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It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 on the

day that United Nations Conference on the Human Environment began.

World Environment Day (WED) is an initiative of the United Nations
Environment Programme to raise awareness about environmental issues.
Each year, World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, and focuses on a
specific theme. This years theme is sustainable lifestyles, and the slogan
is Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care. Which will be
hosted by Italy.
Saudi Arabia will host it in 2016 with the theme Our Earth, Our care.
The topic is a particularly powerful one, because theres room for everyone to
take a moment to question how we live and how it impacts the planet. The
theme asks everyone to evaluate our consumer habits: how we shop, eat and
The UN Environment Programme says creating more sustainable lifestyles is
By 2050, if current consumption and production patterns remain the same
and with a rising population expected to reach 9.6 billion, we will need three
planets to sustain our way of life. Living well within planetary boundaries is the
most promising strategy for ensuring a healthy future.

Each year, the UN Environmental Programme runs several campaigns to get

the word out about the World Environment Day theme. Environmental
organizations, schools and groups of all kinds typically organize events
leading up to and taking place on June 5.
Every Action Counts WED is the opportunity for everyone to realize the
responsibility to care for the Earth and to become agents of change.
"Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats
and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can
make a tremendous difference." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
Media and celebrities have encouraged World Environment Day Celebrations
by endorsing and taking part in it. United Nations Environment Programme
(UNEP) goodwill ambassadors including supermodel Gisele Bndchen are
sending an SOS to the world to take action for World Environment Day 2014
by joining one of their teams to combat climate change.
Their call to action, Message in the Bottle, asks individuals around the world to
join one of the celebrities teams and make a difference by pledging to take
action in support of World Environment Day, which culminates globally on 5
June 2014.
In Nepal Republic all the Students from Grade 1 to A level are compulsory to
attend the afforestation programmes on their respective locality with the
supervision of SOS Villages and Nepal Government. Many Arts and drawing
competitions are held on environmental day and Nepal Government declares
the Scholorship for 15 Students from every cities who have major contribution
for the environment mainly selected from Madhesi, an backward Community
in Nepal. In 2012, Project Earth, an Online Eco Platform teamed up with
Rio+20 and Launched ' World Environment Day Global School Contest 2012 '
to promote awareness among today's youth. Every country had a winner.
Project GreenOman,The winner from Oman, was an Eco organization
founded by Hridith Sudev and is a full-fledged kid's Eco Organization now.