tuesday, December 15, 2009- General Assembly Carol Service This year's Carol service was lead by Mrs. M. Campbell (Principal) who had everyone singing and clapping as she shared about the birth of Christ and got everyone involved. Students did their performances which included a sign language piece A staff choir performed a rap version of "Away a manger". During the service gifts were collected which will be donated to persons in need.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009- Sports Day Sports Day 2009 kicked off with a devotion in the auditorium. All roads then led to Emmet park where the races took place.

Pic # 1

Pic #2

Pic # 3 The day was filled with activities including a basketball tournament, dancing and novelty races. 1st place - Campion

2nd place- Xavier 3rd place- Bellarmine 4th place - Regis 5th place- Loyola Congratulations to Campion House the Champions!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 - Campus Ministry & Food For the Poor Every year Food for the Poor does a feeding programme for needy individuals in the surrounding communities. They incorporate our students of sixth form who assist as a part of their ministry.

It was a good term. Ad majorem Dei gloriam

School closes until Janaury 5, 2010

Campus Tour In this section we highlight different areas of the campus for those of you that have not visited us for a while.


Side view of the Emmet Park Building

Front View Of The Emmet Park Building

Back View of Emmet Park Building

Gym Area

Pic # 1

Pic #2

Pic# 3 Massage Room

Theatre Arts Area (Upstairs Emmet Park)

Students at P.E. at Emmet Park

Physical Education Teachers' office Area

Students pose at the changing area

Emmet Park has one office area for the three (3) teachers of the Physical Education Department, three bathrooms, a gym, massage room and two changing areas. Upstairs the pavilion houses Theatre Art classes.

The O'Hare Building Project

O'Hare 1 (May 2009)

O'Hare 2 (May 2009) Work continues on the O'Hare building and progress is shown in the pictures below..

O'Hare 3 (June 2009)

O'Hare 4 (June 2009) Old boys now have a chance to own a piece of the historic O'Hare. Contribution towards the project of J$5000 or more are being recognized by a piece of wood from the flooring (see photograph on the left).

O'Hare 5 (July 2009)

O'Hare 6 (July 2009)

O'Hare 7 (July 2009)

August 2009 Ohare

September 2009

September 2009

The Principal visits a Geography class on the O'Hare Building and chats with teacher Miss D. Rufus and sudents - September 2009

September 2009 Viewing Winchester Park from the O'Hare Building

October 2009

Pic A- Dean of Sixth form office upstairs the Ohare Building

Pic B - 6th Form Students Resource Room on the O'Hare building

November pic #1

November pic # 2

The Principal explains her design to contractors

Vice Principal's Office December 2009

Vice Principal's Office Pic #1

Secretary's Work Station Pic #2

Refurbished Supervisors' Office Pic # 3

The Principal examines the work in the Supervisor's office

Inside Supervisor's refurbished office Pic #4

(More to come next month)

Thank you for your continued support to the College for 2009.

Sincerely, Fr. Peter McIsaac, S.J. Chairman

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